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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone. Last year I had posted my revised compendium scrolls: This year I have revised them again using the 2018 General's handbook and also replacing my scrolls of Louen, the Enchantress and Green Knight with the new ones from Warhammer Community (which I very much like). Since points for almost everything old went down in the 2018 GH some of these points have been revised where I found appropriate. I also made some artefacts and a brief battle trait section as well. I didn't make any command traits but that's just because I would probably just have Louen as my general in every army he's pretty sweet. Here's my revised Bretonnian Battletome for 2018. Hope any remaining Bret players enjoy!
  2. Does anybody have any experience with the Chaos Dwarves in AoS? How do they play? Are they competitive?
  3. Hello everyone, as an former fantasy battle player who first attempted to bring over Ogres into AoS to then proceed to get butchered more often than not with recent changes I've been looking to other projects. While experimenting with some of the newer/updated stuff at smaller point values I got to looking at another one of my pre-AoS passion projects, and got to thinking if it wouldn't be terrible to try and bring them up to the new system until I find something with more support. The lack of any battle-tome and splintering of them into various little groups was a bit daunting at first, but I ultimately got to thinking of a few lists I could try/change about before either finding an army or re-basing, if necessary when I play with friends it not a big deal but a few shops around here seem to prefer round bases for their events. Open to any suggestions/critics, although I would prefer to stick to aelves if for looks than anything else. List One - Dragon Lord Some of my friends actually suggested Dragonlord host as I was loosing heart in my Ogres, so was the first thing to come to mind. The phoenix was for its defensive aura, we do have a KO player so while it may not be the be all end all figure it would help the list endure her opening barrages. Loremaster was exactly the points needed to reach 2k, mystic shield. Not one hundred percent on the choice but figured it fit and some magic support was needed, I have both models but using the one on horse of this list. The regiments divided as they are to meet battle-line and battalion requirements. Not sure if its better to run the other two as ten or to spit them. Like I mentioned before, it can't really shoot so kind of relaying on the movement and defensive bonuses to endure gunlines. List 2 - Pheonix A more defensive minded list, with the guard's and blizzard aura. Loremaster again for the magic support, plus the added durability to the Flamespyre. Bolthrower was brought for ranged capabilities, plan to keep it way back to avoid loosing the crew. Less mobile than the other list but I believe it is more durable? The other question I have was if anyone has used the battalion, and if so is it worth the points? The two hundred could be used on other things, and as is I'm not one hundred percent on the Anointed on Pheonix counting as the requirement for both an Anointed and one of the Pheonix. If I did drop the battalion would likely replace put another Anointed on the Flamespyre or swap it for another Anointed on Frostheart. Have idea but nothing concrete for the points it would free up. List 3 - Jack of All Trades Not a whole lot to say about this one that wouldn't be repeating what I've mentioned previously about certain unit choices, the Loremaster as a cheap mage, blizzard aura etc. Compendium is fine around her so not super worried about the majority of the list being compendium. However I'm not sure if the combination of different elements makes up for the lack of synergy found with the faction keyword combos used to buff the battlelines of the other two lists, and everything being a drop opposed to the battalions of the others ones. Maybe the higher body/wound count would make up for it slightly? Units I have but not using include the odd ten or so additional units of most none artillery/behemoth/leaders. The mage on dragon, archamage, and swords guard, probably enough to make a seperate Eltrich Council list, but wasn't sure on allies. Coupled with a lack of command abilities like the Anointed and Dragonlords have, battalions, it all resulted in me giving up on that idea for the moment. Other formerly high elf factions, I have some thirtyish lion rangers and a chariot, and odds and ends from the swifthawk, the most of note being ten reavers I think. Thank you for anyone who put up with the big post, I appreciate any and all feedback.
  4. Ghostwriter


    In the death faq it says ; "Q: If Neferata casts Dark Mist on a unit of Blood Knights, do they get +1 to their save against all attacks? A: No." Does this really mean that bloodknights aren't going from a 4+ to a 3+ unrendable save ? Because what then is the effect of Dark Mist on a unit of bloodknights other than gaining the ability to fly ? And another question; Will you be forced to take the necromancer on a nightmare from the compendium if you want a mounted necromancer? His pointcost is different and his spell too.
  5. It was all a bad dream everyone. Here's the real Bretonnian (fan) revisions. Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/jgnwpxbhc7stpnb/AoS_BRET_Compendium_2017 V2.pdf?dl=0 Edit: Revised a typo
  6. Inspired a bit by @HobbyHammers 'This is how I brayherd' blog, I started thinking about my old Beastmen army, as by the looks of things, I could probably make a pretty convincing AoS army with them. This inevitably led me to start thinking, what would I do to expand the Brayherd faction into a fully fleshed out and meaty faction. What would it take to get these guys status to be 'back' And I think, there's not actually a huge amount of work that needs to be done! So let's get the ball rolling. Bring back some units back under the Brayherd banner The Grand Alliance books split some units odd ways. But I think the oddest choice was to send the Centigors to the Monsters of Chaos section. They've got Gor in their name! Why aren't they with the rest of the Gor? I also think that Warhounds and Razorgors should be bought back into the fold as well, these can be the 'hunting pets' of the Brayherds (As much as you can tame and call a big huge slab of mutated pig a 'pet' anyway). I think all 3 of these units make thematic sense in the Brayherds, and don't really double up on anything else the faction has to offer. Bring back some Compendium Scrolls Malagor has a great little scroll in my opinion, that could easily be rebranded into something more generic. Call him a 'Crowfather' or something, maybe have him synergise with the more 'beasty' things like the Warhounds in the list. In a way, he becomes the Icebrow Hunter of the Brayherds. I also think that the Wargor Standard Bearer adds a good little synergy into the Brayherd army, which would be a shame to lose. Which not having a model, leads me onto point 3... A (few) new models Brayherd as a model range, is actually pretty good at the moment. Most of their stuff (barring one which I'll talk about in a moment) is pretty new and still looks good today. But just like any army, they could do with a few new model kits to fill the gaps around the edges. Obviously the aforementioned Wargor Standard Bearer would need a model, but there are a few other kits I think would have potential... First off, a Chariot kit. The tuskgor chariot is a pretty old model these days, and I think it has great potential to be revamped. There was always a bit of wishlisting about a combined Tuskgor/Razorgor Chariot kit, and I think it makes perfect sense! In a similar vein to the Stonehorn/Thundertusk kit, I think you could actually squeeze a lot of warscrolls from the one kit. You've got a Tuskgor Chariot, Razorgor Chariot, and then Character(s) on either variant. I'd definitely want to see a Beastlord screaming around on one. Maybe you can even squeeze in another new character and a Bray Shaman on one would be pretty cool also. The other thing I hope is that, if you build say a 'vanilla' variant, you might get a free Razorgor and character on foot. Talk about good value! You could probably stop there, but I think the other thing to consider would be to replace the aging Centigor kit. I don't actually mind the kit actually, having 5 painted and another 5 in a box. But they are old metal nowdays, and a good opportunity to replace them and give them another weapon option or two. At least a Great Weapon variant, but perhaps a bow variant also (Although, Drunken Centaurs firing bows and arrows might not work out so well). The last thing to consider, is whether or not there should be a special character to 'lead the faction'. I don't think it's totally necessary to do this for all factions. Perhaps Brayherds being a bit 'faceless' and 'goaless' gives good reason either way. A good strong character could give them direction as to what they want to do in the mortal realms, but it may feel a bit too much like the 'Gordrakk' of Beastmen. And of course, a Battletome With new models, you'd want a new battletome. I think if they got the extra models, they have enough depth to have their own battletome without needing their Warherd pals on the side. I think Brayherds will get Allegiance Abilities with GHB2, but of course a Battletome would add in much needed Warscroll Battalions. With the extra units added in, I think you could create some pretty interesting battalions. I think a Beast pack type one with a Crowfather, Warhounds and Razorgors would be cool. With all the chariots flying around, a Chariot based one (perhaps with Centigors as well) would be pretty sweet. Tons of stuff. Thinking about the above... gets me really excited sometimes (and perhaps sets myself up for disappointment). But, it's really interesting to see how close some factions are to being fleshed out. Sometimes all you need to do is shift a few things into the right place and then come back with 1-2 character kits and 1-2 unit kits. For the record, if I did rebase my Brayherds, I reckon I'd end up with something like this: Doombull w Great Axe General Beastlord w Great Axe Wargor BSB Great Bray Shaman Great Bray Shaman 30 Gors with Beastshields 10 Gors with Additional Hand Weapons 10 Gors with Additional Hand Weapons 10 Gors with Additional Hand Weapons 10 Ungor Raiders 10 Ungor Raiders 10 Ungors with Mauls and Halfshields 10 Ungors with Mauls and Halfshields 10 Bestigors Tuskgor Chariot Tuskgor Chariot 3 Bullgors with Greataxes 3 Bullgors with Greataxes Wildstalker Brayherd The only models I don't actually own from the above is a Doomnull and I only have 5 Bullgors (Since I was converted one into Taurax, the Brass Bull which I suppose I could run as a Doombull). I'd also probably need to build up a few Gor for command models for the Additional Hand Weapons, as they're currently one unit. Pretty cool how an 8th edition army translate pretty cleanly to Age of Sigmar in this case.
  7. Hey guys, So I've been a little vocal about things I think GW are doing a bit poorly. I personally think how they've handled the compendium is one of them. The problem I have with the compendium, is that not all things came out equal when they bought out the Grand Alliance books. Some units, slot into new factions absolutely fine because that faction was largely unchanged when it was migrated (Wanderers, Free Peoples, Dispossessed, Slaves to Darkness, etc). Some units are fine anyway, Tomb Kings/Brettonia, because as a complete and coherent faction, they were not migrated. Even if those factions didn't have Deathrattle/Free Peoples keywords, they'd be fine. There are two big issues I have though, some compendium warscrolls have abilities that no longer work, at all. This is my biggest issue. You've got Grimgor Ironhide and Markus Wulfheart, who both have abilities that reference units that no longer exist in the game. That to me, in the digital are is just a travesty. It would probably take someone 10 minutes to pull out that warscroll on the app, update the wording, and re-upload it. The fact they are compendium shouldn't matter, in effect, these abilities are 'bugged' because they no longer work. Some people will say let Old World be Old World, but I don't really get that. These are warscrolls that can be used today, just as valid as a Hellcannon, or Settra, or Sayll the Faithless, or an Orruk Megaboss, or the Celestant Prime. Yet sadly, if someone really liked those models, they're using warscrolls that unless you make a gentleman's agreement with your opponent, cannot be used to their full extent all because GW refuse to update warscrolls (Note: The only time they've updated a warscroll is where they've dun goofed - Lord Celestant on Dracoth missing his shield - or where they've updated a battletome). The other thing I would've done, is either re-branded or re-keyworded as many of the compendium warscrolls as possible to put them into logical factions. Now, I get that what remained compendium, was largely based on what they didn't want to sell anymore, so it's a bit of wishful thinking and not altogether necessary. BUT, there are a lot of interesting characters, that could easily be transitioned into the mortal realms, to add some life into some of the migrated factions. Just as an example. Why didn't GW keep Korhil around? Lion Rangers aren't even a faction. They exist because GW wants to sell those models still, and in theory, will give them some love in the future. But at the moment, you can't run a Lion Rangers army, they have no heroes. So why didn't they just migrate Korhil, call him a Lion Sentinel or something, can even keep the same rules, just re-brand and re-keyword the scroll. This for the most part, effects the Aelven factions. That's because instead of making a more natural transition, the keyword they were given in the compendium was a 'get you by' keyword, and was not migrated when they made the Grand Alliance factions. Every warscroll should be able to fit into a cohesive faction. Whether that's a legacy faction (Brettonia, Tomb Kings, even Highborn) or a current faction in the game. I mention Highborn, because they actually have a good basis as a faction (Archers, Spearmen, Bolt Throwers and Silver Helms), but are missing the generic heroes that got migrated. I would probably for Highborn bring back the High Elf Prince warscrolls, High Elf Prince on Griffon, and also keep Tyrion/Teclis in there. So the one last thing I'll leave behind, is a remade Markus Wulfheart warscroll that I did for my imagined version of the Free Peoples. The fluff behind the 'new' Freeguild Huntsmarshal is that they all make a pilgrimage to the Realm of Ghur to craft beast-slaying Amber Bow's from the trees of that realm. They are hunters who survive in the wilderness around the Free Cities, preventing beasts lurking nearby from running amok. Just goes to show how easy it could've been to fit some existing special characters back into the game. freeguild-huntsmarshal.pdf
  8. Hi all, I attended Bugman's Brawl, a rather excellent 1-day AoS tournament held by the 40kbrawl guys over in Salisbury and my first 2k event on saturday, where I was lucky enough to come second (/humblebrag). Having only found out about the tournament three weeks in advance I wasn't left with much time to paint many new models for a competitive 2k list. In order to get the most out of my mostly Dispossessed collection of models, I checked with the TO in advance and used a couple of converted dwarf heroes I already had as Belegar Ironhammer and Ungrim Ironfist (who's command abilities work very well together thanks to grumbling Longbeards), both fairly obvious who they were representing (not!Belegar stood on an oath stone with a cool back banner and not!Ungrim a slayerish type), and explained to my opponents who they were supposed to be at the start of each game. My list also included Joseph Bugman, who I've used in almost every game of AoS I've played since launch, represented by an official Bugman model. In my second game I was drawn against one of my regular gaming opponents and dearest friends who raised an interesting question the inclusion of legacy special characters in my list. He claimed that including dead special characters from the old setting spoilt his immersion in the game, even though I was using their rules to represent (hastily thrown together) surrogates. I don't think anyone could have much issue immersion-wise with most non-special character legacy warscrolls, as there's no reason why something like chaos trolls, duardin miners or even skeletons riding chariots shouldn't exist in a setting as broad as Age of Sigmar's, but legacy warscrolls representing specific individuals, particularly ones with non-special equivalents (for example Tretch Craventail and a Skaven Warlord) offer a a difficult conundrum, not dissimilar to the current debate raging over Stormcast chapter traits. With a few exceptions like Teclis and Malekith/rion, these characters don't exist in the AoS setting (and if they do undoubtedly don't exist in their current form). If I were to continue using Belegar, Ungrim and Bugman's warscrolls successfully at matched play events what do you think the best way to do it, both clearly tying my army to the AoS setting, and making it obvious to my opponents what their models represented would be? Option 1: Use the Belegar, Ungrim and Bugman models unconverted and painted in their "official" colourschemes with no doubt about who they might represent. Immersion-wise they could be duardin heroes with similar weapons, armour, fighting styles and drinking habits to their historical counterparts, fighting on the battlefields of the Mortal Realms thousands of years later, or my army could be a "historical" WFB one, similar to how guys like Gorbad Ironclaw and Vlad von Carstein could turn up on the same battlefield as Karl Franz back in the day. Probably the dullest option but also the most obvious one. Option 2: Model and paint the characters up like force ghosts, similar to the similar to the ancestor ghosts who fight alongside (ironically) Belegar in Total War: Warhammer, based on the ancestor ghosts who slaughter and orc horde below Karak Eight Peaks in the Gotrek and Felix story "The Dark Beneath the World". Belegar gets decapitated by Queek during the End Times, so it would be neat to have his ghost modelled up with his head tucked under one arm, and his beard folded over his hand. A pretty fun option, but the idea of ghosts leading an army, or these characters spirits having survived into the Age of Sigmar might seem a little far fetched. Option 3: Convert up my own AoS-era characters using the rules for Belegar, Ungrim and Bugman, made very obvious who they're standing in for by their wargear (oath stone, shield, hammer and back banner for not!Belegar; slayerish look, axe and dragon cloak for not!Ungrim, ranger hero with some kind of tankard for not!Bugman). A really fun option, but maybe a little too close to the bone in the current climate of turquoise Stormcast vs Stormcast I've already painted. Option 4: Option 3 with a side of option 2. Convert up my own AoS era characters using the legacy guys' rules, but have force ghost versions of the legacy heroes on hand in my miniature case incase an opponent strongly objects to the models I'm using (really not too much effort. I can't imagine three ghosts would take more than half an hour to drybrush). Option 5: Stop using legacy warscrolls, nobody likes them. If I want to play competitively I should should drop the dwarfs and paint Kurnoth Hunters like everyone else. I'd be interested to know what any TOs think and where these options would fall in @Ben's TPs for WYSIWYG for TPs suggestion regarding Stormhost colours. Sayl the Faithless is a popular figure on the tournament scene right now, and technically an old WFB character (though how many people had heard of him before AoS I don't know), do many people use a different model to his official one to represent him and how does that go down?
  9. I wrote this about a month ago when the issue compendium first came about and SCGT's initial response to it. They have since changed their stance by allowing compendium warscrolls and the subject seems to have died down a bit. However, the subject has come up again recently in the latest Scruby & Wells' podcast with Vince Venturella and on Warhammer Weekly so I decided to post this and share my opinions on the subject. In the podcast, Vince offers various approaches to treating power issues in the game; some of which are inspired by Magic the Gathering (and all of which are more elegant than mine). I recommend giving both episodes a listen (linked at the bottom). I think the Scruby & Wells podcast brings a unique and interesting perspective to the AoS community. With a game that's still so new and changing, it's good to hear people talk about its current state and what they would like to see. One of the more intriguing aspects of his show that I enjoy is the "why" of Warhammer. With that in mind, I've a few forums and podcasts discuss their opinions about compendium warscrolls and "why" they should be removed. It seems that the main arguments boil down to three components: (1) On the gaming side, having strong compendium armies (e.g. Tomb Kings, Bretonnians, etc...) offsets the balance of the game. (2) Since the models are difficult or expensive to get, they should be removed from the game to be fair to the majority of hobbyists. (3) Compendium armies don't exist in the Mortal Realms and "people should just move on". I thought I would play devil's advocate on this: Removing compendium warscrolls means they won't have points in the upcoming GBH2 so they wouldn't be allowed at Matched Play events which is the desired outcome for some people. To me this seems like overkill because it would also affect the Narrative events that use the points system. Since Narrative events inherently focus more on the hobby and less on serious competition, they shouldn't suffer because of changes made to Matched Play. Therefore, by removing compendium warscrolls from the game, Games Workshop would effectively be taking a step back from their original position when Age of Sigmar first came out. So instead of Games Workshop making a decision which would have larger negative consequences than intended, I propose a few other ideas on how the compendium warscroll issue could be addressed and some of their positive side effects. First and foremost, by keeping compendium warscrolls in the General's Handbook, Games Workshop would be taking measures to preserve the state of Narrative and Open play which are the "new kids on the block". They took a big risk in the beginning by releasing Age of Sigmar with no point system and it would be a shame to see one style of play begin to negatively impact the others after only 18 months of the game being released. (1) Keeping compendium warscrolls pointed would increase the number of armies available to play. Again, some people say that this offsets the balance of the game but I would disagree. Since Age of Sigmar has been released, I've heard many podcasts talk about what armies are the currently dominating their local club or scene and it seemed to coincide with the latest release. First it was death with "Nagash and Friends", then Stormcast, then Seraphon, Archaon and Everchosen, Stormcast again (when Extremis released), Ironjawz, Flesh Eater Courts, Sylvaneth, Bonesplitterz and Beastclaw Raiders, then Stormcast again (Warrior Brotherhood). Then, all of a sudden, we hit a break 40k releases and the holidays. It was around this time that we started hearing the "compendium talk" (about Tomb Kings mostly). So to me, it seems that the balance of the game itself was offset with (almost) every new army release. (2) The fact that the armies are rare should only encourage the hobby side by way of alternate models or conversions (i.e. imagination). This would actually promote more creativity in the construction of the army, since the standard options are not available. Since AoS is my first time playing Warhammer (and the hobby in general), I have been wanting to build a Bretonnian army since I didn't get to. I've been coming up with ideas for some (what I think are cool) conversions but, if they are deemed illegal when the GHB2 comes around, I may not continue to work on them because they might not ever see the table. Yes, I know that I can still play them with friends in Open or Narrative play but, like other people, we use points to make sure we are playing on a similar level. (3) Since the Mortal Realms have not been fully explored, who's to say that certain compendium armies don't exist there? If I were to apply some logic here: In the End Times the entire world and everyone in it got sucked through the warp. We already know from the fluff that some of them made it through intact (more or less). Take Archaon for example. Not only does he seem to be the same but he has the Eye of Sheerian again (it was broken before he got sucked through the warp). So if the Mortal Realms haven't been fully explored, and we know some people or groups (skaven) made it through in one piece, it stands to reason that other people or groups might have as well. That's perfect for anyone wanting to create a brand new army or include an old one. And I know Tyler Mengel already has for the Tomb Kings. Now, let's assume that Games Workshop does not remove compendium armies and there actually is an issue with game balance due to the power of the army. I would suggest that final say should be up to the tournament organizers (T.O.s) as it is now. The SCGT has stated that compendium will not be allowed in their tournament which is their right to do. However, I don't think that abolishing all compendium warscrolls is the solution for the reasons stated in (1) above. Instead, I would like to see the T.O.s take a more creative approach. Maybe they could include compendium under certain conditions or standards. For example, an event could say compendium is allowed only if it is fully painted, round bases and WYSIWYG. I know that some of the highly competitive gamers build finely tuned lists with minimum standard paint jobs or just gray plastic models or proxies. These conditions would ensure that the people bringing compendium armies are more likely to be playing them because they love the army itself, not just its power. Also, the T.O.s could require a backstory explaining why/how the army exists in the Mortal Realms. This would make use of the openness of the Mortal Realms (3) and require some creative thinking on the player’s part. The T.O.s could also allow compendium but say they were eligible for best Overall, Sports, Painted but not best Faction. This would again ensure they are there to enjoy the game with others and not there just to win. These conditions are something that I would honestly be ok with if I were to ever finish my Bretonnians and take them to a tournament. In closing, these are some of my opinions as to "why compendium". Apologies for being long winded, but this topic seemed to strike a chord with me. I would love to hear your feedback and see where you stand on the subject. Cheers, Jacob B Scruby & Wells EP14 - https://player.fm/series/scruby-wells-1258638/ep-14-age-of-sigmars-long-term-health Warhammer Weekly 02082017 - https://youtu.be/enGcZlhKtfs?list=PLcdsbwBroEmBGkTuXU79xqvTNctCiYAGW
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