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About Me

Found 13 results

  1. With the new Nurgle releases I've been inspired to dust off some mothballed Nurgle units I've had lying around for some time and with that I figured a painting blog would be fun. Here are the models I currently have which I will be painting up in the coming months. Glottkin 10 Plaguebearers Herald of Nurgle 3 Nurglings 3 Plague drones Gutrot Spume Lord Of Plagues 10 Blight Kings For once in my life I will do my best to avoid going out and buying a bunch of new models and then succumb to some sort of painting depression brought on by having a seemingly insurmountable heap of models to paint (fingers crossed) So I intend to paint everything I have above before getting a new and juicy Great Unclean One for instance. I'm a very casual gamer but I do enjoy a game or two with friends so I thought I'd start painting things in an order that would allow me to start fielding the army as soon as possible. So I'm thinking I will try out a 1000 pts army containing Glottkin, Gutrot, 10 Blight kings and 10 Plaguebearers. I suspect this is probably a pretty bad list so if you have suggestions on other list made with the above units I'd love to hear about it. Now enough talk and let's start of with the first pics of the blog: I started off with Nurglings because I wanted to get a feel for the painting scheme I will be using for the green flesh on my Plaguebeares and my Glottkin: For the skin I started off with Ogryn Camo which I followed up with a recess shade of Biel-Tan Green. Then after a glaze of Waywatcher Green I layered Ogryn Camo back on (here it helps to thin your paint with Lahmian medium to make it easier to get a smooth result) then I added Flayed One Flesh to the Ogryn Camo mix to smooth highlights on open areas of the skin like the top of the head, shoulders etc. Finally I did a finer edge highlight of Flayed One Flesh. Next up will be five of the Blight Kings so stay tuned for that =)
  2. Hi gang! My name is Peter and I run the AgeofMiniatures.com (earlier on the ageofsigmar.eu domain). The webpage is dedicated to Age of Sigmar, with a heavy focus on articles for beginners. I try to write content that answers the questions all new (and older) players have. You know, that very basic stuff that everyone takes for granted that you just know. If you have a suggestion for an article, be sure to let me know. You can find me here, write a comment on my blog or hit me up on the twitters. Content breakdown (not everything on the site): Beginners: Beginners guide Guide to Matched play and Points system Guide to Allegiance Abilities and Allies Guide to Battalions Guide to Endless Spells Guide to Command Points How the rulebook system works Hobby stuff: Brush care Guide on painting your first army A review of all of the texture paints Gaming: Malign Sorcery Endless Spells rundown Malign Sorcery Artefact Rundown
  3. Night goblins... This blog was waiting for quite some time(as had my army of Night Goblins on the shelf). I used to have the 4th ed WFB set + pack of night gobbos back i n the days but sold almost everything in the 90s. Fortunately my mother saved couple of units as a memory of my early teenager-hood hobby. 20 years later( more or less) when End Times dropped on WFB I decided to come back to the hobby. And this is what I found in my mother basement: When I saw my old Night Goblins I decided to get back to painting and maybe wargaming too. That were the End Times in the Old World. I loved that fluff and still remembered all the O&G timeline and stories so decided to create my own background for my army. And buy back all I have sold before... And more... Literally buy EVERYTHING night gobbo related! I don't want even to think of the amount of money I have spent on eBay, ForgeWorld, GW products, Gamezone etc. Everything in pointy hoods I was buying like crazy. And at the same time started creating fluffy background for my army. I decided to create unique backstory and look of the army and than paint it to the highest level possible for me to have a real collection not to be sold again. DA FLUFF: I decided to continue the story of Grom Da Paunch after his defeat. To make the long story short (as this is the World that Was...)- after being defeated in Ulthuan, Grom got captured by Dark Elves and became a prisoner in the mines in Naggaroth. As a born leader he started an uprising with other gobbo prisoners. Thanks to the ancient dance like martial arts invented by NG prisoners - Da Gobboeira - a dance with a chain ball - they managed to escape the dark elves prison, gathered all former captives and formed a great Waaaagh! of toughest survivors on the continent. DA JAILBREAKAZ! As an inspiration for the look of my army I took the poster from "Brother where are thou" by Coen Brothers: And this is how the "jail" motive started: And this was my Skarsnik: (I don't remember how he got to Naggaroth but there was some fluff behind that): It took me longer time to finish my project than the End Times. It was even longer than that... Because I wanted to paint every mini like a character model it took me even couple of years after AoS started to finish the core of my army. But now when the Gloomspite Gitz book arrived. I started rebasing, and finishing my main army. And redesigning the fluff. Stay tuned. The pictures here are from 2014-15 and a lot more to come. A LOT.
  4. After a long while I decided to start some kind of a blog on this forum as I come here quite often and it would be good to leave some trace of my Warclan. The idea of starting a Bonesplitterz army came to my mind after seeing the new Battletome which for me had the same vibe like the oldschool Orcs&Goblins Rulebooks from the 90's when I used to play. As a sentimental hobbyst I decided to use that occasion and bring back the whole range of boyz since the 80's till last plastics. Going through the book it gave me an idea that the oldest models would be perfect for regular boyz as they were much smaller than latest Savages (they are ****** in the game anyway) and the new plastics fit the best as Morboyz, Maniaks and Stabbas. Big and Brutish. So I started browsing on eBay... spent a lot of money and got me a lot of boyz to paint... for next couple of years. I'll add all pictures gathered through last year+ of creating the Warclan. Starting with my recent achievement - The Armies on Parade. I took part in Games Workshop Warsaw (Poland) and won as The Best Scenery and The Best Themed Army. Though the competition wasn't that big (only 4 people taking part in Age of Sigmar in the shop) creating the Warclan and the scenery was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of the Wayang Topeng Warclan. Enjoy and get ready for the story to begin.
  5. Salutations folks! If you haven't heard of a marvelous blog called ExtraBushyBeards well you've been missing out! I have the honor of helping him out with finding more well adjusted players like yourselves. Please aid his town in it's current election while a skirmish campaign rages around it's outskirts. Here's the candidates, voting will end on the 7th. Vote here today!: http://extrabushybeards.blogspot.com/2018/11/?m=1 The post-voting concerns have already been posted as we near the election due date! (Please stop voting for the Realmstone Crackhead T-T) On behalf of the Puffington Empire and it's allies, thank you for taking your time to read this! (Also if you love Narrative campaigns and other such activities then 110% check out this blog. He's been doing amazing stuff since Age of Sigmar started. )
  6. Hi everyone, Recently had a flurry of activity, and I've finished off a scratch built chaos temple based around Tesco Halloween skulls from last October, plus finally began to go back and document my ongoing gamesmastered narrative campaign from the start. Here's a few pictures, as with my last big terrain project I'll do an article on construction in the next few days (check out HERE if you're interested) ? Mark (IG: @hippy_hammer)
  7. Hey guys. It's been a while since I've painted anything or even taken pics for games so I'm making this post to help me keep track of exactly that. My Ironjawz are called Da' Black Hand of Kaz'gul and I had largely considered them being complete until now. I picked up a megaboss on foot by impulse and decided to paint him up tonight. The base is still drying!
  8. Forgive me father, for I have sinned. I have a fully painted Chaos army but I have been unable to stop my wandering eye and I have given in to the temptation of Destruction! Even to my surprise I have decided to start a new Destruction army hence this little Blog. I have been playing Chaos (Khorne and Skaven) pretty solidly since release but something about the new Beastclaw Raiders grabbed my attention, it also did not help that I saw a fantastic version of a Megaboss converted into Blackhand from Warcraft; Warlords of Draenor. These 2 things convinced me to start a new army. Now, my army will not be a pure Beastclaw Raiders army and will instead draw from different factions within Destruction. Luckily, with my Birthday coming up I managed to pick up the following boxsets: Icewind Assault ( 2x Stonehorn/Thundertusk Kits, 4 Mournfang, Hunter, 4 Frost Sabres, and 3 Yet’s) 1 Box of 20 Savage Orcs Megaboss 1 Box of 5 Brutes I will also be picking up 20 Ard’Boyz next week. The army is based around how I want it to look on the table and access to spare bitz for conversion purposes. This is not desgined to be a competiaitive at possible army, however I also don’t want it to be a walkover. In 8th edition Warhammer one of my last armies was an ‘Orcogre’ force created for our escalation camping The Slaughtering Grounds. All the Ogre models were heavily converted with Orc heads, weapons and bitz. It was an army I was very fond of but I was ultimately worried about the impact of AoS so I (regrettably) sold it off My new vision of the army is very much based around Warcraft; Warlords of Draenor, specifically the Iron Horde. This means the main colour for the orc skin will actually be brown, I will be adding a lot of sculpted details to all the models except the Savages to give a more armoured look. The paint scheme will then be dark armour with an internal glow emanating from between armour plates and through grills. I will then be finishing off the army with ice/snow base, I love the theme of them advancing before the storm so I will be following this through to my army as well. I have my first game with my army tonight against a club mates Witch Horde so I shall be able to report back on my initial thoughts, my list for tonight will be: - Frostlord on Stonehorn - Icebrow Hunter - Megaboss - 10 Savages - 10 Savages - 3 Ogors - 2 Mournfang - 2 Mounrfang - 5 Brutes - Thundertusk Beastriders This comes in at 1980 which is beneficial as rolling on the Triumph table is pretty tasty when you can be in combat Turn 1 and all the buffs can have an impact on early combats. This is by no means an optimal list but it allows me to work with the new toys and see if it all gels together. Watch this space as I report games and hobby progress.
  9. 'Allo. I've just discovered some of the amazing painting blogs on this forum and it's inspired me to start my own. I've been painting this army over the past couple of months and I'll be adding to it over the next few months as well. Any comments and advice is welcome. I decided to go for a darkish scheme of blue and black with a few bright spot colours in yellow, orange and red. It's probably not to everyone's taste, but please let me know what you think. Over the next few weeks I'll be adding more goregruntaz (only have 1 finished so far), and some big squiggly beasts from the moonclan grots. I'm a bit concerned that the overall effect of the army is quite dark, especially from a distance, so I'm hoping a few splashes of bright orange squigs here and there will help lift it. Please let me know what you think.
  10. Hey Party People! I am LOVING AoS! Over the past couple weeks I've had a great time playing with my "Raiders of OOP" Fimir Undead Army (I'll post pictures later). But, after some thinking I decided I wanted to work on something a little more modern and colorful. And for some reason I always end up buying new models that end up sitting in my closet, forever unpainted (go figure, huh?). Now that I think about it, I do have a pretty serious case of #hobbywobble. Enter Tzeentch! The Lord of no longer Changing my hobby mind will soon take over my painting table. After seeing all of the great Silver Tower models in person I went to my favorite eBay store, Black Dagger Games, and picked up the following for the beginnings of my warband: Ogroid Thrumatage 10x Blue (Pink) Horrors 3x Flamers of Tzeentch I'll post up some pictures once I have things in hand and built. So, in the meantime, enjoy some sweet John Blanche art. Until next time! CorsairJoe
  11. Seriously though. If you enjoy the story and painting elements of the game, check it out. Or don't... it's not like I care... Really.... I don't even... Ok, please read it! Tell me what you think. The link is in my signature, and also Right here.
  12. Welcome to another irregularly updated blog! In this blog, you'll find badly taken pictures of badly painted models, some pitiful attempts at conversions, and slow-to-read backstory for said models. If you're lucky, you may even trudge through old school tactics that don't apply anymore. Why should you even pay attention to this undertaking? Because I'm trying. Stay tuned for an update tomorrow.
  13. Here are the links to our club blogs. PM me when you start a blog and I will add it to the list. TGA Blogs: Paul Buckler DeadlySarcasm (Adam) Links to WarhammerGamesClub blogs Paul Buckler Mike's Blog Steve's Blog Dave's Blog James' Blog
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