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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. mcfishstick

    Warcry Death Assemble!

    The warbands of Death unite in the Varanspire wastelands. The realm of Chaos will soon feel the might of Nagash! A group shot of my 3 death warbands for Warcry: Nighthaunt - Beacon of the Sorrowful Legions - Bel-Oren's Grim March Flesh-Eaters - Seekers of the Sun

    © mcfishstick

  2. boots468

    Flesh-eater Roles

    Soooo, I haven't played AoS since last October, due to real life getting in the way, and apparently a lot has changed! I'm going to the Facehammer tournament this weekend (though will be tight getting painting done in time!) and don't have time for any practice games. Below are my thoughts on the models I'll be taking (based purely on theory-hammer rather than experience, sadly) - any further comments or thoughts would be much appreciated. 1) Ghoul King on big flying murderbeast The coolest model in the range, and the fluffy choice of general too, he seems to be the lynchpin of the army. Not cheap at 1/5th of your overall 2k points just by himself, but can cast, can fight and is super tough with the Ring of Immortality and 5+ ward from the army trait. (Does the trait stay at 5+ even if the general dies?). Neither command trait looks that good with the General's Handbook rules, and overall the Zombie Dragon seems to beat the Terrorgheist for effectiveness. Planning on running one of each, just to test them, but looks like just taking would normally be best. 2) Ghoul King on foot A lot cheaper, but slower, more fragile and less killy too. I'm not thinking of using any, as seems to be beaten out by the troops for combat effectiveness and objective grabbing, though if no flying Kings were around, would want a couple for spells and the bubble of improved trait saves. 3) Courtiers Similar to the pedestrian Kings, they all look worse in a fight point-for-point than the units, but offer summoning back models and the trait bubble. Got to be careful not to get them far away from the specific troop they can replenish, apart from the Varghulf, who doesn't look great on paper apart from the summons. What unit / courtier ratios are people liking? I'm planning 3 to 1, but taking courtiers does seem to influence which units you then take. 4) Ghouls The bread and butter unit, they look not great in 10's but quite tasty in 20's or 30's, though as our only Battleline choice that's a lot of ghouls. Fragile and not that murderous, at least they have a good Bravery and can speed bump some units if you're not willing to invest in bringing a tonne of them? 5) Horrors Probably the most efficient point-for-point comabt unit we have? Low model count helps bravery tests too, though not sure how often their healing will come into play - although all the wounds caused by a unit have to go on the same horror until dead, when allocating damage from a later unit do you have to start with the injured one again? Even if the healing never happens though, they still look solid. 6) Flayers A cool use of the old sprue, though costing more points than Horrors, they look a bit fragile. Having access to rend is lovely, but their shooting attack is surely useless against most armies - I guess their speed and flying maneuverability are their selling points? 7) Unridden flying monsters Okay, but not as cool as Kings riding them? Once you buy the beast, adding spells and better healing on top seems to be the best option unless maxed out on Leader slots or points already? 8) Formations Hmmm. Ghoul Patrol looks ace for big Ghoul units (though hard fitting them all on the flanks I guess), but otherwise quite situational. Some very cheap ones though, for a cheeky second artifact? Thanks for reading, and any pointers where I've mis-read a role or rule would be much appreciated!
  3. Hi guys here is my first video AOS battle report I know the next one will be even better enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kbAUJYxHS8 PS this is the slann mage priest that Dan Heelan signed for me at adepticon two years ago yes I'm that guy it is still brining me good luck cheers steve
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