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Found 22 results

  1. The Art of Caesura

    Orruk Big Boss

    "The greenskinned Orcs are a brutal and savage species; hulking, powerful and possessed of a low cunning often underestimated by their myriad enemies." - Forge World More of this ol' classic over on: http://the-art-of-caesura.blogspot.com/
  2. Hey all, Forgive me if this has been discussed before, but I can't seem to find the Rogue Idol on the GW Official Base Size PDF. I see it comes with a 170mm x 105mm oval base on the Forgeworld website, so should this be taken as official? 160mm round seemed like the natural choice to me. Does anyone have any inkling on what the "official" size should be? Cheers all
  3. So, I love the Squig Gobba model from FW, it is one of my favourite model ideas ever, and was thinking about sculpting one... or an army centered around them, eventually, so I downloaded their rules to see how they worked and, at first sight, I discovered that they simply don't, they seem to be a horrible unit to take. However I might have missed something and there isn't too much about them on the internet (and in the few places that talk about them they also regard him as lacklustre and a bad choice). However there are a lot of creative minds on this forum who may come up with something, so I thought that it was worth to post. I don't know that much about AoS yet, but I made a pros and cons list about him: PROS: - He's dirty cheap at 60 points - He doesn't count against your artillery limit as he doesn't have the artillery keyword - The two first pros mean that he can be spammed (to the point of bringing 10 at 600 points) - You can't snipe his crew because they all count as a single model - Having FW rules people might be scared about him or don't expect what he can do CONS: - He has a 4d6 range... wich is an average of 14"... definitely bad for artillery - He can't move and shoot in the same turn - The two first cons means that he will have big problems to shoot things, and can easily be outmanoeuvred - His shooting profile isn't even impressive, with only d3 attacks which hit on 5+, wound on 4+, have no rend and make d3 damage - He is very easy to kill with only 5 wounds and saving on 6s So, can anyone think of a good reason to field them, they might be cheap and spamable, but that's worth nothing if they don't bring something to the army. Edit: they actually do count towards the Artillery limit, so they're not even spamable...
  4. Does anybody have any experience with the Chaos Dwarves in AoS? How do they play? Are they competitive?
  5. Where I can find the number of points for playing the Forge World models in balanced AOS games?
  6. I shall begin with a rant, then steer back towards more positive territory... If you've read the latest Malign Portents story, you'll likely have been struck by how cool the cog-forts sound. Cog-forts are exactly the kind of thing that Forge World should be doing. If only they would drag themselves away from 30K for more than the 5 minutes and allow themselves to be inspired by the amazing stuff that's being written about in the setting. Instead they occasionally yawn out a model based on defunct lore (Fimir), recycled sculpts that look nothing like the new aesthetic (Skaarac) or generic characters that look like 3rd party knockoffs (Mazarall). Now, I appreciate that some people are won over by these models, but I suspect that this is like a raider in a post-apocalyptic wasteland being won-over by the taste of irradiated cockroach because they've either forgotten or never known the taste of Subway. Forge World is the company that once produced inspiring, lore-expanding kits like the Chaos War Mammoth and the Marienburger Land Ship. Where are the cog-forts, eh Forge World? Where are the Skaven parasite engines? Where are the godbeasts? Where are the massive Kharadron airships? Where is the upgrade kit to turn 5 gargant kits into the Sons of Behemat? What's that? You've been fumbling around with a generic-looking Khornate dragon for 2 years because you've forgotten how to conceive of and sculpt things that aren't bristling with giant plasma cannons or encased in power armour? Oh, right. No cog-forts then. You just keep farting out models for AoS that are twice the price and half as attractive as the studio plastic kits. Clearly that must be working out for you somehow. Rant over! So, what would you like to see Forge World produce for Age of Sigmar? What do you think would be cool, popular and viable for Forge World to produce? If we build up a list of really good suggestions I may email it to Forge World to maybe stoke their creative fires a little and show them that there's interest in AoS products (and to apologise for being rude about them just now, but come on guys, seriously!). See, I told you I'd bring it back around to something positive!
  7. For some time now, we wanted to release a fantasy model that will fit the Age of Sigmar game. We finally succeeded Please welcome our savage demigod. Humongous orkish idol brought to life by the power of twisted gods of war and mayhem. The ancient essence of destruction incarnated in form of giant elemental! Ahle Ghruda models is 12cm high (to shoulders!). You can find more info about this model here: https://hexy-shop.com/shop/fantasy-miniatures/monsters/ork-demigod-ahle-ghruda/
  8. Hey, I was thinking of starting this army but money wise (plus, location wise as well) Forge World isn't really a viable option. Was wondering if people had any good suggestions for alternative models?
  9. Hey there I want to expand my moonclan grots with some Forge World Monsters. So i would like to know if these are worth it in a Moonclan list Fimir Warriors with noble? They seem pretty okay. Great agaisnt ranged armies (Like Moonclan Grots) beecause of the +1 to save rolls. Otherwise kinda likee Ogors wich also works fine with grots as Hard hitters. Bonegrinder Giant? I normaly don't run Giants but this one seems better then the normal giant. A nice ranged attack agaisnt (kinda unreliable) and 2 nice meele attacks. Magmadragon? expensive as %!@# but really powerfull. Great against horde armies. Dreadmaw? I don't run any Form for Goblin artillery so i guess this could replace the Spear Chukka because it can deal some nice damage agaisnt heroes. Just because we talked about Artillery should i get some Goblin Artillery for my army and if so wich? And btw i already usee Troll hag and Colossal Squig but 2 Colossal Squigs wouldn't hurt Have a great day
  10. Hey All, Can someone point (no pun intended) me to where I can find the point values of the Forge World units? Such as Sayl or a Fimir Warriors? Thanks!!!
  11. I've just noticed that the Forge World Great Unclean one is listed as sold out and no longer available. It was there yesterday- I've been coveting it as I was considering picking one up when I go to Warhammer World in November! Does this herald a new plastic GW Great Unclean One? Not necessarily as the FW Bloodthirster countinued to be sold when the GW one came out. Or are they going to run down all Forgeworld greater daemons as all 3 (keeper of Secrets, Lord of Change, GUO) are about to get plastic kits! perhaps we'll get a Realm of Chaos big book release to coincide with the release of all the greater daemons? Or maybe they've just listed the GUO as sold out and it will be back when they make some more.
  12. Hi everyone, First post of this type before. Hope you enjoy. Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend the AoS Open Day at Warhammer World. It was a very long day for me, getting in the car at 5am to pick up my good friend Sparky and make the drive up to Nottingham. The drive up was full of excitement in itself. Discussing the 3 ways to play from the General’s Handbook, what could possibly be coming in the future for AoS and what cool things we could possibly be seeing once we got there. It is safe to say that the drive went extremely quick; despite me going the wrong way. We got there about 45mins before doors opening… Because we’re clearly fanboys! We bumped into Tim Fisher of Mierce Miniatures who was very happy about the announcement that a Fimir Noble would be available at the event. Tim then went on to inform us of the history and background of the Fimir as a race… It’s, interesting. But I’ll let you google that. Also in the queue was Dan Mitchell from the Tales of Sigmar podcast, enthusiastic as ever to buy everything on offer at the event. We spent pretty much the whole day wondering around fanboying with Dan and his love of all things hobby is incredibly infectious. We got in and obviously we all went straight to the sales stand for all of the Open Day exclusives. This was especially important for me given that I had a list of exclusives to pick up for others unable to make it on the day. It’s at this point when I may have tripped into the Forge World store. To this day I still have no idea how I ended up with a Dread Saurian?! But I do know that it is the reason I am posting this way later than I had planned… It’s VERY pretty!! So after I had dusted myself down after my trip we all headed over to the studio hall where we were greeted by numerous AMAZING sites. There were Forge World sculpts yet to be released, like the Khorne Daemon Prince and the Fimir Noble as well as some still in progress, like the quite simply RIDICULOUS Khorne Dragon. This things wing is as big as a Dread Saurian! 1 wing! I was not happy that my newly purchased dinosaur had just been dwarfed, but the dragon was undeniably cool. With the sculpts in progress for more Fimir characters also on show I think it’s safe to say that Tim was beaming at this point. It’s probably worth mentioning at this point that I have added the photos I took on the day to the Age of Sigbrah Facebook page that you can find here: Age of SigBrah. So please check them out if you are interested in the photos or possibly the podcast We also had a great chat with the guys responsible for building some of the amazing displays in the Studio Tour at Warhammer World. The new Sylvaneth display is made using actual trees… who knew!? It looked amazing. It was especially interesting to have a chat with them about what they had used to get such a realistic looking forest floor. You can see all the materials they used in one of the pics on the FB page. For someone who is still just used to sanding a base and adding static grass it opened my eyes to a lot more of what I could do on the basing front. Next were the absolute stars of the ‘Eavy Metal team. Talking to these guys and picking their brains about how they painted some of the amazing models we see on the box art and in White Dwarf is absolutely priceless. Finding out that the smoke that is pluming out of the staff of the Orruk Wierdnob is done using mostly washes was something I wasn’t expecting. It was also the most nerve-wracking experience of my day as I was handed it by one of the team so I could have a closer look. I was worried that I’d forget how my hands worked… But I got threw it. Golden Demon was next on our to-do list and although the number of entrants was smaller than I was used to seeing at the old Games Day events, the quality of entrants was extremely high. It also highlighted my need for a better camera as the shots I did take really do NOT do these models justice. Congratulations to Steve Wren and Andrew Burton for getting finalist pins, really well deserved; but the biggest congratulations for me has to go to Ben Foote for getting Bronze in the Young Bloods category with his very cool Skaven Warlord. I guess it wouldn’t be a war gaming event without one of the Foote clan winning something now would it That left the Studio Tour for us to do. Now this was something we had all done before so our focus was really on the new displays in the hall and I have included some pics of these below. If you have not been on this tour and get the chance to I would highly recommend it. Given that this is the second time I have walked through there it’s still just nerd heaven; you really do get lost in there. Still couldn’t see that damn Vindicare Assassin that is on the huge Ultramarine/Khorne display in the middle of the tour though L Big thanks to everyone I spoke to at the event, I had an awesome time. Also quick shout out to SCGT champ Rob Symes, who was the events videographer for Warhammer TV. We clarified that the effects of 3 Hurricanums do NOT stack; no need for that polygraph I don’t think Andy
  13. I'm running a GA: Chaos army and I'm trying to take it in a Rotbringers direction slowly. I've commented on other threads about the lack of hitting power and synergies that Nurgle has right now in AoS and @Arkiham and @Dez have both pointed me towards Sayl. Despite the fact that he can't get a MoN he seems really interesting and fun, so I also looked at Kayzk. Does anyone have any strong feelings about these two models? Are they essentially useless now that the General's Handbook is out and matched play is being treated like The Bible of AoS? Does anyone have a best guess as to how many points these models "should" be worth based on SCGT or Clash comps? Any insights would be appreciated.
  14. As we already know, Forge World units are not included in the upcoming General's Handbook. With the global campaign coming (assuming forge world does not release points at the same time as the handbook) I'd like to make a quick stop-gap to play with those units in matched play to try it out. I put together a sheet with Legion of Asgorh for myself, and any thoughts on it, or ideas for other forge world unit types are welcome! All point values are adapted from SCGT x20, as it's extremely close to GW's points.
  15. WIP of the Colossal Squig I bought at WHF.
  16. Infernal Guard Ironsworn Fireglaves from Forge World by Ben Curry
  17. Infernal Guard Ironsworn from forge world by Ben Curry
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