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About Me

Found 9 results

  1. Welcome All Thought I'd start with a brief background about me and Warhammer/AoS: First taste of Warhammer Fantasy was around 1997 Always been a HUGE fan of the lore and the novels Chaos has always been my favourite army (mortal armies in particular) I have collected the books, novels and special characters for years - love the old chaos champions! Never been involved in the scene, never owned , assembled, converted or painted an army (yes I am absolute theory boy) Decided this year to build an army (FINALLY) & get involved in the scene along with my missus - managed to rope into it (Seraphon player) So in this blog I will be documenting my journey to own a full army and hopefully go to some tournaments. The Army As mentioned, I have always been a follower of chaos, mainly Undivided but also Slaanesh, Tzeentch, Khorne and Nurgle (in that order, never been keen on the pus boys). So with that I plan to start a Slaves To Darkness army. I am going to theme it similarly to the Wendol in the "13th Warrior" film based on the "Eaters Of The Dead" book by Michael Crichton (granted its no Jurassic Park and definitely not the best film or book made, but it is one of my favourite films). Basically the Wendol are cannibal savages in the Norse lands who live in caves, wear bear furs and ride to battle on horses. The plan is to have the whole army mounted (obviously I am not creating a all conquering tournament force) and every model will be converted. This will be a SLOW process but hopefully will be entertaining and informative and through this blog my skill will grow from the advice of you more experienced folk. I have never done any conversions or modeling before but am a fashion designer and did art a lot at school and college so hopefully that will land me in good stead. As mentioned previously, I will be creating this army at the same time as my missus is building a Seraphon army. We have purchased the Skirmish book and Path To Glory book so we will be growing our warbands whilst playing these with the aim to have a 2000 point force each at some point.
  2. I'll preface that the easy part is that these guys will be holding flails. I have 15 old school metal marauders with flails that a new box of 20 will join. I already have a champion and icon bearer, and maybe a musician. My questions: 1) I can throw shields all over the place (backs, arms). It looks like the new AOS rules encourage this. Does this violate any rules? 2) Should I add 2 more champions, drummers and icon bearers? Thought being I may someday want to play several small units. Again, the warscroll seems to anticipate this. 3) The fun one. I'm looking for ideas to paint otherwise healthy looking marauders to reflect their mark of Nurgle. Pics?
  3. Hello, maybe you can help me understand something? I know pre GHB2017, a Blades of Khorne allegiance army could take Khorne Chaos Marauders as battleline and keep allegiance (it would also count as filling the battleline requirement). Now that GHB2017 has come out, is that still the case? Or do they have to be allied in now, in which case, they do not count as filling out the battleline requirement? I am trying to figure out if I can use Khorne Chaos Marauders and have them count as filling up battleline slots in a Blade of Khorne allegiance army. Any assistance with this, including where in the rule books this is written would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
  4. For my Tzeentch force I need some foot troops. The cheapest battle line in the warriors army are Chaos Marauders at only 60 points for 10 models. However there are a couple of problems. Firstly, the models are really old, very poorly posed and they have a whole load of annoying mould lines. Secondly they are very much of the Old World frozen north aesthetic with the cloaks and beards. All the new Tzeentch models have a very different feel to them. So what is the solution? Clearly to do a ridiculous amount of conversion work on foot troops no one will pay any attention too! I decided that the basis of the conversion would be a box of Kairic Acolytes. I also had 15 of the silver tower Acolytes which add some variation. The heads were taken from all the blood reavers that I had left over from the starter set that I haven't done anything with. I chose all the ones with helmets as I decided these guys would be trying to emulate the Acolytes by hiding their faces, but without the magic they had to settle for the normal versions. When I ran out of heads I started raising my bits box and was able to use some Maruader heads as well as taking a gamble that Space Marine heads would also look OK. Weapons and shields came from the Tzangor kit as well as the Marauder kit. Sticking everything together was pretty easy, but if you want to do this conversion then the neck needs some work as the acolyte heads kind of fit on the front. If you try and stick a normal head on then it looks down at the feet, so the neck area has to be cut and trimmed down, but its not overly complicated. Painting was the usual Tzeentch base coat of brown, and all the armour this time is blue. As ever edging all the gold is the really time consuming stuff, but I have got 10 done so far out of the 30 that i need. As always let me know what you think in the comments below.
  5. Hi forums! I'm looking to paint up a block of 20 Marauders and am struggling to get them to look a bit more, well...Nurgly. Will probably do the armour parts green and rusty but what I am really getting stuck on is a decent skin tone - something slightly pale without going full blown rot! Any ideas for wash mixes? Am thinking a pale skin tone and green/purple washes perhaps?
  6. What weapon option would you think is better? Flails accompanied by the lord of war trait or axes and let them be. Making them khorne and having a bloodsecrator nearby helps alot. How do you guys use this unit? Chaff or Hammer?
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