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Found 15 results

  1. Hey Guys! Felt creative, so I decided to write up my interpretation of the "Shadow Aelfs" that've been rumoured for so long. Will come up with units and rules and so on at some point. This was partially inspired by Melcauvc's amazing work on the Firebellies and Ironweld. ------------- A dark fog descends over the battlefield. The soldiers are suddenly gripped with an ineffable sense of dread. They look around, uncertain of what this strange phenomenon is. Dark shadows dart through it, as a strange and unearthly giggling can be heard. And then, as if out of nowhere, a legion of terrible Aelves bursts from the fog. Massive Draconian figures slash and tear savagely, tentacled monstrosities lumber around, cruelly gobbling up any stragglers. Shadow Daemons frolic through the gore, chirping half-truths and attacking the defenseless, over the loud prayers of armoured Aelves to their dread God. And just like that, they disappear back into the fog. Ulgu is a cruel and deceitful realm. Every being is out for itself, for no weakness can be tolerated in a realm where danger can lurk around any corner. Only the most cut-throat of creatures can survive. The realm is like this partially due to its inherent nature (Shadows are untrustworthy things), but the biggest source of its pro find duplicity is none other than it's ruler; Malerion. Malerion is an entity as old as Sigmar and the Everchosen themselves, and was once an Aelf named Malekith. He was a great and powerful Witch King in the World-That-Was, and was bound to the sorcery of Ulgu. This meant that when it was destroyed, his essence survived well into the Age of Myth, when he resurfaced under his new name. He was initially little more than shadowy mist, but from the sheer amount of spite his withered soul carried, he manifested in a new and terrible form. It was not long before he began to explore the realm, and he would soon find his mother and old enemy, Morathi, who was too changed. They fought briefly, before settling on a truce. They took joint control of the realm, for they knew that one would never be willingly ruled by the other, and joined Sigmar's growing pantheon. It was around this time that the two joined Tyrion and Teclis in locating the Aelf souls, for they too desired fellows of their race to rule. Once they found out that Slaanesh had consumed all the Aelf souls, Malerion is said to have entered a rage so great and palpable that it manifested in the form of a fog of mystery that would always accompany his chosen. They captured Slaanesh, and each took their share of souls. Malerion, instead of choosing the last to be devoured like Teclis, or the most honourable like Tyrion, Malerion took the most deceitful and cruel Alef souls that dwelled within the Dark Prince. These were the murderers and slavers, and they were incidentally the last souls available. The Gods went their separate ways, but Malerion was bitter. He felt shortchanged, for he was effectively given the scum of their race. The spite that he carried for Tyrion and Teclis all the way from the World-That-Was had abruptly resurfaced, and he would have his vengeance on the two for being so arrogant. He retreated to his dark tower in the center of the realm, and began to experiment upon the souls. Using fell magics, he brought forth the inner evil within them, turning them into horrific scaled things that barely resembled an Aelf. These beings were the first Druuchior, which can mean both "Unknown" and "Unnatural" in Aelvish. These creatures, despite backstabbing each other at every twist and turn, managed to establish a crude civilisation. They were Malerion's answer to Tyrion's heavenly and "pure" creations, and he was determined that one day he would use them to get his revenge. When the Age of Chaos began, they were relatively unharmed, due to Ulgu's very nature helping to repel the invaders. However, some Chaotic Corruption did indeed begin to take root by the time the Age of Sigmar came around. Again, they did very little except build in strength and numbers. Little more changed until the Necroquake, when Nagash began his assault. They realised that with such a large amount of raw magic and instability, now would be a perfect time to reveal themselves, and to finally unveil the terrible truth of what lurked in the shadows. ------------ So when thinking of this faction, I thought of a few key themes/ideas: MONSTER HEAVY: With Ulgu being such a mysterious realm, it would only make sense to take advantage of the numerous gribblies hiding in the shadows, such as the Shadow Daemons mentioned in the DoK Battletome, plus the Druuchori themselves being so monstrous. THE EVERMIST: To represent the most that accompanies them all the time, they could have something like the "Forgotten Nightmares" rule the Deepkin have, or something as simple as -1 to hit for ranged weapons. SPELLHEAVY: Since the Aelves are such a magic-focused race, and Malerion was once the Witch King, it would only make sense that they have a lot of Wizards, mainly with spells about trickery and deception. MALERION: The big scaly M himself would obviously be a big centrepiece model If there's any ideas or feedback you have, I'd be happy to hear!
  2. Melcavuk


    © Ricki Smith

  3. Melcavuk

    Bogdrinker Gargant

    Even the deep marshes and the boggy moors of the Realms are not untouched by the destruction of the Gargants, through the lurking shadow and impenetrable mists they lurk waste deep in the repugnant waters soaking up their fetid stench. Such a pungent odour whilst repellent is a boon to all those these Bog Drinkers would seek to consume, the soft mud of their marshes homes conceal the footfalls of even titanic Gargants and were it not for their odour these monsters could have their fill of livestock and innocents. Previously these hideous Gargants would have been content to lurk within their own swamps and bogs, preying upon those who staggered unwittingly into their domain. But even such forgotten corners of the realms have not escaped the wars that now spread like wildfire. The pestilent touch of Nurgle has encroached upon the Bogdrinker homelands, poisoning all they would have called food, worse still comes the touch of Nagash where even their old meals now seek to bite back against the Gargants. As their habitats become increasingly hostile the Bogdrinkers are stirred to move further from their homes, marching onwards toward unwitting new victims Many Bog Drinkers bear noticeable traits from their homeland, massive gills to breath as they lurk just beneath the waters of the marshland, bulbous eyes to see even in the low hanging mists that conceal them. Other have webbed toes and fingers to wade faster through the thickened waters.

    © Ricki Smith

  4. Good morning all, The spark of creativity has caught me again and whilst looking for a decent narrative arc to design a new faction I stumbled across the lonely looking model of the Ogor Firebelly in a faction all on his own, the model is packed full of details and the small snippet of Lore with Gorkamorka being revered as the Great Suneater along with the factions passion for fire and all things burning really got my creative juices flowing. So working from that small narrative blurb on one cool model I have resolved to attempt to design, create and eventually share in a nice pretty package a battletome for the faction I have since renamed from the quirky but a bit flat "Firebellies" to the "Suneater Tribes" So to the concept, unlike alot of other Grand Alliances I am not all that fond of mono race builds for Destruction, instead I want to approach this as a common theme that caught up many of the races into a shared ideal in how to burn the world to a cinder. So I will be looking into integrating Grots, Ogors, Trogoths and Warbeasts into this faction. The background is still a heavy work in progress so I'll start with key themes instead: - Fire Centric - Faction uses INFERNO tokens representing massive ritual fires to the Suneater, unlike other factions they do not place their own terrain but instead slowly burn everything on the table (Destruction not creation) - Destruction PRIEST and WIZARD heroes, Gorkamorka being a god and all I'm looking to integrate priests (mostly grot) and wizards (mostly Ogor) both into the faction, the priests stoke the fires and the wizards then use said flames to punish enemies. - New units - As well as liberating a few unloved scrolls from other destruction factions the aim here is to boost the roster of warscrolls available to destruction and tie them into an engaging force, for this reason I will be working on a number of new unit conversions aswell. UNIT CONCEPTS: The concept all started with the Firebelly model but to really kick start the faction I had to make it more epic, for it to be the creative lynch pin of the force I needed a sense of impact and grandeur so here is my current WIP of the Exalted Prophet on Magma Drake: And a Concept Warscroll: Aswell as a WIP warscroll for a Grot Firestarter Priest: If anyone wants to contribute ideas, background, scroll concepts or feedback I'd love as much help as possible! Cheers Ricki (Keep up with the conversions here: I will continue to update this first post after this point with any changes, new scrolls or information that we build up as a community for this project aswell as my own musings so anyone new to the thread can see the latest information ALLEGIANCE ABILITIES The Tribes of the Suneaters do not construct villages or monuments to some petty god of Man or Aelf, nor do they waste their time digging in the dirt hoping a tree sprouts to do their bidding. The Suneater demands that all be burnt in his name that the flames might reach up to the sky itself and set it ablaze. An army with the SUNEATER TRIBE allegiance gains the PYRES OF THE SUNEATER special rule, additionaly: PRIEST of the Suneater tribes may select a prayer from the INVOCATIONS OF THE SUNEATER WIZARDS of the Suneater tribes may select a spell from the LORE OF FLAME HEROES of the Suneater who are able to select an artifact may do so from the SAVAGE TROPHIES list, alternatively if they have the TOTEM keyword they may select from the MARKS OF AQSHY. Pyres of the Suneater Before either army deploys on the battlefield select one piece of TERRAIN and place a single INFERNO MARKER, it is possible for other INFERNO MARKERS to be placed throughout the game through abilities or artifacts. Each turn you may enact the below rule in your hero phase: PYRES OF THE SUNEATER In your hero phase count the number of INFERNO MARKERS currently on the battlefield and select an armywide ability from the chat below. You may select one ability to enact until your next hero phase upto the number of pyres you have (you may select a lower number ability if you wish) to channel the favour of the Suneater. Only one such Pyre Ability may be in force at any one time. Once an ability has been enacted roll a D6, on a roll of 1 you must remove 1 INFERNO MARKER from the battlefield as it is drained of its energies. INFERNO MARKERS ABILITY 1 Choking Smoke – With the smoke from the Pyre hanging low over the battlefield the Suneaters can conceal themselves with ease. Subtract 1 from any attacks targetting a SUNEATER TRIBES model in the shooting phase 2 The Leaping Flame – SUNEATER TRIBE models may reroll failed charge rolls this turn, in addition any successful charge that rolls a 9+ immediately inflicts 1 mortal wound on an enemy unit within 3 inches. 3 The Roaring Blaze – SUNEATER TRIBE units may run and shoot, or run and charge for the duration of this turn. A unit may not elect to do both however. 4 Undying Embers – SUNEATER TRIBE HEROES immediately heal D3 wounds, additionally increase the attack characteristics of their weapons by 1 until your next hero phase. 5 or more Shimmering Heat – SUNEATER TRIBE units that suffer a wound or mortal wound may ignore them on a D6 roll of 5+ this turn as the heat of the blaze warps away otherwise mortal blows. Prayers: The priests of the Suneater dance frantically around the Pyres to his glory, each seeking to harness the flames of his almighty majesty that they might garner a small portion of his attention to smite their foes. Each PRIEST in a Suneater tribes army may select one Prayer from the list below, this prayer may be invoked in addition to any known on their Warscroll. You may select a prayer or alternatively opt to roll a D6 to reflect the random nature of the whims of destructions. INVOCATIONS OF THE SUNEATER Wrath of the Blackened Wyrm – A priest channels his will into the thick black smoke billowing from the pyres, coiling it like a serpent to obscure the Fireeaters from their foes. Pick one TERRAIN feature within 15 inches of this priest and roll a D6, on a roll of 4 or more enemy models may no longer draw line of sight through or over that terrain feature. Judgement of the Suneater – The best blades are formed in the hottest of flames, pick a friendly unit within 12 inches and roll a D6, on a 4 or more that unit immediately heals D3 wounds. On a roll of 1 however they are found unworthy and instead the target unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. Volcanic Blows – Pick a friendly unit within 3 inches and roll a D6, on a 5 or more that units weapons are charged with the force of a volcanic eruption. Until your next hero phase whenever your target unit rolls of a 6 or more to hit resolve their attacks at a rend of -2. Under the heel of Gork – Select an enemy unit within 18 inches and roll a D6, on a roll of 5 or more that unit counts its SAVE as its movement value until your next hero phase (A unit with a save of 3+ now has a move of 3) as they feel the weight of Gorks mighty foot pushing down upon them. Burning Blood – Select a friendly unit within 3 inches and roll a D6, on a roll of 4 or more that unit is enchanted. Until your next hero phase, if at the end of any combat phase that unit has lost wounds in close combat their attacker suffers D3 mortal wounds as their foes blood burns at their skin. Burn it all – Select a friendly INFERNO MARKER and roll a D6, on a roll of 5 or more your prayer has been successful. Roll a dice for every ENEMY model within 6 inches of that marker, on a roll of 6 or more that model suffers a mortal wound as the pyres flame suddenly erupts outwards. TROPHIES OF AQSHY The Elusive Spark – This shimmering spark was once a fire imp, its essense ripped away by Suneater priests it now fuels a lantern lengthening and distorting the shadows of its bearer into a haunting spectre. Enemy models within 6 inches of this model reduce their Bravery by 2 Drakeblood Oils – Pick one MELEE weapon for the bearer to apply these oils to, this cannot belong to their mount. Any wound rolls of 6 or more with this weapon inflict a single mortal wound in addition to their normal damage Embers of the first Pyre – Blessed are those given but a part of the first Pyre of the Suneaters, this model counts as an INFERNO MARKER for all purposes except for the Pyres of the Suneater special rule. Molten Cloak – The bearers cloak ripples and shifts as though a coarsing magma flow, enemy models attacking this Hero in the combat phase must reroll any hit rolls of a 6 as they are captivated by the cloak. Volcanic Shield – Hits struck against this shield reverberate with the deafening boom of a volcanic eruption, Cunning Ogors bang their blades against the shield on the charge to send their foes off balance. Enemy units within 3 inches of this HERO may not be selected to attack in Melee until all other units have been resolved. Bonehewn Effigy – This model has a small token effigy of the Suneater carved from the bones of a great drake, it is said when the strength of the bearer begins to leave their form they may drain the last of the drakes energies from the bone to reinvigorate themselves. Once per battle in your hero phase you may elect to use this effigy, restoring D3 wounds to this model. SUNEATER TRIBE UNIT ROSTER Heroes: Volsungr on Magma Drake (mounted wizard ogre) Gothi Fyri (goblin priest) (new scroll) Besekr (Ogre buff wizard) (new scroll) Battleline: Ashen Grots – Grots by their very nature and small stature often find themselves at the bottom of the pecking order in the mortal realms, yet these cunning creatures are drawn to power either desiring the accquisition of it or to be elevated by their very proximity to it. Those that follow the will of the Suneater do so with a fanatical devotion, revelling with glee in their ability to slip past the walls of the cities of order and start a blaze deep in the heart of their enemies fortifications. These blazes are much like the grots, small and weak when isolated but when many rise up together they are able to topple even the biggest of foes. Ashen grots make up a large portion of the Suneater tribes, and their fanatical cackling laughter ripples through the forces with every fresh pyre lit, they bombard their foes with an endless onslaught of black powder spark grenades or get in close to slit throats with crude but glistening obsidian blades. (Battleline) The Svangur – Sunbleached and half Starved ogors saved from the Desert by the will of the Suneater, these fanatics descend on their prey with startling speed and ravenous appetite. Those who have looked upon the face of the Suneater are often driven mad by the experience, gouging out their fingernails in a gruesome display of devotion and forcing in jagged shards of obsidian in their place, others go even further, ripping the teeth from their mouth to replace them with wickedly curved metallic tusks with which to gorge their foes during the feasting on the battlefield. These Svangur never truly lose the hunger they felt when wandering the deserts, it is ingrained into every element of their being and the urge to feast drowns their every sense, on the field of battle they a gruesomely gore drenched sights as they feed on fallen foes before descending packlike onto the next. (Battleline if your army has SUNEATER allegiance and your general is a BESERKR) Gullveig Ogors – Basic Ogor infantry of the Suneater Tribes, they combine the old Iron Guts weapons as specialist weapon choices within a traditional Ogor unit Other: Bal Kasta – Ogors firing shards of burning rock from crude blunderbusses. Aldin Draken – The Aldin Draken are enormous even for Ogors, drawn from the ranks of the Svangur these chosen of the Suneater have walked the blasted wastes alone and without supplies to look upon the face of the Suneater and be judged. Those who emerged from the wasteland are a cruel sight to behold, their skin is blistered and scarred, coarse to the touch but toughened in the eternal heat of the Suneaters embrace. Their eyes have blackened to coal seemingly at once unseeing and all too piercing for their kin to endure, some say to be looked upon by the Aldin Draken is to face the wrath of Gorkamorka himself. When they return these champions do not seek food or comfort, instead ascending the peak of the Wyrms nest, a bustling feeding ground for the Wingless Drakes of Aqshy, here they face their final test. To ascend to the rank of Aldin Draken the champion must first claim his mount from the vicious lizards that populate the Wyrms nest, each must engage in mortal combat with the mount with many succumbing to the cruel claws and wicked beaks of the fattened lizards and feeding the nest.. Those who emerge triumphant use brute force and strength of will to beat a drake into submission, triumphants ridding their new bruised and beaten companion down from the mountaintop. In battle these Cavalry are slow and cumbersome, the drakes themselves lumbering and covered in heavily armoured scales whilst their riders wield crude heavy crossbows firing obsidian tipped barbed bolts across the battlefield, Often first into the fight they are more than a match for many a mortal hero and used as the elite guard for the Prophets of the Suneater Tribes. Pyre Belcher – a great beast from Aqshy bloated and tormented by its Grot handlers, when needed it can be provoked to unleash a great torrent of burning saliva in the rough direction of the enemy (altered squig gobba) Behemoth Slatr Warbeast – "When one looks upon the Slatr Warbeast it is hard not to be wowed by the majestic nature of this primal creature, it is not by any stretch of the imagination a creature of traditional beauty but one evolved perfectly for longevity and resilience. Indeed it has never been recorded of such a creature perishing due to natural causes lending credence to the theory that such a beast may be immortal lest for death by less natural themes. Its flattened and bullish face is akin to many a nightmare as a child with the full stretch of its maw measured at over a cart in width and at least the same in depth to the gullet though I have yet to find an apprentice willing to test that, when looking into its eyes you are struck by the sheer simplicity of the creature not burdened by higher thought or malice. The juveniles of the species are often found in migratory herds travelling alongside the Suneater tribes of Aqshy, seemingly drawn moth like to the pyres to their primitive gods that these tribes are prone to igniting, indeed the subdued state these creatures enter in the presence of such a blaze has allowed ramshackle howdahs to be assembled across the beasts broad backs. It is then sadly witnessed that when these savage tribes march to war they goad the Slatr alongside them, bombarding their enemies from afar with crude catapults launching burning debris down the battlefield. Such burning projectiles seemingly spur their mounts onwards chasing the bright lights racing across the sky" Mighty Slatr – Dwarfing even the regular Slatr these beasts of war can carry units into battle, they are also inspiring to those Suneaters nearby as living manifestations of the might of the Suneater. Crewed by an Ogor chieftan with Balkasta as their personal guard. (Edit mammoth scroll)) Magma Dragon (use normal scroll) Warmachine Stone Hewn Effigy - This crudely hewn effigy is said to show the true face of the Suneater, a cruel and jagged visage of a massive Ogors face carved out of an enormous volcanic boulder said to of been thrown by the Suneater himself during the first eruption of Aqshys biggest volcano. It is chained to a demi-gargant who has the hnour of bearing it into battle, dragging it through the dirt behind him in a testament to its gods glory. SUNEATERS BATALLIONS Fire and Ruin The Ogors and Grots are not the only ones who revere the great Suneater, though perhaps the most prolific, many an Orruk or Troggoth has been swayed by the roaring flames and blistering heat of the devotions of the great god of Flame. These would be worshippers form a court around particularly adept or potent Volsungr hoping to learn... or steal the secrets of the Suneater tribes and their seeming favourable position in the eyes of their savage God. - Volsungr on Magmadrake - 3-5 DESTRUCTION WIZARDS Forbidden Knowledge- The Volsungr from this Batallion knows the SOLAR FLARE spell in addition to any other spells known. Other Wizards in this batallions know one additional LORE OF FIRE spell in addition to other spells they know. Trials by Fire- WIZARDS from this Batallion may reroll one failed casting attempt once per turn. To do so inflict D3 mortal wounds on one model from this batallion before attempting the reroll. In the Presence of Greatness - WIZARDS from this batallion may add 1 to casting and unbinding rolls if they are within 3 inches of any other models from this battalion. Deluge of Phlegm and Fire The Gothi Fyri revel in malicious delight at setting blazes, the more prolific... the bigger the flame, the louder the screams of their victims burning alive the better. Some Gothi Fyri take the opportunity in the heat of battle to slip from the front lines (if they every truly made it there in the first place) to poke and prod at the mighty pyre belchers as they launch their burning deluge down the field. In their manic delight they often find themselves loading the giant squigs gullet with all and sundry to stoke their flames higher, praying and screaching to the great Suneater for a stronger flame to consume their foes. 1-3 Gothi Fyri 2 x Ashen Grot Units 3 Pyre Belcher Tsunami of Spit - In your hero phase roll a D6 for every pure belcher from this batallion within 6 inches of a Gothi Fyri. On a 4+ that unit may shoot as if it were the hero phase. Survival of the Cunning - Ashen Grots from this batallion gain the “Cunning not Brave” rule from the Gothi Fyri Warscroll.
  5. Hi everyone, I recently reread the Dreadfleet Novella set in the Old World, I really enjoyed the twist at the end involving one of the characters, The Golden Magus. Since the book ended on such a cliffhanger and The End Times happened, we sadly did not get to see more of him. So I have decided to create a new battle-tome/faction involving the magus and the forces of the Galleons Graveyard. Im looking for those people who are willing to help with unit ideas, lore, and artwork. well then lets get sailing on the high seas!
  6. The Furnace Kings are an elite faction of Ogor smiths. Originally hailing from Chamon, the Furnace Kings are the servants of the Suneater; harnessing his gift of fire in order to forge mighty weapons and warmachines in the name of GorkaMorka. Led by the fearsome Forge Mongers, ancient smiths whose bulk is more muscle then fat, the Furnace Kings hordes are equipped to spread the might of their god throughout all the realms!
  7. With 2.0 near to us allowing armies to be themed by the 8 realms, what do you think are the best ways to do this for Death given their usually mono theme army being....Death. Feel free to provide your own input, if not your own examples! Heres what I've been thinking, also a lot of inspiration from MTG as they have plenty of examples of having undead being mixed with other colors. Death: The bog standard, maybe more emphasis on the magic of death than pure necromancy? I'm actually struggling a bit to imagine a death army thats themed from the realm of death but different than a normal death army. Life: Seemingly the opposite of death but could also mean more about nature (the balance of life and death). More usage of foliage and floral items, like mixing dryad and other tree people parts to have like a viney look. Maybe even have necromancers and other wizards look like deathly gardeners with their weapons? MTG examples Light: Also seemingly undeath like, until you remember Tomb Kings and other undead themed things that use lights of destruction. Perhaps the best realm to represent modern TK, massive emphasis on the Sun. For non Egyptian themed, more emphasis on the ethereal? MTG tends to have a lot of ghosts being white, such as more benevolent spirits that aid their living allies. Or in the case of Ravnica where white and black ghost faction are the bankers and dealers of the city. Or a more classic fantasy trope of undead paladins could also be used. MTG examples Fire: Well kind of obvious. Everything is ON FIRE. Shadows: Sort of also obvious? Lots of smoke and clouds. Probably fit very well with Night Haunt, or any "spooky" theme that relies on the element of surprise and illusions like mist monsters. Things that go Bump In the Night. Perhaps even more about Horror than pure undead? Like Lovecraft or Bloodborne? Assassins, gunslingers, bandits, etc could also be a part of this. Heavens: A bit of an odd one, mostly involve seers and clairvoyance? Those who thirst for knowledge about the future (but dont want to sell their soul to Tzeentch) may have been lured by Nagash to trade their life for the pursuit of knowledge? This too I guess could fall under Cosmic Horror type of undead like some of the eldrict hhorrors seen in Bloodborne or Darkest Dungeon. Might start to step into chaos god territory but done well I think it could be cool looking. Maybe even have a custom "count as nagash" type of giant character that has his own orbiting mini planets and stars? Beast: Animals, animals everywhere! Animal Skulls, animal parts, whole animals! Maybe more things like undead druids or beast masters? More beastly varghulfs/werewolves, etc. Metal: Honestly kind of drawing a blank on this one? Should it involve technology? Or more about smiting and craftsmanship like undead blacksmiths and alchemists?
  8. Just as a side project while I work on organizing my local tournaments and the AoSFanzine, I thought i'd get back into doodling up concepts for stuff. I'll be updating this thread with content as I attempt to construct a full force of Katophrane Dominion with art and custom warscrolls. CONCEPT: As Nagash is eventually thwarted by the forces of order, he will probably scramble to restore his ruined lands. Hopefully this leads to some unlikely returns, as Nagash restores the katophranes to a physical unlife, only manifested if they can manage to protect their soul shards, the one resource that keeps their life and memories intact. Knowing they must serve him in this life, in contrary to their last, they change their guiding principle to the collection of knowledge, stealing the lives of the best Scholars, Warlords, Mages, and more in shards that they soon come to hoard. Their leader and the rest of the nobles of course are constantly plotting to overthrow nagash, but know fully well that nagash is near impossible to get a drop on. With this, they commit his will in the war of the realms, but use the opportunity to search for the right combination of knowledge to destroy nagash and take shyish for their own as an ultimate revenge. The Katophranes are a genius people, gatekeepers to constructs and magical mechanisms that far surpass the best scholars in the realms. Due to the Noble's importance in society, they enlist the most elite warriors in the ranks, who now after returning from the deathless limbo are tirelessly hungry to destroy their foes, each fueled by their hatred of Nagash. From elite warriors of the Katophrane Guard to the gargantuan construct The Nihilossus, there are plenty of ways to play the Katophranes! First warscroll for now: KATOPHRANE GUARD I'll have more soon! Stay Tuned!
  9. Hi all, I just finished up making a Warscyer Citadel out of recycled junk and bitz because my toddler insists she can't eat large plastic terrain kits! Here is a before and after, any questions please ask away. I have also written a blog post detailing the project if you are interested :-) Mark https://ghyran.blogspot.co.uk/2018/03/building-wylderlands-2-scratch-built.html
  10. Hey guys, here's my project to make a custom Wanderer-themed Celestial Hurricanum. I started planning this project a while ago, and despite the Hurricanum going up in points, I still think it's extremely good. But not only does the official model not match my Wanderers at all, I don't even think it looks good. So I set out to make my own! I made a custom Warscroll for it, leaving the rules/keywords exactly as they are, but changing the names and fluff. The point of this was not just to be super nerdy and fluffy, it was also to help inspire the model and come up with something that makes sense while being very different from the official model. I also wanted to reuse models that are now useless since the Wanderer keyword was dropped from half my army *grumble*. The wolves were Orion's hunting hounds before, and the Warhawk is one I hadn't gotten around to painting and would otherwise abandon now. Finally, I have a lot of converted Waywatchers that are a kitbash of Wildwood Rangers and Glade Guard. Figured one of those will make a good starting point for the character. Here's some pics and the custom Warscroll, let me know what you think! Please note that the base is the wrong size, I'm picking up the correct one as soon as I can. There will be moar leaves. Testing a different Waywatcher pose The diving warhawk I drilled holes through the first branch and into the second. It sits very firmly in place, so I won't even need to glue it. That way I can take it out and play the rules without the battlemage if I want (the hawk represents the comet spell) Finally, a moment of silence for my poor bases. I put a lot of love into them and there was no way to get the wolves off without destroying either their feet or the base. Here's the fluffy Warscroll Hope y'all enjoy, please leave any feedback you have before I start gluing!
  11. As the title says, I was just thinking that it would be really cool if we invented some scenarios (narrative, matched, open), games (something like Gorechosen, shadespire) and warhammer quests (like those ones in WhiteDwarf) Mu main idea is a bit like Gorechosen, you get loads of Tzeentch sorcerers (preferably mortal) + any other WIZARDS, and you put them in an arena, maybe invent custom rules and stuff maybe something like necromunda/mordhiem on a 3d board let me know if you have any ideas... S133arcanite
  12. As the title says, I was just thinking that it would be really cool if we invented some scenarios (narrative, matched, open), games (something like Gorechosen, shadespire) and warhammer quests (like those ones in WhiteDwarf) Mu main idea is a bit like Gorechosen, you get loads of Tzeentch sorcerers (preferably mortal) + any other WIZARDS, and you put them in an arena, maybe invent custom rules and stuff maybe something like necromunda/mordhiem on a 3d board let me know if you have any ideas... S133arcanite
  13. As the title says, I was just thinking that it would be really cool if we invented some scenarios (narrative, matched, open), games (something like Gorechosen, shadespire) and warhammer quests (like those ones in WhiteDwarf) Mu main idea is a bit like Gorechosen, you get loads of Tzeentch sorcerers (preferably mortal) + any other WIZARDS, and you put them in an arena, maybe invent custom rules and stuff maybe something like necromunda/mordhiem on a 3d board let me know if you have any ideas... S133arcanite
  14. To placate a good friend who has been a long time, die-hard Wood Elf/Wanderer fanatic, I decided to attempt to create a customized warband for Shadespire. I'm still early into playing the game, and therefore development is a bit premature, but I thought it'd be good to reach out to the community and get some valuable feedback that could help the process. Any thoughts on the brainstorming below is much appreciated. Theory behind the warband: I noticed that the warbands thus far have focused on the basic rank-and-file rather than elite troops and heroes (e.g. Liberators, Bloodreavers, Ard Boyz, Skeleton Warriors). To me, it seems the Wanderers have two basic level troops in the Glade Guard and Eternal Guard. Eternal Guard just seem to fit much better. The Glade Guard with their long-range bows wouldn't work well with the scope of small arena skirmishes in my opinion. Like most Elves, the Wanderers should have good movement and be fairly skilled. Their weakness would be a relatively low damage output and toughness. The nice thing about the Eternal Guard is that they have some resilence and decent defensive capabilities which would could be represented quite well in Shadespire (e.g. Fortress of Boughs). 4 fighters seemed appropriate for this warband, as they would be more elite than Blood Reavers but less so than Stormcasts, a comparable level to Ironjaw Ard Boyz (though their stat layout is quite different). Even though Eternal Guard is a melee unit, they have spears which would give them access to range 2 attacks in Shadespire. This would result in a warband that likes to evade and engage from a distance, to chip away at the enemy in order mitigate losing its low-wound fighters to heavy hand-to-hand melee. I have attempted to design their warband specific deck to allow for tactical flexibility, allowing the Wanderers to either accentuate their movement, attacks, or defensive capabilities. With these things in mind, I designed 2 fighters armed with the eternal guard spear-staves. They have comparable stats but one has a shield and is more defensive, while the other has forgone the extra protection of a shield to allow for more fluidity in his attack. Since the Eternal Guard spear-staves are double-ended they would allow the one unburdened by a shield to spin the spear around in both hands which I have represented with an "all adjacent enemy fighters" attack. This dichotomy of defender and aggressor can be accentuated more depending on the upgrades you choose. The third fighter has either lost or forsaken his spear for the use of aelven daggers. This fighter has a range of 4 if he throws his daggers, but mediocre chances of hitting and does not cause more than 1 damage even when inspired. His attack is a little more reliable but still weak if he attacks up-close with his daggers in hand, which is a bit of a risk with him because he only has 2 wounds. He is the most acrobatic of the bunch and his upgrades play to his ability to move and position himself. The leader of the group is armed with a sword and shield. He has a very reliable attack (3 Hammers), and does more damage than the others in his warband (2 base, and 3 inspired). He however has to get in close to deal that damage, so you probably want to pick away at the enemy with the other aelves and use him to close in for the kill, or have him act as support for your other fighters when there is little chance of reprisal (use aelves' superior movement to isolate enemies or go after enemies that have already charged). He is definitely an important fighter but there is a risk in using him too aggressively as he is your only fighter that has no ranged attack and can therefore be easily left open to attack if he is always on the frontline. He probably beneifts the most from defensive upgrades. There are also a couple of cards in the deck I designed that make him a good support character for the rest of the warband (e.g. Fortress of Boughs, For the Everqueen!). Currently, every fighter levels up from rolling a CRITICAL during an Attack action, as a nod to their aelven finesse. Fighters: (Improvements are in bold under Inspired stats) 1A.) Orthos (Leader); armed w/sword and shield Mv5, 1Shield, 3Wnds; Attack: Rng1, Hm3, Dmg2; Action: May move up to 2 hexes and go on guard in same activation. This counts as a Move action (i.e. may not charge or move for the remainder of this action phase). 1B.) Orthos Inspired Mv5, 1 Shield, 3 Wnds; Attack: Rng1, Hm3, Dmg3; Action: May move up to 2 hexes and go on guard in same activation. This counts as a Move action (i.e. may not charge or move for the remainder of this action phase). 2A.) Maethon; armed w/spear-stave and shield Mv5, 1Shield, 3Wnds; Attack: Rng2, Hm1, Dmg1 2B.) Maethon Inspired Mv 5, 1 Shield, 3 Wnds; Attack: Rng2, Hm2, Dmg2; Action: May move up to 2 hexes and go on guard in same activation. This counts as a Move action (i.e. may not charge or move for the remainder of this action phase). 3A.) Fainor; armed w/spear-stave (bladed on both ends) Mv5, 1Dodge, 3Wnds; Attack 1: Rng2, Hm1, Dmg1; Attack 2: Rng1, Swrd2, Dmg1 (targets all adjacent enemy fighters) 3B.) Fainor Inspired Mv5, 1Dodge, 3Wnds; Attack 1: Rng2, Hm2, Dmg2; Attack 2: Rng1, Swrd3, Dmg1 (targets all adjacent enemy fighters) 4A.) Caleth; armed with throwing daggers Mv5, 1 Dodge, 2Wnds; Attack 1: Rng4, Swrd2, Dmg1; Attack 2: Rng1, Swrd3, Dmg1 4B.) Caleth Inspired Mv5, 2 Dodge, 2Wnds; Attack 1: Rng4, Swrd2, Dmg1 (cleaves on crit.); Attack 2: Rng1, Swrd3, Dmg2 Cards: Sound the Horn Objective 1 Glory-Score this immediately if 2 or more fighters become Inspired in the same action phase. Steel and Smoke Objective 1 Glory-Score this immediately if 2 or more fighters successfully defend enemy attacks in the same action phase. The Glorious Hunt Objective 1 Glory-Score this immediately if your warband has taken two or more fighters out of action in this phase. Shadow War Objective 1 Glory-Score this in an end phase if none of your survivng fighters are adjacent to an enemy fighter. Blades from the Dark Objective 2 Glory-Score this immediately if 2 or more enemy fighters have been taken out by attacks with a range of 2 or greater in the same action phase. Assailants Objective 2 Glory-Score this in an end phase if all of your surviving fighters are in your opponent's territory. (3/4P: in any of your enemies' territories) Valiant Command Objective 2 Glory-Score this in the third end phase if your leader has not been taken out of action. Dominate the Field Objective 3 Glory-Score this in an end phase if you hold 3 or more objectives. Ageless Guardians Objective 5 Glory-Score this in the third end phase if none of your fighters are out of action. Distraction Ploy Attacks in the next activation cannot be supported. For the Everqueen! Ploy Choose a friendly fighter adjacent to your leader and roll three dice. If at least one results in a CRITICAL the selected fighter becomes Inspired. Go to Cover Ploy During the next Attack activation, add 1 Support to the target's Defence roll for each adjacent blocked hex. Ensnare Ploy In the next Attack activation, any friendly fighters within 2 hexes of the target count as support. Flip Ploy One friendly fighter adjacent to an enemy fighter may be placed on an unoccupied hex adjacent to that same enemy fighter. Calculated Attack Ploy Re-roll 1 attack die during the next activation. Hit and Run Ploy Reaction: Play this after a friendly fighter performs an attack that is not part of a Charge action. You can push that fighter up to three hexes. Deflect Momentum Ploy Reaction: When a friendly fighter would normally be knocked back, this fighter may instead push to any adjacent hex. Unrelenting Pursuit Ploy Reaction: When an enemy fighter ends a Move or Charge action further away from an adjacent friendly fighter than it started, the same friendly fighter may immediately move up to 2 hexes along the same path as the departing enemy fighter. Between the Chinks Ploy The first Attack action in the next activation gains Cleave. Fatal Blow Upgrade +1 Damage to successful critical Attacks. Flock of Blades Upgrade (Caleth) Rng3, Swrd1, Dmg1 (may attack 3 visble enemies). Evade Upgrade (Caleth) When this fighter successfully defends an enemy attack, they may push to any adjacent hex of their choice. Leap Upgrade (Fainor, Caleth) During a move or charge action, this fighter may pass through one occupied hex. Conviction Upgrade (Fainor) +1 Attack Whirlwind of Death Upgrade (Fainor) During a Charge action, this fighter may perform an Attack action in one of the hexes it moves through rather than the hex it finishes its Charge action on. Full Thrust Upgrade (Maethon) When this fighter Charges an adjacent enemy fighter that was not adjacent at the start of the Charge activation, they may add 1 Damage to their attack. Shields Forward! Upgrade (Orthos, Maethon) +1 Defence Fortress of Boughs Upgrade (Orthos, Maethon) If this fighter enters Guard, all adjacent friendly fighters may also go on Guard. Parry Upgrade (Orthos) Rng1, Hm2, Dmg1 (Reaction: This fighter can make this Attack action against an adjacent enemy fighter who just failed an attack against it.)
  15. Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I've been working on the concept of Lord Commanders for Stormcast Hosts and would love feedback. All great armies throughout the Realms start with but a single soldier and a mission, The Lord Commander embodies both these traits for their host. They are the first chosen by Sigmar when a new host is to be formed, a champion beyond compare from the souls their divine god has plucked from the brink of death. Many Commanders are formed from Legendary kings or Generals, but others still are rumoured to come from the Broken World in a time before myths were formed, if true such beings could predate the worlds known to man and have walked the earth in days that Gods walked as mortal men. When sigmar comes to form a host its purpose is already clear in his mind, some are forged to guard areas of great importance to his grand alliance, others set out to conquer a specific foe that harries his forces on their advance. Whatever purpose is chosen the Lord Commander is infused with Sigmars bellowing voice as the order is carved into both their armour and souls. Should a Lord Commander survive the reforging process their Armour and Weaponry come not from the Duardin forges that the rest of the host are armed with, instead ancient vaults buried deep within Azyr uncoil to present relics of Myth to these embodiences of Sigmars will. Many relics form the basis of legends throughout the realms, the Phoenix Blade of Aqysh that can blast a mortal man to ash, the Celestial Cloak of Hysh that allows its bearer to tread amongst the stars, such is the power of these relics that they drain the very soul of their bearer, only those of divine will can resist their pull. Armed and Armoured the Lord Commanders stand at the forefront of their hosts, second only to the Lord Sigmar himself in authority it is they who spur on their soldiers in the name of their god. Champion, General, Steward and Judge these men and women define their Hosts (for better or worse). Ralyn'Tor Lord Commander of the Anvils is a Grim and Cold figure, palapable waves of terror ripple in his very prescence, their air crackles with electricity barely contained by his rune laden armour, hidden always behind an exquisitely carved mask his eyes burn with the embers of the forge that has yet to cool off. UNIQUE: No Army may contain more than one Lord Commander, but a single commander exists per host. If the Lord Commander is fielded he must be your general. A Lord Commander may not select relics or command traits and instead has the following abilities. Ability: Shatterfang Blade: Each Lord Commander possesses a blade unique to the host from which they were made, unique and deadly relics forged long ago. Such is the power of these blades that lesser men find their souls torn asunder should they attempt to harness the power. For every model this blade kills in MELEE inflict one additional automatic hit on the unit as their slain comerade detonates into shards of super heated sigmarite. Warcouncil: The Lord Commander is a consumate general capable of marshalling his officers to perform their roles with optimal efficiency. If this model is your general all friendly STORMCAST heroes may use their command abilities when within 12 inches of this model in the hero phase. Consumate Duelist: The Lord Commander is a duelist nigh beyond compare, seeking out the enemy heroes to do battle that they might crush the enemy hosts with but a single kill. Whilst directing their MELEE attack against this model enemy heroes must subtract 1 from all to hit rolls. The Crash of Thunder: The Lord Commander leads his forces in an unstoppable tide of Stormcast, crashing through enemy lines as though they were nothing. In a turn in which this model charges, all friendly STORMCAST models who have charged that turn may make an additional attack with any Melee weapons. Command Ability: Storm Infused: The first of the host still crackle with the power of Sigmars storm, channelling this energy into their brethern around them to boost them to even greater heroic feats. In your hero phase select a friendly STORMCAST unit within 6 inches, that unit may then MOVE, SHOOT or ATTACK IN CLOSE COMBAT as though it were theappropriate phase. This does not prevent the unit from acting as normal later in the turn.
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