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Found 10 results

  1. Okay this has probably already been answered: Can units that are taken to fulfill the requirements for one battalion be used for a second battalion? I.E. I take Depraved drove and then want to make them a desolating beastherd?
  2. Hi! I was wondering about Witchfyre Coven and Tzaangor Coven. They both require Tzaangor Enlightened but unlike Skyshoal Coven it doesn't specify if they need to be on discs. So my question is; can you take Tzaangor Enlightened on disc for Witchfyre Coven/Tzaangor Coven or does it have to be Tzaangor Enlightened without the disc?
  3. The skeleton horde start collecting box comes with a warscroll battalion "arkhans skeleton guard". Arkhan, a unit of black knights and a unit of skeletons. Is this battalion legal in matched play and how many points does it cost?
  4. Hi all, Sorry if this has already been discussed. Red Headsmen battalion? All the fluff a side. Is it worth running? Has anyone else played it with any decent success. I also wanted to know if the blood warriors get the 'alter if skulls' ability straight away.. or does the skullgrinder actually have to slay a hero/monster to kick it all off?? Thanks.
  5. The benefits of Battalions are very significant in Matched Play. You can get unique bonuses for your units, you have more options in deployment since you can drop the battalion units all at once or piecemeal, you are more likely to finish deploying first, and you get an additional artifact. GHB17 recognized the power of Battalions and increased the cost of nearly every battalion in the game significantly. I think Battalions are a great system, but a lot of potentially cool and fun Battalions are either difficult or impossible to field in a regular Matched Play game because of their high point costs. This is particularly true for Battalions formed of other Battalions, like the Sylvaneth Wargroves or Stormcast Stormhosts. In addition, armies without access to many competitive Battalions (like Grand Alliance armies and the factions without a Battletome) are left in the dust while other armies can stack multiple artifacts and have all sorts of cool abilities. 40k killed Formations in 8th edition but the core idea of the system (ie: getting specific bonuses for having specific units) lives on in the Command Point and Stratagem systems. Layered on top of the "Chapter Tactics" system providing thematic bonuses, this creates a tremendous amount of options, customization, and playstyles for both casual and competitive play. I believe that Battalions are meant to fill the same role in AOS, but they are currently too cumbersome to use. I would like to see Battalions and Artifacts cost an alternate form of points - for the sake of discussion let's call them "Battalion Points". You could have 100 Battalion Points in Vanguard, 200 in Battlehost, and so on. A weaker battalion may cost 60, while a stronger one may cost up to 200. Artifacts could all cost 40. Rather than choosing between bringing more units or bringing a Battalion, players would choose between making their heroes stronger or a powerful battalion or a weaker battalion and 1-2 artifacts. This would open up a lot more variety in building lists and make every currently printed Battalion a lot more enticing since you wouldn't be hamstrung by unit choices. TL;DR: 1. I am not suggesting battalions should be free 2. Battalions and Artifacts could cost an alternate point system 3. Weak battalions cost less, stronger battalions cost more 4. If you don't want to use any Battalions then you can spend all your Battalion Points on Artifacts instead What do you think?
  6. Hi All, this might be a basic question, so apologies in advance, but I seem unable to find any details anywhere. In the AoS rules, both players take turns deploying one unit at a time, which seems straightforward enough. However, I've recently begun listening to podcasts about AoS and people there seem to treat it as quite normal for a group of units covered in a warscroll battalion to deploy all at once, in a single 'drop'. Can anybody point out where it says this in the rules? As the number of drops decides who goes first, I imagine it's a bit of a big deal - but I've real through GH17 for a while and can't spot anything about it. Thanks!
  7. Lets say I have I have 3 units of Oruk Brutes, a Weirdnob and a Warchanter; do I then get accumulative Battalion benefits from each of Brutefist, Ironfist, Ardfist and Weirdfist, or is the unit composition exclusive to a singular Battalion? Or to put it another way; can 1 Unit be in 2 Battalions at the same time?
  8. I know it isn't the sexiest battalion out there (ahem, Hammerstrike, ahem) but I have built a 2000 point list around the Thunderhead battalion (3 x units of Liberators and 2 x units of Judicators). Lord Celestant on foot is my general with Staunch Defender command trait. He sits in the middle of the formation (2 x 5 man liberator squads with shields at front, 2 x 5 man judicators in behind with 3rd 5 man liberator squad deployed wherever they are most useful). Staunch Defender buffs everyone's saves so the Liberators have a 3+ save, rerolling 1's (2+ should I shine the Castellant's lantern their way) while the battalion special rule & command buff means anyone trying to shoot my Judicators has to get past their 2+ save. When in combat the Liberators with hammers are hitting on 3+ thanks to the Lord Celestant's command ability, wounding on 3+ with reroll of 1's thanks to the battalion's other special rule (the dual sword wielding liberators I keep up my sleeve would be hitting on 2+, rerolling 1's). The whole formation is an infantry tank and makes for a great anvil with the Retributors and Celestant on Dracoth being my hammers. Biggest weakness is the sniping of the Lord Celestant. Faced a Kunning Rukk for the first time the other week- he took first turn and 30 archers proceeded to make 180 shots all at my General. In the end I only failed 5 saves but he only has 5 wounds so that was that :-( In hindsight I would have given him Mirror Shield (-2 to hit from ranged attacks) or talisman of endurance (+1 wound). Either artifact would have kept him alive for another turn at least. If my opponent needs 5+ hit with ranged attacks and I have the mirror shield, does that mean its impossible for him to hit me? Or is a 6 to hit always successful? Does anyone else out there use this battalion? Any suggestions on how to get even more out of it?
  9. The workings of the Ironjaw 'Ardfist always amused me and seemed like a pretty sweet battalion to run under the right circumstances. Has anyone tried it out? Recycling Ardboy units as you run up the field, throwing them into reckless combat seems fun if nothing else. 3 or 4 units of 10 could be good for suicide troops, while stuff from outside of the battalion could help keep the Warchanter alive. There could be some funny synergy with Weirdnobs as you replace Orruks that they fry out with their magic feedback.
  10. gearheadbsnist


    Hi, I'm Jason, and I really like Battalions. I mean, really like them. For me, Battalions define Age of Sigmar -- more than the drastically simplified ruleset, more than the destruction of the Old World, and more than the radical reinvention of organized play. I was never a tournament player in 8th edition, I can't paint to save my life, and for the majority of the last decade I've been a broke grad student living on ramen and sleep deprivation. Sure, in good old WFB, you could make your army list lore-friendly... If you wanted to lose every game you played. Because guess what? Every game was a competitive game, because that's how the rules worked. There was no incentive outside of self-satisfaction for taking the narrative into account when you built your list. In Age of Sigmar, though, with the death of the Old World and the sudden freedom of army composition, Games Workshop gave us something special. Battalions are narrative list-making made viable. They give you an actual reason to build an army that makes sense -- not just because it will win games (it still probably won't), but because it ties into the wider Warhammer Universe. I know, some people don't care about that, and for you there's matched play, and the tournament scene. For me though, the lore matters. The lore was something I could follow, when I couldn't afford miniatures and had no-one to play with, and if I'm going to spend my time and energy building, converting, painting, and collecting these pointless little plastic soldiers, I want to be a part of that. Right then, enough rambling. This blog is about battalions, and using them as the central structure around which to build an army list. That list might be for tournaments (but probably not). That list might be for open or narrative play (most likely), or it might be something that makes the loremaster in you smile. We'll talk about composition, we'll talk about tactics, and yes, we'll talk about points. Ready to get started? Next time, we're going to be making a quick hop to July of 2015, and the pair of Warscrolls that started this whole mess for me...
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