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About Me

Found 10 results

  1. I started this project a few months ago but I keep forgetting to upload some pics and progress. I had this idea of an Ogurr chef, that has discovered the joys of real cooking. Travelling the realms for ingredients and customers. So here are a few pics of my slow build. I will start uploading more when I can, but I was dragging my feet. Unsure as to the viability of guttbusters in the future of AoS.
  2. The_Chin

    Dave - Ogor.jpg

  3. hello, i'm recently interested in ogors, not only because i have an unpainted stonehorn (frostlord), but also because i really like ogres in general and in particular gutbusters. so i am trying to make a competitive list (or that can at least compete with good lists, even if it doesn't win). then i was thinking about: Leaders Frostlord on Stonehorn, general, bellowing tyrant, Battlebrew (460) Butcher, stump blades and cauldron (140) Butcher, stump blades and cauldron (140) Battleline 3 ogors (120) 2*6 ogors (480) Units 6 Mournfangs, big weapons, command group (600) mournfangs are a great target for bellowing tyrant and +1 from the butchers, that also help the list against magic heavy lists. 6 mournfang can do really tons of damage while still being more mobile than ironguts. butchers can still do quite a bit of damage, coupled with stonehorn and mournfangs the mortal damage output is really good. 15 bulls can dish out tons of damage on units with low armor and tank kinda well. i know, low model count, but hey what can u do when u play ogors... thanks for reading!
  4. Gaz Taylor


    This is a picture one of my Ogor units. I found these guys to be surprisingly resilient and can fight a bit. I personally think they need a bit of extra "bite" as they can struggle to hit things but a very nice Battleline unit for my army Model was assembled and painted while watching the GW Warlords event and is a very simple scheme of Pink, Orange, and Blue (I think it was Warlock Purple, Blazing Orange and Caledor Sky - some of these colours aren't available but should be similar to the current citadel colours). The model was then painted with Army Painter Dark Tone to add the shade and detail as well as varnish it.
  5. Gaz Taylor


    Butcher I have converted from Ogor and Mournfang Rider parts as part of an army to take to Clash of Swords 2016
  6. Gaz Taylor


    Closeup of one of the units. These are Ogors I have assembled for army to take to Clash of Swords 2016
  7. Closeup of one of the units with a Standard Bearer. These are Ogors I have assembled for army to take to Clash of Swords 2016
  8. Wide shot of all my Ogors I have assembled for army to take to Clash of Swords 2016
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