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About Me

Found 1 result

  1. Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I've been working on the concept of Lord Commanders for Stormcast Hosts and would love feedback. All great armies throughout the Realms start with but a single soldier and a mission, The Lord Commander embodies both these traits for their host. They are the first chosen by Sigmar when a new host is to be formed, a champion beyond compare from the souls their divine god has plucked from the brink of death. Many Commanders are formed from Legendary kings or Generals, but others still are rumoured to come from the Broken World in a time before myths were formed, if true such beings could predate the worlds known to man and have walked the earth in days that Gods walked as mortal men. When sigmar comes to form a host its purpose is already clear in his mind, some are forged to guard areas of great importance to his grand alliance, others set out to conquer a specific foe that harries his forces on their advance. Whatever purpose is chosen the Lord Commander is infused with Sigmars bellowing voice as the order is carved into both their armour and souls. Should a Lord Commander survive the reforging process their Armour and Weaponry come not from the Duardin forges that the rest of the host are armed with, instead ancient vaults buried deep within Azyr uncoil to present relics of Myth to these embodiences of Sigmars will. Many relics form the basis of legends throughout the realms, the Phoenix Blade of Aqysh that can blast a mortal man to ash, the Celestial Cloak of Hysh that allows its bearer to tread amongst the stars, such is the power of these relics that they drain the very soul of their bearer, only those of divine will can resist their pull. Armed and Armoured the Lord Commanders stand at the forefront of their hosts, second only to the Lord Sigmar himself in authority it is they who spur on their soldiers in the name of their god. Champion, General, Steward and Judge these men and women define their Hosts (for better or worse). Ralyn'Tor Lord Commander of the Anvils is a Grim and Cold figure, palapable waves of terror ripple in his very prescence, their air crackles with electricity barely contained by his rune laden armour, hidden always behind an exquisitely carved mask his eyes burn with the embers of the forge that has yet to cool off. UNIQUE: No Army may contain more than one Lord Commander, but a single commander exists per host. If the Lord Commander is fielded he must be your general. A Lord Commander may not select relics or command traits and instead has the following abilities. Ability: Shatterfang Blade: Each Lord Commander possesses a blade unique to the host from which they were made, unique and deadly relics forged long ago. Such is the power of these blades that lesser men find their souls torn asunder should they attempt to harness the power. For every model this blade kills in MELEE inflict one additional automatic hit on the unit as their slain comerade detonates into shards of super heated sigmarite. Warcouncil: The Lord Commander is a consumate general capable of marshalling his officers to perform their roles with optimal efficiency. If this model is your general all friendly STORMCAST heroes may use their command abilities when within 12 inches of this model in the hero phase. Consumate Duelist: The Lord Commander is a duelist nigh beyond compare, seeking out the enemy heroes to do battle that they might crush the enemy hosts with but a single kill. Whilst directing their MELEE attack against this model enemy heroes must subtract 1 from all to hit rolls. The Crash of Thunder: The Lord Commander leads his forces in an unstoppable tide of Stormcast, crashing through enemy lines as though they were nothing. In a turn in which this model charges, all friendly STORMCAST models who have charged that turn may make an additional attack with any Melee weapons. Command Ability: Storm Infused: The first of the host still crackle with the power of Sigmars storm, channelling this energy into their brethern around them to boost them to even greater heroic feats. In your hero phase select a friendly STORMCAST unit within 6 inches, that unit may then MOVE, SHOOT or ATTACK IN CLOSE COMBAT as though it were theappropriate phase. This does not prevent the unit from acting as normal later in the turn.
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