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Found 3 results

  1. Double Misfire

    Let's Chat: Ironweld Arsenal

    LET'S CHAT: IRONWELD ARSENAL Welcome all! With so many factions getting Let's Chat threads with the release of the new GHB,I thought it only fair that AoS's unchallenged baddest dudes in the room got one, even if it's still not possible to take a full allegiance army (my feedback suggesting batteline organ guns was obviously lost in the post). In this thread you can weigh up the merits of Hellblasters vs Organ Guns, discuss the best way to mitigate enemies targeting warmachine crews, debate the best meatshields infantry to stand infront of our glorious cannons so they won't get charged, post your coolest Ironweld conversions and paintjobs, bemone your friends refusing to play you because you insist on running the same "boring" gunline list (it's only boring if you haven't also taken a gunline yourself), swap Gyrocopter stories, discuss target selection and much more! While the only Ironweld unit to get a points change in the 2017 GHB was the Steam Tank (and by a fairly inconsequential 20), I'd say that overall the book has been a massive swing in the Ironweld's favour, with other factions units with roughly the same points for points old money damage output as ours and several million times the durability and manoeuvrability (I'm looking at you Kurnoth Hunters and Skyfires) now being appropriately costed, and Kharadron getting slapped in the face, returning us to our rightful place dominating the shooting phase; and the new matched play emphasis on big units of single wound models making Gyrocopters with steam guns worth their weight in gold. I'll do a write up of every Ironweld warscroll and how best to use it based on my own experiences in a bit, until then may your Organ Guns never jam and your Cannons always do 6 damage!
  2. I painted these up for a friend of mine a few years ago. He still refuses to play AoS but I'm slowly working him around. He's finding it hard to resist the overlords and their toys especially the frigate, so I've said to him that if he plays a game and he likes it I'll paint his first overlord model of his choice for him - and I'll pay for it- yes pure AoS bribery. I keep telling him how good this lot will look on rounds, the organ guns and cannons are modular, so he had the choice of either. hope you liked'em.
  3. I recently found a Warhammer Fantasy Battle starting box on sale for 35 pounds. It comes with Dwarfs (dispossesed) and night goblins (gobos?): Dwarfs Dwarf Thane Dwarf Dragon Slayer 12 Dwarf Warriors 10 Dwarf Thunderers 8 Dwarf Miners Dwarf Cannon & Crew Goblins Night Goblin Big Boss Night Goblin Shaman 40 Night Goblin Spearmen 20 Night Goblin Archers 10 Forest Goblin Spider Riders Troll Terrain King's Wall Obstacle Terrain Dwarf Grudge Pony Terrain Captured Dwarf Terrain Idol of Mork Terrain Gaming Supplies Pocket-Sized Warhammer Rulebook Battle for Skull Pass Starter Booklet Six-Sided, Artillery, and Scatter Dice 2 Plastic Range Rulers and 3 Gaming Templates My problems is that they come on square bases but I heard that in age of sigmar you mesure from models so i guess that isn't a problem? I just then need the Gh2017 so all in all do you think this is a good start? (also if you know any miniature's size(from head to toe) please tell me)