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Found 33 results

  1. A ghoul wearing a helmet from a fallen Kislavia Freeguild Guardsman. The helmet is from the Fireforge Mongol kit, and is hollow so sits on the ghoul's head pretty well. (I did have to trim the helm's edges and the ghoul's ears to make it fit nicely though!)

    © mcfishstick

  2. A ghoul contemplating the mysteries of life and death... 'To be or not to be'...

    © mcfishstick

  3. A civilian ghoul. He sells relics to his fellows. His mask is based of the Resident Evil 4 merchant. 'What'cha buyin'?'

    © mcfishstick

  4. mcfishstick

    Crypt Ghast

    A Crypt Ghoul Preacher. His helmet is made from a fallen foe, and on his back he carries the bones of a fallen friend. He has a book of sermons in one hand. I'm not sure he can read though...

    © mcfishstick

  5. I spent a long time experimenting with poses for the Crypt Flayers and really love the way these two came together. The one on the left points out a danger to his brethren!

    © mcfishstick

  6. Hi. Sorry if this is (or similar petitions) has been answered already. If so, please feel free to delete or block this thread. I am coming back to AoS after some time without playing Warhammer. At Warhammer Fantasy I usually played Tzeentch Chaos Warriors and Vampire Counts, so while I guess that Legions of Nagash would be a stronger start, I feel attracted to FEC's lore and I am hoping I can assemble an usable army. My meta is pretty casual but there are some competitive players and I would like to have a chance against them. What I currently have assembled are Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist, Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon and Abhorrant Ghoul King on foot. Around 6 Crypt Haunter Courtiers, a Crypt Ghast Courtier, a Crypt Infernal Courtier and a Varghulf Courtier 53 Crypt Ghouls 6 Crypt Horrors And a Horror/Flayer unassembled. Maybe I could try to get another courtier... I see that Deadwatch armies are often recommended but I am guessing that I need around 18 flayers (plus courtiers) to make it work and honestly that sounds like a strong money investment. On the other hand, I could use an Abattoir if I risked using 3-strong horror units. Is that too risky? Anyway, probably I shouldn't go above 1000 points on this army with the minis I have. If you have any suggestions to make, please do so. Thank you in advance.
  7. Greetings fellow nobles of the court! Has anyone given FEC a go in skirmish? What did you find works and what doesn't? I have been trying the following, for a basic 50 Renown list for non-campaign play: Abhorrant Ghoul King (24) Crypt Haunter (11) Crypt Horror (11) Crypt Ghast (2) Crypt Ghoul (2) But I find the ghast and ghoul die way too easily and the horror/haunter often isn't enough to break the enemy. I'm wondering if a horde style approach would be better, maybe dropping one horror to field 5 more ghouls and then gang up on enemies. What have you tried?
  8. Hello! Maybe I'm just thick but the wording on the new Feeding Frenzy Battle trait is a bit unclear to me. Does the rule only kick in when one of my FEC units wipes an entire enemy unit or is it enough to just kill models in the enemy unit? Thanks!
  9. The Crypt Horrors Noble Blood rule states that each Crypt Horror heals 1 wound each in each of your hero phases. So say you have three of them, and one suffer two wounds. Will they heal a maximum of 3 wounds per hero phase, or will only the wounded Horror heal 1 wound per phase?
  10. So I'm torn between these two factions as my first army, I've played Warhammer 40k, never touched fantasy, but more and more of my gaming group are moving to AoS. A game I have little knowledge of. But the two armies that interest me are the Skaven, the horde mentality, pestilence, miasma of suffering and infighting between clans all serving the great horned rat. Then the grand alliance of Death, skeletons, zombies and fantastic beasts led by necromancers and vampires, what more could you want? I would eventually like to play both but, right now. I don't have the money. So my main question is. What is the current state of the game with these two armies, is one easier to build good strategies with? Does one have any particular strength or weakness over the other? Also which of the starter boxes is the better value? Any help for this novice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I played a battle tonight using my Narrative Battleplan "Stuff of Legends". We rolled up about the most boring thing we could have, so I'll have to do a little work to make sure that things aren't boring, but even so it was a pretty fun battle. On the Victory Conditions table, we rolled up "Monument" for the Objective, which is what made it a bit dull. I had Flesh-eater Courts and got "Command" for my motivation while my brother brought Beastmen and appropriately got "Ruin". We brough artefacts and since I picked the Cursed Book, I decided that my heroes had read the book and were trying to use the Dark Magic TM of Dreadstone Blight to reanimate Uncle Ivan's deceased wife, the Ghoul Queen. We also picked the Ashlands Time of War from Godbeasts. Fortunately, my local game store has a nice selection of battlemats, so we were fighting over LAVA! I was glad we chose a large central objective because it helped break up the big battle in the middle that would have otherwise ensued. We ended up having a Bullgor fight on one side of the Dreadstone Blight, and a Bestigor fight on the other side. Uncle Ivan is on the Terrorgeist, commanding the Dreadstone Blight. Rurkar Festigor (Beastlord) is on the other side smashing the building to pieces. The Bestigors were determined to bring the tower down. Sadly, in the end, the Brayherds were completely tabled. We ended with 5 Victory Dice for the Flesh-eater Courts and 4 for the Brayherds. After rolling, Uncle Ivan managed to resurrect his dead wife, for whom I will now have to find a suitable model. The Bestigors after they met Crypt Horrors (also got Death Shrieked by a Terrorgeist). I look forward to trying out the battleplan again. The most cinematic moment the battleplan created was on the first turn when I offered my brother a Victory Dice to sacrifice Skreet the Warlock Engineer to the Pyroclasm (it's an Ashstorm thing). The reason Skreet is not pictured is because it killed him poor little rat. However, I think that the low number of available Victory Dice applied downward pressure on our level of interest in awarding them to eachother.
  12. It's time to get started on a new project, and for once I'm working on a pretty current one. I got sweptup in the delusional grandeur of the Flesh-Eater Courts, and picked myself up King Vlagorescu's host. Add that to the twenty ghouls, Varghulf, and Zombie Dragon I already have, plus my favorite necromancer for magical support, and it's starting to look like an army https://imgur.com/a/s1Yf4 For the sake of consistancy the ghouls and Varghulf will be stripped and repainted. I'm really looking forward to working on this project! I'll be back with an update once everything is built
  13. Hi folks, Bit of a lurker on TGA, don't get much time to access the site as unfortunately it's banned by my IT Department at work, probably a good thing! I've been meaning to set up a painting log for a while here showing my progress with the Flesh-Eater Courts which I have been painting and playing since early September. I am thoroughly enjoying the army. A lot of fun for a surprisingly low scroll count army! Like a lot of players my list at the moment tends to work around Ghoul Patrol, Horrors and Characters on Beasties. I've had a play with Royal Menagerie and am working on lists for both Attendants at Court and a mixed Death list, potentially working in Neferata as a general. Anyway some of you may have seen my Flesh-Eater Courts via Twitter but thought I'd share them here too. I'm always looking for constructive criticism and would appreciate any tips! If anyone wants a break down on the bases let me know as I've taken photos stage by stage. I'm currently working on Neferata. Proving to be a bit of a chore! I'm trying freehand and NMM techniques on her and I'm having mixed results. I'll persevere! Again any tips hugely appreciate! ?
  14. I am wanting to focus my AOS experience a little more on smaller point games, ~1000 points, potentially as high as around 1250 (1260?) points because I feel a lot can be done at this level and the games go faster. Seeing as I mainly play the good and noble Flesh-Eater Courts, I got to thinking how they operate at low points levels. I almost always take a king on a Terrorgheist because I love the model, but clocking in at over 400 points he seems like too much of an investment at the lower point games. This also got me thinking about the typical unit size, and maybe if less is more. I know that Crypt Ghouls get a bonus at 20+ models but I wonder if this is fool's gold; more than 20 is fairly unwieldy, but at only 20 any casualties you suffer will reduce the damage output anyways. Having units of 10, while it means they die easier, means more unit activations and more of the opportunity for them to maneuver. A friend and I were chatting and we came up with the possibility of the following at the 1000 point level; with the intention being it's played on a 4x4 board with approximately 4-8 pieces of terrain (per guidelines 1-2 pieces per 2x2 square): FLESH-EATER COURTS LeadersAbhorrant Ghoul King (100)- General- Trait: Ruler of the NightCrypt Ghast Courtier (80)Crypt Haunter Courtier (120)- Artefact: Cursed BookUnitsCrypt Ghouls x 10 (100)Crypt Ghouls x 10 (100)Crypt Ghouls x 10 (100)Crypt Horrors x 6 (280) Reinforcement Points (100) Total: 980/1000 The idea here is that the king on foot can summon 10 ghouls, and they act similar to the Ghoul Patrol battalion so they can be brought in at an opportune time to pincer a foe or seize an objective. The king, haunter courtier and crypt horrors form a solid brick to move up the field, with the King's spell "Black Hunger" can help the Horrors get more attacks, plus with the Ruler of the Night and the Courtier the Horrors should be pretty tanky. The ghouls themselves basically harass the enemy (I'm thinking one unit in the middle, two on the flanks), with a possible variant not having the reinforcement points but instead take one block of 20 ghouls in the center backed up by the courtier and then the two smaller units as flanks to deal with skirmishers. The only potential snafu is that there's no source of Rend or Mortal Wounds so I think the list could struggle against high armor or monsters (for example I think this list would get crushed by Beastclaw Raiders, although at the 1k point level I think most things would); I'm not sure how to really handle those anyways due to FEC not having much in the way of rend or mortal wounds short of spamming Crypt Flayers. Anyways this is mainly brainstorming because I find it very hard to do FEC at low points due to the good stuff (read: king on beast, horrors/flayers) costing a lot of points. Any suggestions, whether on the list idea here or FEC at the 1000 point level in general?
  15. I've been working on my FEC Start Collecting Box, and I see two ways I may want to go with this. I'm hoping for some insight into which of these lists might work better, and any tweaks to either list that might help. Thank you for taking a look. List 1: AGK on TG - 400 Varghulf Courtier - 160 Crypt Haunter Courtier - 120 Crypt Ghouls 10 x 3 - 300 (battleline) Crypt Horrors 6 x 2 - 560 Crypt Flayers - 3 x 2 - 320 Battalion: Attendants at Court Idea: AGK on TG, Varghulf, Haunter, Ghouls, Horrors as main fighting force, can drop 2 units of Crypt Flayers anywhere on the edge of the board to strike backlines, grab objectives, etc. They have good movement and flying, so I think they would work well for this purpose. List 2: AGK on TG - 400 Crypt Ghast Courtier - 80 Varghulf Courtier - 160 Crypt Ghouls x 30 - 300 Crypt Ghouls 20 x 2 - 400 Crypt Horrors - 6 x 2 - 560 Battalion - Ghoul Patrol Idea: AGK on TG, Varghulf, Horrors as main fighting force, ghouls on all sides with regen, no true summoning here. To be truthful, I'm leaning toward list 1, because as much as I love painting my ghouls now, I'm not sure I'd want to do 70 of them, and I think that they flayers have some real potential coming down on the edges of the battlefield and racing in to cause chaos. That said, if anyone with experience thinks that List 1 will tank, I'd rather get some opinions on that now before I paint up everything (I'm a sloooow painter ) Thank you!
  16. I had a thought (forget if I mentioned this before in one of my rants) of getting a unit of Morghasts, not sure which to outfit them, and using them with my Flesh-Eater Courts army. Fluffwise, I envision the mordants view them as "angelic messengers sent from God" (i.e. Nagash), divine proof that they are good and noble and righteous warriors and proof of the divine right of King Shivergloom (my Abhorrant Ghoul King) over the realms. If you are familiar with Kings of War, the idea popped into my head because at one point I was thinking of playing that game with the Basileans, who are basically human paladin-types who go to war with angels. However, all I know for the most part about these things is they look amazing. Are they something that can work with a Flesh-Eater army?
  17. As a new ghoul king (and new to age of sigmar in general), I find myself overwhelmed sometimes with decisions. Some reading has rekindled my desire to stick with FEC for a bit more (also the fact I've only played like 2 games) and expand the army. I didn't see an actual thread for tactics on the Courts so I hope to glean some tips, tricks and tactics from my fellow noble royalty about how best to make use of our men-at-arms. Are battalions other than Ghoul Patrol and possibly The Abbatoir worth looking at? Specifically the ones like King's Ghouls or Royal Mordants, or are they too generic/not as good for what you get? I think I've seen Deadwatch once in a while with a ton of Flayers, but that is usually it. I like the idea of the Ghoul Patrol in theory, but something feels weird about not having any big blocks of troops on the table at first. As far as the choice of Horrors v. Flayers, what do you find works best? I think right now I'm more partial to the Horrors, because they seem more tanky and in my thus far very limited experience, being more resilient especially with auto-healing is a pretty big thing, although I like that the Flayers have a chance to get Mortal Wounds out, although it's more of a gamble I think. Thus far I've tried to go for a 50/50 mix of the two, with a slight nod to the Horrors if I have to choose. My other main dilemma is Zombie Dragon vs. Terrorgheist. I have a TG already, I'm going to build a ZD next (and somehow figure out a way to get a King on foot so I have him too) so I can try them out, but thus far since I like resiliency, the GKoTG has worked great (plus he's scary in combat; my last game he ate a Lord Celestant on Dracoth with the bite attack). What have you found to work for you? Is it best to go the route I commonly see and take a ton of Flayers/Horrors to have super fast, or go for a more balanced force with big blocks of ghouls to tarpit?
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