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Found 4 results

  1. Pre-Event Warm-Up – Kenny Lull of Combat Phase podcast – Invasion of Ghyran [Table 1] I opened the event weekend on the night before the official event with a warm-up game with Kenny Lull of Combat Phase podcast fame. Kenny has been playing straight Fyreslayers since last year and was on track to get his 100th game of pure Fyreslayers during the weekend event. Kenny was also giving the new Fyreslayer points a test so I jumped at the opportunity to help him get to 100 games and try the new points out! We played on Table 1, which was the beautiful Invasion of Ghyran table with the stunning Tree of Life. Order was tasked with defending the Tree from my nurgly Horned Legion. The objective was to end the game with more models next to the tree at the end of turn 5 while there was a secondary objective of accumulating points from three grail objectives. The foot slog across the whole length of the table was a long walk for Nurgle. Luckily the siege was able to keep pressure on his force and continue to clear off the secondary grail objectives near him. He had two tunneling units of 25 Vulkites but I was running enough units that I was able to spread out and stop them from deploying anywhere behind my front lines. He wisely brought them up in turn three because I think I could have continued to spread my 30 man units out and potentially deny him the ability to bring either unit up at all. We had a pretty straight-forward clash right under the boughs of the tree but there wasn’t enough time to really widdle the Fyreslayers down enough, especially with 50+ battleshock-immune models with a ward save popping up late during turn 3. The game ended with a win for Kenny after a grueling fight. While I think some of the Fyreslayer point adjustments were needed, my suspicions about the new Vulkite costs were confirmed. I think 60 points is too low for 5 of those models. They should have stayed at 80 for 5, or only dropped to 70 for 5. While 70 would be unusual, Plaguemonks are at 70 points per unit for example. At 120 for 10, you would be getting the arguably best generic Battleline unit in the game with a potential 4+/4++ saves, 2 attacks per model, 4+/4+/-1/1, 5 mortal wounds on the charge, and the ability to deepstrike with a hero (for 80 points) that also grants wound rerolls. Oh, and they get to reroll one of their charge dice to land that 9-inch charge after dropping. Oh, and they have a short range ranged attack on all of this for a couple extra wounds per round. This is a discussion though for another post. The game was a blast and Kenny was a great opponent. I’m glad I was able to help him in his push to 100 games with pure Fyreslayers (right at almost the 1 year anniversary of the army nonetheless)! If these new points stick, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m heavily considering a FS army, or at least a meaty contingent for battleline.
  2. I’m finally back from Holy Wars 2017 and what an experience it was. My birthday was on the Friday leading into the event so I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate it than spending a couple days rolling dice on beautiful tables. I’ll be doing a series of blog posts over the next couple days regarding the event, the armies, and the tables/scenarios. In this first blog, I’ll cover my own force and briefly discuss the event. When I decided to go to Holy Wars this year, I wanted to lean more into the hobby/narrative aspect (which is what the event is really about) and less into the competitive aspect. Vince and I took a hard-as-nails list to Holy Havok 2016 team event (where we tied for best overall) and I wanted to do something a bit different. So, for this event, I built my list out of models that were narratively compelling or aesthetically pleasing in my Horned Legion force rather than necessarily strictly competitive. For example, while I initially considered including a third set of 5 Blightkings in my force sideboard with my last 200 points, I decided to instead go with my converted Nurgle Warshrine. It is a fantastic aesthetic centerpiece to an otherwise heavy infantry force and it exudes the character of Ghur where the Blighted Legion is stationed in their keep of Mireguard. Each player was told to bring 2500 points although each game was only 2000 points. This gave me quite a bit of flexibility in deployment to customize my army to what I was staring down. This ended up being a much greater boon than I had anticipated. So the list I ended up bringing was as follows… 140 Harbinger of Decay - Harbinger Gulgath the Pustulant
 240 Be’lakor, Chaos Daemon Prince
 160 Sayl the Faithless
 120 Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Chaos Steed (Nurgle)
 180 10 Warriors of Chaos (Nurgle) w/Full Command – Handweapon/Shield 360 10 Putrid Blightkings
 180 30 Chaos Marauders (Nurgle) w/Full Command and Icon – Axe/Shield 300 30 Plaguebearers of Nurgle 300 Hellcannon
 180 Plagueclaw 200 Chaos Warshrine (Nurgle) 120 10 Chaos Furies (Nurgle)
 My standard deployment would be my four heroes (560 points), 10 Putrid Blightkings (360 points, either in two 5s or one 10), Hellcannon (300), Plagueclaw (180), and 20 Marauders (120), 10 Marauders (60), and 10 Plaguebearers (100) for battleline. This would leave 200 points for summoning either the remaining 20 Plaguebearers, Chaos Furies, or a mix of Plaguebearers and Chaos Furies. I ended up doing surprisingly well with this force in the matched play although my focus on the narrative/hobby aspect paid off as I was privileged to receive the event’s highest honors, the Hammer Hobbyist award, which is given to the player who embodies the hobby and everything the event is about (painting, narrative, etc.). It was a fantastic experience overall, and in the immortal words of anonymous Yelp! reviewer #87: "Five Stars - would do agin". In future posts I’ll do some brief game summaries, provide shots of all the tables/scenarios, and the attending armies.
  3. Holy Havok is over and what an event it was! Vince and I were in competition for three of the five top awards (Best Overall, Best Appearance, and Best Warlord). Ironically enough, we ended up placing second in all three categories. We were technically tied for Best Overall and they had to go down three tiers of comparisons (Match points, Sportsmanship, and then to play schedule) to decide on who took home the hardware. Considering Vince and I have never played these forces together (and my second time playing my Nurgle force was the night before the tourney...go go math hammer!) or even as partners before, and this is the first Warhammer tourney I've been to, I feel pretty good about tying for Best Overall on our first time out. Official results are here. The competition was fantastic, the tables were amazing, and the armies were inspiring. I'll try to post some pictures of the tables and event winners in the coming days, but for now, here are the armies that came out to play. Enjoy!
  4. Holy Havok is here! Gaming is in full swing here at the Holy Havok teams event and things are crazy! Despite finishing our game early, it seems most games aren't getting past turn two in their allotted 3 hours. Even though there are only a couple turns in most cases, the games are both engaging, complex and quite enjoyable. Each scenario has 4 objectives so setup and strategy are the most important things for achieving victory (more than just killing power for sure). Our team, The End Times, landed a 2-2 tie in the first game and a quick 4-0 victory in the second. I'll update this evening after the third game with some pictures, although you can look for some more complete battle reports on YouTube in the coming weeks. In the mean time, you can follow the events of the event at #holyhavok and Beasts of War are also live blogging the event, with interviews of the various teams. The image below is a shot of our forces from the Beasts of War blog. Their coverage is both photo and video rich so I'd encourage you to check it out here. Wish us luck!
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