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About Me

Found 5 results

  1. we try 2 of the originals against each other in this battle report. link to battle report We have noticed that some of the later warbands are quite hard to deal with for some of the initial warbands. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just us?
  2. Here is a battle report to give you a hobby fix in these depressing times (I am running low on EVERY paint I need now lol) Video Link
  3. Hi all A friend of mine has recently set up an AOS youtube channel to show batreps, painting guides and reviews. He is looking to build his following and I wonder if there is anything specific you would like to see more of or things/armies that the big channels dont often cover that could be a niche for him. The channel is called log cabin gaming (because it is based in an amazing log cabin we built in his garden, complete with bar and working beer pumps!) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3KFOcLIUQ07AXdpLNpV2LQ Any feedback welcome.
  4. Hey guys! Realized I should probably post my batreps that I've been making. I play Skaven, Gloomspite and LoN. I've been making a habit of doing overhead time lapse videos of my games and doing commentary with my opponents afterwards. It's been a ton of fun and I really think it's made me a better player for having to go back and analyze my gameplay. Fair warning, it isn't a traditional batrep style where we show dice rolls or anything, they're usually 30min and just an overview of how the game went, what worked or didn't work, and what we might've changed in hindsight. I'll post my batreps on this thread, hope y'all like them!
  5. I think that if I were a Skaven warlord that someone would have skinned my hide by now for failing the Great Horned Rat so miserably! Another game against @Ademo's Mixed Death list last night. 2k points. which, If you've sussed the tone correctly, I lost As it's the second time i've played this army, I ran the same army list as last time as it's also the one I intend on taking to a tournament later this year - and practice is good! (Clawpack [30, 10, 10 Clanrats, 30 Svermin], Tretch, Sayl, Warbringer, Stormfiends and six giant rants). I faced a slightly different list than last time, this one dropping the number of spirit hosts and some other bits, and taking a Mourngul instead. Game - Gifts from the Heavens - I set up first, elected to go second. Turn 1. Flying, running mourgul charges down the centre of the board towards the mainstay of my army. rest of the undead army slowly moved forward (well, as slow as an 8" plus run move is) - all heroes tucked nicely at the back exerting influence. My first turn, as there's still no comet - I beef up the unit of clanrats as a first wave. gnash-gnaw, hack-hack, death frenzy, inspiring presence - cast traitors mist of them and send them 'sayl-ing' into the mourngul. To prevent drawing the 40 block of Skeletons into combat, some rats had to miss out, but I threw 71 attacks at the mourngul, and inflicted 2 wounds. He then killed several rats and healed himself right back up again. Turn 2. Comet came down on my left flank. I won the roll off and stupidly elected to go first. In reality, this was my first big mistake, as I then lost all the buffs I had on my now 20 something unit of clanrats as they were out of range. No extra attacks, no death frenzy, no rend, no inspiring presence. They attacked again, inflicted a wound on the mourngul, and during @Ademo's second turn they were swarmed by the 40 skeletons, unable to hold them off for another turn. Left flank secured the objective. Ademo's objective also came down on (my) left-hand side and he made his way towards both Turn 3. Ademo won the roll, which proved devastating. I should have left the turns staggered, by giving Ademo T2 and hoped to get the double turn from T2 into T3. this would have given me the opportunity to properly deal with issues better. His skeletons marched their 8" (coupled with their minimum 6" charge) from the middle of the board to my left flank and wiped out a unit of stormfiends. Mourngul slapped the unit of buffed Stormvermin. I threw 27 attacks at it, inflicted 2 wounds, which were then healed. In my turn, I buffed the stormvermin again but failed to cast death frenzy. Sayl misted them to the left flank out of combat with the mourngul and they hit the unit of skeletons with the verminlord. Combat whiffed and I managed to kill just 11 skeletons. I also charged the mourngul with my warlord and tretch, hoping their rules for removing themselves from combat would hold the mourngul down, but also help them relieve themselves from combat without damage. Turn 4. Ademo won the roll. I forgot that the mourngul can fly. He just flew out of combat, over the top of tretch and warlord and placed himself within 6" of the stormvermin. Everything descended upon my objective. Skeletons horde attacked the stormvermin, but I failed to crack back on account of the -2 to hit from the mourngul radius effect. In my turn, I managed to kill the wight king with a warpfire thrower, but with an enemy unit within 6" of my objective i was no longer scoring (and didn't have the resources to take it back) so threw in the towel. Conclusions. My army is very combat orientated, coupled with a low bravery (highest being six?) the mourngul just ruined me - with, in effect, a 14" bubble, a 12" move and only needing to touch a single mini from a unit, the -2 to hit was devastating to my army. And that thing is straight up a ball breaker - I threw 107 attacks at it by the end of the game, managed about 5/6 unsaved wounds on it total, but it ended the game having 'lost' 1 wound on account of the regen. Coupled with a tank unit of 40 skeletons with 3 attacks, hitting of 4's with re-rolls and double attacks through van hels, an an 6+/5+/6+ save. I struggled again to make headway against this blob. To be honest, there were some serious mistakes on part, and the very combat orientated force wasn't optimal for this opponent (unable to take out his characters). It's possible that this kind of opponent, with a combat army list, is just not a good match up. Either way, it was a good match! I'm playing a stormcast army next week, with lots of fulminators. So it'll be interesting to see how that match up goes.
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