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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. I often look for ways to grow the local community of tabletop gamers, particularly for miniature gaming and hobby in general and AoS specifically. But, frustrated by limited support from local gaming stores (I wrote a little parable based on my experiences compared to car dealerships ), I've been considering other venues, and the one I think may work but has been overlooked is the local public library. Also, I think the gaming stores we know in the United States will close the same way the video rental stores did a few years back. My aim is to find new locations around which we can build tabletop gaming communities. After talking with some other demo game organizers about the possibilities about running demo games in a public library in the States, the primary concern is the space. Setting up a table with miniatures and inviting patrons to try a demo game next to the magazine rack in the quiet reading room is not going to work! But many libraries have meeting or event rooms, and that's the key. Here are my main reasons to run a demo games day event in a public library instead of a gaming store: Many if not most library patrons are not gamers. Gamers only have so much time and money to play so many games; instead of trying to get boardgamers to try a miniatures game, it might make more sense to recruit new gamers... or, rather, ignite the passion for tabletop gaming that lies in the soul of almost every person. Most people I have met in recent years enjoy gaming, but they often just don't realize it because they haven't been exposed to the range of awesome tabletop games! Public libraries already have a community network for promotion. Most game stores might hang a flyer about an upcoming demo games day up in the store or even post on an online calendar, but these will only be seen by gamers. Libraries promote a wide range of programs and events to the community at large. Public libraries generally maintain a safe, friendly environment with clean restrooms. Most people aren't reluctant to walk into a public library--they expect a standard of helpful staff at the reference desk, a safe and quiet environment, and relatively clean restrooms. My wife, for example, would prefer to use the restroom in a fast food joint next door than the one in any given game store. I'm arranging to run a Warhammer demo games day event at my public library in late December, and I'm hoping (with consideration of the above points) it will be the most successful demo games event I've ever put together (and I've involved with many over the past 5 years in exactly 7 different gaming stores). My main intention for this thread is to document the process and experience, hopefully providing some tips and encouragement for others to try running demo games at local libraries, and to also invite suggestions and comments with the aim of growing and diversifying the community.
  2. Hi there My name is Luke and I work for Gloucester library. I am in the process of starting a kids warhammer club and I am asking for any help I can get. Our library doesn't have much funding for these sorts of things but I am hoping with enough effort we can get some. What I am asking for is the Warhammer communities' help. If anyone feels obliged or a tug of the heart strings I will happily accept old (useable paints), unwanted books (either universe), old models that need the love of new modellers and painters. I will accept anything really (within reason). I have already received the Warhammer Schools alliance set from GW which is awesome and has a few paints to get started with Stormcast. But Order isn't for everyone. Any help will do. Gloucester Library, Brunswick Road, GL1 1HT
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