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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. I can't find anything specific on this. According to FAQs, Warscrolls and the like get overwritten by ones published at a more recent date, but unless there's something explicitly saying that an older feature is getting overwritten (like with the MP Realm Artifacts), is it still viable? Would I be able to use mercenaries in an army that's otherwise operating on GHB 2020 rules? Ideally, I'd like to find some kind of official ruling on this in the event it comes up in any games I might play in the future.
  2. Ok guys quick question. I do not own the Fyreslayers book so dont have access to this. If I have the lodge in a Khorne list (pay the -cp tax) with a runesmiter and hearthguard berserkers. Can I take a pray on the runesmiter? A) does it come from the Khorne prayers (azyr states this?!?) B) Can I take a fyreslayers prayer C) Can I take no prayer at all because of said wording in codex
  3. Hey, folks! I was browsing through the merc companies in my GHB 2019, and was struck by how much potential these little nuggets of weirdness have for bringing narrative elements into a decently-balanced game (without, of course, going full soup-list). I do enjoy tinkering with game rules and creating content for the games I play, and I figured if I was going to try to make my own merc companies and get feedback on them, it might make sense to start a full topic for folks to help each other hone and balance their OCs (Original Companies, do not steal) in order to provide the best experience using them in friendly games. With that, here's my first custom merc company, the Wild Hunt. My thinking here is to bring a classic and well-known bit of folklore into AoS, while also allowing for some of the lesser-used, coolest-looking, and most-thematically-appropriate Wanderer models to work a little better on tables with Sylvaneth, while maintaining utility for general match-ups . THE WILD HUNT MERCENARY COMPANY Less a hired force than unexpected and unasked-for allies, the Wild Hunt work towards their own mysterious purposes. MERCENARY COMPANY If you pick this mercenary company to be hired by your army, you must include the following units in your army as MERCENARY units: 1-2 Wild Riders FEY RIDERS The fey spirits of the Wild Hunt flicker along the spirit paths, the land about them refusing to hinder their spectral steeds. Choose a keyword from your army. If terrain that you deploy would inflict an effect upon units from this company because those units lack that keyword, roll a die. On a 3+, the unit ignores that effect until the start of the next turn. On a 1 or 2, the unit is affected and may immediately move 2”.
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