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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I think we all know the rule mess that is Allegiance + Battalions. For those of you who don't know. Here some of the points that already exist. First of, the corerules itself don't care about battalions in case of allegiance. They only say that units in Battalions don't count towards the number of allies. The Corebook FAQ tried to clear this with those two points: Which basicly kills off how Battalions were used in 1.0 (with the combination that allied units are still allied units, without counting against ally restrictions) With those points they created basicly that Soulblight can't take the "Castellans of the Crimson Keep" Battalion because it is classified as a "Death" Battalion, not a "Soulblight" Battalion. In case of Beasts of Chaos they had to make an Errata for the 4 god Battalions, so they can be used in the god list as well as in a beasts of chaos List (because the 4 chaos God Allegiances weren't part of the Beasts of Chaos Book Defenders of Lethis and Legion of Grief can't get any Battalions because they forgot to write in the text that Battalions get the keyword (but still having the problem in case of Legion of Grief that Deathmarch is a "Death" Battalion, not a "Deathrattle" Battalion. And now with the release of Orruk Warclans, GW created basicly a new hole thanks to their FAQ. As we see in the FAQ above, belong the Battalions to all Factions in the Battletome. So the Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz Battalions belong to Ironjawz, Orruks/Big Waagh! and Bonesplitterz. Which means, that you can basicly put an Ironjawz Battalion into a Bonesplitterz list or vice versa without spending any allypoints because the Battalion is part of the Allegiance. That raises the question (at least it has been mine for years), whether it would have been easier to give the battalions keywords as well, whereby Ironjawz Battalione would have "DESTRUCTION, ORRUK, IRONJAWZ" and Bonesplitterz Battalione "DESTRUCTION, ORRUK, BONESPLITTERZ " With just a minimal change in the basic rules that allied units in battalions do not count against number / points, if the battalion has a the correct alleginace keyword and you would have had beat nearly all the FAQ points battalions in the subject. What is your oppinion to this?
  2. Opening up this blog of unconventional picks and tactics, we're going to talk about the allegiance abilities released with the Firestorm Campaign. There's something for each of the Grand Alliances, though the vast majority of them are centred on the ORDER alliance (it was an expansion based on the new free cities, so that's just a given). What are the requirements? For a start, the Firestorm Allegiances recieved an errata where you can only take them as a supplement to being Grand Alliance allegiance. This was changed to prevent armies like Stormcast Eternals abusing the Anvilgard rules and armies like Sylvaneth abusing the Living City rules. As the Firestorm allegiance abilities don't replace your existing ones, and instead add on to them, this was a necessary change to prevent giving existing allegiances a considerable leg-up. Secondly, each allegiance has a list of factions it can include, it doesn't have to include all of them but it can only include choices from these factions. As an example, we'll take the Tempest's Eye free city. So to start, it's important to remember that if for example the army is a Swifthawk Agent's army and you'd like to take the Tempest's Eye allegiance to give yourself a bit of an edge, you still get to use your Shadow Warriors and Spireguard as battleline, because your army is still built entirely of units with the SWIFTHAWK AGENTS keyword. The tricky part is if you want to ally units. You may still ally in as usual, however you can only use the ally choices that are also in the Tempest's Eye requirements (in this case, only the Stormcast Eternals and Eldritch Council). This limits you somewhat, but both contribute well to what a Swifthawk army lacks anyway so it works out relatively well. Allegiance: Order (Tempest's Eye) Mortal Realm: Hysh Leaders High Warden (220) - General - Trait: Inspiring - Artefact: Lens of Refraction Skywarden (160) - Zephyr Trident Skywarden (160) - Zephyr Trident Loremaster (140) - Allies Knight-Azyros (100) - Allies Battleline 5 x Reavers (140) 5 x Reavers (140) 5 x Reavers (140) 5 x Reavers (140) Units 30 x Spireguard (300) 10 x Shadow Warriors (180) 10 x Shadow Warriors (180) Total: 2000 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 240 / 400 Wounds: 126 So here's a list I've bashed up that I would enjoy playing with the Tempest's Eye allegiance. Straight away we can see it's an extremely mobile army. The army's deadly shooting is accentuated by the allied Knight-Azyros swooping down and providing rerolls, and the Loremaster is pretty much good in any army because he can turn any hero into a godly beatstick with the rerolls he hands out. The army utilizes it's extreme mobility to compete against armies it ordinarily wouldn't be able to deal with, using the small speedbost from Tempest's Eye to reach key positions before the enemy does, and gets the enemy into it's shooting range a turn ahead of when it normally would. When should I take Firestorm Allegiances? It almost feels like these armies were designed to give the old Fantasy Battle line that hasn't recieved a battletome a bit of a boost. For example, you'd be a fool to take this over the allegiance abilities provided by being Stormcast or Kharadron Overlords allegiant, but if you have a Dispossessed army and aren't a fan of the Grudge system they were given, or feel like starting a Swifthawk Agents army after going halves with a friend on the Spire of Dawn / Island of Blood kit, these are the rules for you. Comment your thoughts below guys, and if there's anything specific you want me to cover be it a Firestorm Allegiance or anything else, let me know.
  3. There are some factions that have units which count as battleline if you have specyfic allegiance- in this case Ardboys. If someone wants pure ironjaws army, he must pick ironjaws allegiance. In that case he can not use artifacts and traits for destruction allegiance? This is an interpretation of my local gaming club, but the way I see it, you build a legal army using allegiance keywords and afterwards, before battle, you just pick a keyword you want to use.
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