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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. So I am currently working in a rotbringers army. The battletome says you can take units from monsters of chaos as allies. However you can't take anything tzeench marked. Im looking to use a mutalith vortex beast which has recently gotten the tzeench keyword but is still in the monsters of chaos faction which nurgle can ally with. Would it be legal to take the mutalith in a nurgle army using ally points?
  2. Hi there guys! Recently a friend of mine told me that Fantasy was dead. Because GW wanted to launch a new game. So I feel kind of sad because I really loved my High Elves. But then I started reading about the game and started to seem trully nice to me. So I want to start a new army here I'm open to all suggestions but: -I'm not very good at painting. In fact my elves looked awnfull... Something easy would be nice -I'm not a fan of the new space/land marines. -As I don't have a great amount of money to spend. I would like a list more or least cloose. -That list should be able to win games. With this I meant something like the tier list in Hearstone a t2 army is ok. I don't mind don't having the OP army but an army who can win without having luck and my rival doing a trully poor game... My first idea with these point was an undeath army. Easy to paint and for what I remember easy to play and if you learn how to play them you can win a few armies. Would you gimme your thoughs on the subject? Thanks for everything guys! P.D: When I talk with this guy he discourage me of playing Death until the new release. And told me to wait because he thinks this summer GW will release a new army made of elves. Wich I love.
  3. Hi, If you are looking for some Age of Sigmar artwork from battletomes and other books you can find them on my blog: http://wellofeternitypl.blogspot.com/ Newest are from All- Gates and Sylvaneth battletome: http://wellofeternitypl.blogspot.com/2016/07/artworks-from-age-of-sigmar-xi-all.html
  4. Good afternooon everyone. I have just heard of the tga.community site while listening to the Mortal Realms Podcast. Really loving the story driven and player cooperation based design that characterizes Age of Sigmar. I'm in a bit of an awkward place where I am really excited about it but none of the guys I play 40k with care at all about it. I am working on an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering that eats up time like an snowball in hell. So with no one to really play with and limited time to play I am mostly buying up the armies i'm interested in and painting where I can. My plan is to hit up the flgs and try to meet some new people to play with when things slow down a little. I did get a friend that play Necrons to did his skaven out. We have started up a narrative campaign with a hero leveling system I half-baked up. I am still writing the battle report but some of those details can be found at realmwalker.wordpress.com I am currently working on 3 main armies Some Stormcast eternals that mostly consists of the starter box, though fighting skaven I may be getting some judicator and decimators. I am also really enjoying painting and building some Khorne Bloodbound. Khornate warriors of chaos are actually my very first minaitures army collection ever. I abandoned them when everyone around me started playing 40k. I also have a sylvaneth force I am painting up. I wan to ally them with a high elf dragon and dragon princes as if a dragon is hiding in Gyhran, protected by servants of alarielle and a few surviving aelfs. We will see where the main narrative goes as far as aelfs are concerned before I finish up that part of the army.
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