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Found 11 results

  1. The last tournament I played in was 17 years ago. I was excited to come to Adepticon as it was only an hour from our home in Milwaukee. I painted Archaon last September on my week break from summer class to fall semester. He was played a few times, but shelved because it just wasn't good. A month ago an idea struck me and I began to speed paint the 80 reavers with Adepticon in mind. Here is the list I took: Here are some pictures of the army How the army works: The key mechanic of this army is the promotion mechanic. If a hero in the battalion dies, a single model gets promoted to be a hero! That model now functions as its own unit. This has five benefits: The first is blood tithe. Since it is a unit, it can die, and more blood can flow. When it dies, a new hero is promoted! You can always have the blood tithe you need this way. This is coupled with the lord of khorne on juggernaut's artefact, the blade of endless bloodshed, which gives you blood tithe if he kills a model, which is very easy to do even on the juggerlord's stats. (He is usually off on his own, away from attack buffs, but can usually kill one or two chaff models) The second is roadblocking. The new hero is its own unit and can move away from the others! I put the heroes in the way of the enemy, so that they have to spend time moving around the hero, or charging the hero. It is like having a unit of chaff (albeit not ten bodies long, but still in the way) The third is maneuverability: Since you get to choose the model that is promoted, you have a lot of tactical freedom of where to put that model. You can put the model on an objective that you otherwise wouldn't be able to get! The fourth is survivability: When the bloodreavers get wiped, if you had promoted one of them, that model will still be alive. This can kind of be thought of as keeping the unit alive an extra turn. The fifth is splitting attacks: If you have some of these tiny heroes in combat, your opponent must deal with them. They must split attacks wisely. These are the things we will try to leverage when playing the bloodmarked warband at adepticon. Game 1: Starstrike My opponent was a man named Will from Denver. He was a serious player who played quickly and precisely and with strategic intent. Here are some pictures of his army. His list was Chaos Dwarves with a Gaunt Summoner. He had three units of ten rifelmen, one unit of 20 infantry, one unit of 30 infantry, two magma cannons, and two of the other shooting machine train things. Then there were two demonsmiths and two standard bearers. I gave him the first turn. He moved up just a bit, took some shots with some magic and did a few wounds to a hero. I moved up to play for the double and then got the double. The reavers on the right side went into his infantry, archaon charged up a side of the pyramid (leaving the objective behind, it was only worth one point at the time, so no worries) to charge some shooters. Archaon killed them all, and puked on the demonsmith a few inches away for three mortals (he would puke again later to finish him off). The reavers killed many of the infantry, but they were inspired so it would take another turn. The lord of khorne ran up the middle to poke some other units for blood tithe. My opponent took his turn and shot into the reavers and killed them all. He got the double in response, and I used blood tithe in his hero phase to retreat Archaon onto the objective. The other two stars landed on the other side of the board, his into a unit of ten of his gunmen, mine into a unit of five blood warriors and 40 reavers. Archaon sat on the objective. His base is a bit bigger than six inches so he was able to zone out the enemies completely. Will was going to have to kill archaon to get the objective, and he couldn't do it. 20 wounds was just too many. Archaon deflected another unit of gunmen, and two warmachines. I got the double from 4-5, and he resigned because the math was in my favor. In the middle of the board a few annoying tiny heroes were running around, getting in his way. I was happy with my play with this mechanic. The key from this game was the unbinding. I always had two blood tithe to unbind the gaunt summoner's spell, so he could not wipe out my hordes. I also had the brazen rune to unbind, which I did use. After the game, my opponent asked me why I didn't just unbind the balewind right away. The answer is, if he does the balewind, he cannot move. That's where he will be for the whole match. I want to eliminate considerations and play around a static position. He also informed me that I had been playing incorrectly with the unbind. I thought you had to do it right when they announce the spell, but you can in fact wait until the spell is successfully cast, so he does have that small chance to fail it on his own! The bloodsecrator would be my best piece for the tournament. 80 reavers immune to battleshock is very good. 17/18 Points Scored Slaughterpriest prayer count: 0/8 Slaughterpriest wounds done to self: 2 I forgot to get a picture with my opponent. Game Two: Three Places of Power My opponent was Jacob from Nashville and/or California. He was drunk when he arrived and gave me a hug. I was happy to learn that his wife was also a Montessori teacher! He had a wireless speaker and played music for us. He bought me two beers because the line was too long to come back later. So I was on two IPA by 2pm. This is the way to play Khorne vs khorne. We did some yelling and some blood was spilled. He had 60 bloodletters, a blood thirster, a bloodletter on juggernaut, two units of dogs, ten reavers, some furies, and some slaughterpreists. Also a bloodstoker. Here is the starting position. I gave him the first turn and he moved up. I put archaon on the right side place of power and was ready for his charge. If I got the double, that would be good too, but I thought I could take the bloodletters. He took the turn going into the second round and swung on the grand marshall. Archaon survived with four wounds left and killed 14 bloodletters, then the reavers backing him up killed four more bloodletters. His bloodletters were hampered from getting anymore than ten models into Archaon because of a fence they had to go over and he had kind of blocked them a bit with the dogs. On my turn I had placed wrathmongers ready to assault his bloodthirster and they charged in. The other 40 reavers went to block the left objective. He sent bloodletters that way, but I think he would have been better to send them to the middle. Here is where my battalion abilities took control of the game. I didn't have to send a hero over to the left objective, I could just spawn one if he ever killed one of mine (which was about to happen with archaon going down). On the third turn he said "Oh ******. I'm lost!" realizing that the heroes were coming to get him. We rolled a few more combats and he resigned after securing his secondary objective. I chose the secondary objective to wipe out half his army. This was a good choice as he made it very clear were gonna be smashing into each other and pounding it out. "And then, we're gonna play warhammer." It was a good map for me though, and I had plenty of tactics to take control of the game. I was also lucky to nullify his bloodthirster before it got to the reavers, so maybe he should have sent it somewhere else. I think the tactical options for me with the promotion mechanic really make this an uphill battle for him. I was also lucky to have the eye of sheerian on Archaon be a valuable 4, which surely saved some wounds from going through. Quote of the game: Jacob - "Why do you have ghosts in your Khorne army?" Me - "Dude... Even the dead serve The Everchosen." Jacob - *not breaking eye contact with me* "Andrew, I gotta run up to my hotel room quick, because I just ****** my ****** pants." 18/18 Points Scored Slaughterpriest prayer count: 0/13 Slaughterpriest wounds done to self: 3 Here is my opponent drinking whiskey. Game Three: Take and Hold Archaon had climbed to table ten. I played against Jason from Ann Arbor. I stayed in Ann Arbor for a month one summer in highschool and we spoke about a place called Pinball Pete's, a large arcade in a basement, which sadly, he informed me, has closed. He had a mixed order army and I was loving his literal brettonians. He had two units of grail knights, two units of reavers, five liberators, two phoenixes, a king on hippo, a damsel, a mistweaver, and an enchantress. The phoenixes get better saves when spells are cast nearby, so they are usually on a 2+. They also give -1 to wound which is good. He has a spell to give a 5+ ward save to a noble, so the king was on 2+/5+. I gave him the first turn and he moved up. I saw my chance to charge a pheonix who only had a 3+ save at the moment with Archaon. I was actually ready to get a good position in a difficult map! It's rare to get a turn one swing with Archaon, especially one on one against a hero/monster, also while in range of my bloodsecrator. I made the charge easily. But Archaon died to deadly terrain. My opponent bought me another IPA when the beer cart came around so it was 3 IPA by 5pm (this is what happens when you wear your lakefront brewery uniform to the tournament). I told him I did not mind resigning as my secondary was probably impossible (it was to kill his general), but we decided to play on a bit, which ended up being good as I could practice some of the promotion shenanigans. I easily got my tertiary objective (control your own objective for three turns with a battleline unit). We had plenty of time to kill before he went to watch the Michigan basketball game. I used the promotion mechanic to be annoying around the objectives and sent my juggernaut to try and kill one of the five liberators on his point to maybe hold him to a minor, but his army was simply too fast and was in fact able to get back and he killed the juggernaut with a few shots from range from the reavers and magic from the pegasus and a wound from the grandhammer. Over on my side of the board, he did eventually get all my tiny heroes off of my objective in the fifth battle round, but I was pleased with the army for holding up so long. Having to split attacks between three different tiny heroes and the remaining unit of reavers meant it took two extra combats to get through, costing him one movement phase, which, if Archaon was alive, could be critical. Phoenixes are probably undercosted at 240. Debuffs are very valuable. Quote of the game: His laughter and my face as I picked up his phoenix to pile in for him and the head ripped off. 2/18 Points Scored Slaughterpriest prayer count: 1/18 Slaughterpriest wounds done to self: 5 I was happy with my play so far. I thought I had good threat assessment and played well tactically around my battalion's strengths. But you cannot help it if that roll of a one over deadly terrain haunts your dreams. Game Four: Scorched Earth This scenario was renamed as "plunder and pillage" and the only change that I understood was that the objectives were placed at 9" instead of 12" from your own board edge. I played against James. He had a changehost that was maxed out. He also had a gaunt summoner, 9 skyfires, and a shaman. He was very helpful with running through his spells and kept a good count on his destiny dice and was happy to answer any questions I had. He knew the army very well and understood its strengths. I felt good about my chances but needed some priority rolls to get a good charge on the skyfires. I didn't win any of the priority rolls, and his skyfires were able to run and gun and get the objectives. He sniped the bloodsecrator which allowed him to wipe a unit of reavers with battleshock and the gaunt summoner's spell. If I had a double maybe I can get some chances, but he probably had an advantage even if I was able to take off the skyfires. I need a bit more luck for this matchup. It was difficult to generate blood tithe in this battle, I could not stop that spell from the gaunt summoner, and from there he was in the drivers seat. If I can't shut down that spell, I cannot win against the gaunt summoner, so maybe I should not be afraid to throw forward some heroes to die. He was eating gummy bears which matched the color of his army. Thematic player! He also had pink horrors painted blue and green. 1/18 Points Scored Slaughterpriest prayer count: 2/20 Slaughterpriest wounds done to self: 6 Game Five: Blood and Glory This map you had to control all four objectives to win. I was happy to see that I would be playing Wayne Kemp from Heleenhammer (and Dan was on the table next to us). And he had an army that is a favorite of mine, the skryre. His skaven are all oldschool metal models, which is a project I am working on myself for pestilens. In fact, my friend on the way down had shown me Wayne's army on twitter. It was a gorgeous army and great to see in person and play against. I gave Wayne my best sports vote. He was a pleasure to play against and has a great attitude towards the game and appreciates both the hobby and the gameplay aspects. I got a lot of good charges and used my hero promotion to win the major. At the endgame, I had control of each objective just by using single bloodreaver heroes. Here is a picture of Archaon after killing a verminlord and doomwheel. And here is a picture of archaon running away with one would remaining. "Archaon retreating. The shame of it." - Wayne Quote of the game: After trying to blast the lord on juggernaut with spells and the juggernaut ignoring all of them. "I'm going to have a word with Jervis about that Khorne bloke." 14/18 Points Scored Slaughterpriest prayer count: 3/24 Slaughterpriest wounds done to self: 10 Final Thoughts: What would I change in the army? The only consideration is whether to trade the slaughterpreist for a bloodstoker. I think everything else is perfect and the army did exactly what I wanted. My goal was to win three games, which I did. I had five great opponents. I finished in 72nd place. If I had a display board and a freehand I would have finished 60th. I had five great opponents each with interesting armies and look forward to the next tournament.
  2. Hey guys. Just an ignorant European here. I was really interested in the Death list at Adepticon 2018 which is going on right now. Do anybody have any information about lists and how they perform? All gossip appreciated Ps. For the people sleeping under rocks: Adepticon is a large AOS competetive event going on in the US right now. Check warhammer twitch for coverage!
  3. Last Minute Adepticon Prep Age of Sigmar TournamentDreamers Vault Games - Burnsville, Minnesota March 17th10AM Registration11AM Start Time$15 Entry2000 Point Battlehost for Pitched BattlesUsing most recent GW and Adepticon FAQ and rulesUsing GH2017 BattleplansNo painting requirementsProxies not allowed, Conversions are welcomeMust bring 4 copies of printed listIf you need your lists printed email the list to julian@dreamersvault.com Link to Facebook event can be found here.
  4. Warhammer Age of Sigmar Team Adepticon Primer Hosted by Imperium Games (Wixom, MI) 2000 Points using the Adepticon 2018 Championship Rules Entry Fee: $20See Rules Here: http://www.adepticon.org/wpfiles/2018/2018aosteam.pdf Link to Facebook event can be found here.
  5. Grognard Games Adepticon Practice Night Hosted at Grognard Games (839 N. Roselle Rd, Roselle, Illinois 60172) Dedicated night for Adepticon Team Tournament practice games. Link to Facebook Event can be found here.
  6. I've been preparing for the Shadespire Grand Clash at Adepticon this year. Since pretty much the time Shadespire released, and Adepticon announced that they would be holding a GC. It appears they have updated the event description to detail how the tournament will be run, and its ridiculous. They outline that the event will be 4 Rounds (Assuming Swiss pairings), and after 4 Rounds the top 2 players will play a 5th for the Grand Prize. Coming from a competitive card game background, this tournament structure devalues any intended "competitive nature" that GW insists exists in Shadespire. With the current event cap at 128 players, basic tournament math shows that after 4 rounds, you're going to end up with 8 undefeated players. Then it will cut straight to Top 2, based on breakers (Glory) to play a final round. That 5th round winner is the champion. This structure is absurd, and leaves 6 other players out of contention. They will be undefeated, which is all you can do in those 4 rounds, and still have no chance at actually winning. Hopefully in the future GW looks at the tournament models that are in place across other games. Then arrives at something more fair, and better decides a champion. For now it seems this is what we have to deal with, but it doesn't feel great going into the tournament anymore. Maybe I'm applying too harsh of competitive standard, but that's the claim that was made by GW. That Shadespire would walk a more competitive line. inb4: Score more Glory for better breakers! -- Glory is very poor way to decide tournament tie breakers. It's serviceable for a tiebreaker inside of a match to avoid it going to a draw. However, on a tournament level it's far too abusable to separate the difference between the quality of players in a tournament.
  7. I just got back from Adepticon and what a weekend it was! While I went to ACON not expecting to play in the GT, I ended up being cajoled into playing in the GT and did surprisingly well. I surprisingly found myself sitting on Table 2 in Game 5 and ended finishing 10th overall after losing in that final game to the individual who finished 1st. I’ve had a lot of people ask questions about my list, so I figured I would do a blog about it and then follow that up with a couple battle reports from my games. I’ve long been tinkering with Nurgle Mortal lists looking for that magic formula. For competitive play, there is an entire suite of capabilities you want to have access to (high mobility, durability, chaff, etc) and Nurgle has to work really hard for some of those (i.e. Mobility). I finally settled on a list that had most of these capabilities, but since I didn’t plan on playing in the GT at ACON, I didn’t finish painting up the models for my optimal version of this list. So, I slightly modified my ideal list with what you see below: 140 Harbinger (Cunning Deciver Trait, Chaos Talisman) 120 Mounted Chaos Sorcerer (Crown of Conquest) 540 28 Chaos Warriors 60 10 Marauders 60 10 Marauders 60 10 Marauders 180 5 Blightkings 180 5 Blightkings 140 Plaguetouched Warband 240 Belakor 160 Sayl 120 Reinforcement Points (Options Below) 10 Plaguebearers (100) 10 Chaos Furies (120) This list looks ridiculously mundane at first glance. Even when it drops on the table, most will look at it and go, “…ok?” Dan Heelan very confusingly looked over at me at the start of Round 5 from Table 1 this weekend and asked how I got there with this list. I take this as a compliment and proof of how very deceptive this list is on paper to how it performs in the game. Strategy The list is a 3 drop inverted alpha strike list that involves flying the 28 Chaos Warriors up, stretching them out 1" apart (with a tail leading back to your line), and charging the enemy's units on the line on turn 1 (with only needing a 5 on the charge from the +1 charge on the chaos warriors against anything on the line). The rest of the list does a variety of supporting functions. Most of the heroes stay in the backfield spread out to zone the back edge from setups. While I rarely ended up doing a full zoning spread, the following image gives you an idea of what that might have looked like after turn 1 (with still another unit of Blightkings omitted from this deployment): Regarding Individual Unit Functions: Be'lakor serves as the safety for anything that flies over the front line, dealing with anything that needs rend (6 attacks, 3+/3+/-2/2 dmg), tanking any huge beasties I don't want on that front line (4+, ignores rend, can be mystic shielded with reroll 1's from Oracular visions), and can summon into their backfield when he is near the front line to steal objectives. His spell is counterintuitive to the list but luckily he has other spells to cast. The Marauders are largely present for taking objectives and zoning out areas of the board to prevent people coming on from table edges or being able to be summoned. The Blightkings provide the extra punch against soft units where bodies were needed to be cleared off objectives in the enemy territory. I hadn't planned on taking 2 units originally but it ended up being the exact number I needed in many of my matchups. Synergy The synergy is rather straight forward once you get started. Chaos Warriors get buffed up with Daemonic Power from the Sorc (reroll 1s to hit, wounds, and saves) and battleshock immunity from the Crown of Conquest, Mystic Shield from Be'lekor, a 5++ ward from the Harbinger (who is ideally safe in your back line). This ultra buffed anvil unit then gets thrown forward with Sayl to establish the front line and grind down anything it touches. The real magic of this combo comes from two things. First, the Warriors are -2 to hit in melee that entire first combat turn (-1 from plague touched, -1 from cunning deceiver). Even the best units will struggle to put significant wounds on a 3+ (reroll 1s), 5++, 5++ (against mortal wounds only) unit when they have a -2 to hit that unit. Secondly, and more importantly, when you deploy in multiples of 7 with this battalion, every time the enemy rolls a 6+ to wound that unit in the Combat phase, the attacking enemy unit takes a mortal wound back. Now, since this is triggering on their wound roll of 6+, I can still negate the actual damage with all the Warrior's defenses while still kicking back mortal wounds as the enemy grinds on the Chaos Warriors. This is doubly (or even triply) effective against Tomb Kings, Pestilens, and Destruction Battle Brew/Wild Fury who are bringing their own bonuses to wound, since it causes the mortal wounds to trigger more frequently (as my 4th opponent so painfully discovered with his double Stonehorns). Once you have the front line locked, if they don't have movement shenanigans, you can pull models from anywhere in the line and break coherency (as long as you aren't going to pile in at all). There were points where I had a single chaos warrior back in back field (to receive buffs), with the next closest Chaos warrior in his unit 24 inches away grinding on the remains of their front line. If I ever needed to reform, I could cast Sayl fly on the back warrior and retreat the unit with an 18" fly move back into coherency. Matchups The matchups I was most concerned about were coming against a Kunnin Rukk or the Beastclaw Thundertusk/Stonehorn mix, each for different reasons. The Kunnin Rukk could potentially overwhelm the warriors with hundreds and hundreds of attacks, while threatening or killing any of my support units with bad positioning. The Beastclaw mix on the other hand could potentially just shatter the front line with overwhelming power and pick off support units with Snowballs. I didn’t have a chance to play either of these lists coming into ACON, especially since I was still finalizing this Friday night at 11:30 PM. Despite proverbially building this plane in the air, it performed remarkably well. My matchups were Kunnin Rukk, Bloodbound, Phoenix Temple, Beastclaw mixed-Destruction, and the winning Tzeentch 18 Skyfire/Loc/Kairos list (on a table where almost all the terrain gave +1 to hit). I didn't see any SCE or Sylvaneth in my matches, although I would have changed tactics accordingly and bubble-wrapped/zoned with the Warriors as well. Nico helped me think about some of these matchups before hand, which helped tremendously in piloting my list. To that I am greatly appreciative. Final Thoughts on the List Immediately after I finished the final game on Table 2 with Kaleb (who won the event), Kaleb interrupted my congratulations and informed me that my list was the hardest list he's played all weekend (I believe including the other AOS events he was in) and not just harder, but at least twice as hard as anything else he had faced. All of his other opponents he had tabled with an hour or more to spare. In our game, I led the points (he was in fact shut out) until the bottom of our very last turn. The structure of the scenario definitely raises some design questions but that is a post for another time. The reality is that this list differs quite a bit from most of the other popular lists in the game currently. Instead of having easily recognized power centers (most lists have 2-3), the power base of the list is diffuse. This lack of obvious power bases (besides the front line) can often confuse opponents as to what is the best unit to attack and force them to play their list in a way that they’ve never had to, which will often also cause people to make mistakes. In fact, many opponents will have no idea what they are looking at when you drop it until you fly the Chaos Warriors forward in their flying "T" formation and even then most will think they can just slam against the warriors and break the line. This confusion on target priority and tactics is one of the strongest assets of this list; I'm not sure how well it will fair if it becomes a well-known quantity down the road. I'm doing a video about this list later this week with MC1Gamer based on the one trial "game" we played. Here's a glimpse of that game during my turn at the top of 1: In the posts that follow, I’ll go over each of my five matchups and a brief battle report of each game.
  8. My friend and I are currently wanting to enter into doubles tournaments especially for adepticon. We found the 2016 rules but so much has changed we dont want to build a list and start training around something out dated. I was wondering if anyone knew how to get ahold of the rules. or had recent double's rules.
  9. Not bad showing for Death Alliance. I'd love to see what the army lists were.
  10. Lutherhuss


    So Adepticon is my 1st event. I've been in the hobby for about 16 years and I have only played friends. I have also never painted a whole army until now. So here is some pics of my army I'm taking. Let me know what you guys think.
  11. Hello everyone. I am rather new to TGA. I started playing 40k & Mordhiem back around 2008 or 2009. I had been painting the models since some time back in 2nd ed. Started with WHF at the end of 7th ed. left for a few years (life) came back to AoS early November 2016 and just love it. Having so much fun I have decided to go to Adepticon. I am signed up for a few AoS events one of witch is the team game. But the player I expected to go with can't make it so I am on my own and need a team mate. Anyone interested?
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