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Found 9 results

  1. Here's my painted Warherd army for which I have been using Mierce minis ( I work for Mierce and oversaw the creation of these awesome minis so I was dying to use them in the wild! ) In AoS terms the list is Warherd Allegiance and contains (name on Mierce site in brackets) 1 doombull (general) (Qaano) 1 Doombull (Cqaa) 6 Bullgor (Sronax) 6 Bullgor (Sronax) 3 Bullgor (Sronax) Ghorgon (Tarvox) Ghorgon (Tarvox) Cygor (Druc) Cygor (Gorugg) I won 3 and lost 3 at the recent SCGT event in the UK. For what's considered to be a bottom tier army I was pretty pleased! The Bullgor can certainly catch ppl out with their long bomb charges! EVen after you go through what they do. The army is a ton of fun to use, is awesome at Duality of Death and can smash face. Though a lack of numbers and low armour can be your downfall in some scenraios/vs some armies. Just remember Warherd strong! (and roll those 4+s) Due to an impending house move (and expensive conveyancing fees to pay) the army is for sale. It contains the following (details from the Mierce site) ##druc, meat-hulk [resin] X fomoraic srónax monstrous infantry starter host [resin] X galagaak, raging tarvox [resin] (2) X gorugg, feral oghurüc [resin] X roaring srónax, srónax unit [resin] (2) X total: £595.13 X# I'm open to serious offers. I will ship via UPS (internationally) and Royal Mail special delivery (UK) only as both are tracked services. For an additional fee I can rebase onto Darklands bases and if you wish (for another fee) I can change the basing scheme completely, though this will take time. If you're interested feel free to DM me here or to mail me timfisher@mierce-miniatures.com - cheers!
  2. Hi All, i'm after one GW plastic Minotaur head, see example below, any one will do.
  3. So I know previously there was discussion on here about this battalion being illegal and I agree that it seemed that way. It seemed even more that way with the FAQ stating that compendium battalions that have units that no longer exist cannot be used. Recently at the GW grand tournament though there was a bullgor stampede. Does this mean we misinterpreted the FAQ and instead of losing access to battalions where the units got a name change it only means ones where the units no longer have points or anything? I am curious to see where you all stand on this.
  4. This is a project I have been considering for a while now, Minotaurs. Or to be correct using the AOS name Bullgors. I used a Nurgle themed list at the start of AOS and took it to SCGT, it was very good at absorbing hits but had not really heavy hitters of it's own. I added a unit of Bullgors with great weapons to try to help out in this and they worked great. So I was toying with the idea of a Bullgor army for a while. Then when the Godbeasts book arrived a formation appeared, The Bloodscorched Bulltribe! Its a nifty formation of 3 units of Bullgor and 3 Ghorgons. All get mark of khorne and other benefits (including +1 wound per model). Not many models so a fairly easy project to complete. SCGT cost of 10 pools so 90 left for my army, gives me a decent force. I have spare points after the formation, so I added in a few extras. A bloodsectrator is amazing with these guys, +1 attack makes a massive difference, and the immunity to battleshock helps as well. Also a bloodstoker to boost the charge is a cheap extra and fits the Khorne theme. I needed some magic, so I added a bray shaman to the list, the trouble was they all looked a bit puny in comparison to the bullgor. I was looking at conmversions when silver tower dropped, and the new Ogroid is a great fit size wise. I use him as a Shaman rather than his actual scroll though as that is more of a match theme wise. Along with him I needed a large monster to summon. A warshrine was suggested, but alas its not a monster, so a giant was my next choice. A bloodletter Herald to summon was my final inclusion to use up my pools. So there we have it, the Tribe is assembled. I have played a few games with it, and may well take it to Rain of Stars in August, if clash gets updated with the formation cost. Will add up some Battle reports soon to show how they are performing.
  5. Shoe

    Warherd Army Review

    If you have been wondering about what it's like to actually play a Warherd, this thread is for you. I ran my Warherd for the entire summer campaign. I played 15 games at 1,000 points. ...and I only won about 3 of them. But! That's mostly because I'm terrible at AOS and constantly forget stuff. I did learn quite a bit and now I'm winning probably 40% of the games I play, unless someone tailors a list for me. I think this changed because I'm getting better at learning how to use the army effectively. This is my analysis! Pros: Minimum requirements for the army & formation are exactly 1k. Eats Stormcast, Ogor and Beastclaw alive and laughs about it so hard, milk comes out their nose. Low model count gives you plenty of opportunity to paint them creatively. Burst damage can be insane if you roll well, I wiped a unit of 40 zombies in a single round. Properly buffed, they hit on 3+, wound on 2+ and get 2 extra swings on 4+ to wound. Best matched against Ironjawz - my best fight left us with 2 Brutes and 1 minotaur at the end of the game competing for an objective at turn 6. Clearly the most fun match of the summer by far. Cons: Pathetic armor saves. Even with shields, it only gives you 4+ in the combat phase, not against shooting. Wood elves tie humiliating notes to their arrows as your cows turn into fat pincushions. Weak against any shooting army. The Ghorgon is a pussycat. It's only job is to look scary and draw fire away from the minotaurs and it works. 3 minotaurs will get more work done than the Ghorgon every single time, so swing him around blindly and paint it vibrantly. The Ghorgon's "Slavering maw" ability has never hit in the history of warhammer. People will tell you it has, but they are lying. I think it's a joke among the GW designers. They sit at bugman's and announce they will drink from their "huge slavering maw" and then while everyone watches, they pour their entire pint in their lap and then everyone laughs and laughs If you have to split up your forces, you will lose. If you fight khorne bloodbound, you will probably lose. Tactics: Stay in a 16" bubble. Don't accept charges. Always take advantage of pre measuring to hedge your bets against being charged. A strong wind will damage your fragile minotaurs and losing even one out of the group of 3 before it can do it's 6 wounds (average) is huge. Only send in one unit at a time if you can. Even if you are able to charge everything in at once. Avoid giving your opponent a free swing at your bulls. Unless you are trying to force your opponent to make a tough tactical choice. If you have to sacrifice something, sacrifice the Ghorgon. Remember all the little bonuses. Like how your banner gives you +1 bravery for every enemy unit within 12" - this saves you from bravery based mortal wound generators like Drycha and Flesh Eater Courts. Always remember to roll unpredictable destruction. Get your Doombull into combat in turn 2. His damage is incredible and he's fairly tanky with 8 wounds. Applying wound order is always Musician, Banner, Bloodkine. Try to force your opponent into scenery bottlenecks, like the door to the ophidian archway, or some other tight squeeze. This will help when fighting armies that can pile in and attack when they die. If there's no reach, there's no damage. General Advice: I run my army with the Runeblade(?) (don't have the book on me at the moment) on the Doombull (4 damage!) and Lord of War giving him the ability to grant +1 to hit to another unit, which has a surprisingly huge impact in controlling the tide of the battle. Get used to winning embarrassingly easily or losing with grace and a smile. Some of your games might not be much fun for you or your opponent unless you bring a ton of banter and keep a good attitude. I painted cow jokes to the bottom of all my bases, so whenever one gets pulled off the table: I tell a terrible cow joke. The saddest win I earned was against gutbusters. I lost one minotaur. My opponent was a prince about it. The saddest loss I suffered was against Flesh Eaters, who beat me by one model on the objective. Super close game though! If you are playing 1000 point games, play on a 4x4 table. It's recommended in the book for a good reason. The main reason being that it makes armies like this viable in about half of the scenarios. For most scenarios you will rely on a tabling victory. Stampede in other armies: 1000 points for a single Bullgor Stampede means that, to fit it into a 2k list, you have to be super clever with "fixing" their shortcomings with 1k worth of chaos units, and your doombull still has to be your general - or get access to his command ability from another buff like from the Archaeon on steed's "Warlord without Equal" or similar ability. I wouldn't recommend having more than 1000 points of bulls on the table because they have to be within 16" of the Doombull to get their synergy and if he gets iced, your house of cards falls pretty hard. Is it fun? YES. It's my favorite army to play. Even if I lose, I am peeling enemy models off the table in droves and most people who beat me feel like they really had to work for it. It's usually when they total up the victory points and say "Wait... I won?" In my experience, the best games are the ones we almost win, or almost lose. I'm probably forgetting something. I had a ton of fun painting mine, I snagged a silver in my first AOP with them! Here are some photos!
  6. This is a question that came to my mind from another forum... I've been a Beastmen player for a very long time, and I always loved them, especially minos. In this last period since Age of Sigmar came I found very, very satisfaying playing huge hords of gors, and I'm pleased to see, they do pretty well even with "big guys"... On the other hand I'm very very sad to see my lbeloved minos turned into pure rubbish in my opinion. Where I play we use the General's handbook pointspretty much always even for campaigns, and pointwise I believe Warherds are some of the worst choices out there.The formation Bullgore Stampede is great as well as the Doombull's Slaughterer's Call... but everything else is pretty much "weak".A Doombull is pure junk compared to his alternatives: Megaboss, Ogre Tyrant, Daemon Prince are all better (he used to be much killy-er than these guys but it's not like that anymore)... 3A rend -2 3 damage?!?!?!? Seriously that's ******...Minos have 2 or 3 attacks (you get 2 more for every 6(5) to wound with the formation ,but to get there you have the 4+ to hit so it's not that they are so killy as it might seem. Ironjaw Brutes are much more dangerous than 3 minos...The funny thing is that 20 gors are more dangerous than minos, cost less and have more potential to get better cause of a lot of synergies with heroes, besides being much more resilient due to wounds: you get 20 wounds with gors vs. 12 wounds for minos with the same armour save for the same price (gors cost 20pts less)...In terms of offensive: gors can unleash with the formation 40A at 4+ 4+ that easely (always) turns into 3+ (BSB) 3+ (Caos and Anarchy) or even an absurd 60A at 3+ 2+ (a roll of 4+ for Chaos and Anarchy while over 20 models and within a range of a hero - both pretty easy to achieve) and are much faster than minosBesides Warherds have no protection at all, and actually very few wounds too, so against most opponents they lose very soon they HtH effectivness (which is also limited see above)At 1000pts you get the minumun:Doombull3x3 MinosGhorgonThat's 11 models 58 wounds... naked... no magic protection... and oddly even weak in HtH.If we compare the Warherd to the Breyherd these numbers get even worse... for 1000pts you get:GorthorShamanBSB2x20 gors10 gors + 10 ungors2 chariotsSo over 80 wounds, magic protection, absurd speed, a powerfull General with regen etc...At higher points the gap becomes even worse.I trully loved minos, they were/are my favorite "race", but now I see no reason for playing them at all...Am I missing something? Do you guys use them and how?
  7. (Pictures below!) Shartor Dragonchewer snorted, sending steam cutting through the evening frost. They had marched far with their quarry and the air even this far from the Jotenburg was chill and harsh. Still, they had escape the daemons of blood that had sought the precious Shard of the Herdstone. First, escaping from the wailing bloodthirsty creatures through an land of haunting ruins continued to trouble the dreams of some of his tribe. Then, as the daemons closed in, his monstrous tribe was able to destroy the ice-bridge that surrounded the deceased Jotenburg over the sea. Sealing the daemons on the mainland and leaving the tribe free to continue their travel. This was not without its costs though as the daemons, in their own desperation, shattered part of the ground themselves and sent many a bullgor to their icy death. The hardest part of the entire endeavor was resisting the Bloodgreed. There was much blood and gore to be had, but the Doombull needed to maintain his focus. To fall to the Bloodgreed, to enter into open conflict with these daemons would be to forfeit the Herdstone and risk shackling his, and Beastlord Kaamagruul's tribes to servitude. Still, what was arrayed before him was no better sight for it carried with it two risks. One, the Bloodgreed, and two, the two armies arrayed before him. Clearly, stopping to devour the nearby town was a necessary but costly ordeal. He licked the frozen remnants of gore from his tusks and narrowed his eyes. The tribesbull closest to him were already losing themselves, huffing, grunting and snorting, tearing at the ground with their hooves and paws. For across this valley a column of the shimmering warriors of Azyr and their Fyreslayer dwarf allies were amassing. Worse, from behind, he could make out the skittering shapes and disgusting sent of the Skaven. These creatures, like the daemons, had sought to capture the Herdstone, and he had little doubt that the forces aligned against him were brought on by those most treacherous of beasts. He needed to pass them. He let the Bloodgreed take over. Vak the Manflayer charged forward as well. The Wargor's own blood had risen to the occasion and he howled a warcry to his fellow Brayherd. When, out of the frost-mists came an unexpected sight. The howls of fury and bloodgreed were met by daemonic shrieks. The air became coppery. As droplets of sleet and moisture turned red, and then stuck to eachother - out of the newly reddened mists came dozens of Bloodletters. The Daemons of Khorne had arrived, but were charging not at the Warherd, but with them. A Blood-flurry tore across the valley. My first game for the Season of War. This was awesome! Three friends challenged my previous enemy and I to a 2v3 game. Stormcast, Fyreslayers and Skaven vs Beastmen and Khorne Daemons. We played this weeks Battleplan. My main highlight came when the Bullgor and Doombull charged Retributors and Vandus, with a Jabberslythe nearby having JUST made the Retributors unable to do ANYTHING (including attacking). The carnage was much, and the Retributors blazed back to Azyr. The doombull fell, but the bullgor send Vandus back as well. The armies of Blood achieved victory, seizing the store for Chaos. In my head, I saw this as an awesome continuation to a mini-campaign my companion and I were playing, which was Khorne Daemons vs Beastmen. Here are the culprits for my side! The Bullgor Hargum Stone Watcher Pictures of Shartor Dragonchewer will come later! He was shy and apparently I don't have any pictures of him. The rest of the warherd will hopefully be done painting soon! Cygor and Ghorgon, as well as some new Bullgor I ordered that I will be painting Khornate since the Tauroi stuff in Godbeasts has me inspired! Oh, there is Shartor on the bottom picture. He was made with a handful of Ogre Kingdoms bitz. The joy of having too many armies. You can always cannibalize them each time. First picture shows what the Stormcast were facing. Second picture shows the battle lines, and the Daemon Prince of Khorne going Ratslaying. Those treacherous creatures! For their treachery, the Clan Skryre shooting did badly, very poor rolls for pretty much all of their shooting! Poor guy. Third picture shows the big fight on my side of the table.
  8. © tom whitehead

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