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About Me

Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I am new to this forum and was just wondering what I could do with my Reiksguard horseback knights in AoS. I have about 20 of them and am a very much dedicated Free Peoples player, but I am struggling to find a use or 'count-as' ruleset for them. Any advice since Cities Of Sigmar is just around the corner? To make things easier, this is what I currently own in CoS: General on Griffin General on foot 40 Freeguild guard 20 Handgunners 30 xbows Helstorm rocket battery 10 Greatswords 3 Demis Luminark of Hysh Battlemage Bunch of SCE (although I don't prefer mixing them too much) So.. How could I incorporate the knights here?
  2. Hey all I am a new AoS player, starting a Tzeentch army. Right now got around 2500 points total, around 70-90 models in total I am looking for a transport and store bag of some sort, and i kind of fell in love with the Battlefoam Magna Racks. But i cant seem to figure out what size i should go for. I am torn between the 432, and the 720. The 432 seem a better fit right now, as it would be more "Full", than the 720. But thinking of that i properly will get alot more models in the future, is it worth more to get the 720 of the bat? I have not yet bought any of the "big" models like LoC, but i can asure you that this is incomming, in the near future.
  3. I finally finished my Troggoth Hag. Very nice model, but a pain to put together - lots of mold lines and hands didn't fit together at all, plus the joints left great gaps. I used a lot of greenstuff to fill in the gaps and make it okay to look at. But otherwise the model has many opportunities to try out different painting techniques and colour scemes. Blending the belly, trying to give everything slight greenish tinge was very challenging. Base is Deathworld Forest with Athonian Camoshade, drybrushed with Karak Stone and Ushabti Bone highlights. Slough is Averland Sunset plus Reikland Fleshshade, tipped with watered down Ushabti Bone. Bag is covered with several layers of green glaze. I'm pretty happy with scales - Sotek Green with Biel-tan Green shade and lightly drybrushed with Leadbelcher. The latter gives metallic shine to scales. It's not seen on pictures, but if you turn the model, then the shine "moves"; so that sometimes you don't see metallic at all and scales are greenish-blue, but at some places there is metallic shine.
  4. The skirmish campaign is at it's end - today will be the final battle. So far the Stormcast have been victorious: 1 minor and 4 major victories. As I planned, I mostly invested in high movement and ranged attacks. And after 5 games I can say that movement is one of the most important characteristics in skirmish battles. My warband's damage output is less than medicore, I won only one battle by wiping enemy out (and even there I just killed the general by dumb luck and others models ran away), otherwise I managed to kill one or two models. But I was able to keep away from the enemy, rarely lost any models and just fulfilled the objectives. For the last two games I took Vanguard-Palladors (love the models!) - their damage output is rather low, but 5 wounds, good save and good movement. So they are my tanky units. Today's the last game, we'll see, how it goes. Here's my final warband, 87 renown: Knight Azyros, general (converted from Prosecutor) Lord-Relictor (converted from Liberator) 2xVanguard-Pallador Liberator Judicator (converted from Vanguard-Hunter) Prosecutor Freeguild Handhunner Doomfire Warlock
  5. I was able to finish my heroes before the next game. Both of them converted - Knight Azyros from prosecutor and Lord Relictor from liberator. I tried to make them both as similar as possible, so very simple conversions, nothing fancy. I also painted one Paladin Retributor - I have 8 points spare from last minor victory and I am not sure, should I get Paladin now, or collect renown and then take Relictor for 16 points. I must say Stormcast are surprisingly interesting to paint - simple, but with many possibilities to make it more challenging.
  6. There is an upcoming Skirmish campaign in my local shop. I didn't plan to participate, but on the last moment I reconsidered. Which also meant I was in a hurry to get some models. I didn't want to play with my usual Destruction and I have always wanted to paint some Stormcast models. I asked from local community for spare Stormcast models and got few Liberators, two Paladins and two Prosecutors with hammers. I converted one Liberator to Lord-Relictor and one Prosecutor into Knight-Azyros, still WIP. I changed one Prosecutor's hammer to javelin, Liberator's Hammer to sword and added some existing models. I still don't know if I should take Relicttor or Azyros... Here's my 35 renown list: Knight-Azyros/Lord Relictor Liberator Prosecutors with Javelins Doomfire Warlock (old model that I rebased) Freeguild Handgunner, marksman with sniper (borrowed from a friend) I wanted to make the colour scheme similar to Handgunner (red-green) and the armor either battered steel or bronze. Steel didn't match well, bronze was better, although it still looks too much like gold. I hope to get Lord Relictor and Azyros ready this week.
  7. I made a second Bucher conversion for my Gutbuster/Beastclaw army. I used Blood Bowl ogre. It is a little bit smaller than usual ogors, but not noticeably so, and has really nice dynamic pose. Gives some variety to otherwise quite similar and static ogors. So I put Ironblaster ogor head on him and hands from regular Ogors. That required some greenstuffing and cutting, but it was easy enough and I hid the flaws with shoulder plates. Cauldron is also from Ironblaster/Scraplauncher kit, filled with bits. All in all it was fun little conversion and Blood Bowl ogre suits well, I like the forward rushing pose and how he drags forth fresh meat for his cauldron.
  8. On the first day of 2018 I completed Ogor Ironblaster. I was a very nice model to paint, however, as a hindsight I must say that I should have made the cannon darker, more bronze-looking. Would have looked better overall. There can be seen my fist try of OSL shining from the lantern. It does not really look like one, but it's okay for the first try, I will try again next time. I used yellow glaze mixed with little bit of the same yellow I used for lantern. Considering its rules I don't think it sees much action, but I just like the model and I will definitely try it out on same game. The main reason for buying it was actually the need for specific bit: scraplauncher bucket for my Butcher cauldron. And that will be my next little project, painting up the second butcher. And a picture of converted Butcher, waiting for paint.
  9. I'm selling my multi-best-army winning ogre army. A lot of time and effort has been sunk into this. I'm more than happy to take more pictures if desired. PM me for more information or international postage. £1100. Includes postage in the UK. May be able to arrange drop off/pick up in Scotland or Leeds/Wakefield areas. The army includes: Beastclaw: 1 Converted hunter sitting on a mournfang head. 7 "Spidertusks" for sabretusks, to fit the forest theme. 1 Modified "young stonehorn" with fur over the worn skin and reposed legs. 1 Magnetised stonehorn/thundertusk. The riders and heads are magnetised so can have one or two ogres on top. 5 Yhetee (metal). 4 Mournfang. 4 OOP Forgeworld Rhinox. 1 Maw-krusha with converted Ogre rider with big smashy flail. The frostlord on stonehorn/Gordrakk leader. Ogors: 3 Maneaters - Stormcast conversions (liberator one not in pics as I was using him for silvertower). 1 Skrag conversion with grot carrying cauldron. 1 ironblaster. 1 scraplauncher. 1 Metal butcher. 6 maneaters. One female metal one, 5 converted (one not in picture). 8 leadbelchers (square bases, but basing theme still matches the rest of the army). 8 Ironguts. 8 Ogres with ironfists. 1 Converted BSB. 3 Rivertrolls/Forest gorgers. Other bits: Beastclaw raiders army book. Destruction grand alliance book. 7 Themed objective markers. Ogre tribe name plaque. Cheers, Joe
  10. Hi there My name is Luke and I work for Gloucester library. I am in the process of starting a kids warhammer club and I am asking for any help I can get. Our library doesn't have much funding for these sorts of things but I am hoping with enough effort we can get some. What I am asking for is the Warhammer communities' help. If anyone feels obliged or a tug of the heart strings I will happily accept old (useable paints), unwanted books (either universe), old models that need the love of new modellers and painters. I will accept anything really (within reason). I have already received the Warhammer Schools alliance set from GW which is awesome and has a few paints to get started with Stormcast. But Order isn't for everyone. Any help will do. Gloucester Library, Brunswick Road, GL1 1HT
  11. Hi all! I wrote a Getting Started in the Age of Sigmar page a while ago and recieved some very positive feedback. In an effort to keep lowering that barrier to entry and help new guys out, I've written an overview and review of each and every Start Collecting box. If you have opinions about teh boxes, hop on the blog and leave a comment. I'll update teh page right away! My site is ad free, I do this just because I love the community and want it t grow Thank you all for your support and happy wargaming Start Collecting Boxes Contents and Review
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