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About Me

Found 8 results

  1. Greeting fellow free peoples of the cities! I am currently in the process of making spell and ability cards for the seven free cities and related units that make it easier to keep track of the vast number of spells and command abilities available, link is below: https://mtgcardsmith.com/user/brandt050/cards Let me know if there are any issues.
  2. Right after the artillery I went with a single character and some tiny conversions. Basically just putting two dogs on a larger base to accompany this beauty. The female mage is Autumn Bronzeleaf from Reaper Miniatures. The doggies are from some companion pack. Also from Reaper Miniatures. For me this model had a lot of first timers to offer. First female character, First non GW and first metal miniature. I like how she looks now. The eyes could have had more contrast and the cloak looks more dirty than properly shaded. This could have been better. Maybe next time Amber is a specialisation for the Battlemage. The Ambermage has a spell granting +1 to wound for a single melee unit. So you need a marker showing that a unit is affected by this spell. I don`t really like those markers made from cardboard or plastic. So i made my own one. This little fella shows everyone that you should`t mess with the boys nearby Here`s the final picture of them:
  3. Stulle


    See the Blog entry for a detailed description: https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1737-the-ambermage/
  4. All righty then. The Tribes joined in to protect eloni from the chaosforces. Hier are the first 20 painted Tribesmen that would be played as Freeguild Guard with Spears and Shields I didn't paint them in the standard like my Stormcasts, because it would take quite long and I think it would cause motivationproblems again. And there spiritual leader (there shaman or battlemage) Also I made my plan what I should paint to get my first 1000 points. So this is my plan: Battlemage (100) Sister Christina (100) Freeguild General - Great Weapon Battleline Rangers of the Verdant Cycle I (100) 10 x Freeguild Archers Rangers of the Verdant Cycle II (100) 10 x Freeguild Archers Warriors of the Verdant Cycle (Sword + Shield) (160) 20 x Freeguild Guard Tribesmen (Spear + Shield) (160) 20 x Freeguild Guard Warriors of the Verdant Cycle (Helebards) (80) 10 x Freeguild Guard Paladins of the Verdant Cycle (150) 10 x Freeguild Greatswords - Free Peoples Battleline Total: 950/1000 The green marked Units are already painted and shown here. The yellow units I already have started to paint some of the models but didn't finished any yet. The red ones are primed at best. So this means I have to paint another 50 miniatures to get to that point. Let's see how long that tooks.
  5. In a time where dark omens speaks of terrible fates and the dead rises to heed the call of the great Necromancer, one can not be too careful. Sky-custodian Harkin Demriksson has returned to his home port of Elgi-Bar, after a long employment for Barak-Urbaz sky-fleets. With the rest of his sky-wardens they act as one more defence to Elgi-Bars sky-fleets flagship Karak-Dahendra. But valour and steel alone can't ward off the destructive forces of magic. Branching out thier businiess, the Rereksfjiord company now offer the eldrich services of Fildredd Decken. Fildredd is a battlemage of gold who has studied the Kharadron's research on the properties of Aether-gold to bolster his own spells effectivness in manipulating the winds of Chamon. In battle Fildredd is a flexible asset, able to both strengthen and heal damaged skyvessels. Should the situation call for it, Fildredd joins the sky-artillery by adding his arcane bolts to batter Elgi-Bar's enemies from afar. A unit of sky wardens, led in the same fashion as the 2nd arkanaut company by Harkin who forsakes the protection of a beardguard to better feel the wind in his whiskers. Alchemist Fildredd on the other hand, has adopted the common costume to wear a mask into battle.
  6. So I've been thinking about magic in Skirmish- the spells will feel different now since they target models, not units. Here are my thoughts: Lore of Light: Probably wouldn't have an effect in Skirmish, since no morale? Lore of Heavens: Sounds powerful, since lightning has a chance to arc to nearby models. Lore of Shadows: Weaker it seems, since you can only make one model inaccurate, not a whole unit. Lore of Beasts: Still a good thing to cast on your general or another strong unit, since it makes it easier to wound. Lore of Fire: Arcane Bolt is probably just as good. Lore of Death: Arcane Bolt is probably better. Lore of Life: Healing might be much more useful in Skirmish, if your army has lots of multi-wound models. Lore of Metal: Arcane Bolt is probably better... maybe.
  7. Somnicide

    Silver Tower Mage Conversion

    Converted up a battlemage from the silver tower set to be in theme for my Stormcast Eternals.
  8. Somnicide

    Battlemage 2

    Converted up a battlemage from the silver tower set to be in theme for my Stormcast Eternals.
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