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Found 26 results

  1. Hey all, I've been warming up to the Lumineth since their release last year and this upcoming second wave might end up pushing me over the edge into maybe getting into them fully. So my idea for the colour scheme was to do a black marble effect with maybe a semi-gloss for the armour panels with a light/liberator gold edges and details and purple and/or red for the robe and cloth bits. the part i'm stuck on is how i would actually go about doing the black marble armour, i have a few ideas but i thought i would put it you guys to maybe get some ideas. Thoughts?
  2. This is my first go at making a 1k list for a casual tournament happening at my local gaming store. I bought the Soulstrike box a while ago and want to make the most of the models found there. Any thoughts and advice are welcome. Here are my two ideas so far. The first one is just based around the models I have and what I think will be fun, the other is a little bit more try hard. Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals - Stormhost: Celestial Vindicators Lord-Arcanum on Celestial Dracoline (210) - General - Command Trait: Single-minded Fury - Artefact: Stormrage Blade - Spell: Celestial Blades - Mount Trait: Pride Leader Lord-Castellant (120) 5 x Sequitors (120) - Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields - 3x Stormsmite Greatmaces 5 x Sequitors (120) - Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields - 3x Stormsmite Greatmaces 3 x Evocators on Dracolines (260) 3 x Vanguard-Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows (140) Celestian Vortex (30) Total: 1000 / 1000 Wounds: 54 And the one that's a little more try hard - Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals - Stormhost: Hammers of Sigmar Lord-Arcanum on Celestial Dracoline (210) - General - Command Trait: We Cannot Fail - Artefact: God-forged Blade - Spell: Celestial Blades - Mount Trait: Pride Leader Gavriel Sureheart (120) Lord-Exorcist (90) - Spell: Lightning Blast 5 x Sequitors (120) - Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields - 3x Stormsmite Greatmaces 5 x Sequitors (120) - Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields - 3x Stormsmite Greatmaces 3 x Evocators on Dracolines (260) Chronomantic Cogs (80) Total: 1000 / 1000 Wounds: 52
  3. Howdy all! First post about my first foray int AoS! I played a little bit of 40k (Space Marines, natch) but I have always looked at WHF and AoS lovingly from afar. My step-son wants dinosaurs, so I will be getting him some Seraphon, but that is not what this thread is about. No, this thread is about the "normies" we all know and love: Cities of Sigmar. As the title says, I have come into the possession of the lovely Xandria Azurebolt from the "Mortal Realms" monthly subscription thing that GW does, as well as the Cities of Sigmar Army Book. EvilBay strikes again! I have about $200 to spend on my initial purchases for this army and I come seeking advice on what exactly I should get. I have found a few of the Warriors of the Great Cities boxes still left in the wild for about $170...are these worthy purchases still, or should I be focusing on the start collecting boxes and maybe some cherry-picked units? A bit of fluff from 40k I really dug was the Tyrants Legion, or basically Space Marines in command of Imperial Guardsmen, to bulk out their numbers but also used as meat-shields. Now, surely the Stormcasts are not nearly so callous (or maybe, hopefully, they are, I need some grimdark), but that is a theme I am interested in pursuing: Transhuman/Supernatural Warriors leading Mortals into battle, spending their lives so that the Mighty may live...thats a fun quote: "So that the Mighty might live". Anyway, maybe that will give you guys an idea of what I am looking at, any advice is appreciated. Only stipulation is for now the General or Adjutant MUST be a Knight Incantor. Thanks!
  4. Hey all, Been out of the hobby for several years due to rules, local store being less than acceptable and most importantly no time to paint my armies. With the release of the Ossiarch Reapers however I want to get back in to it. Problem there is that if I have to paint any more bone after my Tomb Kings I'm going to lose my mind. What I want to do is paint their bodies a green tinted black obisidian, which I've done before (with red) but is just hugely time consuming. What I want to know is this. If I base with a bright enough green, would the black templar contrast paint create the effect I'm after? That effect been green edges and a very dark green fade into black in the deeper areas. This effect would need to be almost completely black with green when looked at right with the right light but a fairly distinct green edge. IF you have any thoughts or experience with something like this I'd love to hear from you as this would take my models from hours each to maybe a half hour for the body. Cheers
  5. I am new to Sigmar! I would like to collect a death army and the two that really get me are Nighthaunts and Flesh Eater Courts! But I don't know enough about the game to know how they really play on the table, and I love the lore and Aesthetic of both (Might get both eventually, but I can afford one right now). How do they both play? And I know courts are a hoard army, but are the Haunts? Or are they more elite? (I like having fewer, better painted models overall). I am also more interested in fun to play, over raw competitiveness, though winning CAN be very fun
  6. Hello everyone, I’ve bought the storm strike box for me and my girlfriend, so I’m trying to come up with a stormcast paint scheme that I like. I’m going for a relatively grim vibe, I see them as warrior monks worshipped and followed by various fanatics. I’m pretty happy with my basic color scheme but I’m open to honest criticism I’m thinking I need an additional spot color, for trinkets and such, and not sure I should keep the mask and pauldrons as bare metal or paint them white / cream or something else... what do you think?
  7. Title says it all, it's my 1st adepticon ever and I'm super excited! Wanted any tips or info on what to do Friday as I have nothing planned, saturday and Sunday will be the AoS GT. How far is the Chicago Airport from acon as I'll be ubering over, restaurants, traditions, all that jazz
  8. Hello, i'm entering my first 'proper' tournament in a few weeks and i was just wondering if i could get anybodys advice about what i'm bringing Anvils of the Heldenhammer General and Heroes 1x Lord Celestant (General, Gift of the Six Smiths) 2x Knight Incantor (one with stormcaller one with Lightning blast) 1x Knight Venator (Soul thief) 1x Lord Ordinator Battleline 2x 5 man squads of Liberators 1x 5 man squad of Judicators 1x 3 man Castigators War machines 3x Celestar Ballista Batallion 1x Hailstorm Battery IQList (1).pdf
  9. Hello everyone, I’ve recently purchased the Storm Strike starter set to paint and play with my girlfriend. After reading the rules and trying out the tutorial scenarios, it seems clear that the base rules are intended for bigger units, heroes etc. So I want to try out the skirmish rules, especially with the campaign stuff that’s coming in the next white dwarf. Still it feels that the contents of the box are a little light. I also have a couple more easy to build minis but I’m guessing we would need a hero each at least. Here’s what we have : Nighthaunt : -7 glaivewraith stalkers -4 myrmourn banshees SCE: -3 sequitors -4 castigators -1 gryph hound I’m not looking for a perfect points match, just a rough balance to build a couple of fun and flexible warbands. My thinking is that I could pick up the cheap knight invocator, and for nighthaunt the tomb banshee or the cairn wraith, so we have a hero each. Also the low prices are nice what do you think? Any suggestions or tips?
  10. Hey guys! I’m at best a casual gamer, but fancy taking it up a notch and have signed up for a tournament in Stirling this January. Ive never done this before - and was after some veteran tips/thought! Ive got my army list below, and was hoping for any thoughts??? Also - what are people’s thoughts on the best combos for artefacts?? thanks guys! 1x knight of shrouds on steed 1x Kurdoss 2x spirit torments 2x guardian of souls 2x 10 grimghast reapers 6x Spirit hosts 1x 20 chainrasp 1x5 hexwraiths 1x10 bladeghast revenants 1x2 chainghasts what do you think guys??? Thanks!!
  11. EDIT: This post has been revised to include other builds posted by community members(thanks for the input!), and has had formatting fixed for readability) With the Las Vegas Open being just under two weeks ago, I thought I'd start a little thread for people going to help them prepare. Sometimes a player loses a game simply because they were not fully aware of what an opponents army does. So, with that in mind, here a few that I can think of, and what you can do help your games against them! Please feel free to reply to this thread with things of your own, as I think it would be cool to build a list of both popular and less popular powerful builds succinctly. Changehost: Murderhost: Vanguard Wing: Kharadron Overlords Dropship: Fyreslayers:(courtesy of @Andreas) Thunderquake Starhost(courtesy of @PJetski and @Space Lizard) Kunnin' Rukk Sylvaneth(courtesy of @Rimio) Aetherstrike Force(courtesy of @PJetski) Lord Ordinator-buffed Artillery Plaguetouched Warband Plague Drones:
  12. Hello all! New to the forum and to the game and somewhat new to the hobby (dabbled in Warmachine and 40k), and am looking to get into the Death because...well, in every game I’ve ever played the first step for me is “look if there is a way to play necromancer effectively.” The thing is, I want to do it all. Nighthaunt interests me mostly because I looooooove the way they look. Reikenor can steal my soul any day. That said, I’m also a huge fan of drowning my opponents in skeleton hordes while my heavy hitters smash into their flanks. I also (eventually, waaaaay down the line) want to work Nagash in...did I mention I GM a lot of RPGs? So...any advice on how to get started? I’m a blank page, so I’m open to any suggestions. I’m also not in a rush since I’m in the process of moving and won’t be dropping purchases in the near future. Thanks in advance!
  13. I'm working on a Stormcast army, but due to the collection of miniatures I have and how they may end up playing I'm not sure if I should stay pure Stormcast. Here's what I currently have: Lord-Celestant (complete) Lord-Relictor (assembled) 5 Liberators (complete) 3 Retributors (complete) 6 Prosecutors (not assembled) Lord-Castellent (assembled) 6 Gryph-hounds (not assembled) Knight Azyros or Venator (not assembled) Lord-Aquilor (not assembled) Naeve Blacktalon (not assembled) 5 Vanguard-Hunters (assembled) 3 Vanguard-Raptors (not assembled) 3 Aetherwings (not assembled) 3 Vanguard-Palladors (not assembled) The way I currently see it is that I have some very mobile elements with the Palladors. Prosecutors, Aquilor, Blacktalon, and Azyros/Venator. The odd men out are the Liberators and the Retributors and other heroes on foot. This is where I could really use some advice because I'm split between a few options. 1a) Pure SCE classic hammer and anvil - Suck up the lack of a good collected kit and supplement forces with individual boxes of Liberators and Judicators to form an anvil (deployed normally and holds deployment area and nearby objectives) with the Raptors and heroes on foot. Maybe pick up more Paladins so I can Hammerstrike them. 1b) Order classic hammer and anvil - similar to 1a but with something other than SCE to either form the anvil or supplement it. 2a) Pure SCE mobility - Grab more Vanguard-Hunters and have all the other on foot Stormcast deploy lightning teleport. Definitely pick up more Paladins for Hammerstrike. 2b) Order mobility - Supplement Stormcast with fast moving battleline units from other order factions (dryads?) and double down on everything moving fast. Any advice or sharing experiences would be appreciated!
  14. Hi all! My girlfriend is looking to get into Warhammer with a Daughters of Khaine army. We bought the box set for them, but we're holding off on buying more till the army release comes out (soon hopefully, it would seem!) In the mean time I wanted your guy's suggestions on what we should include as allies from Darkling Covens. For 200 points I think a sorceress and some darkshards would be good. For 400 I figure just add some executioners. What do you guys think?
  15. So these are some of my first miniatures I'm working on for AOS. I painted the second one's skin exactly according to the Blightkings tutorial on Warhammer TV. My questions are; how can I avoid the textured look on some of his parts? Also my figures always seem to appear slightly chalky. Am I thinning to much? Not enough? I thin with straight tap water. I used a homemade wet pallet for the unfinished mini. Any constructive criticism and tips are very welcome.
  16. Hello everyone, First of all, I am a new member of this great warhammer community, althoug I've been reading it for a long time! Sorry if I should have created the topic on another forum. The thing is that I found my old Lizardmen army, the one that I had when I played Warhammer Fantasy, which includes: - 20x Saurus Warriors (spears) - 15x Temple Guard - 50x Skinks - 10x Chamaleon Skinks - 3x Krorxigor - 1x Stegadon - 5x Saurus Knights - 1x Shaman Skink - 1x Saurus Oldblood - 1x Kroq-Gar on Carnosaur - 1x Slann - 3x Salamander - 3x Terradon Riders Since I am new at Age of Sigmar, I would be very grateful if you guys could help me on building a fairly competitive 1K list using the majority of the stuff that I already own, without having to buy a lot of new miniatures. Honestly, I don't have any idea about how to put the pieces together in order to build a competitive army, thus I will probably have to buy new minatures... Anyways, I am open to any kind of suggestions and advices, all of them wil be very very welcome. Let the brainstorming begin! Thank you all in advance!
  17. So I've been working on converting some model for some time, was extremely happy with how they turned out. But when I started painting I just made so many mistakes from clogged details, muddy colours , and just all around bad painting that it almost completely ruined all the work I put into it. The only thing I could do is strip and repaint them. What should I do when completely demoralized like this and how can I stop making mistakes like this.
  18. Hello, I'm currently painting a model that dwells in water and was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to paint any wet or slimy effects. Thank you.
  19. Hello everyone. I need help with my army and advice, tips. I know that there are so many ways to play. And it all depends on the person. So the last few games i played i Turtle all the way and it did not help. I have been feeling it has been holding me back. So i need advice on what to do. I am open to all suggestions. This is my first army and i love the Stormcast. My army Roster: Lord-Celestant On Dracoth Knight-Venator(with Realmhunter's Bow) Knight-Vexillor (with Meteoric Standard) Lord-Celestant Lord-Relictor Lord-Veritant (with Gryph-Hound ) 2x Liberators (warhammer & Shields) 2x Judicators (Skybolt bow & Shockbolt bow) Paladin Retributors Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers
  20. Hi all, I've been wanting to do a "Whiter Gold" colour scheme to mirror Tyrael from Diablo for a while now Luckily, Chris Clayton did a similar scheme for golden demon - not been able to see any blog / twitter posts from him on how he did it so anyone have any ideas on how I can achieve this scheme? Much appreciated
  21. Hello yall, I went and bought my first Bloodbound minis on a whim (found the Easy to Build Bloodreavers at 6€!). Now I'm looking for alternative color schemes to try out on these 5 models: I want to try the Bonearmor look that I saw here by uselesswizard. Looks gorgeous! Also want to try an Iron Horde look that I saw here by Stealth_Hobo. Also very pretty. Any other schemes other then the classic Brass + Red that is the standard for Khorne? Ty in advance - Munch
  22. Hi everyone, I'm giving AOS a try starting with Death. I played Undead way back in the day, and Vampire Counts more recently, but I wasn't involved in the hobby when the Old World ended and AOS started so I'm still getting my bearings with the game. My dilemma as a new player is a good one, in that I love the undead and pretty much love every last thing available to the Death Grand Alliance. So I thought I'd come up with a theme and go from there, rather than shoving things randomly into an army list. So I thought of going undead Bretonnian, hordes of 'peasant' infantry, plentiful cavalry, maybe some damsel vampires. I wanted to shoot some ideas out there and ask the veterans here if they'd work. 1. Battleline: Just to make sure I'm doing this right, if I'm using units from multiple Death factions that limits my Battleline options to skeletons and zombies, yes? Lurking here I've seen large spear/shield skeleton units favored, so I'd like one of those (men at arms). To fill out the rest of any battleline requirements I thought of deploying individual units of zombies (peasant levies), keep them near each other, then merge them as needed. I'm curious if that's a viable tactic, and if I'm bringing a lot of zombies should I invest in a corpse cart? 2. Cavalry: I've read great things about Blood Knights and they totally fit the theme. I like both Hexwraiths and Black Knights and have read threads debating their virtues, but I'd like to take both when possible. If you were fielding a single unit of each of these three cavalry units, what sizes would you use? 3. Heroes: I don't really know what heroes benefit this sort of army, or where to put them. I want at least a Necromancer, a Wight King with a Standard in some form, and a Vampire Lord. The Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon is my second favorite model so I'd like one eventually. The Coven Throne is my #1 favorite model but I don't really know what you do with it. I'm clueless about Mortarchs. I'm also unsure of who makes the best choice of general for such an army (do I want the biggest most kill-tastic hero for general, or something further from the front line?). I do like the Flesh Eater Courts and they fit the twisted Bretonnian concept well, but I get the impression they get better synergy sticking inside their own faction and I enjoy variety. Also I know this is all a bit open-ended, I'm still trying to figure out where to start and where to go with so many options. So that's my army concept, just curious how viable an idea it is. And please, be brutal, I don't totally know how everything works as I'm still learning. I don't own any models yet so I can gut anything and everything, stitch it into something better, and give it unholy life.
  23. Hi all, Long time Fantasy Battle player taking my first steps into a whole new army for AoS. Before AoS dropped i had planned a new Bret army for 9th ed but now that hasn’t happened i find myself with a large collection of models and not really feeling the compendium scrolls for Brets so I’m looking at doing that old favourite the Mousillon army Soulblight seems to fit this brief best (for me at least) plus it means once ive got the core knights down i can look at expanding into more death units. So im after advice on my list below aswell as any tips or tricks on playing them! I have a small club tourney coming up and this is what im looking at Allegiance: Soulblight Leaders Vampire Lord On Abyssal Terror (220) – Going to use the old Hypogryph model - General - Deathlance & Shield - Trait: Red Fury - Artefact: Cloak of Mists and Shadows Battleline 5 x Blood Knights (260) - Converted knights mixed with black night and Graveguard parts - Soulblight Battleline 5 x Blood Knights (260) - Soulblight Battleline Units 3 x Vargheists (160) Converted Pegasus knights mixed with Black night and Graveguard parts 2 x Bat Swarms (80) – Using a mix of the LoTR swarm and the old fantasy battle ones Total: 980/1000 Any advice or comments welcome J
  24. Lavy

    At a Crossroads

    Hey, I'm jumping back into fantasy after taking a few years off, I've got two armies from my 8th edition days that I'm currently dusting off; I've got a large force of wanderers, and a few models from what are now the Sylvaneth. I've also got a well-painted tomb kings force with settra and each sphinx; looking to hopefully flesh out my tomb kings by trading some of my 40k and possibly some or all of my wanderers. But before I go ahead and trade my wanderers I wanted to hear from the community what Wanderers are like to play in AoS. Im quite a ways away from my local gaming club and I very seldom get a game in so I have no reference point for wanderer play style and what my particular models are capable of. so I've got: - 8 glade riders - 15 sisters of the thorn/wild riders (these are unassembled) - 60 glade guard - 10 eternal guard/wildwood rangers - a spellweaver, shadow dancer, 5 war dancers, 3 waywatchers - 1 tree man, 3 tree kin, various dryads and drycha. Is this a decent army? Am I missing any models that the list really needs in order to shine (I hear the forest dragon is a beast)? Do I lose any effectiveness by allying my Sylvaneth models? Should I just trade for more Tomb Kings?
  25. Hello all. I really like the look of the weirdnob shaman and I've been running him in my lists for some time now. However, I got a second model for Christmas out of the Ironjawz battleforce box. I'd really like to include a second Shaman in my list but I'd like him to be unique and stand apart from my first model. Problem is, I've poked about on the internet and I can't seem to find any inspiration for such an endeavor. So far, all I've come up with is a head swap with maybe a Wurrgog prophet or one of the gnarlier Brute faces I have left over. If anyone has attempted this or has any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!
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