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Found 4 results

  1. So in the last few months, I've fallen into the usual trap of getting distracted - by new shiny releases, old rediscovered projects, etc. As a result I've fallen behind in what I'm meant to be focusing on - a new Destruction army for this year's 6 Nations in Scotland, and finishing off my Golden Demon entries in Warhammer Fest in May. Oh - and regularly updating this blog. I think I can probably file that under "never gonna happen" So - to business! With Golden demon just under a month away I've been furiously painting, trying to get entries ready for the big day. I've a few WIP images but i'll share those at a later date, once the competition is over - as only some are AOS related they may not interest the vast majority of readers here However, on the new army side of things I can show off some images. For this year's Six Nations in scotland, I've decided to shelve my flesh eaters, and build up a destruction army. In case you're not aware, one of the rules is that each team needs to bring a minimum of 1 grand allegiance each. In our local scene there arent many destruction playser, so I decided that I'd take the initiative and build up an Ogor army, using my old 8th ed army as a basis. I always liked the ogors as an army. The relatively low model count allows me to go all out with conversions, freehand details, etc. I also liked the idea of building an army that wasn't seen everywhere. I've never counted myself as being overly "competitive" so building a cool themed army was more important to me. The rough concept I'm working with is a roaming tribe of ogors on the plains of Ghur. I'm gonna lean into the tribal motif, so tribal tattoos, shamanic masks, etc. The list is built around the gutbuster wartribe batallion As it stands, the list is as follows: Butcher (140) - Artefact : Collar of Domination Tyrant (160) - General - Command Trait : Might is Right - Great Gutgouger - Artefact : Battered Talisman Units 9 x Ironguts (600) 3 x Ogors (120) -Ogor Clubs or Blades with Iron Fists 6 x Leadbelchers (280) 12 x Ogors (400) -Ogor Clubs or Blades with Iron Fists 6 x Ogors (240) -Ogor Clubs or Blades with Iron Fists Gutbuster Wartribe (60) Total: 2000/ 2000 I'm playing around with using the old Bragg the Gutsman model as a tyrant, converted to have a Baron Samedi feel - complete with battered top hat! I'll try and keep some updates of how the army looks as i finish off units. For now, the aim is to get everything built and on the right bases. For more up to date entries check out my instagram page @brush_lickers_anonymous
  2. Hi everyone, First post of this type before. Hope you enjoy. Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend the AoS Open Day at Warhammer World. It was a very long day for me, getting in the car at 5am to pick up my good friend Sparky and make the drive up to Nottingham. The drive up was full of excitement in itself. Discussing the 3 ways to play from the General’s Handbook, what could possibly be coming in the future for AoS and what cool things we could possibly be seeing once we got there. It is safe to say that the drive went extremely quick; despite me going the wrong way. We got there about 45mins before doors opening… Because we’re clearly fanboys! We bumped into Tim Fisher of Mierce Miniatures who was very happy about the announcement that a Fimir Noble would be available at the event. Tim then went on to inform us of the history and background of the Fimir as a race… It’s, interesting. But I’ll let you google that. Also in the queue was Dan Mitchell from the Tales of Sigmar podcast, enthusiastic as ever to buy everything on offer at the event. We spent pretty much the whole day wondering around fanboying with Dan and his love of all things hobby is incredibly infectious. We got in and obviously we all went straight to the sales stand for all of the Open Day exclusives. This was especially important for me given that I had a list of exclusives to pick up for others unable to make it on the day. It’s at this point when I may have tripped into the Forge World store. To this day I still have no idea how I ended up with a Dread Saurian?! But I do know that it is the reason I am posting this way later than I had planned… It’s VERY pretty!! So after I had dusted myself down after my trip we all headed over to the studio hall where we were greeted by numerous AMAZING sites. There were Forge World sculpts yet to be released, like the Khorne Daemon Prince and the Fimir Noble as well as some still in progress, like the quite simply RIDICULOUS Khorne Dragon. This things wing is as big as a Dread Saurian! 1 wing! I was not happy that my newly purchased dinosaur had just been dwarfed, but the dragon was undeniably cool. With the sculpts in progress for more Fimir characters also on show I think it’s safe to say that Tim was beaming at this point. It’s probably worth mentioning at this point that I have added the photos I took on the day to the Age of Sigbrah Facebook page that you can find here: Age of SigBrah. So please check them out if you are interested in the photos or possibly the podcast We also had a great chat with the guys responsible for building some of the amazing displays in the Studio Tour at Warhammer World. The new Sylvaneth display is made using actual trees… who knew!? It looked amazing. It was especially interesting to have a chat with them about what they had used to get such a realistic looking forest floor. You can see all the materials they used in one of the pics on the FB page. For someone who is still just used to sanding a base and adding static grass it opened my eyes to a lot more of what I could do on the basing front. Next were the absolute stars of the ‘Eavy Metal team. Talking to these guys and picking their brains about how they painted some of the amazing models we see on the box art and in White Dwarf is absolutely priceless. Finding out that the smoke that is pluming out of the staff of the Orruk Wierdnob is done using mostly washes was something I wasn’t expecting. It was also the most nerve-wracking experience of my day as I was handed it by one of the team so I could have a closer look. I was worried that I’d forget how my hands worked… But I got threw it. Golden Demon was next on our to-do list and although the number of entrants was smaller than I was used to seeing at the old Games Day events, the quality of entrants was extremely high. It also highlighted my need for a better camera as the shots I did take really do NOT do these models justice. Congratulations to Steve Wren and Andrew Burton for getting finalist pins, really well deserved; but the biggest congratulations for me has to go to Ben Foote for getting Bronze in the Young Bloods category with his very cool Skaven Warlord. I guess it wouldn’t be a war gaming event without one of the Foote clan winning something now would it That left the Studio Tour for us to do. Now this was something we had all done before so our focus was really on the new displays in the hall and I have included some pics of these below. If you have not been on this tour and get the chance to I would highly recommend it. Given that this is the second time I have walked through there it’s still just nerd heaven; you really do get lost in there. Still couldn’t see that damn Vindicare Assassin that is on the huge Ultramarine/Khorne display in the middle of the tour though L Big thanks to everyone I spoke to at the event, I had an awesome time. Also quick shout out to SCGT champ Rob Symes, who was the events videographer for Warhammer TV. We clarified that the effects of 3 Hurricanums do NOT stack; no need for that polygraph I don’t think Andy
  3. Warhammer Fest Review Welcome to the show! In today's show the FaceHammer crew talk about their experience at Warhammer Fest! So sit back and get ready for some Hammer to the FACE! Enjoy! Episode 23 - Listen Now! Show notes & links Official Golden Demon Website Sprokets Small World Blog
  4. Recently, my hobby time has been taken up with painting models for other people. While this has been great for my bank balance, it has sapped a little of the enthusiasm I had previously for painting my own models from the Warhammer Quest game. I have been stuck on painting the Tzaangors for about a week and a half now - they sit beside me as I write this, daring me to continue their progress. So too does the Fyreslayer, standing atop his pedestal, naked save for a coat of Barbarian Flesh spray, a single wash of Flesh Wash ink and a stern expression of distaste. And this situation can only get worse. I start a new job on Monday, plus I have three new commissions about to come in (all for models from the Frostgrave range) so this means once again, all my spare hobby time will be going into other people's models. I can feel the heated glare coming from my To-Paint pile really starting to heat up now. Still left to paint are: Fyreslayer Tenebrael Shard 6 Tzaangors Gaunt Summoner 8 Familiars Ogroid Thaumaturge 8 Grot Scuttlings 2 Skaven Deathrunners But I'm not worried. This is giving me a chance to embrace the new approach and actually stick to my plan of not buying more models until these are all painted to a basic gaming standard (block colours, shade wash, simple basing). Meanwhile I can finish reading the Silver Tower novel (see my upcoming post about my AOS reading plan) and peruse through the Grand Alliance Chaos book while waiting patiently for the General's Handbook to be released. As for gaming - I'll be playing some Quest later today with my fiancee as we start a brand new campaign from the start now we have gotten to grips with the rules. I'm also hoping to start some regular gaming over at Warhammer World in the coming months, forcing myself to get out into the Realm-world and become more active in my old age. This will probably start with the upcoming AOS weekend in August - for which I have already bought my ticket. I'm even going to enter my first ever Golden Demon competition. I don't expect to win or even place, but I do expect tp ush myself into doing something I've never done before and the success will be in achieving that simple goal. So the Changer Of Ways has truly had an effect on me, and the patience of the Silver Tower will be rewarded. In time.
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