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About Me

Found 8 results

  1. Hello guys, I have a question (maybe more) for you about the daemon prince. First of all, what we know : - He has these keywords : chaos, daemon, monster, hero, daemon prince, and can grants some others. - In the GHB 2017, he is listing in the Slave to Darkness and the Daemon of Chaos profil and only these one. What i suppose : - A daemon prince doesn't have the Slave to Darkness keyword but can be taken in a StD allegiance army because he is on the StD profil. And there is my questions : Am i right about what i suppose ? Because the fact they don't have the StD keyword is annoying for me ... If i'm right and take a daemon prince in my StD army with the nurgle keyword, for exemple, does he turn him into a monster of nurgle (like a bloab) or into a StD monster with a mark (like chaos warriors of nurgle) ? Because if it is the first one, we need to take it as an allie and not as a StD unit. It doesn't seems really annoying for an StD allegiance army but my point is if we are doing a Tzeentch allegiance army, for exemple, they don't have khorne, nurgle and slaanesh allie but they have StD (except nurgle). So it's really important to know about that. The mutalith is a monster of chaos but has an other version, the mutalith of tzeentch, who is listing into the Disciples of Tzeentch profil and can be taken as an allie in your army (if you can), but the daemon prince is not listed into these profil and it's why i'm confused ^^ Thank you for your answer and your time !
  2. Nurgle Daemon Prince made with parts from the Gargant, Maggoth Lord, Plague Drone, Fellwater Troggoth kits.
  3. Nurgle Daemon Prince made with parts from the Gargant, Maggoth Lord, Plague Drone, Fellwater Troggoth kits.
  4. Nurgle Daemon Prince made with parts from the Gargant, Maggoth Lord, Plague Drone, Fellwater Troggoth kits.
  5. So here's what I've painted over the last week, first up is my white dwarf slaughterpriest conversion using blightking parts and a little green stuff. Second is the first of two models that I'm not sure what they'll work as warscroll wise, so if you have ideas comment below. They're made from minotaurs with giant heads. Next are a unit of plaguebearers, I painted them last week but got the basing done this week. I just wanted to show how a basic unit of mine looks. The scheme takes no time to paint. In fact I painted these guys between getting home from work one night and going to bed which was less than 2 hours. They're spray primed, then sprayed green or yellow. From they're I was them with nuln oil, then coelia greenshade, while the wash is still wet I dab areas with feugan orange. Then I drybrush the models with ushabti bone to highlight. Then I move on to the weapons, they're based with runefang steel, they get one coat of tamiya clear blue, and one of tamiya clear green and finally an all over of nurgle's rot. Then I pick out the eyes with yellow (I can't remember it's name) and wash them with feugan orange. Then I pick out all the scabs, guts and mouths with tamiya clear red and do the odd pustule or wound with clear blue or clear green. Then they get a spray with a clear gloss varnish... done! Two spawn I've had for a while, but finally got painted. Finally a blast from the past, or rather a unit I got together before starting this blog: three beasts of nurgle. They're swamp trolls or fellwater troggoths (I think?) with spare plaguedrone heads. Thanks for stopping by!
  6. For my first post I'd like to show off my Great Unclean One/ Daemon Prince (whichever I need at the time) for the army. The conversion took by far the longest, the paint job only being a couple of hours.
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