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Found 4 results

  1. So we only have three AoS players including myself at the store and I would like to have a game where we can all can play together. Since we are an odd number, it would have to be free for all.
  2. Hey everybody, we will have a game day in two weeks with 12 players visiting us at home. I really love Underworlds and I am thinking about introducing my friends to it with some kind of 12-man-battle. I know, that it will just be a glimpse of the real game, but do you think there could be some modified rules to give it a try? I do not want it to last too long and make the introduction to the rules as easy as possible, so I was thinking about giving each player just one miniature and maybe make valid objectives visible for all players all the time. If someone dies i could respawn the one and subtract a glory point, so the player could continue to play. What do you think? Could it work? Are there any 12 fighters of the different races that are some kind of levelled? I am looking forward to any replies about this some kind of unusual idea ? Thx Jens PS: Excellent Community site here, i just discovered you all today ;-)! Still reading through a lot of old threads at the moment!
  3. Hey everyone; I made up a Path to Glory rule-set for playing a series of Round Robin games with three players to go through with a couple of my buds who wanted to put together a PoE warband, but were worried that with the odd number someone could "win" as a result of getting an extra game in on the other players or that kind of thing. Basically there's a series of battle-rounds where everyone gets one games against everyone, and you can't win until the end of a battle round. Then there's a championship round (or potentially a series of them) once one or more players gets up the the required number of glory points to win. We're just starting to play but I feel pretty good about the rules and I thought I might share them here for anyone else looking to do a three player PoG campaign. I think the rules could be modified to work well with any reasonably small group with an odd number of players too. Anyway, here is the rule-set: Generate warbands via the Path to Glory rules, randomly assign the warbands to be either Player number 1, 2, or 3. The Game Proceeds in a series of Round Robin games. In each Round Robin round there will be a series of games; Player 1 vs. Player 3 Player 2 vs. Player 3 Player 1 vs. Player 2 The orders of these games do not matter within rounds, but each round must include one and only one of each of the above games to be completed. Glory Points will be accumulated with each game as normal, but the path to glory cannot be “won” during a standard round robin round. Warband rewards are not rolled for after each game, instead they are rolled after each round. By default there would be 2 reward rolls for each round to represent the 2 games played, but a path to glory could be organized with just 1 roll a turn game with less/slower growth. Additionally, after each round the players will check to see if anyone has accumulated 10 or more (or whatever number of points the players agree to play to) glory points. If one or more players have accumulated 10 or more points, the game enters a championship round. During a championship round one or more players are able to win the Path to glory campaign. The specific rules of the championship round depend on how many players are over 10 (or whatever goal is established) glory points; If one player is at or over ten glory points: The remaining two players who are under 10 glory points have a non-pointed game where no path to glory points are awarded. The winner of that game challenges the player with 10 or more glory points. If the player with ten or more glory points wins that game, they win the league and are the champion of the path to glory campaign. If the player with fewer than ten glory points wins the game, then glory points are awarded as normal for the game. Additionally, the player who did not participate in the final game receives 1 glory point. The game proceeds to another championship round, the rules for which will depend on how many players are now over 10 glory points with the additional points awarded from this round. If two players are at or over ten glory points: The two players play a championship game, the winner of which wins the path to glory campaign. The players with the higher glory total receives a triumph from the triumph table for the battle, to reward them for the superior performance during the campaign. If three players are at or over ten glory points: The Players enter a two round tournament where the two players with the lower point totals play against each other in the first round, and the player with the highest overall glory gets a buy round (roll a dice to break ties). In the second round the winner of the first round game will play the player with the highest overall glory score for ultimate victory in the path to glory campaign.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Will you be the one to claim the power of the Daemons crown? This is a Battleplan ive designed based on a mixture of 'King of the Hill' and 'Artifact of Power' styles of play. have tested it a few times and prooved to be a very fun battleplan with quite a few twists and shifts inthe battle. Would be great to see what others think both from first impressions and from trying it out. please let me know of any glitches or errors in the game that you spot
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