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Found 18 results

  1. The Slaves to Darkness battalion "Godsworn Champions of Ruin" has the ability "In your hero phase, you can pick 1 HERO from this battalion that is within 3" of an enemy unit. If you do so, that HERO can fight." Can that Hero fight once again, later in the combat phase? The core rules state that a unit cannot attack more than once during the same Combat Phase but the battalion allows the selected hero to attack during the Hero Phase.
  2. Hi, I think we all know the rule mess that is Allegiance + Battalions. For those of you who don't know. Here some of the points that already exist. First of, the corerules itself don't care about battalions in case of allegiance. They only say that units in Battalions don't count towards the number of allies. The Corebook FAQ tried to clear this with those two points: Which basicly kills off how Battalions were used in 1.0 (with the combination that allied units are still allied units, without counting against ally restrictions) With those points they created basicly that Soulblight can't take the "Castellans of the Crimson Keep" Battalion because it is classified as a "Death" Battalion, not a "Soulblight" Battalion. In case of Beasts of Chaos they had to make an Errata for the 4 god Battalions, so they can be used in the god list as well as in a beasts of chaos List (because the 4 chaos God Allegiances weren't part of the Beasts of Chaos Book Defenders of Lethis and Legion of Grief can't get any Battalions because they forgot to write in the text that Battalions get the keyword (but still having the problem in case of Legion of Grief that Deathmarch is a "Death" Battalion, not a "Deathrattle" Battalion. And now with the release of Orruk Warclans, GW created basicly a new hole thanks to their FAQ. As we see in the FAQ above, belong the Battalions to all Factions in the Battletome. So the Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz Battalions belong to Ironjawz, Orruks/Big Waagh! and Bonesplitterz. Which means, that you can basicly put an Ironjawz Battalion into a Bonesplitterz list or vice versa without spending any allypoints because the Battalion is part of the Allegiance. That raises the question (at least it has been mine for years), whether it would have been easier to give the battalions keywords as well, whereby Ironjawz Battalione would have "DESTRUCTION, ORRUK, IRONJAWZ" and Bonesplitterz Battalione "DESTRUCTION, ORRUK, BONESPLITTERZ " With just a minimal change in the basic rules that allied units in battalions do not count against number / points, if the battalion has a the correct alleginace keyword and you would have had beat nearly all the FAQ points battalions in the subject. What is your oppinion to this?
  3. Hi, If I lose one of the battalions units I Will lose the battalions bônus?
  4. I'm confused as to what benefit (besides the extra artefact and command point) the Nighthaunt Procession battalion is. It replaces the Nighthaunt battle trait Deathless Spirits with what seems to be to be exactly the same ability. Am I misunderstanding it? Is there and tactical benefit I'm not seeing? Also how does this work with the Shroudguard battalion ability? Can the Frenzied Fervour save be made in addition to the Procession save since Frenzied Fervour only says it doesn't work with Deathless Spirits? Or does Procession replacing Deathless Spirits mean it also can't be used twice?
  5. Is there anything stopping you from having more than one stormhost in your army/force ? I painted my Starter set as Hammers of Sigmar but I fancy painting the Soulwars guys in a different scheme. I'm asking from a gaming point of view, rules, abilities etc.
  6. So i've tried to make a warband that doesn't suffer to much from the "nurgle number of 7" rule in this list when paying points for them and i seem to be a little bit off in the brain when it comes to organising a proper list. i am really fond of the -1 hit and the excessive mortal wounds doesnt hurt either. so what i need is: Help constructing a plaguetouched warband with Chaos Warriors or Marauders (whatever seems best fitting) if anyone has a great list with a combination of Glottkin / Plaguetouched Warband / Mark of Nurgle / Sayl to help buff your units seems utterly insane, would love too see lists including them. glottkin -1 to hit + 1 attack per weapon command ability warband -1 to hit + mortal wound from leaders and mortal wound on 6's to wound Chaos Warriors or Marauders getting 1 more wound per model until next hero phase from glottkin buffing your marauders or Chaos Warriors to give them 3+ save (re rollable 1's) Teleport them right infront of someones face and go bananas with sayl. Help a fellow nurgle brother out! Just to be clear: I'm looking for a more of a Slaves to Darkness themed list with this Warband. What i need from you: Construct a list and point out do's and dont's and other ideas involving this Warband. would really appreciate the help.
  7. As you know, Age of Sigmar only allows for one command ability to be played a turn. The verminous clawpack for skaven allows the warlord to use its "command ability even if he is not your general". All signs lead me to believe that I can use a command ability of a non-general AND the command ability of my actual general (a different model). My local playgroup says otherwise. To them the wording does not cause a rules modification to allow for 2 command abilities to be used, just that I now have the "option" to choose one depending on my situation. I am at a loss. How best to convince my playgroup that the former case is correct? Are there other examples of similar wording? Have there been FAQs before about this?
  8. Is Sayl the only wizard in Tamurkhan’s Horde or is there another option if you want to take the sons of the Maggot Lord? If there isn’t why is he the one if his ability is pretty much trash in that battalion?
  9. Can you use Bloodtoofs battalion in pitched battle? If so, do you get triumph in next battle? I'd love to try this battalion but I'm not sure if I can use this in pitched battle.
  10. Hello folks. We are wondering in our club how to understand Legacy of the Lodge rule from Warrior Kindband battalion (fyre book) Any Unit of Berzerkers within 10" of runeson, or only models that are within 10" ?
  11. With the release of the generals handbook 2017 some battalions where missing. Like the gitmob's battalion: great gitmob. It is still in the app but i can't find the point cost. They updated the compendium orcs&goblin pdf https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/AoS_OrcGob_Compendium_2017.pdf but the battalion isn't in there... Can someone help me ?
  12. So, I was looking at a spiderfang army, and wondered how the battalion affects the overall army allegiance in relation to grot spider riders still being battleline units? Specifically, since the spiderfang venom mob is an Orcs and Goblins battalion, will grot spider riders still be battleline? Does the army still have the Spiderfang Allegiance?
  13. Greetings All, I have a 1500 pt event (1,000 pt unit restrictions) in January. I play Stormcast Eterenals and was planning on using the Skyborne Slayers battalion as the core of my force. I also considered the Warrior Brotherhood, but I think Skyborne gives me the option to have more heroes at this point level in case I get Place of Power as the mission. This is the list I play tested last Friday against an Ironjawz Ironfist battalion with a mawcrusha, two warchanters, two ardboyz units, and two brute units. We rolled the escalation battle plan. Skyborne Slayers - 140 Lord Celestant - 100 Lord Celestant on Dracoth - 220 Knight Venator - 120 10 Liberators - 200 10 Judicators - 320 5 Decimators - 200 5 Protectors - 200 I went first and dropped them around the middle objective but had them a bit too clumped up to get off good charges. There was some building terrain around the middle and only my decimators were able to charge one of his brute units. One big thing I did wrong was keeping the Lord on Dracoth too far back. I didn't want him to get charged first so he didn't get into combat till the 3rd turn. I forgot to use quite a few things like the dracoth breath and the lord celestant's command ability. At the end of the game I lost 6 to 4. It was a bit of a bloodbath with only my Lord on Dracoth, and my Knight Venator left standing. The IronJawz player had his mawcrusha, both chanters and one unit of brutes. Any tips for how to better drop the battalion or suggested list tweaks? Thanks for looking.
  14. Hi everyone, While browsing through the GH, I realised that aside from the nifty Dwarf copters, I have most of the units in the Ironweld Arsenal faction. I usually use a few of them to support my Freeguild with a bit of firepower, but would it be pure madness to take an army made up almost entirely of Ironweld? I realise you would require battle line units from another faction, (freeguild handgunners perhaps?), but would it be viable? Lacking real leadership with a command ability is a definite con, but with copters seizing objectives and the Artillary Detachment battalion potentially allowing some additional shots in the hero phase, it could be worth a go! What do you think? Worth a shot (pun intended), or a bit filthy?
  15. Hi all, this probably won't be interesting to many but I would like some insight into this. I play my Bloodbound army fluffy, I don't look at which units are big hitters or can last for ages. I tend to try and keep to the warscroll battalions and add a little background to them. That said I have just noticed a possible oversight by GW. The warscroll battalion Bloodbound Warhorde has an ability called The Blood God's Scorn that allows units in the battalion to unbind spells. It also has an extra that allows you to add 2 to the unbind result if a Mighty Lord of Khorne or Slaughterpriest attempt the unbind. This is where the oversight exists; a Mighty Lord of Khorne cannot be part of a Bloodbound Warhorde. The Warhorde can be made up of the following battalions: The Gorechosen Bloodbound Warband Bloodstorm Brass Stampede Dark Feast Skulltake Red Headsmen None of these battalions include a Mighty Lord of Khorne. He is only included in the Goreblade Warband which can't be part of the Bloodbound Warhorde. In my personal opinion I think he should be included in either The Gorechosen or as a mandatory model in the Bloodbound Warhorde. It just doesn't seem right that a Warhorde couldn't be led by a Mighty Lord of Khorne.
  16. So according to the AOS Errata a Battalion is formed from Keywords and not from actual unit names: Does this mean that a Shadowstrike Starhost can be run with units that have the SKINK keyword? Many Seraphon units have the SKINK keyword, such as the Bastiladon and the Stegadon.
  17. This question popped up in a prior thread and I wanted to bring it to the community on its own because I felt like nailing down battalion composition is really important. I've been looking at building a Bloodwrack Sisterhood, so I thought that it is as good as any battalion to use as the example in a discussion. So, I'm interested in building a Bloodwrack Sisterhood. The requirements are: 1 Cauldron of Blood 1 unit of Bloodwrack Medusae or Bloodwrack Shrine 1 Death Hag 3-6 units Witch Aelves, Doomfire Warlocks, Sisters of Slaughter. Could I use the following 2000 point list? 2000 Points 40 Bloodwrack Sisterhood 220 *Cauldron of Blood 220 *Cauldron of Blood 140 *Bloodwrack Shrine 280 *20 Witch Aelves 280 *20 Witch Aelves 140 *10 Witch Aelves 320 *20 Sisters of Slaughter 200 *5 Doomfire Warlocks Everything with the * is in the battalion (basically everything). I used the one Cauldron of Blood to fulfill my CoB and Death Hag requirements, I use the Bloodwrack Shrine to fill its requirement, I used the 3 units of Witch Aelves, 1 unit of sister of Slaughter and 1 unit of Doom Fire warlocks, as well as the other Cauldron of Blood to fulfill the 3-6 units requirement (which the COB can since it also has the Witch Aelves keyword and the requirement on 3-6 is a Witch Aelve unit). So, is this a legal battalion? Everything looks like it is on the up and up except for this one element from the FAQ (see the attached image). The FAQ says that you have to meet the requirements of each battalion precisely (so the exact set of keywords). This list technically violates this FAQ response since it has an extra Cauldron of Blood keyword and Death Hag keyword. If this list is illegal for this reason, what about something like the Plaguetouched Warband battalion which requires 1 Mortal Nurgle Hero and 7 Mortal Nurgle units: can this battalion be filled out with multiple Mortal Nurgle Heroes even though the requirements only allow for a single one (since they are fulfilling the Mortal Nurgle requirement)? Thanks for the feedback ahead of time!
  18. This Battalion requires "One unit of Cold One Knights or Cold One Chariots". Since Cold One Knights no longer exist, having been replaced with Drake Spawn Knights, what was the point of including this option for 80 points in the General's Handbook? There are a dozen or more examples of this sort of thing spread across what once was Wood Elves, High Elves, and Dark Elves. Have we gotten an official response from GW clarifying or explaining why they so hideously broke Aelves?
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