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Found 11 results

  1. Hello there... I'm an old player of Warhammer Fantasy. And as a nostalgic one, I can't forget that amazing world that made me fall in love. And now, I'm here in this new world... or worlds. And I wonder if I can play with my beloved races; especially the Chaos Dwarfs and the Tomb Kings. I want to know who is a better option... Can you people help me please???
  2. Hello everyone! I am a serious collector of Chaos Dwarf (Legion of Azgorh) from Forgeworld and i am looking tp buy a Skullcracker model. Preferably, i am looking for the model unsassembled and unpainted (with the original FW bag... or not).. but well i accept any conditions. I would offer the rightful price for such product, knowing it is extremely rare and high demanded. I live in Canada and i will take care of any fees regarding shipping. Thank you very much
  3. Hello there, To introduce myself I am a long time painter, very long time collector and a new gamer. I've tried to build on other armies I own like a Destruction Moonclan Grots and Spidergrot Riders I kept on getting distracted, even trying to finish up the starter box I always went back to look at and thinking of ideas for Chaos Dwarfs So instead of getting distracted I've embraced it and started my Chaos Dwarf Army using a list that would let me use all of my old miniatures the are at the moment sitting gathering dust. These guys are mostly from the 80s and early 90s range so those used the amazing plastic in-house kits that GW now do may be surprised at some of the pics on this thread... you have been warned. For others like myself hopefully there will be some nostalgic trips down memory lane. Mainly so I can use it as a check list here is the Warscroll I'm going for Leaders Bull Centaur Taur'ruk (Shar'tor mini) Draz (Marauder Mage and pet Dragon) Deamonsmith (Marauder Mage) Deamonsmith (Marauder Mage) Units 10 fireglaves (Crossbowmen) 10 fireglaves (Crossbowmen) 10 fireglaves (Crossbowmen) 3 Bull Centaurs (Unknown conversion or Forgeworld models) 3 Bull Centaurs (Unknown conversion or Forgeworld models) War Machines Iron Deamon (Stank Conversion) Skullcraker (Whirlwind & Tenderiser minis) Magma Cannon (Hellcannon) Magma Cannon (Ass Cannon... Yes I said ASS cannon) That the 2000pt list I'm aiming for and I've finished the test mini I did for the scheme, I wanted to do something I could do quickly but also these old minis look good. So this is one if the fireglave/Crossbow minis and one of the Deamonsmiths...
  4. What would be a good army list to start with for Chaos Dwarves? I just want to paint them and have something playable.
  5. Finished my first ever miniatures for my future LOA/CD army, C&C Appreciated :)
  6. Hey all! I've been wanting to revisit an old dream of doing a Chaos Dwarf army from Forgeworld's Tamurkhan book (AoS + General's Handbook rules obviously). The models are just too damn cool and I love the race's fluff. However, I've been looking over their rules and to be perfectly honest, I'm not insanely impressed. Does anyone else feel that their points to power ratio is a little underwhelming? I checked out the mega thread and there is a lot of great info there. I'm wondering if it's possible to make a competitive list from this army. If I were to spend the kind of money that this project would require, I certainly don't want to be losing every game. I can see it has a few good things going for it. Hellcannon look great. At full health it has 2 shots, automatic wounding at D6 mortal wounds, possible to get the hit roll down to 2+ depending on if you're shooting a horde or not. Fireborn are a cool glass cannon to throw at things that need a beating. Keeping them alive certainly seems like a challenge though. Siege giant anyone? I've been thinking something along these lines: Drazhoath - 380 10 Fireglaives - 100 10 Fireglaives - 100 10 Fireglaives - 100 3 Bull Centaur Renders - 160 3 K'Daai Fireborn - 100 Chaos Siege Giant - 220 Hellcannon - 300 Hellcannon - 300 Deathshrieker - 120 Deathshrieker - 120 2000 I'm thinking a gunline like this can be scary, but 1 turn of crappy rolling can mean death. What do you fine gents think?
  7. Any good chaos dwarf force should consist of 30%dwarf and 70%other stuff (yay for fluff) for those who dont know, hobgoblins are basically yellow skinned human sized Asian organised goblins. For mine im using different lord of the rings figures and gnoblar heads. i have two finished who will be crewing my skull cracker along with an dawi engineer. They have been half painted, so apologies for lack of detail and weathering i also have my hobgoblin soldiers, all with out heads..
  8. i was lucky enough to attend warhammer fest... and got ,y hands on the big cow man Huge aint he??? for his hat i used the hat of the tauruk, with the addition of the cloth banding and a few more horns i was on track. His derpy cow hands didnt fit my theme so i kitted him out with some leather mittons. So far i have his base painted, nice of forge world to give us a nice resin base.... Also attached is a custom warscroll for a special character, Bazhrakk, a chaos dwarf mentioned in the old books. A bit of fluff changing later and i have an AOS based interesting character (i already have this approved off at my local GW)
  9. Hey Am in the early days of planning a Legion of Azgorh army and I’m still in the fluff/list building stage. The theme is going to be, appropriately, bulls, bulls and more bulls. So apart from the centaurs, I’m thinking of ‘enslaving’ a beastmen herd, minotaurs, doombull, cygor, ghorgon, etc. Anyone have any other ideas. I’m also looking for a model which I could use to represent (with some modifications) a demon prince of Hashut, bull-headed for preference. Cheers, Ev
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