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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. As I'm a fan of the Kharadron Overlords, I've taken a crack at giving them a warband for Warcry! As well as fighter cards and an ability sheet, this includes a full Campaign, a Background table, and Allies. All feedback is 100% welcome! Let me know what you think might need a second look. (if I ever do something like this again, rest assured I'm going to pick something with fewer weapon options – Warcry's simple attack resolution is not hugely friendly to representing different-but-equal gear like the Grundstok guns...) Warcry-KharadronOverlords-SMALL.pdf
  2. With the start of the new year, I figured it was time to formally introduce the world to my newest army and current project: The Kharadrong Raiders. No, I didn't spell their name wrong. This post will cover their conception as an army, the initial round of photography and finally the background lore I've whipped up for them. Putting the Pieces Together So, what are the Kharadrong Raiders? The Kharadrong Raiders are obviously my take on the Kharadon Overlords. When this army was first previewed last April, I was torn. A year prior I had been working on a Dispossessed force during the PMP's Budget of Sigmar Contest and I desperately shared my desire for a dwarven airship. Jokingly I said during a Warhammer Weekly: "Make it happen GW!" Little did I realize that we would have not only a Dwarven airship,but an entire faction a little over a year later. But as I said, I was torn. Despite wanting this army so badly, there was something to be desired with their aesthetic. Don't get me wrong, I like metal. I'm a dwarf player, of course I do. But I also like beards and a little bit of skin. I wanted a connection to more traditional dwarves and Barak Thryng seemed like such a rejection of this (given that is is like 1% of the total KO population). So I was on the fence and the Monopoly-man head of Brokk just pushed me over the edge with initially rejecting the army. Then I felt a little bit guilty, as one might anticipate given my prior intense desire for an army just like this. I mean, how often does GW deliver just what someone asks for?1 So, I sat down and tried to figure out how I could remedy this and make these guys work. I had also long been interested in a Fyreslayers project, and as I mused on what this could look like, Sigmar's inspiration struck! What if I reimagined what Long Drong's Slayers might look like if they were modernized and brought into the current AOS aesthetic. For those who don't know Long Drong's Slayers, Long Drong was a slayer pirate who captained his own ship and led a Dogs of War mercenary company in the Old World. I realized this project allowed all the pieces to fit together! I could do my Airship fleet of KO, have the hair I was looking for even with closed faced helms (because of the Slayer mohawks), and I could have definite ties/homages to the Old World while still being firmly seated in the Mortal Realms. I could even do a Aqysh-based force with orange glow effects (which I had been experimenting on with the Phoenix Temple models). The only challenge standing in the way of this project was cost. Fyreslayer mohawks are understandably in-demand on the secondary market, which meant that I was going to likely have to buy a whole host of Fyreslayer boxes. I lucked out when I found out that 14 mohawks came per box of 10 Vulkites. That said, to make a base 10 infantry troops for my army, we're talking about $105 MSRP retail. So I mused on it for a week or so. It was such an awesome concept that I realized I also couldn't not do it. So, I tightened my belt and got to work with an initial test model last May. Things came together better than I could have imagined. The mohawks weren't difficult to line up. Weapon conversions were pretty much snip and glue. The Bases weren't difficult to produce. And the color scheme popped! Thus I committed to the project and pulled the trigger my new army.... I've designed the project to come together in multiple flights and I use events to plan my projects. The first event on the docket was Holy Havok, the team event put on in Chicago at the beginning of November of each year. The Holy events, put on by @Holy Hammer Hern and the Holy Hammer club differ from standard tournaments in that they have a more narrative focus (not unlike RAW in the U.K.) and the Holy events are the premier Hobby events in the U.S. Steve's tables are lovingly assembled and customized to the various mortal realms. This event was a highly competitive hobby environment and the perfect place to premier the Kharadrong. My co-host @Vincent Venturella rose to the challenge and assembled his own force to pair with mine. I'll cover this event and the results of that event in a later post. Assembling A Sky Fleet So I set about finishing the first round of models. Here are the results of these first models: In the midst of this work, I experienced a setback. Literally days after I completed my second full unit, the GHB2017 dropped with the "adjustments" to Thunderers which made my unit (that I had converted to all have different poses) unplayable. It wasn't just that they got their power adjusted down; the unit I had painted was literally illegal under the new rules. The changes also threw into question the competitive viability of the whole project. To see this thing through, I would be hobbying on it for the entire year and there was a chance I would be taking a sub-par army to these events. The prospect was less than enticing and I considered scrapping the whole project. Luckily, I didn't. I loved the concept of this enough that I resolved to see it through, even if it was sub-optimal in competitive play. The silver lining was that Fyreslayers under the new system were highly competitive and their aesthetic was baked into my forces. The allies system dovetailed perfectly with the hybrid lists I was already considering. If the KO thing was a dud, I could always redirect my work to pure Fyreslayers. So I pushed through and here is what I came up with: Background Lore Now I needed a story to launch these pirate slayers into the AOS world. This is what I've initially come up with: Kharadrong’s Raiders are a mercenary band made up of the remnants of the Grimharaz Lodge, who’ve recently retaken their ancestral hold of Barak-Zharr. Their name is honorific of an ancient mythical hero, Long Drong, who similarly led a band of slayer mercenary pirates on sailing vessels to plunder and to victory. As a Dogs of War force, the Kharadrong’s Raiders have found common cause with Trapjaw’s Barnyard Busters in the mutual pursuit of gold and glory. The origin of the Kharadrong’s Raiders is a long and tragic story. Decades ago, the Grimharaz lodge came under assault by Tzeentch daemon hordes in what would later become known as the War of the Wyrdquartz. While many of the lodges held their ground, Grimharaz was at the heart of the conflict and sustained heavy losses. Despite the intervention of Kharadron Overlord fleets, the lodge’s hold of Barak-Zharr was lost under the press of daemon flesh. The remnants of Grimharaz, now homeless and hopeless, disseminated amongst the Baraks of the Kharadon Overlords and picked up work where they could find it while the Grimharaz’s Runefather, Zharrik, went into a self imposed exile. For years the remnants of the Grimharaz lodge toiled amongst the Overlords, and many served aboard Overlord vessels as mercenaries. Over time, the sons of Grimharaz adopted the means and methods of the Kharadron. They learned to sail the aethersphere under the skilled guidance of Zilfin navigators and distill the essence of aethergold from the Khemists of Urbaz. Despite their exile amongst the Overlords, the Runeson Thrundrik never forgot the halls of Barak-Zharr. Thrundrik and his trusted brother-in-arms Varag set about re-gathering the lodge with the goal of reclaiming Barak-Zharr. Even in these early stages of re-formation, Thrundrik saw that many of the younger generation had assimilated to the ways of the Overlords, while the older longbeards held strong to the ancient traditions of the lodge. To help bridge this division, Thrundrik sought out Runefather Zharrik and reunited the lodge under Zharrik, knowing full well that the tension between the new and the old could not be maintained indefinitely. But the unity held and the combined arms of young and old, aethermatics and ur-gold runes side by side, retook Barak-Zharr. Years have passed and the lodge persists amidst the tensions. New and old have found an odd peace in the firescorched halls of Barak-Zharr as ancient stoneworks have been restored and aethergold furnaces installed. The Grimharaz lodge has found unlikely allies with a neighboring Ironjawz warband led by Trapjaw but the take is good and the Orruks (or at least their lust for gold) is trustworthy enough. Recently, Thrundrik has caught wind of large remaining deposits of Wyrdquartz nearby and has sent a joint force led by his brother-in-arms Varag and Trapjaw to investigate. It was Tzeentch’s desire for Wyrdquartz that led to the loss of the Hold the last time around and Thrundrik refuses to let it happen again. He hopes that Varag and Trapjaw can get in front of this situation and maybe even make some profit while doing so. Final Descent With everything else in place and putting the final touches on my last couple units, I needed to finally bring the legendary Barak-Zharr to life. I spent most of the month of October hobbying away on my board for Holy Havok. Ultimately, I think things came together fairly well, but I'll let you judge. And the rest of the finished units in the first round of models: I hope you enjoyed this introduction to my current passion project. In future posts, I'll provide some behind the scenes glimpses while various stuff was WIP, as well as detailing Vince and I's Holy Havok 2017 experience, and I, of course, have new additions to this force I've completed in the meantime. I mean, Holy Wars 2018 is indeed coming next month! 1: In no way do I actually think that GW designed the KO for me or at my suggestion. The timing is simply humorous.
  3. Greetings fellow Skyfleet Admirals, Ship Captains, and beardlings. I present to you a living project log that is being developted and expanded on by myself, Adam Wier and Melcavuk. I will be adding to the fluff in this first post as it develops and sharing the development of the fleet as is occurs. I have already made great progress on this I been lurking TGA a while and my current platform for sharing this project isn't that active with other Sky Captains. I was inspired by Melcavuk " The Rust City " and Adam " The Biologist Guild " on small individual fluff pieces they wrote many months ago. I contacted both them and asked permission to expand on there original ideas. It has been a fun ride so far and I look forward to sharing this with everyone and hopefully recruiting other Skycaptains into the fluff. Fluff may be adjusted as I develop other fleets and captains etc... when this happens I will update this first post so its always current and post the changes/additions in the most recent thread post so I can track when it was added. I hope you all enjoy! Fleet: Garaz Vongal (Fearless Raiders) Port: Lost Haven (Aka The Rust Yard) Admiral: Kro De`Morte (The Raven) Flagship: The Kvinn Kro (The Lady Raven) Code: Barak-Mhornar Artycle: Seek new prospects Amendment: Prosecute War with all haste Footnote: Who strikes first strikes hardest Crews: Barak-Mhornar, Barak-Kol(Black Stone), & Barak-Nar Heros: Lost Haven - The City of Rust (Aka The Rust Yard) created by Melcavuk Once a bountiful port Lost Haven has long since become known as the City of Rust, this port housed many a mighty house and fool hardy captains ever to sail the skies of the realms. So close was it to the migration path of the Leviathans of the sky that on a clear day a dwarf with iron in their loins could lean across the size to see these mighty beasts pass far below the monolithic city. The primary trade for the port reside in its massive docks capable of housing countless slain leviathans that the engineers, khemists and more than a handful of deranged smugglers could carve into the carcasses. From them came lush oils, a bountiful hide that could turn even the most keen of blades, and its bones when ground down into powders could be used medicines and explosives but more valuable of all lay the massive glands of Aethergold that allowed these beasts to fly despite their enormous bulk. It is said that a Storm of nittle-bugs once hit the city unlike any other, swarm after swarm of these seething bugs and flies cascading from rot clouds seeking to devour all that lay within. Still this was no match for this great skyport, the vault seals remained intact and despite the cleanup operation taking some weeks the casualties sustained where minimal. Trade however took the most damage, the carcasses of leviathans held in dock waiting to be carved up had been devoured by the storm. Every saleable resource disappearing in the blink of an eye, such a loss could be rectified however as the city had no shortage of eager captains willing to sail the Aether streams and hunt down fresh prey. Over two dozen ships left port, the armada descending on the Leviathan migration with equal parts wrath and greed. Their haul was magnificent, the city was once more full and its spirits higher than ever before, all hands gathered to witness the great armada deliver their prizes to the loading docks ready to carve into these fresh treasures. One by one each ship severed their tow cables dropping the hulking corpses onto the docks below, the dull thud and wet splats of impact reverberating throughout the port, it was only as the last corpse descended upon the port that the foul stench of rot began to pierce even the strongest of filtration units. One by one the leviathan corpses bubbled and shifted, every movement pouring bile and puss from open sores onto the decks of the ships, and with a mighty groan their bloated Aetherbladders erupted into a sea of nurglings giggling idiotically as they spread like locust across the city. Since that day no word has come from the city of rust, it exists as a floating graveyard high above Ghyran, sombre and dead. Some shiphands speak of seeing ships of bulbous flesh and steel floating around the city, that the stacks from the Aetherfurnaces can still be seen venting on a still night. Some say that there were survivors, though what cursed wretches these might be has yet to be seen. The Guild of Science The Kharadron Overlord’s society is built around Guilds that handle various vital aspects of the dwarves’ lives. The Aetheric Navigators of the Nav-League and the engineers from the Endrineers Guild are two of the most powerful, dealing with navigating the skies and building airships, respectively. The Biologis Guild that focuses on biological sciences and medicine, something that is as vital to the Kharadron Society as dredging Aether-gold from the skies. As an organization that values knowledge (and free exchange of that knowledge), it does not get caught up in prideful displays of what Sky-port they hail from. Towards this end, they also have a common practice of shaving off one’s beard at the onset of any new quest of learning, remaining that way until the quest ends. This Oath of the Moment symbolizes their altruistic commitment to their new scholarly pursuit (a dwarf’s beard is a point of pride throughout dwarven culture). The Barak-Kol as sky fleet committed to the eradication of the Crystaline Spread. A crystal disease that infects all forms of enivormenta and biological organisms the spread will eventually begin to alter its hosts in a variety of ways, most frequently melding the biomass of multiple hosts and repurposing specific materials to form blue solid crystals. These crystals only notable function is to spread Crystaline particals " crystal spores " into the air and produce Creep a life like superorganism. It has a brown coloration with blueish hue and is a viscous substance that feels thick and slimy when spreading but later hardens to the texture of barnicals. The living Creep is found at the outer edges of Crystaline Spread it will appear any place that creates a separation of the Barnical Creep. Guild researchers have noted that the living creep will spread around solid objects like rocks, builds, trees and then creep upwards, Crystaline growth can be observed in real time. If left unchecked, creep will consume an entire skyfrigate in weeks.. Creep is nourished by the Crystaline particals and the solid crystal formations , Creep helps to sustain itself by spreading rapidly and by processing minerals extracted from the ground via deep Crystal roots that begin to dig into the earth or solid structure. Creep may grow in anaerobic environments and under water it will still grow . It may also grow over hollows in the terrain and attempt to traverse over rugged terf though it may cause creep to tear and give way. Creep is notably averse to extremely high temperatures and will not grow in unsuitably hot places. While it may be set alight by high explosive or incendiary ordnance, its remarkable regenerative properties makes complete extermination by brute force a difficult proposition. Removal may only be guaranteed by destroying the large Crystals and by starving the Creep. It has been noted that it may be difficult to tell when creep is truly dead. Changes beyond this point seem to be highly variable and unpredictable, but recognizable features that might be incorporated in the resulting structures are black filaments,Blue Crystals, brown slime and blue luminescence. The Guild's mission varies dependent on there chosen field of study Biologist focused on researching living organism, Astronomers focused on studying the skys, Oceanograpy, Geology, Botany, Mathmatics, System Theory, Aeronautical engineering, Cartagrophy, Cryptology and a hundred other fields of study. The guild code is designed for the express purpose for all forms of study to be utilized for the benefit of all Khaladron Overlord society and those that pay.. Guild members have been noted to withhold information for a price.. Aether-gold and profit may not be there immediate gratification, but it certainly is a value to The guild as its funds there exploits. Many a beardling enters into the fields, traversing the realm of life, investigating the mysteries of the skies in order to earn their wight in Aethor-gold. Some may even take into other sciences or occupations such as investigative research searching for missing Kharadron fleets, skyports or crews. The Guild is made up of three main skyport crews the Barak-Mhornar, Barka-Kol(Black Stone) & Barak-Nar each crew utilizing there own interpretations of the code to achieve there goals and further their fields of study. By Demorte ---- Heroes Freyvid Hafnar, Chief investigator of the Barak-Nar Biologis Guild, is one of these sort having been commissioned, alongside an Overlord warfleet, to venture into the humid cloudbanks of Ghyran in search of a missing explorator fleet. The Kharadron had long forsaken the realm of life for the riches of their native Chamon, but greed and hubris garnered from their dominion over the skies eventually pushed them outward. Rumors circulated the airways of some daemonic taint that had begun to overtake some of the farther reaches of the realm, and the Admiral Counsel began to fear that their ships may have been lost to its vile clutches. In hopes of salvaging something from the lost venture, they commissioned a Grundcorps reconnaissance fleet to investigate, with Hafnar amongst their storied crew. Never ones for superstition, the Barak-Nar Admirals reasoned that a scientist would prove useful in case the lost fleet met their end via some unconventional means. Hafnar was also somewhat of an expert on Nurgle pox and maladies, if anyone could truly be called such, studying the Guild’s labyrinthine archives on the matter. Whatever the fate of the lost ships, the decaying hand of Nurgle or otherwise, they would be found and avenged… created by Adam Wier Pictures soon to follow! I am at work and wanna save my progress. The Fleet #1 Ship Name: Kilcar Captain: Sidarlig Duskhide Crew: Barak-Mhornar & Barak-Kor
  4. Hey guys, painting up a KO army focusing on what I think looks the coolest (boats) because who knows what will change when I finally get an army together! Finished up my first lot of company and made a start on some thunderers, working through a start collecting. Very slow progress incoming
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