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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. Here is my Tabletop Level Kharadron Overlords so far. I have a lot more to do, but I'm happy I had enough to put on a table.
  2. Yar mateys! So I think I mentioned earlier the influence for my army: So I had some things to think about. How am I going to do cloud basing? How do I make the ships look lived in? How am I going to come up with those tentacles? I've come up with some solutions (I hope!). So far, I've got the tentacles sorted at least for the smaller bases. The ships are going to require bigger and better tentacles and other cool bits and bobs. I'll cross that bridge when I get there, but I've got ideas for that too! So I made tentacles out of greenstuff...there really isn't a lot of info out there. This required some creativity and custom made tools. So what I did was cut a plastruct plastic tube down the middle (like a canoe). I then rolled up rough tube/tentacle shapes, and then put them into the tub. I pressed them in, to create the flat side while retaining the rounded side as well. For my second tool, I cut the bristles off an old paintbrush and removed as much of it from the ferrule as I could. I used this to impress the 'suckers' on the tentacles. With some cork and vallejo Dark Earth, my bases were sorted. They are now primed and ready for some paint!
  3. Dez

    Ahoy thar, Mateys!

    I'm going to be making a Barak-Mhornar Fleet, and I couldn't be more excited. That's saying something for an excitable gamer! Since we had heard rumors of a Dwarf Blimp back in 8th Edition I'd been saving money to start The Fleet. I've also threatened to sell all my armies if they brought back Squats to 40k, but that may turn out to be an idle threat So I've got the vision for Barak-Mhornar, the Pirate City. My Fleet will be focussed on the art and trade of Brewing, with a secret itinerary: Find the keys to the recipe of the fabled Bugman's Best. Often thought lost to the 8 Winds, they've returned time and again after years of being gone. Always different, always changed...and always with holds full of bewildering riches. One image really struck me when released, the image of the Ships with tentacles coming up from below: So I'll be be doing a bit of sculpting of tentacles and barnacles and other interesting items. I think I'm also going to go a step further and make the ships look really lived in and Piratical, with scary symbols and skulls adapted from real pirate fleets. I'm also going to go really deep and dark with the colors, and use different sources of light (Aethergold and blue/green lenses, purples). I'm also going to try and make some sort of cloud basing, and I've got ideas for that already. So here is my progress so far. I've almost built all of the Arkanaut Company and one Frigate. I've got a lot of basing and sculpting to do. The most fun part, is I'm trying to get it done by May 21st for a doubles tournament! Painted and ready to play. I've found a couple ways to convert Light Skyhooks. You can use the tips of the Skyspikes as well as Skyhooks from the Frigates. I then converted a 'SkyPike' from the bits left over.
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