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About Me

Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys! Age of Sigmar Freshman here, starting out with Nighthaunt at 2000 points. I‘m going to play in a very competitive environment, so I want to get the most out of my attempt. Due to the fact I‘m pretty new to the game (not to tabletop or competitive play in general), I will definitly need some help. Some facts beforehand: - I want to stay with the Nighthaunt for now and not playing as Legion of Grief. Nagash allies could be a thing though - It‘s not all about winning (i.e. copycat lists). I rather enjoy the process of getting the most out of an army over time - I have played only one game so far, so I‘m lacking practical experience in general and probably even basic skills. However, this is a huge part when it comes to building proper lists. So keep this in mind: anything I come up with now, is based on pure theorycrafting after reading the battletome The Shroudguard will be my core force. The Knight of Shrouds is buffed up by his trait, ability and artefact to make the Bladegheist Revenants even more durable. The Spirit Torment is boosting their offensive output. Grimghast Reapers strike out of reserve, harassing the opponent in his deployment zone and/or contest objectives Lady Olynder is backed up by my Chainrasp Horde and the Guardian of Souls. Prismatic Pallisade for extra protection. So what do you think? For me (the noob) this sounds like a solid approach. I know, Nighthaunt is not top tier right now, but as I mentioned before, this is not about winning at all costs. It‘s more about creating a proper list that could work in general. Would be awesome if you could spare some thoughts about the list and point out its weaknesses or some possible improvements. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, I'm new to AOS and unsure if it's the best place to ask such a question. I'm looking to get into AOS, thinking of Tzeench with this list: - Chaos Sorcerer Lord - Ogroid Thaumaturge - 2 Chaos Chariot - 10 chaos knights - 10 chaos warriors Total: 990 points This is basically 2 start collecting slave to darkness plus Ogroid Thaumaturge. A relatively cheap way to start for Games Workshop. Would this list be viable for meeting engagements? I was thinking of only taking 3 screamers for summoning, is it enough?
  3. Okay I'm in an escalation league and we are about to jump from 500 point to 1000. So far I have won all my matches but I know alot of armies scale better at higher point values and we got a LOT of players playing Skaven and LoN. (Think there are also a few playing then new Slannesh book) I'm running mixed order and we are allowed to change or lists between games but we do have to stay the same faction. I'm playing GA: Order for mine. My 500 point list was Seawarden, 2 Highbourn bolt throwers, and 20 High elf Spearmen. (No one was really expecting the bolt throwers) Now for 1000 points I'm planning on Seawarden Tenbral Shard w/ Sword of Judgement 5 Reavers 5 Reavers Highbourne Repeating Bolt Thrower Highbourne Repeating Bolt Thrower War hydra Khinerai Heartrenders Thoughts and Suggestions?
  4. Going to play some firestorm soon and i wanna play a dwarf army. Any ideas guys?
  5. Hey guys, Looking for input on which list you think would be better. Im hoping to be reasonably competitive.I know list one is definitely more flexible, but damn do I think Saurus guard are cool. Let me know if you have any suggestions or input.List 1:LeadersSaurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur (260)- WarbladeSkink Starpriest (100)UnitsSaurus Warriors x 10 (100)- Clubs- BattlelineSaurus Knights x 5 (120)- Blades- Seraphon BattlelineChameleon Skinks x 5 (120)BehemothsBastiladon (300)List 2LeadersSaurus Eternity Warden (140)Skink Starpriest (100)UnitsSaurus Guard x 5 (100)- Seraphon BattlelineSaurus Guard x 5 (100)- Seraphon BattlelineSaurus Guard x 5 (100)- Seraphon BattlelineSkinks x 10 (80)- Meteoric Javelins & Star Bucklers- BattlelineBehemothsBastiladon (300)BattalionsEternal Starhost (80)
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