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About Me

Found 5 results

  1. Hi! I have recently started playing warhammer AOS and o boy I am hooked! I started with a AOS starter set with stormcast eternals pitched up against the Bloodborn (a friend of mine took this part of the set). I initially thought the stormcast eternals were kind of lame but I changed my view completely after painting them and reading the rules. But still, I am inclined to expand my army with Seraphons. The first purchace I want to do is the start collecting set of the Seraphons since it seems such good value. After that, I am a bit unsure. I really like the Bastiladon. A big ranged unit couldn't hurt and it looks great! So far, i came up with this list for 1500 points: Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur (280) Skink Starseer (200) Lord-Celestant On Dracoth (220) Lord-Relictor (80) 10 x Saurus Warriors (100) 5 x Saurus Knights (100) 5 x Paladin Retributors (220) 10 x Liberators (200) 3 x Prosecutors (100) Bastiladon (280) Total 1780 points, so i have to make some cuts.. But i would't know what to cut or replace! What do you think of this composition? If you have any suggestions, please let me know!
  2. DodgyRoller


    Pics from the Alliance event 2016
  3. DodgyRoller

    Alliance 2016

    Pics from the Alliance event 2016
  4. A few days ago I went to the 1 day event Alliance in derby run by the infamous ben curry + ben Johnson. The event was 3 games using the generals handbook scenarios blood and glory (I still believe curry named this one) border war and gift from the heavens which ill talk about later, so with regard to tournaments I've only been to the SCGT earlier in the year so I still not sure what to expect, having played stormcast for the last year I decided to take them my list was ... not the most optimized but I had it all painted, the idea was throw the retributors somewhere they need to go then use the skybourne slayers to capture objectives. Simple. So the first game was against khorne daemons... skarbrand, blood letters, bloodthirster with big axe and the run and charge bloodthirster. We played blood and glory which I ended up with a minor win; I found that this game was really about give and take. What I mean is trying to hold onto your objectives while taking your opponents made this game very interesting however I had an idea that if I didn't over stretch my forces and only held 2 objectives that I could win by killing the bloodthirsters and that's what happened. Game 2 was against allarielle who I have mixed feeling about, this was the border war scenario against stormcast and obviously allarielle. This was another great scenario I have a hunch that fast moving armies might do well in this scenario as its all about getting the objectives where your opponent has left venerable, allarielle literally went on a killing spree, killing a unit a turn with damage 5 attacks she constantly got 20 wounds through no problems; but once again I really liked the scenario. Game 3 saw a gift from the heavens... anyways my opponent in this game was using dark alves with a big block of witch elves and executioners both very scary, I played this scenario the day before at Warhammer world and found that I deployed rather centrally to give my self flexibility when the comet came down also I gave my opponent the imitative in turn 2 as I wanted to see where his came down. Again I thought the scenario favoured mobile armies or a better idea is some mobile units like marauder horsemen which also fill the battle line tax. In the end it was a major victory because I brought down the sky bourne slayers and contested his objective also the decimators killed 20 witch elves in a turn hehe, I tried so hard to hide my joy Overall for my first ever 1 day event it was awesome both bens were easy to talk to and really knew what they were doing, plus all the free snacks was awesome I totally cheated on my diet, this was my first real trial of the generals handbook and I loved it the scenarios really encourage well thought out armies relying on fast moving units but at the same time you need bodies on the table. I will defiantly be trying something interesting for Warlords in September. And a big thanks to all my opponents.
  5. ChrisT

    Building an army

    Being time limited nowadays, i have let the whole AoS thing wash over me and have been watching and absorbing through osmosis all the various lists and discussions on forums etc. Is the new way to basically just take what you fancy or do you still need to stick with the factions? i.e. Chaos / Destruction / Death / Order? Also there seems to be so many new rules and books etc coming out, do you need to get them all? How do you know what to pick and choose? Are having the "forces" deployments the way to go to get some funky rules into your gaming?
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