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Found 3 results

  1. Gotrek

    Are slaughterpriests fair?

    My buddy and i were playing a game today, he's been struggling with his stormcast against my khorne army and he brought up a good point. While khorne doesnt really have missile troops, with the priests our ranged game is still pretty good. I can take 3 of them in a gorepilgrims battalion and then each one has a 75% chance to deal d6 mortal wounds to a unit within 16". Which, granted is needed against stormcast with their 1+ rerollable, healing on a 4+ saves. But it does seem crazy that for 300 points i can spike down almost any key combo piece i want. Basically my question is, within the context of the gorepilgrims, are slaughterpriests too good for 100 points? Im aware they have an 8% chance to deal d3 mortal wounds to themselves (since we can reroll failed prayers) and they are susceptible to ranged themselves with their 5+ save, but their offensive and utilitarian capabilities are really powerful.
  2. Looking at the leaked pics i was a little sad that i cant fit a maxed brass stampede with a gorepilgrims in a 2k list so i did some playing around and want to see what people think. Gore pilgrims (180) 2x10 bloodreavers (140) 1x5 blood warriors (100) 1 blood secrator (120) 2x slaughter priest (200) Brass stampede (180) 5x3 skull crushers (700) 1 jugger lord (140) 3 korgoraths (240) 2000/2000 Korgoraths are just there because i like them, i can drop them but at 80 points each i dont see why i should.
  3. Gotrek

    List idea

    Thoughts on this list? Brass stampede -lord on juggernaut (general, mark of the cannibal and the +1 to rend artifact) -7 units of 3 skull crushers Gore pilgrims -bloodsecrator (d3 mortal wounds banner) -3 slaughter priests (brazen rune) -2 units of 10 reavers -1 unit of 5 blood warriors. 2,000 on the dot.