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Found 6 results

  1. Vandrare

    Skaven Generals Handbook 2017

    Hi guys, I've spoken to a few of you recently about my current Skaven list and how I can make it legal for 'pitched battle plans' I started building a Skaven army a few months ago with absolutely no idea. Selecting models I like etc etc but still staying true to point values and fairness for my opponents but was informed on the weekend my list wouldn't be able to be used on pitched battle plans. What I would like to know is, what do I need to do to make it legal and take all my models I have currently got and also once this is done, what will my allegiance be? Very new to hobby and slightly confused. I have tiresly been painting and don't want to sacrifice anything if I can. Here is my list below. Look forward to hearing your answers. Thankyou 1 Skaven warlord 20 stormvermin 1 Plague priest 20 Plague monks 1 verminlord corruptor 3 Stormfiends 1 warp grinder weapon team 1 poison wind mortar team 3 jezzails 1 Arch-warlock 1 hell pit abomination
  2. Hey everyone I am completely new to this forum and very new to the Age of Sigmar world. I am very desperate to get some oppionions or guidance about a current Skaven list I'm playing, to which I was told on the weekend is 'illegal' I have been purchasing models for the last few months now and painting them based on models I like and what I feel is a fair army to field. These models can be viewed on my Instagram @thebrokenbrush anyway I played a friendly match on the weekend and I was told shortly after by a fellow gamer that my army has no battleline or allegiance which is quite conceding as I have spent so much time painting these models and I had been checking regularly with my fellow games workshop staff if I was on the right path. I have been told I could attach 60 clan rats to my army to create a battleline but there is no way I'm doing that nor dropping any units I have now as I am really happy with them. Here is my current 1500 point list: 1 x Skaven warlord 20 x StormVermin 1 x Plague Priest 20 x Plague Monks 1 x Verminlord Corruptor 3 x Stormfiends 1 x Poisoned wind mortar team 1 x Warp grinder weapon team 3 x Warplock Jezzails and I really really wanted to get a hell pit abomination any help with this would be greatly appreciated as I am rather confused onto where I can take this list also with as little painting as possible as I'm close to burning out haha cheers guys, Brendan