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Found 1 result

  1. Hey all, I'm competing in a doubles tournament next month and i'm looking for advice on how to make a decent 1000pt list. My partner is bringing nighhaunt and will definitely be bringing olyander and mounted KoS, he's been trying different stuff with spirit hosts and seems to really like using those as well. I can't decide on what would be best to complement nighthaunt. (for the record, the organizers are banning cross-allegiance synergies like invocations healing nighthaunt units despite meeting all keyword requirements 😢) I've tossed around the idea of a sacrament list with arkhan for casting shenanigans, but A blood list might be more beneficial with extra bravery debuffs. Night could help add to the mobility and defending objectives within our deployment zone as well. Does anyone have any list suggestions? I've got my mortarch magnetized so all 3 are options as well as a VloZD/Vordhai. I've also got 30 skeles, both variants of wight king, 2 foot vamps, 10 Grave guard, 10 wolves a corpse cart, mortis engine/coven/palaquin half and half build as well as glaivewraiths, vargheists and black knights. I've had a few practice games using different lists but continually run into the problem of a lack of board presence (admittedly my last game was a lords of sacrament battalion with 2X5 wolves and quicksilver swords, our opponents stacked a lot of points early on for objective control but by the end we turned it around, can't contest an objective if everything dies to magic after all 😁) I'm up for any suggestions but currently don't have the budget to buy new kits for a while.
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