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Found 251 results

  1. So I’m soon to start work on constructing the Herald of the Purple Flame, Xenthos himself. The plan is to convert him out of a Ghorgon, Tree Lord or something like that. I’m leaning towards the Ghorgon, as it’s cheaper, larger and you get loads of spare bits. It also has hooved feet, which works well with Tzeentch iconography. I’m hoping to sculpt weapons, either sculpt or convert a suitable head and chop off the wings from a plastic eagle or vulture and stick them on its back. Will post some progress soon. Thanks for looking!
  2. So I just got Shadespire, and truth be told I think it’s one of the best board games I’ve ever played, certainly the best of those made by Games Workshop. Unfortunatly, it had one large flaw. Khorne. So I set about to change this. With the help of some clippers, spare bits from the Kairic Acolytes set and a fair bit of glue, I kit bashed some Tzeentch Shadespire warriors. So from left to right: Fars’ere the Flame-Ridden: The leader of the warband, Fars’ere was born over a bonfire of dancing brimstone horrors, and it is said that his blood is as hot as the flames he was born in. Satese the Seer: Fars’ere’s second in command, Satese is gifted with the power of prophetship, and can foretell events soon to happen. His mask hides his tortured face, for, in an attempt to stop the periodic visions, Satese blinded himself with a knife he keeps forever at his side. The Chained One: Little is known about this ferocious warrior, but his sinister name depicts an even grimmer past. Sar’cos’re: Raised by the Arcanite Cults, Sar’cos’re is a powerful sorcerer, and is known to eat the tongues of his enemies to learn their darkest secrets. Dra’itras: Known as the Purple Flame, Dra’itras is a pious fanatic, and ritually carves symbols of change into his skin...and the skin of his fallen foes. As soon as I get them painted I will post some more pictures (and hopefully a battle report). Thanks for looking!
  3. So, as you probably know from last post, I'm going to The Wonders of the Algoraxi, a tournament at Warhammer World, in March. Although it is mainly a narrative event, you need three different army lists: 750, 1000 and 2000. Here goes. 750 Leaders Tzaangor Shaman - General, Arch-Sorcerer, Windthief Charm, Glimpse the Future, Bolt of Tzeentch, Shield of Fate, Treason of Tzeentch Units Tzaangors - 10, Pair of Savage Blade: 10 Tzaangors - 10, Pair of Savage Blade: 10 Tzaangor Skyfires - 3 1000 Leaders Tzaangor Shaman - General, Arch-Sorcerer, Glimpse the Future, Bolt of Tzeentch, Shield of Fate, Treason of Tzeentch Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch - Paradoxical Shield, Arcane Suggestion Units Tzaangors - 10, Pair of Savage Blade: 10 Kairic Acolytes - 10, Cursed Blade and Arcanite Shield: 10 Tzaangor Skyfires - 3 Tzaangor Skyfires - 3 2000 Leaders Tzaangor Shaman - General, Arch-Sorcerer, Arcane Suggestion, Bolt of Tzeentch, Shield of Fate, Fold Reality Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch - Paradoxical Shield, Arcane Suggestion Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch - Spiteful Shield, Shield of Fate Gaunt Summoner - Infusion Arcanum, Unchecked Mutation Units Tzaangors - 30, Pair of Savag Blades: 30 Kairic Acolytes - 10, Cursed Blade and Arcanite Shield: 10 Kairic Acolytes - 10, Cursed Blade and Arcanite Shield: 10 Tzaangor Skyfires - 3 Tzaangor Skyfires - 3 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch - Treason of Tzeentch Thanks for looking!
  4. Hi, With the faq stating that you can't use abilities while not setup on the table. Does that now mean that Tzeentch horrors can no longer use their split ability without a unit already on the table? So pinks don't get to split unless there's blue horrors on the board to since the ability is on the blue warscroll not the pinks.
  5. So I'm heading off to a tournament at Warhammer World - The Wonders of the Algoraxi. Here's what the PDF had to say about it: "The shadow of war stretches far across the Flamescar Plateau. This expansive region of the Realm of Fire has been conquered and lost many times since the Age of Myth, and its hidden treasures still draw the eyes of warlords and champions from across the Mortal Realms. Many thousands of years ago, the magocracy known as the Algoraxi Empire dominated vast swathes of territory within the Realm of Fire. Immersed in their studies, the Arch-Domini did not partake in any physical task that would distract them their pursuit of eldritch mastery. Thus the Algoraxi created vast, humanoid automatons to perform tasks of battle and construction for them. They utilized these automatons to assemble and align the immense weapon known as the Prismatikon, a continent-spanning engine of desolation that when properly aligned could focus the light and heat of Aqshy itself into a lance of destructive energy powerful enough to tear the very fabric of reality". What's really interesting is the variety of games. If you're going to it, you bring 750, 1000 and 2000 points armies. You also fight for your grand alliance as a whole, AND its a narrative type game (my favorite). So Xenthos has heard about it, wants not only to use and align the Prismatikon (essentially a giant fire-gun made by super cool fire golems), but also to unlock and discover all the other secrets of the Algoraxi. Naturally, the Flamesar Plateau is full of magical and mystical locales, which are also perfect for building flux-cairns, the herdstones of the tzaangor race. See what I'm getting at? Will post my armu list(s) and the secret obelisk-like scenery project that I've been working on later. Tell me if your going to the event, and thanks for looking!
  6. I was reading through the DoT battletome, and came across this guy: Is it me or is this the ULTIMATE daemon prince? So I incorporated some of his backstory into mine... Essentially the fluff about him is the preamble to the Children of Xenthos. After thousand of years of having El'an'zeth standing guard over Uzalith, t he great library-city was eventually attacked by the Thunder-Wrought, a Stormhost of Azyr. By then, almost all of Uzalith had felt the power and strength of 'The Architect', as Tzeentch is known. After a whole year of brutal guerrilla combat through the pristine streets of Uzalith, the citizens fled to a final stronghold: The Hex Citadel. It was at the gates of this iron fortress that El'an'zeth fought Emmanuel Witchbane, a Lord-Veritant of incredible might and expertise. Every spell flung by El'an'zeth was deflected by Emmanuel, and every stab and slash directed at El'an'zeth was parried with similar skill. After an hour of non-stop combat, El'an'zeth was beaten, and his body was paraded through the streets of Uzalith in celebration. The city was in turn burnt to the ground, and what few citizens survived lived in fear and terror. Yet, from the broken body of El'an'zeth, the change-cycle continued. From the ashes of Uzalith came Xenthos, a daemon sorcerer like no other. Claiming to be a reincarnation of El'an'zeth's spirit, and known to be a prophet of his return, Xenthos brought society and prosperity back to the remains of Uzalith, teaching its people the secrets of wyrdflame and sorcery and taught them the Enlightened Path: the true way of The Architect. Reborn in vengeance and magistry, Uzalith and her people marched to war, seeking the Thunder-Wrought, and, having found them, delivered the worst punishment of all. Death was to good for them; they would simply be reforged in Azyr. No, the punishment for the Thunder-Wrought was simple in its genius. Xenthos, casting a mighty spell, and aided by ninety-nine other wizards, turned the stormhost into the servants of one thing they had sought to destroy. The Thunder-Wrought were forever bound to protect Uzalith, and, exposed to the sheer change-magic that dwelt in the library-city, slowly warped into the first Chaos Stormhost: that of Tzeentch... Thanks again guys, hoped you enjoyed it, and thanks for looking!
  7. First up, a few pictures of one of the leaders of my cabal of sorcerers. This is Sar’cosa, Tzaangor Shaman... See you next time and thanks for... looking!
  8. Hey folks! So generally my chaos armies have been slaves to darkness with some Tzeentch mortals thrown in. Though recently I've been wanting to steer a bit more toward the archaon follower side and be able to really have some fun with mixing and matching things. I also quite like the thunderscorn dragon ogres so being able to include them in some lists would be great I like to change my lists around each time I play them for some fun but generally my main core will be Slaves to Darkness. My current ones are painted blue and silver though I do worry that will be seen a bit too tzeentch and as such may not fit too well for the undivided theme. As such I may repaint them to black using the really nice dark reaper over the top of that for highlights (and possibly thunderhawk blue for some bright edging details) Regardless I'd love to know good units from other gods I can chuck in and work well as I'd love to have lists featuring 2 or more god units within it. Usually I find my StD do really well defensively and units like Tzaangors I love for bringing a bit of punch with their flurry of attacks. I'm thinking demonettes could be great for getting some rend around and I've heard blightkings are a good nurgle unit that can fit into lists super easy. Khorne wise I've got the stuff from the AoS starters set so figured the khorgorath might prove nice to throw in for a mini monster or some blood reavers as a nice cheap objective holding unit (though they work so much better with a totem hero). I also have some good tzeentch casters such as the ogroid, curseling and gaunt summoner. So basically I'd love to know what sort of units folks think can work well either with StD synergies or without needing too many points sunk into synergies and the like. I have a warshrine which I can easily set to a mark or use as undivided to give abilities to everyone and I've also got sayl to teleport some knights or warriors around. I prefer mortals but I'm fine with adding some demons in (though not too big a fan of bloodletters or horrors really) Also I'd likely be looking at using the grand alliance allegiance with this (though the nice thing with primarily StD is being able to do any god allegiance for any games)
  9. Over the last year I have been putting together a tzeentch army (it took a while as I don't play with unpainted models, and I had a busy year). I wanted something competitive at mid-tables in events, that uses the units I like painting (many of which others feel are not viable). I liked the idea of a "super friends" list (based off the idea of magic the gathering lists that run lots of planeswalkers) that takes a group of powerful characters, and the rest of the army is just there to keep them safe. This is the list I have come up with: Tzeentch superfriends: 1x Lord of Change, Magical supremacy, wellspring of arcane might, bolt of tzeentch 1x Gaunt summoner, treacherous bond 1x Changeling, unchecked mutation 1x Tzaangor shaman , shield of fate 1x Ogroid Thaumaturge - Glipse the future 40x Kairic Acolytes 10x pink horrors 10x pink horrors 3x Tzaangor enlightened 360 reinforcement points The list is fairly simple mortal wound spam - protect the mages with the battle line units, splitting the pinks into blues and brimstones if required. The block of 40 acolytes offers a lot of board control, and can tag objectives if required while still acting as a screen. I have a number of options for using the reinforcement points: Blues/brimstones - either from split or from the ogroid's spell, great for holding back the enemy. Balewind vortex - very useful as a range extender. Particularly nice if I deploy the changeling in with all my mages, then summon a balewind for him. He can basically pick any spell my army knows and cast it at double range. Pink horrors - useful board control, can split them if needed for a real tarpit Lord of change with sword - mostly if my opponent has a behemoth and I need extra punch to kill it Herald of Tzeentch - adds another d6 mortal wounds spell Burning Chariot - if I need more speed to grab objectives, or a bit more "reach" I played one game with it so far, and the list performed very well winning total conquest 17-11 (it started out well with me rolling 6,6,6,6,6,6,2,2,1 as my destiny dice). My opponent had some bad rolls, but was a good player (played in the UK masters twice) with a competitive list so I am very happy with how it performed. Before: After: I have a back story for the list, it needs some fleshing out, but it is based around my lord of change Trojix Nine Schemes, who has assembled a cabal of agents who work to destabilise the status quo of any parts of the mortal realms they feel aren't changing fast enough. It was he, working with the changeling disguised as a weirdknob shaman, that convinced Zebgrok to start a civil war within the ironjawz (see my army from last year).
  10. I was sorting out the Hobby Room last week and I came across six screamers that I had built, but never done anything else with. So as part of my #365Challenge I decided to prep and paint these as I assumed that they would be quite quick to do. the first thing I did was drill out the bottom of the screamers so that I could insert some 4mm acrylic rod that I had rather than using the usual flying stands. I then wrapped these in masking tape and drilled out some corks to support them so that I could easily hold them to spray. The undercoating did a lot of the work for me. I sprayed the top blue, then a lighter blue, and the bottom was done in Zandri Dust and Averland Sunset. I then used a white spray and a purple spray to do the tails. Once these were dry I washed the underside with Sepia and the tops with Druchi Violet. I drybrushed the models with Bahoroth Blue and Hexus Pale Sun after this. The sepia and area always looks a bit dull after this, but Lamentors Yellow glaze is amazing at making things look yellow as its so strong. I also pulled some of this onto the top surface to give a green tint to the edges. I started off undercoating the horns and teeth brown and then using a bright bone to highlight them, but I really didn't like how it looked: So after showing the photos to some of the gaming group I decided to just go dark with the whole thing so I just went for a glossy black which I highlighted with a purple and black mix. I used bright blue for the raised areas and did the eyes a bright yellow. The last thing to do was just get some nuln oil and run that all over the fins on the top to darken that area. The bases were my usual recipe, although I added some little blue mushrooms to these (and I still need to put the tufts and grasses on)
  11. In the Host Duplicitous warscroll battalion it says you need: "1 Lord of Change" "1 Changehost (must contain at least 3 HORROR HEROES)" Can the lord of change in the changehost also be the one listed in the host duplicitous?
  12. Olincay


    Recently finished off this fella, I've dubbed him *the angry parrot* Apologies about the glare from the sunlight.
  13. Hi guys, just quick question on taking marks of Chaos and keywords, because I'm pretty new to AoS. Is it possible to take a particular mark of chaos, say Tzeentch, for the Legion of Azgorh? Was looking at using the magma cannon etc. or other pieces. But wasnt quite sure whether they would have to be just general Chaos or not. Still a little shaky on how keywords work... Thank Andy
  14. Hi! His rule says "If you roll a 9 or more for a Herald of Tzeentch's casting roll, it can attempt to cast one extra spell this hero phase (it must be a different spell)." Does this mean that he can cast additional spells as long as he rolls 9+ or that if his roll is 9+ he can cast 2 instead of 1 this hero phase? I usually see it played the first way but I've seen a top player saying it's the other way. Which one is true? Is there any official GW statement?
  15. Hi all. I've got a question that's a bit different and I could use your help. I've gotten my two young sons (13 and 11) involved in AoS. The 11 year old loves chaos, and his favorite faction is Tzeentch. He is really into the magic, the shenanigans, the transmutations, etc. Problem is, he's young and isn't really that experienced in playing a finesse game. Before Tzeentch got its update last year he was playing a mixed chaos allegiance with mostly Slaves to Darkness, Varanguard, little Archaon, and Khorne daemons. Because this was a close combat army with tougher models it was fairly forgiving if he got a little out of position. Tzeentch doesn't work that way, though. It's a more fragile army that can get rolled if you just charge in like he's used to doing. So I'm asking for your help. I'm looking for ideas of Tzeentch lists that incorporate the great things about a Tzeentch list (the magic shenanigans, the transmutations, the speed and shooting) but that is maybe a little more forgiving for a young player. Obviously this isn't for tournaments so it doesn't have to be hyper competitive. I just want to help him build a good list that is fun, and that makes him competitive when he's playing the small group of friends we mostly play with. Initially, my early concepts are something like: LoC Blue Scribes Gaunt Summoner Tzaangor Shaman Changeling 10x Chaos Warriors 5x Chaos Warriors 10x Pink Horrors 3x Skyfires 3x Skyfires 3x Tzaangor Enlightened Mutalith Vortex Beast I figured the chaos warriors could screen and the Vortex Beast is fun and fairly tough. I'd love to get his varanguard into the list somehow, or some Tzaangors who could take advantage of all the wizards, but I find it fairly difficult. Plus this list leaves no room for summoning. I'm sure more experienced Tzeentch players than me can come up with something better. Thanks for your help!
  16. I’ve started working on a large Tzeentch Arcanites force, and I’m using this plog as a way of keeping me regularly motivated. The background for my army is fairly simple: my force belongs to The Children of X’enthos, a splinter cult of the Transient Form. Their previous Lord Of Change, X’enthos, was killed in Ulgu by Festis the Rotborn, a Nurgle lord, but his bones are kept in the cults lair. As a ritual, all of the cult wear armour carved from his titanic bones, and, staying true to the Transient Form, believe that becoming a Tzaangor is the purest way of worshipping Tzeentch. Their colour scheme is purple skin for the Tzaangors and bone armour for everything. My spot colours are dark red and brilliant green. Will get some photos in quickly??
  17. I wanted to get a few units done over the holiday period and so far I have completed some more Plaguebearers which is convenient timing looking at the new models that are coming out in a few days time. I quite enjoy painting these guys as green is a colour I enjoy doing due to the amount of variation in tone you can achieve. Plus spray cans do a lot of the work for the scheme that I have been using. I like dry brushing on some paler green to lighten these guys up. I'd like to add a couple of the new great Unclean one models and do them in a nice pale green scheme. Now on a different note I painted 10 brimstone horrors and I'm not sure that the paint scheme is quite as successful as I would have liked. I got some great feedback from a friend on Twitter who's painting I have always admired. He said that they sat too much in the arrange midtone range so lacked contrast. On the next ten I'm looking to bring back more of the yellow and also highlight the faces in a more traditional way to bring out some of the detail. I think that I tried to keep the fire too realistic in the scheme I picked, and that clearly hasn't worked, so next I'm going to take Mikey's advice and bring a bit more of my own thinking into the models. Stay tuned to see how they turn out.
  18. Hello ladies and gents it is a pleasure to meet you all. I am about to start a massive Tzeentch and lizardmen army and figured this would be the best place to show it off. So I guess thats my introduction.
  19. Something ominous on the SkyreCam If you're looking for Age of Sigmar, Shadespire, 40K, Bloodbowl, Necromunda or other games in London, then head down to the South London Legion any Wednesday afternoon. This Wednesday will be our dedicated AoS night for the month (but feel free to rock up and play other games too). There will be the usual mixture of 2,000 point games going on. If you have a smaller force, then someone should be happy to give you an introductory or demo game as well. AoS Last week, Archaon took on Ben Savva's @Age of The Erstwood phenomenal Skryre Mechanicus army. It was a bad match up for the cunning rats, although a mortar took out my Gaunt Summoner turn one. The focus has switched to the GT Heats - not long to go now. We're also in the early stages of planning #BigBash which will be an all day narrative megabattle between several of our armies - thinking 10 February - Archaon and 4 Exalted Greater Daemons vs Nagash, Mortarchs and 6 Flappies - what's not to love? Conor has played a few games with his Disciples of Tzeentch army already and is playing again. Craig and John are bringing Khorne. Are #CraigRolls a thing of the past? Tom is making a special guest appearance from Brighton with Nighthaunt/Darkling Covens. I’ll be trying out Archaon within the Fatesworn Warband for the third time vs Alex's Clown Car (and Alex has used Archaon this year so knows what to expect). Runedaddy has a go at Derpghar. I finally found uses for that oversized axe and Kairic Acolytes. Bloodbowl Another classic game of Bloodbowl last week - I killed two of Rob's Skitz Skatz (would have been 3 but for his travelling apothecary), but even his heavily depleted team managed two one turn touchdowns to win 3-1 and take back the lead in the league over Matt. Rob taught me how to defend against one turn touchdowns after the game. Who will lead over Christmas? Marathon (Rob's movement 10 Gutter Runner somehow avoided death by foul) has scored 6 Touchdowns! New players are also welcome! Shadespire I taught Craig the game in 20 minutes two Fridays ago and he loved it. Very close game. Ben Savva then played Craig. The only way is up for me with my 3-games 3-Losses record. Should be a perfect second game to fit around a main game in an evening. Or you can just play 4 games back to back . 40K Nathan and Simon Weakley went to a one dayer on Saturday. Lots of excitement from Sami, John and others for the Blood Angels and Dark Angels Codices. I'm flip flopping between 12 Dragoons/Baliistarii or a Cerastus Knight Atropos for my Raptors/Ad Mech list. Sami is doing well with the Necrons! Ben Raven, Nathan and Simon Weakley seem very excitable about Tyranids! It has slowly dawned on me that I already own a significant amount of models for a Daemons list or Thousand sons (might finally use 30 Tzaangor!). Shame the Exalted Greater Daemons in 40K got nerfed into oblivion, but hopefully can use them as regular versions. Craig is leading the way with his Ad Mech - awesome painting! One of the cohort of Bens owns this chap. Necromunda Simon Froley is leading the charge with James hot on his heels. I’ve dug out my old Van Saar gang! Very exciting game. Will be going strong in the New Year. I salvaged some metal Van Saar and other dudes. #DateWithDettol @Thanatos Ares @Leonardas @Bowlzee @Marc Wilson Give me a shout on the forum or post below and I can add you to our AoS WhatsApp chatroom (84,000 messages and counting - I swear fully half of it is John talking about Khorgoraths). You can find us here: Croydon Conference Centre 5-9 Surrey Street Croydon Surrey CR0 1RG @sthlondonlegion
  20. Earlier on I posted an image of the original Skyfire model I painted. I have finished the Shaman to go with them now as well. This was a super cool model to paint. Came together really quickly and I was really happy with it. I cut a few corners to speed up the painting so areas like the robes are just the undercoat with no touch ups, just a few edge highlights, and there are a lot of areas that are deliberately not painted (under the disc, underside of the robes etc. As this is a relatively quick gaming army I am trying not to get caught up on all the details, but I still want it to look neat and tidy. One of the things I did was to paint the disc in sections this time which was an awful lot faster and easier than trying to paint them once they were all glued together. I enjoyed using one of the Shattered Dominion Hero bases for it as well as I have a few still lying around. I am most pleased with the feathers on this guy. I think they came out really well and hopefully it can be utilised on the Lord of Change which is up next...
  21. I’ve bitten off a way bigger project than I can chew and am working on a large force of Tzeentch models, between Slaves to Darkness, Daemons and Arcanites. While I work on assembly (which takes me forever thanks to being a perfectionist with mold lines, gaps, subassemblies and separate basing on some models), I’m practicing my paint schemes with some models off of eBay. So far that’s meant this Kairic Acolyte- I’d love C&C from anyone working on a similar army, or in general, as I puzzle outhoe to replicate the GW studio scheme (which coincidentally fits my favorite fluff from the Battletome, the mutation-obsessed Cult of the Transient Form). People on the AoS subreddit night have already seen this; I have a short list of problem areas I know how to do differently and some things I’m still working on: 1. The cloth: I need to do a recess shade after the initial layer of Celestra Grey instead of layering up to Ulthuan Grey and thinking I can clean up an all-over wash. 2. The skin: this is Rakarth Flesh, all-over Reikland Fleshshade, Flayed One Flesh layer. For the next one, I think I’ll get better, less stark results by layering up to Flayed One first, washing with thinned Reikland and then layering Flayed One again and Pallid Wych Flesh for highlights, but I’m totally open to feedback and suggestions. For full units (and at least one of my three remaining eBay practice models) i want to mix in darker skin tones as well. 3. The gold. It’s too bright on the mask; the shield is shaded but not layered yet. I start with Retributor Armor and Reikland Fleshshade (washed at the same time as the skin) but a layer of Liberator Gold is too bright and silvery. I’m going to try a layer of Auric Armor Gold, leaving Liberator for highlights and Stormhost Silver for fine points, though I’m a little worried that might look too much like the Stormcast color scheme... 4. The visible mutations, in this case the mask and feet. I’m a little annoyed that the multipart Acolytes don’t have bird feet and from what I can tell the masks don’t seem melded into their faces like on this guy but rather just seated on top, with flesh visible around the eyes on some, but I’ll figure out how I want to make it work. This is just a wash of Carroburg Crimson, which left some unfortunate tide marks and uneven finish on the applied areas. 5. Finally, and his is just personal preference, the gems. I’m not really sold on the gemstone paints, and this model (and the Tzeentch range!) has enough uneven shapes, like the “eyes” on the belt and dagger hilt, to make the gem paints physically difficult to apply. And the metallic finish makes it that much more difficult to paint a pupil on the “eye” gems and have it be legible. I’m going to try the old school approach on future models and see where that gets me.
  22. Hello ladies and gents well after a long time of giving up on this model. He was broken on me not once twice or even three times but four times in 2 months, So I put him in a box and left him for dead, now several years later I have a safer place and the might Galrauch The First Dragon Of Chaos is being worked on.
  23. So after Kairos's defeat at the hands of colour coded Bloodletter Spam and 21 Skyfires - there was only one possible solution! A bigger summoning pool! The new list jacks it up to 780 points. I keep the Fatesworn Warband. Nemo the Ogroid steps up to replace the role filled by the Sorc on Manticore. The Curseling is General. Allegiance: Tzeentch Leaders Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch (140) - General - Command Trait : Magical Supremacy - Lore of Fate : Shield of Fate Ogroid Thaumaturge (160) - Artefact : Paradoxical Shield - Lore of Fate : Treacherous Bond Gaunt Summoner and Chaos Familiars (120) - Artefact : Souldraught - Lore of Change : Arcane Transformation Chaos Sorcerer Lord (160) - Runestaff - Steed - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch - Lore of Fate : Glimpse the Future The Blue Scribes (120) - Lore of Change : Tzeentch's Firestorm Units 5 x Chaos Warriors (90) -Hand Weapons - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch 10 x Chaos Marauders (60) -Axes & Shields - Damned Icon - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch 10 x Chaos Marauders (60) -Axes & Shields - Damned Icon - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch 1 x Chaos Spawn (50) 1 x Chaos Chariots (80) -War flails - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch 1 x Chaos Chariots (80) -War flails - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch Fatesworn Warband (100) Reinforcement Points (780) Total: 2000 / 2000 Allies: 0 / 400 Leaders: 5/6 Battlelines: 5 (3+) Behemoths: 0/4 Artillery: 0/4 Per the FAQ the Marauders have both Banners and per the GHB the Maras cannot be units of 9 for the 6++ as Battleline cannot be under minimum size. The Bloodletters are right at the bottom of the summoning pool. They have been joined by the Exalted Greater Daemons of Tzeentch and Nurgle along with a Sword wielding LoC. Off to Warhammer World now for some practice games. Ben Savva is also heading up from the South London Legion with a beautifully converted Ad Mech Skryre army.
  24. Hi, I need some confirmation about summoning. When I summon Herald of Tzeentch in DoT army with Tzeentch allegiance can I choose additional spell from lore of change for him? In my opinion yes but my opponent had different opinion today.
  25. Could a Gor-only list like this work? Not in competitive or anything, just as a decent army. I had an idea, but I'm pretty new at this stuff so I doubt its any good. Any advice to improve it? Allegiance: ChaosBilespiller (80)Beastlord- Man-ripper Axe & Brayshield- Artefact: Favour of the GodsGreat Bray Shaman (90)- Artefact: Beguiling GemTzaangor Shaman (160)- General- Trait: Lord of War- Artefact: Chaos Talisman10 x Gors (80)- Gor-Blades & Beastshields10 x Gors (80)- Gor-Blades & Beastshields10 x Gors (80)- Gor-Blades & Beastshields10 x Ungors (60)- Mauls & Half-Shields10 x Ungors (60)- Mauls & Half-Shields10 x Ungors (60)- Shortspears & Half-Shields10 x Ungors (60)- Shortspears & Half-Shields10 x Tzaangors (180)- 2x Pair of Savage Blade- 4x Savage Greatblade- 4x Savage Blade & Arcanite Shield1 x Tuskgor Chariots (60)1 x Tuskgor Chariots (60)6 x Tzaangor Skyfires (400)3 x Tzaangor Enlightened on Disc (160)Wildstalker Brayherd (240)Tzaangor Coven (90)Reinforcement Points (0)Total: 2000 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400
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