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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I’m building my mournfangs and was wondering if I could build two units of two, one Skalg with banner on back, pistol on hip, and Gargant And a second troop with horn on hip, and Gargant im having trouble understanding the rules and want to fit the banner and horn into a unit of two. Thanks a lot for the help!
  2. Hello, I'm new to Age of Sigmar (two weeks!) and I'm looking for some clarification before I glue this Mournfang Pack together. So, from the warscroll, "The leader of this unit is a Skalg". -I'm assuming the capitalization of "Skalg" indicates that it is a new, special model type within that unit for game purposes, and also this is clearly only one guy. It doesn't say "may be a Skalg", so I assume I must designate one, although his pistol is optional (Why?) "Models in this unit may be Horn Blowers." -Similarly, this tells me that a Horn Blower is a new model type, but being plural I can have many. "Models from this unit may carry Raiding Banners adorned with the skull of a great beast." -So this one refers only to the item and not a model type, and also is plural. Furthermore, it continues to reference only the banners even in the rules explanation that follows, and never names a new model type, besides with the heading "Banner Bearers". So can a Skalg also be a Horn Blower? Are these just keywords that a model can have a few of or distinct model types? Can a Horn Blower hold a Raiding Banner? For that matter must an ogor with a Raiding Banner use a one handed weapon? I'd rather use Gargant Hackers, but making the model hold both would look silly. Can I put a horn on a Gargant Hacker's belt? I'm not allowed to forego a Skalg, but I can choose not to take his pistol; does this open up a 'slot' for a banner? Thanks, I know these are basic questions, but my friends were having trouble answering them definitively (mostly because in older editions dudes could only have one thing, but in AoS they didn't see why you couldn't gear up). Normally I'd just do one option per guy to be safe, but I don't have 10 or 20 models per unit to work with like my friends' skaven, orcs, and stormcast - I only have 2, or maybe 4 at most!
  3. Hi All, So I have finally started assemmbling my beastclaw raider faction. I will be working towards a 2k list (by Christmas), but my first target is 1k. It's somewhat monster/character heavy because I have struggled in the past to get motivation to get an army built, but will add more frost sabres & yhettees as I go along. For my basing I'm going with an Ice Theme I test painted some ogors, they have a blue skin which highlights towards pallid wych flesh. Will keep the same general theme with the models in the beastclaw list. As I develop the army into a full destruction I will use these guys and have a similar paintjob for grots. Next up will be 4 sabretusks and a hunter to get at least a basic & (matched play) legal beastclaw list, then I will add a stonehorn for some monster goodness. I'm using fenrisian wolves for sabretusks and for the hunter I have started a base with a dead white lion model with a hunting spear through his body! Hope this forum provides me the motivation to keep going
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