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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. So, I've heard some grumbling that the Beastclaw Raiders aren't exactly in the best of spots right now, is that right? Well, I'm here to 'fix' the issue, and when I say fix, I mean post up some concepts I've had to expand the Beastclaw Raiders faction and make it more playable. This isn't actually complete, mind you. It introduces a wizard for the faction, but it doesn't have a 'Lore of the Everwinter' for even more spells, nor does it have new battalion concepts. So have at, and maybe I'll work on it more (unlike my gargants faction...) New Units Everwinter Witch: Everwinter Witches are those women of the Beastclaw Raiders who have communed with the Everwinter itself, learning the deepest secrets of the accursed storm and also learning about magic. Theirs is a simplistic, shamanistic type of magic, reliant on the fickle and wild winds of the Everwinter and barely controlling it at the best of times, but their powers are undeniable. They can read the future by interpreting how dead leaves dance on the wind, or lend their own shrieking cry to drive the Everwinter harder. An Everwinter Witch is a female ogor on foot equipped with a stone knife and staff, both of which she uses in combat. She is a hero, a leader and a wizard. All attacks, be they shooting or melee, targeting her must contend with the winter winds, and suffer -1 To-Hit. Being a wizard, she can cast and unbind one spell a turn, and knows Mystic Shield and Arcane Bolt, in addition to her own innate spell. Her innate spell targets a friendly unit, and for the rest of the turn, when that unit charges, it rolls 3 dice and drops the lowest. If that charge is rerolled, all 3 dice are still rolled for that reroll. Everwinter Witch on Stonehorn: An Everwinter Witch is a figure of immense respect in a Beastclaw Raider tribe. While the Frostlord commands a tribe to the last Ogor, he would be a fool to ignore an Everwinter Witch, particularly one who has tamed a Stonehorn. An Everwinter Witch is a female ogor riding a Stonehorn equipped with a stone knife and a staff. She is a hero, leader, moster, behemoth, and wizard. The Stonehorn keeps its attacks and abilities, and the Everwinter Witch adds in her staff and knife attacks. In addition, the Everwinter Witch gives a free command point during your hero phase so long as your general is a Frostlord on Stonehorn. Being a wizard, the Everwinter Witch can cast and unbind one spell. She knows Mystic Shield, Arcane Bolt, and her own innate spell. Her innate spell lets a unit immediately retreat and lets that unit charge again later in the turn. Everwinter Witch on Thundertusk: An Everwinter Witch is connected to everything that the Beastclaw Raiders embody, particularly their creatures and animals. Riding atop a mighty Thundertusk, an Everwinter Witch can tap into the power over ice and cold that the Thundertusk has and use it for her own ends. An Everwinter Witch is a female ogor riding a Thundertusk equipped with a stone knife and a staff. She is a hero, leader, monster, behemoth, and wizard. The Thundertusk keeps its attacks and abilities, and the Everwinter Witch adds in her staff and knife attacks. Being a wizard, the Everwinter Witch can cast and unbind one spell. However, she gains +1 to her casting and unbinding for every other Thundertusk close by. She knows Mystic Shield, Arcane Bolt, and her own innate spell. Her innate spell targets an enemy unit and, upon a successful cast, deals d3 Mortal wounds to them, plus an addition d3 for every 10 models in that unit as hail comes down upon them. D3 if 5 models, 2d3 if 11, for example. Ogor Scouts: In the harsh Beastclaw Raider society, it is a right to ride a creature into battle, and that right must be earned. Ogor Scouts, young and untested, hope to prove their worth through battle and providing the rest of the tribe with food. Ogor Scouts are a battleline unit of tribal Ogors equipped with Spears. They can throw those spears for shooting, and use them in melee. Thrown spears gain extra range if the Ogor Scouts ran during movement. They have no other special abilities. Ogor Trackers: When a Beastclaw Ogor proves themselves worthy of a mount, a few choose otherwise. Oftentimes lonesome figures who are called by the wild, Ogor Trackers instead take upon themselves the path of the Hunter. Dedicating themselves to tracking both monsters and armies on the march, Ogor Trackers are part of the vanguard of a Beastclaw army and live the hardest life. Those who survive will become full-fledged Hunters. Ogor Trackers are a unit of tribal ogors equipped with Spears and a Club. They throw the Spears in shooting and attack with the Club in combat. Thrown spears gain extra range if the Ogor Trackers ran during movement. In addition, a unit of Ogor Trackers doesn’t need to be within 1 inch of each other to be in formation, instead being within 3 inches instead. They also have the ability to Track; allied units attacking an enemy unit that an Ogor Tracker is within 6 inches of can rerolled failed to-hit rolls on a charge attack. Great Yhetee: Though the Yhetee are the most loyal of the Beastclaw Raiders’ allies, that isn’t to say they are without mystery. Strange Yhetee driven off by the rest of the pack disappear into the Everwinter, assumed to be lost to the cold chiller than death. Some of them return, but changed into towering, howling behemoths that leap incredible distances. Such terrible monsters are fearsome to have as either enemies or allies, and few Beastclaw Raiders willing work with them. A Great Yhetee is a single model. It is a monster, but not a behemoth and has no Damage Grid. It is a much larger Yhetee covered in frost and ice, and attacks with its claws and teeth. In addition to the Yhetee’s Combat Debuff, 6-inch Pile-in Range and ‘Invigorated By The Blizzard, the Great Yhetee heals d3 wounds in a round that it killed an enemy model and has a universal -1 Bravery radius that affects even its allies. Kits: Everwinter Witch is 1 kit. Contains adaption pieces to let her sit upon a Stonehorn or Thundertusk. Ogor Scouts and Ogor Trackers are 1 kit that lets you build 3 of them. The Great Yhetee is 1 kit, but it’s just 1 model.
  2. I've got ideas. Too many ideas. This is one of them. It's a faction of Gargants (Giants) who go around and destroy cities. Pretty simple concept. However, I haven't 'rulesd-it-out'. This is just a large set of concepts that can be developed further. Beware of a few jokes, I couldn't help myself. (Updated 5/28/2018) Fluff Concept: The Citycrusher Gargants are a race of Gargants with a profound hatred of the cities built by the smaller races. Where this hatred stems from is hard to say - some believe it’s that the Gargants do not like what Cities do to the landscape, others believe it is out of jealousy. Whatever the reason, the Citycrusher Gargants thunder across the lands to bring ruin to all cities - regardless of allegiance. Citycrusher Gargants organize themselves into loose tribes, typically lead by the women. They are highly nomadic by nature, always moving and never truly settling down. Unusually for a Destruction Faction, they are not stupid. At least, most of them aren’t. They don’t like fighting with each other, and when tribes meet, they will typically trade knowledge and boast of their accomplishments. In addition, they delight in convincing the followers of Gork and Mork to join their rampaging crusade, not that it’s hard. However, they can often be frustrated by the idiocy of the orruks and the grots, are unnerved by the ever-hungry ogors, and despise the Aleguzzler Gargants - that last one in particular seems to only fuel the Citycrusher Gargants’ resentment. Why play this faction? You like playing as the Adeptus Titanicus and Adeptus Custodes in Wh40K. You like paying 60 bucks or more per model. You don’t want to move around several 20-man groups every moving phase. You enjoy stepping on other people. Faction Overview: Weapons have high reach, Rend and damage, but lower To-Hit odds. The Gargants can struggle to hit things smaller than they are, but when they hit? Well, not even armor will save you. Good Mobility: Legs longer than Ogors’. Good Ranged Attacking capacity from throwing rocks and things at the enemy. Don’t mock it when the rocks weigh 300 pounds plus. Almost exclusively behemoths. They have favorable damage charts, with Move, Rend, and Damage going down very slowly, but even losing one unit can sting. Ideal Faction Aesthetics: Celtic Barbarians. They have very little in the way of metal (comparatively), and use it all for their elite and leaders. Their weapons are often wood and/or stone lashed together. They wear jewelry fashioned out of stones, and in fact are expert stone carvers. Gold and other fine goods, thought of as the trappings of the City-Dwellers, are used as trophies; great warriors have display poles where they string up the bodies of defeated knights and captured works of art. Alliance Ability Concepts: Army of Giants: Allows for easier times capturing objectives in objective-based scenarios, and lifts the restrictions on Behemoths when building a force. Realm Shakers: Allows for the faction to destroy terrain and remove any effects it may have had. Whenever they destroy a terrain, or completely destroy a Unit, they gain a Devastation Point. Devastation Points are spent to ignore the effects of a damage chart on a model for a turn, and therefore are hard to come by. Unit Concepts: Gahl’ra Mountain Breaker: Character Hero, Kit A Model. A unique Gargantess, and a major political force within the faction. She wields a special spear and a unique shield, but also has the floating stones of the Earth Maiden option. She attacks in melee with her Spear, Stomps, and Shield Smashes, and attacks at range with her Floating Stones. She ignores the rend of attacks made against her. She is a Wizard that can cast and unbind 2 spells a turn. Her innate spell draws a line from her to a certain distance away, and any enemy units that line crosses will take Mortal Wounds. Her innate Command Ability grants a target Gargant Unit to make more attacks in Melee for the turn. Uniquely makes the Mountain Guard Battleline. Earth Maiden: Magic Hero, Kit A Model. A Gargantess surrounded by floating stones. She attacks with stomps, and throws rocks as a ranged attack. Can only cast/unbind one spell a turn. Her innate spell allows one unit to ignore the rend characteristic of whatever is attacking them. Beast Mistress: Support Hero, Kit A Model. A Gargantess wielding a spear with a Mountain Hawk on her arm. She attacks with the spear and stomps in melee, and uses the Hawk to attack from a range. She increases the bravery of Gargant Beasts and Cloud Hawks by being around them. Grants Gargant Beasts Battleline Status. War Mother: Combat Hero, Kit A Model. A Gargantess wielding a spear and a shield. Attacks with the spear, stomps, and shield smashes. She ignores the rend of attacks against her. Natural army commander whose command ability increases the to-hit odds of Gargant allies within her radius. Ruinstone Bearer: Anti-Magic Support Hero, a Totem, Kit B Model. A Gargant carrying around a carved monolith that he can squash the enemy with, as well as the customary stomp attacks.. The monolith also has the additional effect making it harder for enemies to cast spells within a radius of the model. Stoneroarer: Musician Support Hero, Kit B Model. A Gargant carrying around a giant horn that he blows. Squashes and kicks the enemy with hands and feet. Effectively acts as an army-wide musician by allowing charges to be rerolled and adding distance to a charge naturally. Pulverizers: Melee Unit, Kit C Model. Gargants carrying a large melee weapon that could be a pick, a hammer, or even just a club. Attacks with stomps and their weapon. Gain a bonus to hit against monsters and war-machines due to more equal footing. In groups of 1 to 5, but has no formal leader. Battleline with Citycrusher Faction Allegiance. Avalanchers: Ranged Unit, Kit C Model. Gargants carrying stones used for throwing in a bag. Attack with stomps and smashes in melee, and can throw boulders as a ranged attack. Get a universal bonus to hit against war-machines; demolition is their specialty. Special feature: If they kill at least 1 model with their melee attacks, they can make 1 immediate ranged attack against another unit, ignoring the unit they are standing next to. In groups of 1 to 5, but has no formal leader. Earthshakers: Special Attack Unit, Kit C Model. Gargants that have been magically enchanted, but carry no weapons. They attack with stomps and smashes. Any unit within a certain radius of them suffer an Armor Save negative as the area around them shakes from enhanced vibrations caused by their stomps. In groups of 1 to 5, but has no formal leader. Catastrophics: Elite Unit, Kit D Model. Gargants wearing crude armor pounded out of the armor of their foes and wielding long Greatclubs. They attack with their Greatclubs and by Stomping and Smashing. Their blows are incredibly powerful; if they get a 6 on the to-wound, then their damage gets turned into mortal wounds. In groups of 1 to 3, but with no formal leader. Mountain Guard: Elite Guarding Unit, Kit D Model. Gargants who wear crude armor pounded out of the armor of their foes and wielding massive tower shields. They attack with their Tower Shields and by Stomping and Smashing. If they are standing close to a Hero Model, there is a chance any attack directed at that Hero Model will be directed to them instead. In addition, when they make a charge attack, they can always travel the full distance and move over enemy units. Units they ‘move over’ are pushed away from them and must roll to see if they take mortal wounds. In groups of 1 to 3, but with no formal leader. Gargant Beasts: ‘Cavalry’ Unit, Kit E Model. Appear as prehistoric mammalian monsters with large, toothy crocodilian heads. They attack with their powerful snapping jaws. Get a bonus on the to-wound roll during a charge. The Pack Alpha gets an additional attack. In groups of 3 to 12. Cloud Hawks: Fast-Attack Flying Unit, Kit F Model. Quick, flying hawks the size of men that attack with their ripping beaks. They can start off of the battlefield initially and come on later, like several other units. Also have terrible bravery, and are not very tough. The Cast Alpha gets an additional attack. In groups of 5 to 20. Command Traits Concepts: Given to the commander. Basic +1 Wounds Basic Enhance Command Ability Radius/Range Increased To-Hit versus Heroes Increased To-Hit versus Monsters Increased natural Armor Save. Heal wounds after killing X models. Magical Artifacts: A special doohickey for 1 hero and every hero for every battalion used. Trophies of Destroyed Kingdoms: Bonus to hit Heroes and War Machines. Spell-Eating Shield: This hero can unbind 1 more spell per turn, or unbind 1 spell per turn as if it were a wizard. Ancient Lens: To-Hit bonus with Ranged Attacks. Skulls of Fallen Armies: 1 weapon (chosen at start of battle) gains an additional attack for every 10 models in target unit. Statue of Victory: Bravery Buff Radius. Landforged Crystal: Ignore the effects of terrain. Lore of the Earth Concepts: A bonus spell for the wizards. Feet of Clay: Target enemy unit, they lose a lot of speed. Rubble-Flinger: Target enemy unit, deal damage, do more damage if there are more models in the enemy unit. Upheaval: Target non-flying enemy unit, move them a certain distance as you see fit. Crushing Weight: All flying units within radius of caster lose Flight for the turn, which results in a huge speed debuff - some might not be able to move! Skin of Stone: Target friendly unit gets to reroll failed armor saves against attacks w/o Rend. Unbreakable Form: Target friendly unit or self. In exchange for speed going to the pits, all wounds taken are halved, rounded up, akin to the Stonehorn. Battalion Concepts: Trinity: 1 each of Earth Maiden, Beast Mistress, and War Mother: Gain a Devastation Point during the hero phase of the models part of this battalion are within a certain distance of each other. Hunting Party: 1 Beast Mistress + 2-5 units of Gargant Beasts + 0-4 units of Cloud Hawks: Units part of this battalion gain a To-Hit bonus against the enemy unit that the Beast Mistress hits with her Mountain Hawk. Roar of Falling Empires: 1 Stoneroarer + 1-3 units of Pulverizers: When charging, units part of this battalion roll 3 dice and drop the lowest. If rerolled, all 3 dice are rerolled. Tremble of Crumbling Cities: 1 Ruiner + 1-3 units of Earthshakers: Enemy units within a radius of this unit get a penalty on their To-Hit rolls for all weapons. Rocks Fall….: 1 Earth Maiden + 1-3 units of Avalanchers: Units part of this battalion deal mortal wounds on their ranged attack if they get a 6+ on the To-Wound. Titanic Rampage: 1 War Mother + 1-3 units of Pulverizers: All units part of this battalion can run and charge in the same turn. Gigantomachia: Trinity Battalion + Roar of Falling Empires + Tremble of Crumbling Cities: Begin game with 3 Devastation Points. Also, get congratulated by Games Workshop for buying that many gargants. Original Google Docs Edition: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1V93UjDL1_-2uY8f0o1Ckt6uugfia8y77u3rqhNfXrjY/edit?usp=sharing Thank you for checking this out. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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