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Found 2 results

  1. Just curious if anyone else is trying to work out a competitive list for bonesplittas. I'm back to AOS with the general's handbook and I always wanted to do savage orcs. I'll share my current ideas, but would love to hear other people's views: bonesplittas - don't have any big monsters, so we're looking at strength in numbers. We do get a lot of wounds, but there's no way (under 2000 points) that I can find to activate the "extra juju warpaint" that would mean 6 re-rollable. Current Idea for a list: 2000 points (exactly) Snagga Rukk (40 points) 2x10 savage boarboy maniaks (these guys run out to grab objectives - they can also take buffs and beat down small units with their double attacks) (720 points) Maniak Weirdnob: Juju wotznotz, Brutal beast spirits (100 points) Maniak Weirdnob: Big Wurgog Mask, Hand of Gork (100 points) BoneGrinz (40 points) Teef Rukk (40 points) 2x2 Big Stabbas (200 points) Kunning Rukk (60 points) Savage Big Boss (100 points): General, Squirmy Warpaint, Dokk Juice Arrer Boyz x30 (300 points) 3x10 savage orruks with chompas (300 points) Wardokk (not part of any scroll): Kunning beast spirits and mystic waagh paint. maniaks can hopefully go out and grab objectives or hurt units. Big Stabbas also get into place to do some damage - especially to anything with a good save. The kunning rukk sticks around in my zone and tries to hold my objectives. i'd really like to get a wurgog prophet in here, but not sure how best to do it. Dropping "bonegrinz" and one unit of 10 savage orruks would do it for me. Thoughts? What are your lists?
  2. Garuun

    2000pt Destruction list

    Hey guys, I've got a 2k tourney coming up and while I got a kunning rukk heavy bonesplittas list ready I'd thought I would smoosh a few things together and make it work. As well as to take something less soul draining to play against. Here's the list as it stands now; Savage Boss Warchanter Frostlord on stonehorn 2 Huskard on Thundertusk 3x 10 Savage Orruks 10 Ironjawz Brutes this comes to about 1980, Frostlord takes a battle brew and rampaging destroyers. This list has managed to beat the armies I've been testing against (stormcast, sylvaneth, assorted chaos grossness) I'm wondering if I should drop the ironjawz entirely and try something like this; Savage boss Wardokk Frostlord on Stonehorn 2 Huskard in Thundertusk 3x 10 Savage Orruk 3x 2 Savage Big Stabbas Brutal Rukk Teef Rukk This second list give me access to mystic shield, extra artifacts to toss on my heroes and something to work with my savage bosses ability. Let me know what you think and thanks for reading