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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. One of my favorite bits of fluff is maps. But more than just official GW maps, I also really like seeing other people's home-made maps and hearing about their kingdoms and whatnot. So this is a thread to share you maps and tell us a bit about the setting for your campaigns. I'll start. This is the Vale of Efengie (named for the store Fun-n-Games), in Ghyran. It's part of a larger region called Eucebium. The Gates of Eucebium are a collection of unstable and/or ruined Realmgates. Bludor is the main bastion of Order in the vale while Chaos currently controls land trade routes from Fort S'nak, a massive fortress erected by titans during the Age of Myth. One of the important features of Eucebium is The Azyrspire. If you walk along it for long enough, they say it leads to Azyr. Settlers used it to populate the area before the Age of Chaos, but it has been closed for a long time. During the Age of Myth, Hammerstadt was a thriving metropolis, but during the Age of Chaos, Nurgle demolished it with a trio of plagued meteors and the survivors resettled in the Vale of Efengie. The Free City of Reaper is a city of mercenaries near the foot of Mt. Koula. It is ruled by the Reaper King, a monarch as ancient as he is mysterious. All are welcome in the city, which often results in skirmishes and sometimes outright war, but the Reaper King's rule must be respected... or else.
  2. Guten Abend, fellow brothers and sisters. I was thinking much of the maps in AoS, and here are five cents on the subject. Also, I would like to read your thoughts as well First, I adore the new style of drawing that first appeared in the "Mighty battles in an age of an unending war". It's really great, you could not get more high fantasy than this! And it certainly rocks. It reminds me of DnD, not surprisingly, especially about planes like Ravenloft or Dark Sun, and of MtG as well. GW returned to its roots and this is the rare case when it was right. Second, they catch that feel of the highly magical universe. You can really believe it's something interesting and unusual, something that confers the fantasy vibe as it should, because we have lots of what mimics our planet or history and this is boring. Fantasy was invented by Tolkien for another purpose - to go see other planes and worlds. And AoS maps certainly do this well. Third, it makes you ask questions and use your imagination. Geographical borders and nations are typical and easy to grasp, but what is soul prison or mortuary factory? Why is the lake green? Why are the Maw Gates literally in the maw of a gigantic worm? This is the most fantastical you can get, and then you want to think it all over and create something of yours, something new and no less unique. This drives your imagination ever forward. What do you say then? And ja, here are some of my favorite maps of all time
  3. For each table at Warhammer Achievements I want to have a map on each table that shows the scenery rules and the secondary objective for that table. Here is the first example that I have put together. To set it up I laid out a board on the living room floor and then stood on the chair with a selfie stick to get the aerial shot. After that it was just a case of importing into photoshop and adding in all the rules and fancy graphics stuff to make it look professional. Hopefully the players will appreciate the work! In the end it has taken 6 months to do all the tables and the maps, and its been a bit of a grind in places. However I am now very excited about getting the tables all laid out on the Friday of the event to see how it all looks.
  4. I am preparing an Age of Sigmar Narrative campaign that will hopefully kick off later this year and I have decided to set it in Ghur. So far I have read City of Secrets and Spear of Shadows and am very inspired by this amazing setting. The main players will be my brother and myself. The plan is to have four battles per season, with three seasons being played over three years. I have used this format before and it works well for us. Between us we have four legacy collections: a large Bretonnian army, a large Beastmen army, a medium sized Empire army and a large Ogre Kingdoms army. I also have painted up the adversaries from Silver Tower and am working on expanding this into a Disciples of Tzeentch force. The main story will be about Tzeentch's counter attack in the Amber Steppes with the campaign starting as Tzeentch launches the attack on Excelsis. Rather than focus on Excelsis, the battles will be focused on the Barony of Black marsh, the Mountains of Maraz and the Ghurland plains. So, the first thing I wanted to do was understand the geography. I've knocked up a quick sketch of the Amber Steppes and surrounds based on fragments from Spear of Shadows and some stuff I found on the net. I did this before I finished Spear of Shadows and I remember thinking at least one thing was wrong as I was reading the book. Do we have any lore experts who might be able to provide corrections or suggestions? (Please note that Hautefort is a Black Marsh city of my own creation.) I hope everyone is good.
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