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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. Welcome All Thought I'd start with a brief background about me and Warhammer/AoS: First taste of Warhammer Fantasy was around 1997 Always been a HUGE fan of the lore and the novels Chaos has always been my favourite army (mortal armies in particular) I have collected the books, novels and special characters for years - love the old chaos champions! Never been involved in the scene, never owned , assembled, converted or painted an army (yes I am absolute theory boy) Decided this year to build an army (FINALLY) & get involved in the scene along with my missus - managed to rope into it (Seraphon player) So in this blog I will be documenting my journey to own a full army and hopefully go to some tournaments. The Army As mentioned, I have always been a follower of chaos, mainly Undivided but also Slaanesh, Tzeentch, Khorne and Nurgle (in that order, never been keen on the pus boys). So with that I plan to start a Slaves To Darkness army. I am going to theme it similarly to the Wendol in the "13th Warrior" film based on the "Eaters Of The Dead" book by Michael Crichton (granted its no Jurassic Park and definitely not the best film or book made, but it is one of my favourite films). Basically the Wendol are cannibal savages in the Norse lands who live in caves, wear bear furs and ride to battle on horses. The plan is to have the whole army mounted (obviously I am not creating a all conquering tournament force) and every model will be converted. This will be a SLOW process but hopefully will be entertaining and informative and through this blog my skill will grow from the advice of you more experienced folk. I have never done any conversions or modeling before but am a fashion designer and did art a lot at school and college so hopefully that will land me in good stead. As mentioned previously, I will be creating this army at the same time as my missus is building a Seraphon army. We have purchased the Skirmish book and Path To Glory book so we will be growing our warbands whilst playing these with the aim to have a 2000 point force each at some point.
  2. Hello, I am new to AoS and noticed there are specific rules about “mounted” units, and how these mounts don’t bennefit from certain abilities and bonuses that can be triggered by characters and such. my biggest question is about Tomb King Chariots— are they considered Mounts? every cavalry unit says in the description they are “mounted on” whatever it is they’re riding... but the Skeleton Chariots say they are “pulled”... Would a Tomb King on Exalted Chariots Command ability for +1 to hit and +1 to wound apply to the Chariots horses? i’ve spent The better part of the night trying to find an answer and have been unable to! Am I overthinking this? thank you to anyone willing to answer!! - HKTT
  3. Hi there I'm new to these forums so apologies if this has been answered previously or has been placed in the wrong area. I'm looking at building a Khorne Bloodbound army list using Skullcrushers as the basis of a Brass Stampede warscroll battalion. However, I wanted to ask the best/most effective way to include another type of unit in order to bolster the Skullcrushers' weaknesses, and also to make the army a little more interesting to paint. 7 units of juggernaut cavalry might become fairly stale, I'm not sure. Any recommendations are welcome, along with a suggestion for a good general to compliment this list. Thanks for your time. Jak.
  4. How do y'all go about assembling and painting cavalry models (including humanoids riding beasts/dragons/giant dinosaurs)? Assemble mount and rider separately, paint separately, then attach together? Any trick to making sure you don't mess up your paint job if you are attaching two fully painted pieces? Or do y'all prefer to fully assemble the model then paint? Does it depend greatly on the model in question? Any general tips or lessons learned from cavalry assembly would be appreciated. More specifically, I am completely new to the hobby and am wondering how best to proceed with my Sisters of Twilight and Sisters of the Thorn models. I have the Thorn's Steeds of Isha complete and have just finished putting together the dragon mount of the Sisters of Twilight. Am I right in assuming that these models in particular would benefit from painting rider/mount separately, as each Sister stands upon their mount rather than sitting (leaving any unpainted area or any area that was simply hard to reach or paint properly underneath the rider easy to notice)? I'm no perfectionist and have not painted anything since grade school, just want to have some fun learning to paint to a decent tabletop standard while avoiding any mistakes during assembly that could make life hard for a novice painter later on. Also with a big, detailed, oddly shaped model like the forest dragon should I wait to pin it to the base until after I have spray primed it? Perhaps even wait to put it on its base until it is fully painted? If I do wait to attach him to the base, what is the preferred method for manipulating such a large model while priming and painting? Go ahead and put some long pins in the model's foot and stick those into a large cork or the like? Any rule of thumb for placing such a spindly model on its base to where it won't look off center later? Maybe I'm overthinking the whole thing and can still achieve a good, tabletop level paint job by completing a full assembly now before moving on to painting. Anyone have any experience with these models in particular or other cavalry models who stand atop their mount (necropolis knights?) or have some other atypical pose besides the normal posture of sitting flush astride their steed? Thoughts? Assembly strategies? What have your experiences been?
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