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Found 13 results

  1. Garion

    My Blood Bowl Teams

    My old Mighty Zug miniature from the 5th edition range of models. This rarity was only released for Gamesworkshop staff at the end of the 5th edition line. more teams below, and much more to come.
  2. I've really been into Blood Bowl and played/painted AOS much less, so here are my teams so far (2 on them commission, not based). If the upcoming Wood Elves team is nice, that's my next project. And finally a shot from little Street Bowl league with StreetBowl Cup:
  3. After having played mostly Gutbusters/Beastclaw in AOS, of course I had to try to play Ogre team in Blood Bowl! At first only online, but now I finally finished tabletop ogre team. I didn´t like any available ogre models, so I bought 5 regular human GW ogres plus Grak and Crumbleberry from ebay and kitbashed/converted them into different positions. Not much - I changed the heads and arm positions, also replaced one hand with Orc Thrower hand. Just minor changes, but overall look became quite different! Then I painted them in simple colour scheme, but added orange beards to pop out. Runts are mixture of Ogors gnoblars and 40K Gretchins. Both ogres and runts came out much better than I hoped!
  4. Anyone have a picture of a Tzaangor next to a Kairic Acolyte? I'd love to give Kairic Acolytes the waist+thigh armor of the Tzaangors to up-armor them, but keep the rest of the Acolytes. Kairic Acolytes are a bit light on armor, and I want to get an idea if it is possible to do this as part of a Chaos Renegades Blood Bowl conversion.
  5. Event Title: Da Boyz GT Event Author: gjnoronh Calendar: Events USA Event Date: 11/17/2017 07:00 AM to 11/19/2017 04:00 PM We are excited to announce registration is now open for the 2017 Da Boyz Grand Tournament and Gaming Weekend. Da Boyz will be held on the weekend of November 17th-19th at the RIT Inn and Conference Center in Rochester New York. This three-day gaming extravaganza features multiple gaming systems and formats. This year we will be hosting multiple events in the Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, WFB 8th Edition, Blood Bowl, and the 9th Age systems. We will host a Friday Blood and Plunder demonstration event as well. We are working to add additional systems as well. We were the first US GT to offer Age of Sigmar and the event has grown by leaps and bounds each year. Please note players will be able to provide a table's worth of scenery to compete for our Best Table contest. If you would like to compete in this contest please email us to let us know. Registration and information on specific events are available at www.daboyzgt.com Venue Information: We are now located at the RIT Inn and Conference center in Rochester NY. A full service hotel with on site restaurants, and bar the Inn is located within a few miles of a wide range of eating and shopping options. Please register under the Da Boyz block. Please note the RIT Inn is NOT at the RIT college campus please be smart when programming your GPS! https://www.rit.edu/ritinn/ Questions – contact us at: daboyzrocgt@gmail.com Important note on Email: In the subject line please indicate if you are writing about 40K/9th Age/AoS etc and Singles/Doubles and then your question/concern. In past years we had over 200 army lists and a similar number of questions sent to a shared email address. It wasn’t easy to keep track of it all. Help us out by titling carefully! Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Da-Boyz-Gt/106293642839491?fref=ts Twitter hashtag #DaBoyzGT @Khornelord
  6. Skaven Blood Bowl Pitch & Modular Sewer Terrain for AOS This blog will document my progress in building a Skaven Blood Bowl pitch which will also be part of a larger modular sewer complex for Age of Sigmar. I will also discuss some of the model making techniques, tools and materials used during this project. I find the idea of building a Blood Bowl pitch incredibly appealing. It's a relatively small project that has the potential to look great. It can also be extended with the addition of a stadium with grandstands and scoreboards. In choosing to build a sewer themed pitch for Skaven this also lends itself to be the initial part of a larger project to build a sewer themed 4'x 6' AOS board. I first played Blood Bowl way back in '88 when I first became aware of Games Workshop and tabletop Wargames. It was actually the Blood Bowl miniatures in White Dwarf 108 that started my interest in the hobby. I had a few games with a friend and subsequently purchased Dungeon Bowl but never really amerced myself into the game. This latest release has piqued my interest as it has a lot of nostalgia for me, it's easy to get into and has the potential for lots of cool updates based on previous incarnations of the game. I've chosen Skaven as I've wanted to paint them for a long time and I think they look so cool. This also gives me a chance to make a start on a project that I've been thinking about for some time. Whilst at the Realms at War AOS event in Cambridge I had the opportunity to catch up with @Wayne kemp, the Skaven Master, and discuss what would be the ultimate AOS table/terrain. When I posed this question Wayne was very eloquent in saying that the ultimate AOS table doesn't exist as everyone has a different idea of what would be the ultimate. His ultimate table would be a Skaven theme, probably sewer themed whereas he said @Dan Heelan would probably prefer a Lizardman theme. I really liked the idea of a modular sewer themed board for AOS as this has the potential to be a multi-system board, possibility of being used for other games, say 40k. I'm not a 40k player but have been collecting Genestealer Cults which lends itself to this sort of environment. I've also wanted to build an urban board for some time. I came across this amazing blog, http://privateerpressforums.com/showthread.php?176894-Magnetized-Modular-Sewer-Cavern-Board-(WIP) , some years ago and have wanted to do something similar ever since. Unfortunately the blog seems to have stalled but there's plenty of great inspiration in there. Building a modular sewer themed board also gives you the potential to build a multi level board which seems to quite popular in AOS at the moment. So my initial plan is to build a sewer themed Skaven Bowl Bowl pitch. Fortunately each half of the pitch fits into a 2'x2' square allowing me to use the two halves as separate modular AOS terrain. The design will be based upon a Victorian style brick sewer with lots of arches and pipes for added Steampunk Skaveness. The pitch will be elevated on a plinth that rises out of the surrounding sewer which contains industrial pipe machinery. The bottom half of the drawing below illustrates the brick and pipework design to be used on the sides of the plinth whilst the top shows the top of the plinth with the pitch squares. I always use squared paper to draw designs for model making projects. I find it makes it a lot quicker and easier to draw, particularly when drawing buildings. I next had to decide what materials I would use for the construction. I wanted the model to be lightweight and durable as it would need to be transported from place to place. I construct nearly all my architectural terrain pieces using sheets of expanded pvc. I have used this for decades, it is lightweight, strong, easy to cut, glue and sand. It also comes in various different thickness from 1mm to 30mm. You can also score texture into it's surface to create different textures such as wood grain, brick or stone. However for this model I would he using it soley for the structure and the paving of the model. The base / flooring is 5mm, the walls are 3mm and the buttresses and pipe shelf are 8mm. I wanted to give the sides, which would be made up of brick arches, more texture and depth so I opted for blue foam (styrofoam). The tools I use for working with expanded pvc are; technical pencil, cutting mat, Swann Morten scalpel, engineeers square 7" & 5", steel rules 6" & 12", sanding block 400 grade, superglue and zip kicker. For expanded pvc thicknesses greater than 5mm I use a circular table saw for cutting. I've not used blue foam much but understand the principles of the material. When creating brickwork in foam I would usually use a biro and draw the brickwork straight on causing the brick work to be engraved. Whilst this can look good it can be inconsistent and can look untidy. This is a reasonably lengthy process due to hand drawing each piece and I wanted to have identical brickwork on each arch. So I came up with the idea of printing each styrofoam piece. I can't imagine this is an original idea as it seems so obvious however I have not seen anyone else doing this. The idea is based upon the original printing process of block printing developed in the middle ages. Styrofoam is a soft material that can be indented, so I created a 'negative' brickwork mould in which a piece of styrofoam can be pressed into using a press. The mould was made from a base of 3mm expanded pvc, the brick design drawn on then the mortar was added using 1mm styrene strips. 1mm expanded pvc was used to build up the sides to hold the styrofoam in place. The styrofoam was cut into strips 9mm thick using a bandsaw which were then sanded smooth to a depth of 7.5mm and cut to size to fit the mould. As you can see from the pic below I used two blocks of wood and some clamps to create the press for the mould. To create depth to the walls I printed smaller pieces of foam to be added to the arches. The printed pieces were then cut and glued. This worked incredibly well, was very quick to use and I was churning out brickwork styrofoam like a Victorian workhouse. This was helped massively by @Mitzy for supplying me with a massive chunk of blue foam. I created another 'generic brick' mould to use for any plain areas of brickwork I would need. To add a little variation to the brick depth I depressed some of the bricks using a piece of plastic. For the pipework I used Hirst Arts pipe moulds 320 & 321 which are fantastic quality. These are quite expensive but having a mould means you can have as much pipework as you like. I used 'low odour' fast cast polyurethane resin as I wanted it to be very durable and Quick to produce. Fast cast resin has a de-mould time of approximately 30 mins. I would need a lot of pipework so I ordered 1.5kg of resin. The two moulds would give me a variety of pipe pieces in two different pipe diameters. This should give me enough variety to make the pipework sufficiently interesting. Here's a wip pic of half the pitch. The space to the right of the pitch will be the dug out area. The squares on the pitch will be paving and the different zones are divided by gutters recessed into the pitch. The pitch will also have drain covers. More progress soon. Thanks for reading. Bish
  7. gjnoronh

    Da Boyz GT

    Save the Date!Da Boyz GT in Rochester NY will be November 17-19 2017. http://Www.daboyzgt.com. New location this year in Rochester itself. We lose the great scenery but add access to a lot of great food and drinking options in the area.40K, AoS, WFB 8thed, Bloodbowl, 9th Age, likely also Warmachine and other great systems. For 8th ed Fantasy we will have Storm of Magic and other non tournament events as well as an escalation tournament. For 40K we will use 8th Edition more rules to come when we know it. Registration is not yet open but mark your calendars and get your hotel reservation in now.Questions? email Gary No daboyzrocgt AT gmail dot com
  8. Hi, I'm new. I like balls and when I say baals I mean Blood Bawls... Well I played a little Blood Bowl for the last two years, I mostly just fester in my house thinking of the fun times I used to share with friends at Bristol Big Uns before I had children, whatever anyone has told you in the past, gaming kids and marriage do not go together like a house and vampire carriage, THE SONG LIED!!! I almost got back into Warhammer Fantasy once, then the old world exploded before I had chance to drag myself away from all the skyrim sloots. Mods be gone. Anyway, let's not be unrealistic here, I'm probably never going to play AoS, I was wholly opposed to it before twitter, but since following some of the well known fantasy 'celebs' on the British tournament circuit and seeing all these fabulous painted miniatures I've decided to but my grudges behind me and come and check out this site. Also I run a Blood Bowl Tournament that I'm planning on spamming all across your boards so needed an intro, lol just joking. No but seriously I do, Mods be gone! It's on the 24th June https://foulbowl.wordpress.com in Cardiff at FSG, be there or be (we use round bases too) squ.......
  9. Hopefully Blood Bowl is AoS enough to allowed here! Just finished painting my test model to sort out the colour scheme, and now have a few miniatures to work through. Does the blue tone on the Orruk's skin give enough of an "ice" impression? I've seen some very blue/white Orruk paint schemes but wanted to keep mine in the green pallate.
  10. The blood bowl bug has hit me really bad! I picked up the box set and the skaven team but i'm making sure i get most of the skaven team painted up before i start in another team. I'm starting on the linemen first . I got the base coats on and washes over some parts. Highlighting is next and i suck at it so not looking forward to it to much! Hopefully more to follow soon
  11. Episode 9 has been available for download. We have our usual chatter and discuss Blood Bowl. Episode 9: Blood Bowl Please subscribe to Age of the Hammer on iTunes.
  12. Episode 9 has been available for download. We have our usual chatter and discuss Blood Bowl. <a href="https://ageofthehammer.podbean.com/mf/play/xv7szt/Episode_9_Hobby_Blood_Bowl_and_Best_of_16.mp3">Download this episode (right click and save)</a>
  13. I'm a long time Blood Bowl player, having played the tabletop and video game for around 15 years. I'm normally a Dwarf player, and I know how to use that team against a variety of different teams. This thread will differ from my 'Path of the Changer' thread, as it's going to solely focus on my creation of a new team specifically for the new edition which is released in a couple of weeks. Now, before I begin I have to decide on which team to go for. I have two real options - Dwarfs again, or Wood Elves. I enjoyed the passing game on Blood Bowl 2 when I decided to play as Wood Elves for a change, and I'm pretty sure that I'd be one of the only Wood Elf players in the area. I thoroughly enjoy painting and modeling, but I can't decide between these two teams. On one hand the Dwarf team is slated to be getting new plastics a week after the new season kicks off (picture below) but then I'm not sure if I should go for them because I can see quite a lot of new players going for them (what with there only being 4 teams being released at this early stage). For Wood Elves I was thinking of maybe using the Eldar Harlequin models - they don't have too much futuristic gear heaped onto them, and the acrobatic look of the models really works for Wood Elves. In the old Wood Elf Blood Bowl model range, they even had a Harlequin with a mask on, so doing masks on the entire team wouldn't be too much of a stretch. And so I leave this to everyone here - which team do I go for?
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