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About Me

Found 1 result

  1. Has anyone tried reconciling the settings for OldHammer and AoS? Or found a nice attempt at it online? I’m not thinking about the 9th Age here but rather a joining of these two very differently flavored settings with both “realities” existing side by side. Note: all of the following is just some quick brainstorming done as I write. This is nowhere near complete or even intended to be, it’s just ideas and questions (and sorry if this turns into some long winded ramble... it probably will). As to why... well Old Warhammer always had a grimmer, grittier feel to me and I loved the setting. Age of Sigmar is much more “epic fantasy” in my mind and I wanted to find a way to bring the two together without destroying either. I don’t know if it is really feasible but... I see two ways to do this: first the Old World isn’t actually destroyed during the End Times, and second the Old World is recreated by the raw power of the realms intermixing and formed from the memories of the new gods. In either example there would need to be some modifications to the history and/or fluff of some factions and the settings themselves. Races completely destroyed and/or decimated by the End Times could be transplanted to the mortal realms as they were in AoS, while others remain in the physical world instead. There are no Disposed or Free Guild in the mortal realms, they exist in the physical world. The Sylvaneth aren’t a part of the wood elf/wanderer faction because they’ve lost that connection to magic which allowed them to hold onto the physical world. 1) What if the world wasn’t destroyed during the End Times and instead the Mortal Realms were born? As the rifts are finally closed there is a cataclysmic explosion. Chaos thinks they have won, the world that was is gone. The mortal races believe they’ve won, but at a great cost: their world is greatly changed (nearly destroyed?) by the closing of the rifts, Magic no longer functions (or not like it used to?) and their gods voices are little more than a whisper of what they once were (if they answer at all?) The Avatars/New gods of AoS awaken to find themselves in the eight realms. Their old world is gone. The age of myth continues more or less as written, but (most) factions formed of legacy armies do not exist (dispossessed, Swift hawks, wanderers, scourge privateers, free guild, green skins, gitmob, etc). During this age of Myth the old world is slowly recovering and suffers something of a dark ages period. The old world isn’t the same as it once was, portions of the mortal realms touch upon their reality making small areas of the world hostile hellscapes which ironically have the greatest connection to the gods (the edges of the mortal realms, where magic exists in its most raw form, bridge the gaps between realities). Eventually, the old world is discovered by the AoS pantheon, but even though they have discovered their old home the gods themselves cannot enter it (similar to how the chaos gods cannot enter reality themselves) and mortals cannot enter the eight realms. The dark ages end and the world that was slowly comes back to something akin to what it once was. The age of chaos comes. Pretty much as written the Ruinous Powers learn of the eight realms and begin their assault on this new reality. The nearly unrecognizable old world isn’t realized for what it is, it is simply another new realm to conquer (although it is a much smaller realm, only a fraction of the size of any of the other realms). Chaos cannot enter the old world directly, but rather must pass through one of the mortal realms first (they serve as an intermediary barrier between the physical world and the realm of chaos). Chaos incursions do occur but the war is mostly contained to the eight realms. Slaves to Darkness (and Dark Oath when/if released?) plague the Old World while the Everchosen, god-specific factions and Daemons flood the mortal realms. Sigmar locks himself in the celestial realm. The war is lost, and while the realms fall to chaos the physical world suffers more and more incursions but hasn’t fallen yet. The old world becomes a grim dark place where war is nearly constant but until all of the mortal realms fall to chaos it still holds out. Daemons (once considered nothing but a superstitious myth of a bygone age) begin to assault them but cannot stay long. Sigmar takes most of his “recruits” from the humans of the physical world as they fight their own wars. The gods still hear the cries of their followers but are preoccupied by the wars within their own realms. 2) Mostly what’s written above remains, however the world that was actually was destroyed. A new ninth/tenth/eleventh realms is formed where the power of the eight realms intersect. This realm is formed of the memories of the gods, just as the seraphon are formed from the memories of the slann. Each of the eight gods should have a realm they cannot enter using this method, similar to how the lords of shadow and light cannot enter their opposite’s realm. This helps keep the gods themselves from entering this physical realm while also allowing them to interact with it. This realm is physical while the “mortal realms” of AoS are spiritual. Chaos daemons have an even harder time manifesting here than other realms (necessary to explain why such a small world hasn’t been completely conquered already). As for opposing realms I’m not certain which realms could/should pair up. Light/Shadow, Life/Death, Celestial/Metal, Beasts/Fire? Maybe: Metal/Life, Beasts/Death, Celestial/Fire. The idea comes partly from the stories about Slaaneesh’s imprisonment and partly from a fan supplement for Advanced HeroQuest which took a different look at the winds of magic. In that supplement they broke the winds into two groups of four with a “light” and “dark” aspect of each of the four classical European elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. The lore of “high magic” was the four “light elements” combined while the lore of “dark magic” was the combination of the four “dark elements”. Chaos magic was the embodiment of all eight winds. I’ll try to look the supplement up later and refresh myself on their take. Anyway... sorry I think this may have gotten rather long winded but I won’t try to edit/shorten it. Does anyone else have some ideas, input, or references to add? I’d love to hear other players views on the possibility of merging these two realities.
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