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Found 5 results

  1. I apologize if this topic is a dead horse, but we're well within AoS 2.0 and have also had a number of aelf faction books earlier in the year already and yet Mistweaver Saih and Tenebrael Shard still only belong in generic aelf faction. While they are pretty neat to use in Order lists, it seems quite strange they are one of the few Warhammer Quest models without a proper faction other than the spider grots (and the latter have an excuse since there aren't any grot books yet). Now of course that is not to say all other WQ models with factions are in good shape, the SCE one is probably a better use as a Count As. So are the two aelf heroes still a tangible hint at a possible future aelf faction (but neither of them seem to fit with the rumored aelf faction that may be related to Light), or are they more of a way to show there are plenty of independent free agents within a grand alliance who are not bound by an allegiance? I mean I guess that is kind of the point of Warhammer Quest, a motley crew of adventures seeking riches and/or glory.
  2. So I've had a slow day and decided to compile all I can find on the Shadowkin and maybe figuring out what a potential release might look like. Our first bit of info comes from Mighty Battles, the first book released. Here it describes Malerion (the patron god most likely) who is a vast shadow dragon mosnter after Malakeith merged with his dragon. Morathi is also back, attended to by a court of shadow-daemons. I'm getting an Alarielle/Drycha relationship here with Malerion as the faction leader and Morathi acting as a foil. It wouldn't surprise me if they're both special characters with Malerion being the set-piece model. As one might expect, they’re from the Realm of Shadows. Next up is the description of the Caengan lodge in the Fyreslayers book. In particular we get the name of the faction (Shadowkin) and how they've learnt guerrilla tactics from individuals known as Shroudling Kings. I imagine Shroudling King will be the name of the main command unit of the Shadowkin. This also matches the speculation of the Tenebrael Shard and Mistweaver Saih being Shadowkin due to the similar naming conventions. Speaking of which... Here are our only suspected Shadowkin models. So far we can derive a fairly dark elfy vibe from them, with a little bit of dark eldar thrown in for good measure. The main thing that sticks out are the bits of metal jammed into the flesh of both models (hard to see from this angle but on the right arm of the Mistweaver and the back of the Shard) which is very Dark Eldar-y to me - maybe some kind of power through pain aspect? They’re also very spikey models, GW just loves their spikes I guess. There is no unified colour scheme between the two models, but we’re probably looking at the black and purple faction since that has been the staple for the dark elves. Now for the stats. Both have 8" move, 5 wounds and Bravery 8. The latter two are fairly standard but the 8" move sticks out - one is an assassin and the other is literally floating but I wouldn't be surprised if a high movement score was common throughout the faction, given they're apparently very sneaky. In fluff I would guess they emerge suddenly from the mists that plague the Ulgulands and then disappear rapidly back into them. Speaking of which the Shard does exactly that - he can rapidly teleport about the battlefield and after making a kill can do an immediate move away. I imagine the Shadowkin will be the go to faction for movement shenanigans. Both the Shard and the Saih have rubbish saves, 5+ and 6+ respectively, but each get a boost in their own respective way. The Shard is immune to Rend since he relies on his speed to avoid hits and the Saih can use her Glimmermist ability to save one attack per turn at 1+. Finally the Saih's unique spell is rolled against the enemy Bravery. This might be just a one off but I can see the Shadowkin being a faction who don't necessarily attack you face on and in the fluff follow a doctrine of move in, cause chaos, disappear. We don’t really have any clue what their units will look like beyond the heroes, but I would assume a core of light infantry. Perhaps with the ‘shadow daemons’ thrown in for diversity, probably 1 wound and a high movement score. As for the fluff we've only got scraps. The Saih and Shard are both described as emotionless in battle - the Saih is serene despite the carnage and the Shard is called callous in his killing. I haven't read the novel, but I also believe a Shard and Saih are working together and murder their allies? They don’t sound like a nice bunch. Likely they're in the tower for an ulterior motive. And we can probably guess that motive is something to do with Slaanesh. Given that Tzeentch is tied up in the Prince of Excesses absence, and this giant invocation Tzeentch is plotting, there might be some big changes coming to the Mortal Realms. Anything more I don’t really know, but more than likely it’ll involve a Stormhost going into the Uglalands, meeting some Shadowkin and them going from there. So for a release I would probably reckon something around the size of the Sylvaneth: - Three hero sprues. Two we already have and the Shroudling King as a third. Perhaps a fourth if they’re feeling generous. - Some units, probably dual kits since GW loves them. Maybe a shadow daemon kit as well. Maybe two boxes to give us 3-4 options. But hopefully more! - A Malerion box in the vein of Alarielle, Archoan and the Prime. Though there is the possibility of him being a dual-kit alongside a more generic shadow-dragon monster rider. - Morathi, though she might end up in the background fluff if the release is smaller. - A battletome with all the bells and whistles. Thoughts? Anything I've missed?
  3. Hey team, Quick question. I am putting together a 1K tournament mixed aelf list and trying to make a decision between throwing in a Mistweaver Saih or an extra 10 Dreadspears for my last 80 points. I had a question about Saih's Glimmermist ability. It says that once per turn when the model is chosen as the target for an attack, her save is increased to 1+ against that attack. So two things: Does this trump The Rule of 1, and a save roll of 1 would be a save( I don't think so, Rules of 1 takes precedence over all all in my interpretation)? And, does this buff effect all the attacks of 1 type from an enemy unit, or just 1 attack? For example, if she was targeted by a bolt thrower with 12 shots and you used this ability, would it only affect one shot that went through, or all the shots that went through? Thanks so much for any insights!
  4. I was going to paint the Excelsior Warpriest next, but then I saw the wonderful tutorial on the Mistweaver by The War Gamer on youtube: If you don't already, you should definitely follow his channel! He has some really great tutorials and lots of other interesting stuff. Anyway, seeing this video I decided to use this colour scheme as a starting point. The first thing I painted was her dress. The colours used are Stegadon Scale Green for the lower parts, chest and ribbons, followed by a mix of several layers of 1 part Vallejo Model Color Violet with 2 parts Lahmian Medium. And then I washed the whole thing with a 1:1 mix of Nuln Oil and Lahmian Medium. At this stage I also painted the hair with Caledor Sky, a shade of Drakenhof Nightshade and highlights of Sotek Green and Lothern Blue. Next I added some highlights to the cloth with Stegadon Scale Green and Vallejo Model Color Violet. I painted the mask with Runefang Steel and the moons with Retributor Armour. Both serve as a base layer. I also based the black parts with Chaos Black. After giving the smoke a baselayer of Celestra Grey I washed it completely with Nuln Oil. When this wash was dry I washed the bottom of the smoke with Leviathan Purple. Then I drybrushed it with Celestra Grey, Ulthuan Grey and finally Ceramite White. Next step was about bringing the miniature to life. First up were the armour plates. I went for roughly the same variations of the blue and green tints I painted on the in robes to give the Mistweaver a monotone appearance. That's also the reason I painted the knife in the same shades as her hair. I did all this by using a wet palette, something I've never done before! I keep reading about how wet palettes change lives, so of course I had to try it. Is it as life-changing as people say? Yes. Yes it is. Im still finding out how to use it, but I can definitely see how awesome it is once you get the hang of it. There are lots of simple tutorials out there on making wet palettes on absolutely no budget. Check them out and give it a try. As you can see above, I started on the base as well in this stage. I'm getting myself a nice lava-mat to game on, so all my Age of Sigmar models get a lava-themed base. This is really simple to create, in a future blog post, I'll show you how I make them. After some retouching, I finished the base. The completed Misweaver Saih looks like this: Up next: Excelsior Warpriest.
  5. Now that we've finally seen the first aelf, the Mistweaver Saih, what does this mean for the pointy ears in AoS? Yes, pit means they have a brilliant new aesthetic and arguably the best new miniature thus far. What does this suggest for the race going forwards, however? In terms of the rules, can we infer anything about the play style? In terms of the miniature, what can we assume for the range? Is the blank mask suggestive a new eldar-like aesthetic? Make your predictions!
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