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Found 76 results

  1. So here in this entry I am going to introduce you to the idea of the campaign. If you know me or my army, you should know that I play exclusively death. I know Skeletons vs Nighthaunts is a bit weird but I have come up with a story (despite appearances). My heroes are: Crixius Shadowend, the Necromancer, Fonasphef The Exalted, the Wight King, and Vasilisa Rickenbacker, the Vampire Lord (or Lady) The story is that Nagash has sent them to an out to an outpost in Stygx (my army is from Stygx) where they are being tested to see whether they are worthy to serve at Nagash's side. Nagash will throw them random challenges and see if his heroes survive, and if so, how long for? I will release content daily (hopefully), but they will always be from rolls of the exploration table, so some days I will give you a summary of them healing and possibly some stats about who they've killed and what their command abilities/traits are. I will be playing the games on my themed board, (even though it is a bit smaller than the size it recommends to play) which you can see the development of in my other blog here. I have not taken photos because for me it is quite an effort and it will probably double the effort that it takes to make this anyway, but I can add photos if this blog (it does not matter which post) gets 10 likes or any other (nice) reaction, just to let me know that people are enjoying this and they would like the content to be of better quality. If you don't like it, don't feel pressure to like, it as I am not begging for extra likes, just feedback. I hope you enjoy, my first proper entry will be tomorrow.
  2. (My own map of part of the continent and Nadir above ) With the White Dwarf's new campaign for the heroic underworld of Hallost being out for a bit now I was wondering if there was any player narrative noble/dark stories out there of the continent and it's fate over the Nadir. :). Just talking about ideas and city maps works too! Here's the article for those out of the loop followed by a close up of the mini Map i made for mine up there (a Revenant is holding the map thus the plant hands) https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/03/06/white-dwarf-preview-issue-452/ Happy to hear any stories or ideas for future campaigns there.
  3. Hello fellow hobbyists! I've been working on a Map-Campaign for our Local hobby shop. Since we're only about 5 Player's within a 100 km radius I figured it would be cool to offer members of this Forum to join in. The Campaign officially starts at the 31th of October 2019. Signing up for this campaign has no obligations; you can leave whenever you want and you don't have to play a single match. But if you play you help your Grand Alliance to conquer the southern reaches of chamon! Forge mighty heroes that grow to be conquerers and defenders that will be remembered through the ages to come! So get your Ossiarchs reaping and your Mawtribes eating! Link for the Sign Up: https://forms.gle/3cKvp8PyeMJwvauT9 The Rules: Campaign Ruleset.pdf The Map (will be decorating a wall in our local hobby shop). complete package with rules and a downlaodable High-Rest-Map: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pGwkgMjIszNEZu7vVB0ioNU1VgDVNp2- kind regards and happy wargaming, Jack
  4. Back in May, I ran a small local event featuring homemade rules for playing naval battles in AoS. I received a lot of encouragement from the Narrative Play forum here, and eventually (after some tweaking from the original event) compiled my original rules with some additional naval homebrew content and photos from the event to make this book! In addition to the basic rules for playing naval battles, I've added rules for weather, naval command abilities, and specialty munitions. If you have any questions or feedback about it, please don't hesitate to leave me a comment, I will be using these rules again for future events, so the more finely tuned they are, the better those events will be. Enjoy!
  5. Hi everyone, I am retiring Hinterlands for the time being now that we have not only the fantastic AoS Skirmish but also lots of exciting fan made content being made for it too. I would like to thank everyone who supported this project, helped it grow and gave feedback along the way. The AoS community is really one of the best things about this game and why I love this hobby so much . Who knows if Hinterlands will ever come back, but for the moment I am going to keep it on the down-low. Doesn't mean you won't still be seeing me around here though . Cheers, bottle.
  6. Hi all, hope this is the right place for this. I'm starting out on a Warcry campaign and will chronicle my Iron Golems story here. The only difference I'm applying is that my roster will be randomly chosen each game. I have two of each model with the exception of the Dominar, Perfector and Signifer of which I have one of each. The Desert Hammers are a faction of Iron Golems that spend their days hunting and overseeing the thralls that roam the deserts of Chamon. They are ruthless in their approach to capture the beasts of the realm and they will take down anyone who attempts to claim the beasts for themselves. This has earned them a fearsome reputation as hardened warriors. Desert Hammers warband roster Raigan Dreadhammer - Dominar Brunn the Chained - Drillmaster Brek Ironlink - Drillmaster Varsk the Defiler - Signifer Grakko the Butcher - Prefector Thavroc Forgestrider - Armator Bhakim Hammercrest - Armator Kos Gorehammer - Ogor Breacher Gruc Goremaw - Ogor Breacher Sald Rageshield - Iron Legionary (Shield) Yoth the Bloody - Iron Legionary (Shield) Thrisskull Twicehammer - Iron Legionary (Twin Hammers) Derrorn Rockcrest - Iron Legionary (Shield) Vakh Irongrip - Iron Legionary (Bolas) Kestrond the Reckless - Iron Legionary (Bolas)
  7. One of my favorite bits of fluff is maps. But more than just official GW maps, I also really like seeing other people's home-made maps and hearing about their kingdoms and whatnot. So this is a thread to share you maps and tell us a bit about the setting for your campaigns. I'll start. This is the Vale of Efengie (named for the store Fun-n-Games), in Ghyran. It's part of a larger region called Eucebium. The Gates of Eucebium are a collection of unstable and/or ruined Realmgates. Bludor is the main bastion of Order in the vale while Chaos currently controls land trade routes from Fort S'nak, a massive fortress erected by titans during the Age of Myth. One of the important features of Eucebium is The Azyrspire. If you walk along it for long enough, they say it leads to Azyr. Settlers used it to populate the area before the Age of Chaos, but it has been closed for a long time. During the Age of Myth, Hammerstadt was a thriving metropolis, but during the Age of Chaos, Nurgle demolished it with a trio of plagued meteors and the survivors resettled in the Vale of Efengie. The Free City of Reaper is a city of mercenaries near the foot of Mt. Koula. It is ruled by the Reaper King, a monarch as ancient as he is mysterious. All are welcome in the city, which often results in skirmishes and sometimes outright war, but the Reaper King's rule must be respected... or else.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    The armies of Efengie have been drawn into a war between the neighboring nation-states of Kytos and Lamellia; a war fought on both land and sea! This book includes a 2-player Narrative Linked-battles Campaign, 3 custom Allegiance abilities to represent the nation-states of Kytos, Lamellia, and Efengie, 5 Narrative Battleplans, 6 Legendary Artefacts of Efengie, and 1 rules expansion to add naval warfare to your Age of Sigmar battles. Plus, lots of fiction and pictures chronicling five months of narrative events! This is the fifth book in this series, you don't need the others (in fact, there's a fluff recap page at the beginning of this one), but if you enjoy this one, you may also enjoy the rest. Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4
  9. Hey everyone! I’m starting this thread to share the small narrative campaign I’m working on, mostly based on the Storm Strike boxset. I’ll post more about the setting and the models later but let me start by introducing my warband’s leader, Knight Incantor Carron, from the Order of the Crimson Sky : I have written a (very) short story to present him, here it is if anyone wants to read it. If you have any criticism on the writing or content please let me know, I need feedback and english isn't my native language Thank you for reading.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    The sages of Efengie have interpreted malign portents ahead. Follow the Efengie campaign through Malign Portents, Coalescence: the Desolation of Eristrat, and the rise of a horrible new daemonic queen! This book contains 5 narrative battleplans with a linked battles campaign framework, Regions of War rules for battling in the Vale of Efengie, and lots of pictures and stories from the past year of Age of Sigmar Game Days. This is book 4. Books 1-3 aren't necessary to enjoy the battleplans or storyline, but if you like this, you might like these others too! Book 1 Book 2 Book 3
  11. Welcome to Dice Dojo's Path to glory campaign. If your starting out in AOS or if your a returning veteran, this slow grow campaign will allow all of us to get into the moral realms and duke it out for glory!Age of Sigmars official day will be shared with Warhammer 40,000's day of Wednesday after 5:00 PM, however don't be afraid to play games outside our night at any location that your comfortable with. Just make sure you log your games with the game master.We strongly recommend getting the Age of Sigmar main rule book, the battletome for your selected army, for Path to glory the General's handbook isn't required but is recommended.Our Path to Glory campign will last for 3 months with new scenarios and missions each week.The first couple of weeks will focus on learning Age of Sigmar in basic open play scenerios with just the bare rules, but as the campaign grows and peoples collections increase, more rules, scenarios and and fun will be added.Another focus that this campaign will be the hobby aspect. I (Tyler LaRiviere) will personally invest into an interesting and worthwhile prize for the winner of the hobby. Link to the event can be found here.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This campaign book includes 5 battleplans, Artefacts, Spells, Prayers, and more to help bring your Warhammer Skirmish battles into the Dark Age of Sigmar. Explore a ruined city with Rewards of Battle tables that tell the story of warbands exploring a ruined city. Follow the Shepherds of Rot as they traverse the Ruins of Hammerstadt in Ghyran. Also, the book includes three Quests for your warband to pursue as they battle and explore.
  13. Hello all, I used to host LoTR events down here in Sussex, but have since moved onto AoS. I think the skirmish format is brilliant, and is a very appealing alternative to the typical 2000pt affair we see at most events. A skirmish event means that list building is simpler (and less restrictive), transporting your army is easier, and you can steer your ship in a different direction as the event goes on by recruiting different units between each round. I'm confident in my ability to find a venue, throw together a brilliant event pack, and get drunk with everyone after the event. My only hang up is that I have no clue as to whether or not people are as passionate as I am about the format, much less as to whether or not people would want to travel down to Brighton/Hove for a skirmish campaign. For those of you who never gave skirmish a go, it is a very different experience to typical AoS, and it has a funny meta in which you have a surprising amount of options. A few examples I've seen are; investing everything in one huge model, building a small horde to drown people out, or maximizing equipment options by taking lots of different models from different units. There are some balance issues (you can theoretically take as many night goblins with nets as you want for 1 point each), but we can hammer those out when the time for balancing the format comes. In the interest of creating a diverse meta, the event would support every single warscroll in the game. The way to calculate skirmish points is simply to double the matched play points value and then divide the result by 10. Starting with 35 points seems like a good idea, as it still makes hiring a bastiladon a far fetched dream, but also means that people can play ogors without being priced out of taking a hero. I am a strong supporter of event exclusive rules and out-of-game exercises that affect the campaign, so feel free to spitball ideas if you like to toy with those sort of concepts. If this event sounds like something you would theoretically want to attend, please respond with your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you for your time!
  14. I started creating this because my gaming group wanted to explore the Realm Master idea from the Hinterlands expansion from @bottle (Thank you dude!). The only reason I formalized it into a shareable ruleset, is because my gaming group doesn't want to play anything else but this (and a bit of shadespire). If it's good enough to get 5 busy dads to set aside a late late night every month for the last 8 months, then I hope it's good enough for you. Thank you to @Pjschard, @Red_Zeke, Aaron and Kenny for the many fun hours of rolling dice. This is from us to you! Renown Or Ruin RPG Campaign Expansion Download Four heroes take their first step towards their own legends, each shadowed by a small group of followers. Together they journey into the spired city to unlock the challenges and riches that have been entombed within. It's not gold they seek, but Relics and Artefacts of old, but even those are a means towards something greater. Even great battles will suffice in transforming them from just another fighter in armies of their homelands into great leaders whose names resonate throughout the Mortal Realms. The only path suitable to reach great Renown crosses over the pit to terrible Ruin. Renown or Ruin is run by a Realm Master (RM) who leads 1-4 players and their warbands through a setting using battleplans and roleplay, to weave stories of legend. Shape their world and challenge them to overcome Battleplan Objectives, find Relics and Artefacts, take on Quests, and make decisions faithful to the character of their Hero. Between excursions into the city of Shadespire, give them places of Respite where their followers drink, eat, share stories about the Heroes they follow, and their legend grows. When a Hero grows in Renown, more people seek to follow them. But fail in the objectives and quests you've set before them, and their followers lose faith and find someone else to believe in. Features: Warbands increase and decrease in Renown which allows the Hero to gain and lose followers. Explore a city full of ruins through simple skirmish battleplans that are instantly more fun with 3-5 people around the table. A Simple Relic hunting mechanic that gives warbands a choice to aid their party or seek treasure for themselves. Heroes and followers can wield relics and artefacts to give them buffs and abilities. Use a Warband Journal to track your player's journey of Renown 6 steps to getting your first game started without any fear! Dusk Plains Skirmish Battleplan for your first night. Master Relic Hunter Skirmish Battleplan for interesting plot hooks. Grim Exchange Respite sheet to serve as your party's first base camp. 8 Sessions, 24 hours of playtesting by 5 devoted gamers with half decent intelligence. There are so many interesting and cool expansions available for playing Skirmish in more rich and interesting ways. Renown and Ruin brings something a little bit different that I hope is worth you trying out with your gaming group. We've had a good amount of time to play and think about improving this. We need your help to make it better!
  15. Hi pals, I'm here to find a solution for the upcoming campaign i want to run in my local club. And here's my doubt: better Hinterland system or the official Skirmish by GW in your opinion? Regards
  16. This narrative will follow the global Malign Portents campaign as it unfolds. Here, the consequences of the Malign Portents choices will directly impact the unfolding narrative - deciding the fate of several Skaven characters throughout the campaign. At least that's the idea. "A sudden but inevitable Betrayal!" Prelude: Doom! Death! Destruction! Corpse-things wake! Corpse-things wake! Creek Doomclaw threw himself back with a screech. His mouth agape with horror as he lost his footing and tumbled backwards down the little metal staircase leading up to the warp-scryer. His rune-engraved warpsaw hand reaching out instinctively for something to grab, but finding no hold but a passing warlock-engineer, making a bloody mess of the brand new saurian carpet adorning the floor, as the warpsaw spun wildly out of control. Doomclaw's mind was still swirling when he landed on the carpet with a soft thud. Pieces of flesh, fur and bone rained down in his wake, caking his already stained robes in gore. What little remained of the unlucky engineer was stuck in his warpsaw, which growled alarmingly, as it tried to tear through the carcass thoroughly lodged in its internal mechanism. This momentary setback was below Creek's concern, who glared up at the Warp-scryer with fearful, beady eyes. The device, which was a series of tubes drilled into a fist-sized lump of shardglass, adorned a thin, crudely cut, oval piece of pure warpstone half the height of a skaven. It was glowing ominously, and color danced across its surface, as if alive. The musk of fear must have been strong on him, as several warlock-engineers immediately bolted for the door with panicked squeeks, no doubt suspecting that one of Doomclaw's contraptions had malfunctioned, and was about to explode. Again. Creek Doomclaw did not have time to punish them for their presumptions, but he did it anyway. With a snarl, he flicked his wrist, and brought forth a burst of warplightning. Reducing the fleeing Warlock-engineers, and the surrounding machinery, to charred ruin. "Imputent fools!" Creek croaked. That equipment had cost him many warp-tokens! He would kill those cretins for violating his-.. Right. He rolled onto his feet, and made a quick glance around his lab. Surely, there were someone to blame. Someone to punish. The remaining warlock-engineers were hard at work. Flicking a great number of switches hurriedly, pulling levers at unplugged machinery, and closely examining empty vials. His workers truly were the cream of the crop. A group of skavenslaves were cowering in a corner, their overseer a pile of ash in the doorway. He scratched absently at his mechanical warpsaw hand, trying to alleviate a phantom itch that layered warplock steel would never allow him to feel. He had the distinct feeling that he was supposed to be doing something, but he couldn't quite remember what. "Spinepaw!" He cried out. There was no response. He tapped his foot impatiently. Where had that untrustworthy coward run off to now!? Creek wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that he was the one that had sabotaged the machinery in the doorway. It was just the kind of thing Spinepaw would have done. "Spinepaw!? Come out here, right now!" - One of the warlock-engineers mumbled something. Doomclaw pounced on him like a shark, grabbed him by the throat and forced him up against a wall. "You mumble-speak without being asked-allowed!?" The warlock-engineer wheezed, his eyes darting wildly about the room. The other engineers doubled their work effort. Their work were simply too important to do anything about the situation unfolding before them. "M-Mercy!" The warlock-engineer squeeked. "Most brilliant of Arch-Warlocks-..!" His hoarse breathing intensified as the applied pressure to his throat deprived him of oxygen. "I only felt.. duty-obliged to tell-inform of Spinepaw's demise!" Creek gripped the Warlock-Engineer harder. "Demise? How!? When!? Tell-Share!" The Warlock's eyes slowly rolled back into his head. With immense effort, he lifted his arm and tapped the bloody carcass stuck to Creek's warpsaw repeatedly. Creek looked at the corpse, dumbfounded. The pulped piece of meat did have a certain resemblance to Spinepaw. He released the quivering pile of Skaven, who sucked in air greedily. Creek lifted the bloody warpsaw-carcass, and compared it to the engineer. With a satisfied nod, he tore a piece of mangled cloth from the bloodied meat, and dropped it onto the barely concious ratman. "You have gift-received promotion! You are assistant now!" The Warlock-engineer was so happy, he cried for an hour. Which was coincidentally about the same time it took for Creek Doomclaw to remember what he had been so agitated about. Upon recalling his scientific discovery with the warp-scryer, he immediately pulled the (un)willing appointed assistant with him out what remained of the door, and hurried down one of the thirteen shafts they would have to traverse to reach the nearest warren. He had a message to deliver. A malign portent.
  17. Hello folks. I decided to share this piece of rules kit that I developed for our local games store, to solve the problem of getting all players together on the same day for a Map Campaign. We've all been there, and it's complicated. Hence, after a couple years figuring out how to best solve it (and being inspired by Firestorm!), I came up with Warfront. This is a Map League/Campaign for a gaming group/store, where every game played, even random one-off games, can count towards the overall advance of each Grand Alliance as they conquer territory along the map. Even better: each new game can benefit from the bonuses accumulated by previous games from players belonging to the same Grand Alliance: either previously established garrisons on the map or Spoils collected from previous victories. All very easy and straightforward: 1-2 pages of rules. All you need is some corkboard, some coloured pins, and presto! Winning battles grants the winner control of the map region and Spoils markers, or if they win a Skirmish battle they can choose to earn Intel markers or destroy the enemies' fortifications. Players keep track of which territories their Grand Alliance controls, and how many Spoils and Intel markers they have accumulated using the coloured pins. Fortified and Garrisoned map regions, as they are developed by winning players, are further marked with extra white/transparent pins (these are places with defensive earthworks or full-fledged forts, respectively). Warfront is also very customizable: the ruleset is meant to be so simple it should work for every map you can come up with for your own gaming group, or even work in multiple systems. It is truly more a logistic framework to organize players than necessarily a rules supplement. The easiest and laziest way to insert narrative into your games. MAPS INCLUDED I have done two maps: one adapted straight from the Firestorm Box set (Flamescar Plateau), and another from the Shyish map for Malign Portents (Southern Innerland Marches of Shyish). But any map released in any Age of Sigmar publication can be turned into a Warfront map: just draw Map Regions lines across it and presto! Just make sure you include 25+ regions, and scatter a few "Permanent Regions of Entry" for Grand Alliances: realmgates serve perfectly for this, in order for armies to be able to always attack across the map and prevent one Alliance from dominating too much too fast. Hopefully this still comes in time for people to run some crazy map battles for Dread Solstice, on their way to Nagashizzar! Enjoy, try it out and feedback is more than welcome. Nuno M, Warhammer Narratives (WHFBNarratives@blogspot.com)
  18. Now recruiting for a Piratey Tale of X Gamers! A TALE OF PIRATEY GAMERS Avast Ye Land Lubbers and hark to my words. Tis' but one frontier untamed, one force that none can yet call their own! To the skies with Ye, to the great rolling storms, fight the thunder gods... ride the hurricanes, and all the bounty Ye could wish for shall be yours! What is it? Quite simply this is a new set of rules and scenarios designed to be used alongside the Age of Sigmar skirmish rules to represent the various crews of Sky Pirates clashing across the realms for loot, booty and pride (also some bragging rights). You get all the fun and action that comes with skirmish games alongside splendour of unique skyships gaining traits, equipment and reknown as your campaign progresses. With a low model count this is the perfect chance to personalise every model to make sure your motley crew is unlike any other, and their flagship is one worthy to be noted down in the chronicles of the realms. Whats the aim? Over 3-4 months players would plan, convert, paint and base up their own unique sky faring warband, sharing progress and photos aswell as hints and tips with each other and working on their warbands backstory. When every warband is completed players will then meet up at Warhammer World for a day of games against each other to decide once and for all who owns the skies of the realms. Sky... Pirates? Thats right, pirates in the sky. The Kharadon are not alone in their mastery of skyfaring technologies though perhaps they are the most experienced. Many a crew of crooks and thieves have taken to the sky either through stolen vessels, magical means, tethered beasts or their own ingenuity and technologies. Crews gather from all races and allegiances from the Steamclad ships of the Freeguild Privateers, choking the clouds with great plumes of industrial smoke to the ethereal ghost ships that ride in on a haunting moonlit night to claim the souls of the dead. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination so why not explore the darker side of the realm. Sky pirates profit from trade unencumbered by tariffs from petty empires down below, they can run goods without clashing in territorial disputes or having their buisness interupted by war and blockades. Most importantly they can steal, pillage and plunder with no lawmen able to give pursuit as they disappear once more into the clouds. Sign me up! Our tale of piratey gamers is quite simple, the aim is to make a crew using the Age of Sigmar skirmish rules totalling 30 reknown with one vitally important difference, there are NO ALLEGIANCE RESTRICTIONS, that right none. You may select scrolls from any grand alliance that match the model you intend to convert, this way you have access to hundreds of unique warscrolls to make a crew that perfectly represents your theme. Every model must adequetly represent the warscroll (no using that grot as an ogre) and the weapons within but beyond this let your creative instincts go wild. Suggested warscrolls: Grot with Crossbow (freeguild crossbowman scroll) Old mercenary (Greatsword) Assassin (Shadowblade) Vulture (Aetherwing) etc Make sure to select a captain for your band of rogues, feel free to get creative with the modelling and background as the captain defines the personality of your pirate crew and their missions going forward. In addition to this unique crew you get to build a unique looking ship to carry your crew into battle and bear their plunder away, this is a great chance to make something truly unique looking that fits the theme of your crew. From a floating temple of the slaan to the steam tank inspired ships of the freeguild to the beautifully ornate and deadly Daughters of Khaine moongliders every ship is unique. For the purposes of gameplay all ships start off using the warscroll for the Kharadron frigate and therefore weapons should be loosely representative (giant crossbow for skyhook etc) and vessels should approximately match in size. Give me ideas! Freeguild Privateers – A warband of ex-military mercanaries in well maintained but clearly dated armour, blackpowder and blades form the bulk of their military. Their ship is an old kharadron hull with massive smoke stacks tended by many deckhands as they funnel coal to keep it in motion. The captain is a wizened old engineer disillusioned with the military seeking to claim his fortune for retirement. Murderlust Sirens – A floating testament to khaines might, this sleek vessel outruns many others in the skies with its razorsharp bladelike form. Mounting its own cauldron of blood and held aloft by ethereal mists it is tended by Daughters of Khaine with wicked spears to pluck victims from the ground or fend of boarders. Harpies cling to the side of the hull to be carried into battle. Wyrdstone Barge – A bizare mirriad of technologies from the Clan Skyre powered by slaves running frantically in wheels whilst their slavers laugh maniacly, this ship often rides in on the storm with lightning rods across its hull powering the lethal lighning cannon on its prow. Globadiers cast poison winds onto unsuspecting victims below whilst stormvermin prepare to pillage and kill. Slaan temple Grotrigger Looted Barge Ghost Ship And more! So what now? Sign up to our Tale of Piratey gamers and select a theme that fits your concept, then start work on the crew. By the end of the first month aim to get 3-5 unique crew members finished (not the captain), these unique models should convey the theme of your ship and each can tell their own unique story. On month two we'll look at captains and their own murderous backstory. PLOGS: Mine (Grot Sky Pirates) - CHARLOTTE - Clan Skyre Storm Riders (PLOG TO FOLLOW)
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