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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! I was looking around GW store for some color scheme ideas and saw this: Dreadlord on black dragon/sorceres on black dragon - 32.5 pounds Varangaurd- 60 pounds Now there is so much wrong wiht this. I saw taht a black dragon if not converted stands around 20cm tall, has a 10 cm base, and is decently looking 3 WAY smaller guys are DOUBLE the cost. wut? I knwo they are are more detailed but holy cow 2 times the price? It's the same with 40k 2 deamon primarchs are exactly the same size, but again diffrent prices. 2 (YES JUST 2!) non-character leaders for primaris marines are 45 pounds, only 5 away from the freaking Triumvirate of the Imperium! GW, pls fix this.
  2. For my first blog post, I thought I would briefly run through the circuitous route I took that led me to AOS. When I was a kid, I bought a few 40k models with a friend of mine. Not having much money, I dabbled here and there, bought some Orks, a few Tyranids, some Dark Eldar, but I never could get into 40k as a game system (it was 3rd edition, I was like 10, gimmie a break). I always had a passing interest in 40k, I played DOW and DOW2 when they came out, loved the lore behind 40k, but again, couldn't afford the hobby. In university a friend of mine and I got into 40k for a year or so. I bought the Ork side of AOBR, he bought some Space Wolves, and we fumbled our way through 6th edition for a summer, it was pretty fun.Throughout all this time, I was aware of WHFB, but never really got into it. I thought that the Skaven were super cool, and some of the demons were pretty neat, but I was much more attracted to the far future than the distant past. Fast forward to 2015. New job, my 40k senses are tingling, I decide to launch myself into the hobby at full speed, buying up some Tau mechs and paints. I spent about 6 months immersing myself in 40k, listening to podcasts, reading news sites, youtube, the works. But I kept stumbling over the rules, comparing tables against tables, and the amount of things to remember each round was daunting to say the least. Never the less I collected some Necrons (they were the new hotness), and some good old Orks. Despite loving the hobby aspect of 40k, the rules felt prohibitive. Which is where I started becoming interested in Age of Sigmar. The concise rule set and easy to learn difficult to master style of gameplay seemed right up my alley. And the "bring what you want" style of list building felt more approachable than 40k's seemingly mandatory minimum points system. So here we are, I've been in the hobby for probably about 8 months now, I've switched systems, I'm super excited about AOS, and I hope to be getting a game or two in relatively soon. - Goodapollo4
  3. Game 1 v.s Bloodbound
  4. South Coast GT 2016
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