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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, got the Khorne part of the old starter set for real chaep and after visiting my LGS, I got some additional Blood Reavers, because I really like those sculpts. In addition, I already had some Khorne models lying around. To be more precise, I right now own the following: Aspiring Deathbringer Bloodsecrator Slaughterpriest Bloodstoker Khorgos Khul (the Lord from the old starter box) 60 Blood Reavers (20 with Blades, 20 with Axes, 20 still in box) 10 Fleshhounds 2 Korgoraths 5 Bloodwarriors (I think I might convert them to some heroes) What I like to do with these models is to run a hords style list centered around Blood Reavers. We use to play 1000 points games here, therefore that´s the points limit I´m heading towards. Any advice on this? Any heroes I should have a look at due to command abilities and special abilities affecting Blood Reavers? Do I need more Bloodreavers? Any other units which are beefier? is there a battallion you can recommend? Thanks in advance Hannibal
  2. well: Massive Regiments. This new addition to matched play is aimed at making horde units more viable by offering players a points discount when they take a unit at its full size; you’ll want to take your Skeleton Warriors in units of 40 and your Zombies in units of 60. no more 20 models grots units to fit points? Thank gorka!
  3. With the new discounts for massive regiments i thought it could be useful to create a toolbox of sorts for people who find themselves struggling with the potential shift towards larger units. Sadly i dont know enough about chaos and drestruction to name anything from there (aside from the maw spell), so if anyone would like to chime in with any tools they have or if i missed anything for order/death let me know and I'll update. Note: I'm trying to avoid models that are out of production. Not much use in knowing of a tool when you cant buy it. Death: zombie dragon. Its breath attack auto hits if theres more than 6 models in the target unit. Arkhan the black: curse of years has the ability to wipe out entire units if you roll well enough Order: Collegiate arcane: Luminark of hysh- the hurricanum's overlooked brother comes with a nifty spell, burning gaze. Casts on a 6 and does d3 mortal wounds. Double if the target unit has 10 models, triple if it has 20+. Darkling Coven Sorceress on Black Dragon-noxious breath, pick a unit and roll a dice for each model within 6", for each 6 the unit suffers a mortal wound. Daughters of Khaine Bloodwrack Medusae -pick a visible unit within 10 inches, roll a dice for every model in that unit, does a mortal wound on a 5+. Seems really good as you roll for all models in the unit, even those models that may not be within 10 inches of the medusa. Dispossessed: Flame cannon- units that suffer damage from it will continue to burn for d3/d6 (if you have an engineer nearby) on a 4+ Eldritch council: Drakeseer- his unique spell is also a variation on the maw (mortal wounds that keep happening on a 4+). Casting value 7, but the damage increases every time you roll to keep it burning Fyreslayers: Magmadroth- its roaring fyrestream will auto hit for d3/d6 (if within 5") mortal wounds against hordes. Ironweld arsenal: Cannon- reroll damage for units with 10+ models. Not a great bonus, but its not like cannons suck normally. Gyrocopter- steam gun gets 1 attack per model within 6" Steam tank- cannon gets +1 to hit for units with 10+ models Order serpentis: Dreadlord on black dragon- noxious breath, pick a unit and roll a dice for each model within 6", for each 6 the unit suffers a mortal wound. Seraphon: Stegadon- flamethrowers are good yo. 1 attack per model within 8". Bubblewrap with saurus warriors to keep lil steggy safe for the first round of combat so it can cook up some horde sammiches Kroxigor- 1 in 3 can equip a moonstone hammer, which gives 1 attack for every model within 2" Stormcast: Decimators, 1 attack per model within 2". Might seem underwhelming but ive had a squad of 5 get over 30 attacks against my skeletons. Stardrake- rolling thunderhead ability, pick and enemy unit and roll a dice for each model within 18" for each 6 rolled the unit suffers a mortal wound Sylvaneth: Drycha- her swarm of squirmlings picks a unit and for each model within 10" of her you roll a dice. For each 3+ (depending on her wounded chart up to a 5+) the unit suffers a mortal wound. Chaos: gaunt summoner-infernal flames. casting value 8, pick a visible unit, roll a dice for every model within 18", mortal wound for each 4+ -Blades of khorne: Skarr Bloodwrath. Instead of making his normal attacks, you ca make one attack for each enemy model within 3" -Clan pestilins: Plagueclaw catapult: goes to 2d6 damage if +10 model in the unit. Verminlord Corruptor's Plague spell: Roll a dice for each model in target unit. Mortal wound on 6+. Can then spread to another unit within 7" on a 4+. Can spread forever as long as you keep rolling 4+ on spread roll and there's another untouched unit nearby. -Skaven Masterclan: grey seer- has a spell, casting value of 6. pick a unit within 26" (pretty nice that you'll be outside unbind range) and roll a dice for each model in the unit. for each 6 the unit suffers a mortal wound Destruction: -Ironjaws: Weirdnob shaman- foot of gork, casting value 10. d6 mortal wounds and will keep going on a 4+ -Gutbusters: Scraplauncher: 1/3/4/-/D3 damage, increasing to D6 against 10+, 2D6 against 20+ (It just has to get to the damage point first) Ironblaster: 1/4/2/-2/D6 damage, re-roll failed hits if there are 10+ models
  4. NOTE:This isn't meant to pick on anyone (i can't pick on anyone because I haven't even bought my first army) and is not meant to be a counter argument against Horde Players rejoice thread.This is just something interesting I found while looking for my first army.Feel free to correct me if I make"anymistakes" Earlier this day while debating should I choose beastclaws or flesh eaters for my first army, I found an article called "massive regiments horde players rejoice" and (no offense to the creator of the thread, he just said what was going to be in the new handbook).It was bombarded with people (again, no offense) saying that this is the end and hordes are OP now.With my limited knowledge of AOS and economics i would like to disprove that: 1. This isn't a videogame: In video games, OP strategies are a HUGE problem, because people can get away with them.It isn't the same in wargaming. Except for tournaments, nobody has to up with those douchebags. Also I am willing to bargain there isn't a lot of people with INSANLY OVERPEWUUUUVERD lists because of casual nature of AOS (again I have no experience but I think I got that one right). 2.THE COST (dramatic music): I heard GW minatures are a bit expansive (cough cough) but almost every horde army (except for probably flesh eaters because of their awesome start collecting box and the fact that they get 20 ghouls for 20 pounds and skeletons get 10 guys for 15 pounds) is insane.Let's take deathrattle: the backbone of their army are skeletons.I saw many complaints about 40 man skeletons being OP for their bonuses.10 skeletons are 80 points, so 40 skeletons are (correct me if I'm wrong) 320 points.on GW website, skeletons are 10 pounds for 10 guys.So in order to make a 40 man unit you need 60 pounds!Being only 320 points you would need at least two of them, so thats 120 pounds!For what?640 points of skeletons that require a lot of paints and are not interesting to paint.For 120 pounds, I can afford (need 15 pounds but some hero will pay for that) Icewind Assault box, that comes with around 1500 points of interesting to paint OGRES ON MAMMOTHS.Not only that,you can also try a lot of different weapons and configurations.I think I many would go with Icewind Assault. So I think that now i can make an argument that for 2k deathrattle army, you would need 300+ pounds, not including bottles of agrax earthshade and ushabti bone. I didn't make this argument to make all death players seem like rich douchebags, I just wanted to say that it seems pretty funny how people make this into such a big deal.I just wanted to say that If you ever lose in a tournament because some guy with 120 skeletons and n'gash destroyed you, just remember what kind of money he spend on them. Also that is a pretty big IF because I don't understand how somebody can be mentally stable after painting 120 skeletons for just ONE army.
  5. Hey there, Ive been testing an army with Tabletop Simulator for awhile before buying the models. The army was successfull so far, I had three wins out of three matches but they are just pitch battle without any objectives and with the same opponent who plays a melee/witch elf heavy Dark elf army. Some opinions would be great before I buy anything and invest into the army. The list follows as: Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead - 900 (General) Count Mannfred - 160 w/ Barbed Nightmare Necromancer - 120 (with an artifact, tried out the mortal wounding one according to the battle turn and it worked pretty well) 40 x Zombies - 240 40 x Zombies - 240 40 x Zombies - 240 1 x Corpse Cart - 80 -------------------------- 1980 So the idea was building a huge zombie wall in front, while dealing a quite good damage in the first turns of combat with all the stacking buffs, which allows Nagash to eliminate targets with huge magic phases. Count Mannfred is there to help zombies in combat or hunt down enemy characters. He also allows Nagash to cast Winds of death as well. Necromancer is there to give Nagash his spell and make one unit of zombies pile in and attack twice. As I said, I do not know how this will work in objective games and against other opponents. Some feedback or ideas would be great! Thanks.
  6. Byro

    The Bonez

    So over the last couple of days I got my army all nice and finished, clocking in at a cool 2600 (ish) points. Drakkfoot Warclan - Wurrgog Prophet x1 Big Stabba Kap Rukk - x3 Wardokks X10 Savage Morboys X20 Savage Morboys Kunnin' Rukk - Savage Big Boss X30 Arrowboyz x10 Savage Orruks x10 Savage Orruks Snaga Rukk - x2 Maniak Weirdnob X10 Savage Boarboy Maniacs x5 Savage Boarboy Maniacs X5 Savage Boarboy Maniacs
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