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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. The Lumineth hero The Light of Eltharion has some lovely looking creamy armor. Could someone explain how i could achieve that effect either with contrast or regular GW paints? I heard whites are difficult to paint well. Is this going to be difficult for an inexperienced painter? Thanks 🙏🏻
  2. Hey all, so 'lucky' me I haven't really expanded my SCE outside of Soul Wars, but these point changes (and finding out castigators are bad) pretty much ruin my idea of a Sacrosanct only army. These are the models I have so far, with the 2nd Incantor from the Getting Started mag, and buying extra models to fill out the uneven Soul Wars ones. Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals - Stormhost: Hallowed Knights (paint scheme at least) Mortal Realm: Ghyran Lord-Arcanum on Gryph-Charger (240) --now 220? - General Lord-Castellant (100) --now 120 Lord-Relictor (100) - Prayer: Translocation Knight-Incantor (140) Knight-Incantor (140) 5 x Sequitors (120) --now 130 - Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields - 3x Stormsmite Greatmaces 5 x Sequitors (120) --now 130 - Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields - 2x Stormsmite Greatmaces 5 x Evocators (200) --now 220 6 x Castigators (160) 3 x Castigators (80) Celestar Ballista (100) --now 110 1500/2000 --> 1550/2000 it seems What should I add, or replace, in this list? Which spells for LA and Incantor? I know I need more shooting and a 3rd battleline. I wanted to get the boxed sets for Sequitors for that reason but alas.. I also wanted the box of Evos, but I know I need more mobility/cav and with their increase I shouldn't buy them simply because I like those models when I can spend that money more wisely. Can the Getting Started Incantor be proxied for a LA on foot easily? I also have Leena Stormspire who could be a Knight Questor, minus helm, if KQ is viable. Lastly, which Endless Spells can be used in multiple SCE lists, and can I buy them separately? Seems like Shackles and Cogs are the ones I see in most lists, but they're not SCE specific. I'm not entirely inclined towards 2k, especially with the new 1k rules coming, but I figure I should still plan for 2k! And that would give me a better idea of 1k lists anyway. Thanks in advance, I know this is a multi-part question.
  3. I’ve got the deathworld forest boxed set for Kill Team and cannot decide how I want to paint it. What I’m hoping for is a paint scheme that works well as an alien planet in Kill Team as while still being reasonably decent looking in an AoS themed board (I know this may not be possible). Bonus points if it also works with more traditional tree models on the board. My current armies: Stormcast (not based or realm specific yet, leaning towards realms of light or shadow). Khorne: Realm of Metal (plus expanding to include all Chaos God factions, StD, EC, BoC). Sylvaneth: Realm of Life (but may change to Shadow). Nighthaunt: Still undecided so unpainted, Realm of Death unlikely. My philosophy so far has been to base all models of a GA the same so they can easily ally together but I think moving forward I’ll just stick to themed armies and therefor base each faction by themselves (other than Chaos as I want it all to be realm of metal).
  4. Hi all. So for the first time in... over a decade i would say, i've managed to actually stick to a force and have it also go past the 1k mark. Which might not sound like a big deal, but for me managing to just get it that far is amazing by my standards So i have my main core of my list all up and running, built not painted. I haven't crossed that hurdle yet. But i'm getting there. So i was just wanting a little help with what i have so far and the remaining amount of points left over. What i have in my list so far is: Savage Big Boss - 100 Wardokk - 80 30 Savage Orruks - 300 (Savage Stikka's) 20 Savage Orruks - 200 (Chompa's) 10 Savage Orruk Boarboys - 240 (Chompa's) 4 Savage Big Stabba's - 200 Total = 1120pts So that's what i have so far in my army. So nice big blocky units, and the patented creature (and hero) killa's. I have 380pts left to spend in my army. I would like at least another hero choice, but i'm not sure whether or not to keep it cheap and just grab another dokk or go straight for the prophet. Also, please don't suggest kunning rukk arrowboy spam, its not something i would like to run ^^;;; Also, i was at the local GW today. And someone told me that i could still do the destruction army's move ability, while still gaining all the benefits from taking my bonesplitterz tome. Is that correct ?
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