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Found 15 results

  1. Hi there, so I’m looking to get the Idoneth Deepkin start collecting, however I have a few questions. 1) where do I go from there? I only have lots of experience in painting and haven’t actually played before, that’s the main reason for idoneth but I would like to play. 2) What enclave do I choose? Do I have to paint it to match the enclave? 3) When are they likely to get new models/battletome, I understand they don’t have endless spells, although they are fairly new. kind regards, Salabean
  2. Welcome to my first blog post. I will be the first to admit that I am pretty bad at this game. Most games I play I'm just an average player. But I love this game and will continue to play. A little bit about myself. I started around 2014 playing Warhammer 40K with Grey Knights. With a lot of people Dawn of War was my first real introduction into the universe. Fast forward a couple years later and a friend of mine pulled out some dwarves. My first thought was "These are small and what are those bases". He then offered to show me how to play using some old Empire models and I was hooked. After playing years of the "good guys" in 40K I wanted something very different. Thus began my journey into Death. My first models were Skeletons and Vlad von Carstein. I quickly got a 500 point army and played verse another friend who was beginning with Skaven. I swear he had 100 or so rats and I was panicking at my small force of (from terrible memory): Vampire Skeleton Blob Horrors Hexwraiths What I remember was I managed to mow down most of his army with the Hexwraiths and Skeletons and that he was shocked that mass bodies didn't work well. Sadly I never played another game of Fantasy after that. Fast forward to 2018 and Nighthaunt were just released. The inner Death armies in my were screaming to get back into the game. So I did. Started with the box collection and split it with someone at the LGS. I quickly assembled a 1000 point list and played my very first game verses my old roommate who had Sylvaneth (fun fact I play him regularly on weekends). Oddly enough I can't remember what I took other than Chainwrasps, Reapers, and "Vlad" as a generic vampire. Fast forward to 2019 and I sold my Nighthaunt because their play style didn't fit what I wanted. So next logical step? Flesh Eaters Court. Because over the years of painting and playing I always said I was terrible at painting flesh, so why not get an army that was basically flesh and bone? I ended getting a decent force for them and played in a couple tournaments and generally took top 3. But they again weren't my play style... Fast forward to April of 2020. I say "hey why not give this one last shot?" and picked up Ossiarch Bonereapers. I picked up the essentials and started reading about them and planning a paint scheme. I had no knowledge of what they were or how they performed I just new I wanted to stick with a Death army and their models are some of my favorites (Nighthaunt still win on being the coolest to me). So here we are today sitting at roughly 2500 points of Ossiarch Bonereapers. About a dozen or so games I played I am very much enjoying how they play. A nice brick wall of "elite" units that can act independently. The painting is very different than what I normally do for 40K and it's part of the challenge with the army. That's it folks. A little intro into me and the hobby that I very much enjoy. I am really hoping that I will stick with OBR, but only time will tell!
  3. hello TGA Community, Im a first time poster and relatively new to the hobby. While I enjoy building and painting Im trying to get into the game aspect more (only played 5 games). A friend of mine has invited me to a local tournament and while Im very excited to participate, I feel very inexperienced. I was hoping to get some advice on a possible list I can bring, and general tips for tournament play. I own the "Godsworn warband" box and the Khorne half to the original starter set as well as a slaughter priest. Im not entirely sure if i should run BoK with StD allies or vice versa, or run them as Grand Alliance Chaos. StD seem to have a variety of troop choices, with access to tanky battle line and cavalry. Khorne gets access to blood tith points, and while I dont have demons to summon , the other effects are appealing. from what little i know, it seems like the bloodsecrator and warshrine are auto picks, but im not entirely sure what else i should bring. any and all suggestions are welcomed and extremely appreciated.
  4. Howdy folks, new blood here eager to get into Age of Sigmar proper. I've been blessed to live in a part of Arizona absolutely teaming with game shops, and I've been steadily putting an army together to go to war. My main question is how viable a mixed force of StD and Beasts for casual to serious play? I'll admit I'm mostly into the idea because the image of a degenerate horde of barbarians and monsters tickles my fancy way too much. How would one make this work well, if that's possible?
  5. Hello folks, I might need some help here. I’m going to participate in a local tournament in a few weeks. It’s my first one, and I’m a bit lost. Thanks to this forum I’m able to think about some lists, but still, I have some doubts and I’m sure my lists can be HARDLY improved. Its a 1500p event and I’m thinking about 2 different approaches: first one, it’s an anvil list and the other one, a melee hammers of Sigmar one. I would like to know which one you think is more competitive (I think anvils but I really don't know) and if I should make some changes: anvils of heldenhammer Knight-Incantor 140 Lord-Relictor 100 Knight-Azyros 100 Liberators x5 100 Liberators x5 100 Evocators x10 440 Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows x6 340 Aetherwings x6 50 Geminids of Uhl-Gysh 60 Total= 1480 My main concerns with this one are that I don't know if my hero pics are right, and more importantly, I don't know if I should drop a unit of Evos and take x9 Raptors. Hammers of sigmar Lord-Arcanum 160 Knight-Incantor 140 Lord-Relictor 100 Evocators x10 440 Sequitors x10 260 Liberators x5 100 Celestar Ballista 110 Celestar Ballista 110 Geminids of Uhl-Gysh 60 Total= 1480 or Knight-Incantor 140 Lord-Ordinator 140 Lord-Relictor 100 Evocators x10 440 Liberators x5 100 Liberators x5 100 Liberators x5 100 Celestar Ballista 110 Celestar Ballista 110 Celestar Ballista 110 Quicksilver Swords 30 Total= 1480 I have more trouble with this one, first of all, I don't know if a castellant is a must with this kind of list. As you can see, I have some doubts about using or not sequitors, or going x3 balistas + ordinator. Well, that's all. Apologize me for my bad English and thank you in advance!
  6. So I’m a pretty die hard Legions of Nagash player (respect the evil, petty death god!) but I’m looking to expand my horizons and I was playing against Idoneth and loved their looks and play style. My LGS had the battleforce, so I picked it up and now am kinda wondering where to go from here. Is a SC box worthwhile? I’m looking for a more mobile and aggressive army compared to the LoN “patience is a virtue” method I usually employ. Any must haves? Anything to absolutely avoid? Any suggestions help! Thanks in advance!
  7. hi guys I played Slyvaneth in South korea Almost used Gnarlroot and Alarielle i think, Alarielle is not tough , she isn't alive 2turn ... How do I play to be competitive? its my today loster Vs Jaw's Almost destroyed on the second turn. Allegiance: Sylvaneth Mortal Realm: Ghyran Leaders Alarielle the Everqueen (600) - Deepwood Spell: Regrowth Branchwych (80) - Deepwood Spell: Verdant Blessing Spirit of Durthu (380) - General - Trait: Lord of Spites - Artefact: Ghyrstrike Treelord Ancient (300) - Artefact: The Oaken Armour - Deepwood Spell: Regrowth Branchwraith (80) - Artefact: Ranu's Lamentiri - Deepwood Spell: Verdant Blessing Battleline 10 x Dryads (100) 5 x Spite-Revenants (70) 5 x Tree-Revenants (80) Battalions Gnarlroot Wargrove (130) Household (100) Endless Spells Emerald Lifeswarm (60) Soulsnare Shackles (20) Total: 2000 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 2 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 70
  8. Howdy there folks, I am starting up a Seraphon army with some old bits I have sitting around from awhile ago. Before I go and buy a whole bunch of new reptilian friends I wanted to get some advice from you experienced folks. I do have a few caveats, I have about 30 Saurus Warriors, a Skink Starpriest, a Saurus Oldblood, and 12 Saurus Guard, (I bought the old Lizardmen Regiment back in fantasy but converted the Saurus Knights out of it as Ork Bikers ). Also I happen to have an Engine of the Gods. What I am looking for is a fun list that focuses on that incredible infantry with big dinosaurs as support. I do not want to run a slann and spam summoning, it is an interesting and exciting way to play, my main Sigmar army is Legions of Nagash. While I do not mind being infantry focused similar to LoN I would like something that is new and refreshing to play when I decide I do not want to be an arguably overpowered skeleton. Thanks for reading my little novel.
  9. Hi everyone, brand new to the site and to AoS in general. I’m trying to decide on a faction. My friend, who is also brand new, was immediately drawn to Order. I’m thinking Death. My question is: When the chips are down, and it’s ‘end of days’ level of seriousness, would Death and Order side together against Chaos? Like, there is no death without life, from death springs life, that sort of thing, or would they be enemies to the bitter end? Hopefully this is the correct forum for this question
  10. Hey everyone! I am fresh into the hobby (bought my first start collecting box about a month ago) and I’m feeling increasingly overwhelmed by the amount of information coming at me. I’ve been having an excellent time painting and hanging out with the guys at my local GW store, and I guess I just need some more info as to what my next move and where my next chunk of money should go. I’ve started with basically all slaves to darkness models and I haven’t decided on a specific god to follow. (Leaning towards nurgle) I am fully stocked on paint and tools required to paint. I currently own a slaves to darkness start collecting box, a chaos daemon prince, a chaos lord (or sorcerer I haven’t decided yet please help lol) on manticore, and a SLAMBO exalted hero of chaos mini. I also have a copy of the Skirmish rules book Where should I go from here? I’m interested in playing some games and getting into the action instead of just sitting in my house painting, but I’m having a hard time keeping up with the play schedule with all of the events going on at the store, especially with the new malign portents stuff coming out. I have found myself wandering into the various game shops around me looking to spend some cash and advance the hobby but I don’t know where to go. What books should I buy? Is the grand alliance chaos book a must have? Should I wait for the new generals handbook to drop before I buy one? Is there anything I’m overlooking that I should be paying attention too? What’s a good resource to get some more back story on all these characters I seem to be falling in love with? How should I go about building my army so that it works as well as looks cool? Help help help!! thanks in advance to anyone who can help out, hopefully I’m not asking for too much. I really want to make AoS a serious part of my life and time.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm hoping the community can help me out a bit here. I got an airbrush for Christmas, and I'd like to start using it, but I'm a bit nervous about getting started. Can anyone recommend some resources for someone looking to learn airbrushing? Mainly looking for beginner resources, but really any resources are appreciated.
  12. Hey hey, I mostly lurk around the tentacle-clad section of the forum, but last Summer I went bananas and picked up Icewind Assault to add to the Hunters and Thundertusk I already owned. Why not? I went and magnetized all the big boys, so I can run Stonehorn or Thundertusks, and also will be magnetizing the riders (most of them). The only thing I'm stuck with is for sure at least 1 Beastrider, and for sure 1 Huskard, since I got lazy with magnets. I'll be going to my first AoS tournament next month. 1.5k points, using 2k requirements. I haven't run these guys yet, but was thinking of rolling this out. 1.5k Icebrow Hunter Husktusk Beasttusk Beasttusk Beasttusk 1460 It seems like it'll be really oppressive or really bad, depending on match ups? My idea is to keep the Hunter off the board until later game rounds so I can have him jump in and steal an objective. At least, that's how it'll work in my head. Then I'll win and everyone will hoist me on their shoulders. I also own like 8 Mournfang, 6 Sabertusks, 3 Yeehtee, and another Hunter. So, I could also probably run a version of the list centered on Stonehorns? I could roll the Husktusk as a Frostlord, I think, if I drop the Hunter, but then I'll lose the healing and that stealthy ability of the hunter. I do own some regular Gutbusters, but I think I'd like to keep the army fully Beastclaw (rounds and squares look weird, and I can't afford to rebase right now!). I've read that adding Savages to the list for bodies is a good idea, but that'll be way outa my price range for now. Hope to hear from you guys!,
  13. Hi I've posted this question in a local forum too, I'm just starting out with AoS and have the Generals Handbook already, I'm just wondering whats the best book to go for next with the intention of building an army. Quick question, whats the difference between the army lists in one of the Grand Alliance books and one of the Battletomes, for example if i wanted to play Orcs, i could get either the Grand Alliance Destruction book or the Ironjaws Battletome. Or have I completely missed some point in the Battletomes.Thanks Read more: http://vale-renegades.freeforums.net/thread/2106/aos-bad?page=3#ixzz4YapPhamC
  14. Hi All, I've been reading fluff and building armies for Warhammer for years now. But never had much opportunity to play. However, AoS has me chopping at the bit to build myself a Deathrattle army and get it on the board as fast as possible. Thanks for giving us all a place to get together and share ideas.
  15. Hi there! Novice wargamer here from Calgary. Just getting into AOS, been a fan of GW for a long time but was never in a position to commit until now. Really enjoying the hobby aspect and now looking to start playing some games! Big fan of the new Ironjawz, Orruks for life.
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