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Found 1 result

  1. heywoah_twitch

    "Just Play Better"

    Hi I'm making this thread for battle reports with pictures in my quest to git gud with beast claw raiders! I've taken some brief notes in my games leading up to this point, but I've decided to go ahead and do some actual battle reports in an effort to make our tga destruction forum more than just endless Ironjaws discussions - our GA is more than just orcs! I'm new to the hobby and wargaming in general, got my army assembled and base coated just in time to play one game pre-GHB17, so much of my journey to improve tactically has also been dealing with loss . The poor artist blames his tools, though, and so even though it was quite clear that BCR were dumpster-tier after the changes, theorycraft and playtesting are different beasts. I come from a very competitive MtG background, and my team regularly competes at thousand person grand prix day 2s, scg invitationals, and the pro tour, and one of our mantras when we feel like complaining about bad beats or an underpowered list is "Just Play Better". As in, yes, you could have a bad matchup or the wrong sideboard and these are very relevant, but don't underestimate the power of making less mistakes. Furthermore GW apparently listens to feedback and playtesting, so lets figure out what to recommend for ghb18! Early Games: My lists are eurlbad or jorlbad, with a thundertusk and either a 2nd tusk or a skal. 2-man msu mournfang as is the prevailing wisdom. sometimes no battalions, sometimes frostlord, sometimes 12 ogor allies, etc. honestly just trying all the combinations, even ones I think aren't very good. it pays to see first hand why something isn't recommended. These early games are from memory or one-sentence notes after the battle, so are sadly very short on useful info, but anyway. *First game ever: all I remember is that frostlord on stonehorn died from full life to 5 brutes that charged him during a waagh (pre-stone skeleton nerf). I think I won by running away from Gordrakk while scoring points. I critically won the double turn on t5 to be able to turtle up on my objectives. Major Victory. honestly felt like a cheap way to win. not sure I like the random timewalk mechanic. *duality of death. -skal list vs balanced Ironjaws w/ 30ard, mawboss: I'm given first turn, drop skal on right point to capture while lining up for potential counter charge. He gets much farther than I anticipate, puts most of my army into combat, kills the frost sabers first and proceeds to smash and bash his way through every combat before I can activate even one unit, killing everything. He then wins the double turn and that's game. Major Loss. What I learned: chaff units only feed ironjaws power, smashing and bashing is great, they cover more distance than you think, and they are ridiculously killy thanks to amazing buffs and synergies. rolling for initiative really slams the door shut when you're behind, I think I don't like the random timewalk mechanic. *frostlord and skal w/ butcher v ironjaws: I try to kill the ardboy unit because it will auto-capture and just get me on points. charge SH beastriders in, shoot with tusk (roll a 1). long story short the ardboys kill stonehorn with damage 1 attacks and they take my whole army's full offense for 2 turns and don't die while he racks up double my points and I'm mostly tabled. Major Loss. What I learned: my whole army can't kill 30 'ardboys. thundertusks actually suck when they can't snipe heroes. butcher is frustratingly random. capturing objectives in 5/6 battleplans based on number of models nearby is possibly a crippling weakness of BCR that needs to be solved with allies. I hope this isn't true, however, because the whole reason I chose BCR was so that I could play an army that didn't have to run hordes of tiny idiots to win. Even so, wouldn't it be better to play an army where your battleline are numerous and good? *seraphon v 2x thundertusk list: Opponent makes a critical mistake, teleporting slaan and a unit next to a thundertusk, fails the charge, then on my turn vulture+frost cannon the slann off with over 800 points of summoning now trapped off the table. He concedes for a Major Victory. What I learned: if an army with really important 5-6-7 wound hero majorly ****** up I can steal a victory. *seraphon rematch: He plays conservatively and wins on points. Major Loss. What I learned: this matchup is seraphon's game to lose. skink units capture automatically and can retreat on my turn, coupled with powerful teleporting and rend -1 ignoring units. I felt like the dumb aggro deck being easily dealt with by blue/white control. *seraphon balewind kroakk astrolith list v 1 thundertusk eurlbad: my thundertusk gets hit with some spells charting it down to d3 mw on the fwi right away, and he never gets out of chart hell all game, so kroakk on balewind is literally invulnerable to my whole army. He pulses aoe mw on all my units every turn, slowly killing them while I lose on positioning and points by over 15 and get tabled on turn 4. The Majorist of Losses. *kroakk rematch but on duality of death v frostlord butcher butcher list: He gives me first turn, so I run a mystic shielded frostlord on a point, scoring. For the rest of the game I stay 1pt ahead and he can't actually kill frostlord since all his damage comes from mortal wound spells which are still halved with stone skeleton. Major Victory. What I learned: the one battleplan that doesn't reward models might actually be fair for BCR. An army that relies on spells has a hard time dealing with frostlord, whom I had considered pretty fragile up until now, as he would get consistently merced by the most common weapon type in the game (damage 1). *Khorne archaon v eurlbad: Played a few games in various battleplans against this and it's 50/50. trying to strand archaon on an obj so his points are spent inefficiently babysitting an objective instead of one-shotting a 400pt behemoth is a legit strategy, as is trying to alpha strike him off the table. Khorne blood tithe movement is very strong on archaon, and the player was honing his tactics very well each game. I think I'm down to 40/60 at this point as he gets used to the army. What I learned: don't let varanguard charge, khorne priests are amazing. bronze flesh, scorpion get-over-here, and 1d6 mw, you're almost spoiled for choices. a skal that doesn't drop in to capture a point is a complete waste of 250 points. Bloodreavers suck, even with a million buffs. Blood Warriors with punch-fists are underwhelming. Starstrike. Eurlbad v GA death: I position mournfang just out of charge range on t2, then opponent moves them 4" in his hero phase from the battalion that I forgot about and so I get charged by 40 buffed skeletons re-rolling hits and wounds from mystical. Pictured is 960 points of mournfang being kindly welcomed into the Bone Zone. They do not survive. I do not survive. Major Loss. Things I learned: when you think you're out of charge range, it is very possible that you are not. Eurlbad Huskard on Stonehorn is just as/slightly more killy than a frostlord, and can expect to just delete a vampire lord on zombie dragon if you get the charge. a skal can drop in to capture a point, but will definitely not hold it. Battle for the Pass. 2 butcher 2 tusk 1 frostlord v balanced list ironjaws w/ 2 grot chariots (proxied using my mournfangs in pic). I play a little too defensively this game and suffer from not developing my board presence enough. The blob of ardboys is sent front and center, obliging me to have to deal with it even though I don't want to. Two turns of everything in my army attacking it and it survives while most of my guys die and he wins on points hugely by turn 4. Major Loss. What I learned: my whole army really can't kill 30 ardboys. an opponent who properly hides his buffing heroes in terrain makes the 380 point thundertusks feel like bloated garbage. Two butchers is great, probably something I always want. frostlord is just too expensive. Once again I just don't have enough models and our behemoths are not strong enough to cover for that downside. Starting to think that the prevailing wisdom of 2-man msu mournfangs, while indeed being resistant to battleshock, are just too weak and susceptible to missing. I'm losing the activation war, and I think I'm just going to have to risk getting blown out by ranged+battleshock and bite the bullet on units of 4 mournfang. Playing conservatively is a luxury and privilege that armies with great unit options and warscrolls have. We don't got that. Sometimes you gotta bet big to win big - it might be my only chance. *Nurgle demons v eurlbad w/ 1 tusk. Duality of death. He was mostly a 40k player and wasn't very experienced with AoS. He didn't want to use artefacts or traits because he 'didn't like the GA ones'. I held back to help him learn the game (and even secretly didn't place 2 mournfang so was on 1700 pts to his like 2200). I regret not re-rolling the battleplan, as duality of death is the only battleplan where BCR isn't at a massive disadvantage, but figured the point diff was enough. I won despite him having the tools to definitely win easily. What I learned: new players think thundertusks are insanely overpowered. Potential AoS players hate rolling for initiative and it turns them off from the game entirely. Every new player friend watching complained about double turns the whole time, and I couldn't really disagree, it's the least satisfying way to win a game, and feels bad to lose to.