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Found 67 results

  1. Most armies have their dedicated elite infantry, and from the Freeguild Greatswords to the Kharadron Grundstock Thunderers they bear an infamous reputation on the battlefield. Each of the Skaven Clans have their own as well, and those fielded by the Clans Pestilens are known as Plague Censer Bearers. Swinging High The standout strengths of the Censer Bearers are evident. Unlike Plague Monks their weapon range is 2 inches, meaning they can actually swing over the top of themselves when taken in large groups. Their base rend on their weapons is -1, above the Plague Monks who need wound rolls of 6 to compete with that. Topping this off, in the hero phase each unit near them has a chance to take a mortal wound on the side. They also reroll all failed hits and battleshock outcomes as long as they hang close to a unit of Plague Monks, which in any smart list they'll have at least 2 or 3 units nearby. Falling Short No save, and unlike Plague Monks, no way of acquiring one. Furthermore, they're 60pts for 5 models, and that's 60pts that can be erased by merely average shooting. This is an elite unit that cannot withstand ANY level of pressure, so they need a stack of buffs to hit their full potential. Plaguelord's Verdict With the Verminlord Corruptor's command ability, the Plague Furnace's Rabid Fever and Bless with Filth, and maybe an enemy debuffed with Wither for good measure, these guys will literally EAT anything they go up against. A unit of 10 swinging for 40 attacks rerolling all of it's failed hit and wound rolls is going to blitz ANYTHING short of a 2+ save rerolling fails. Taken in the Plaguesmog Congregation they will be -1 to hit with shooting and putting out far more proximity mortal wounds in the hero phase. However without these buffs, they'll get swatted turn 1 or 2 and you'll lose your high cost point sink. Take them in a group of 10 and a group of 5 as part of a Plaguesmog for the extra artifact and command point or don't take them at all.
  2. Striding above the lesser rats as they charge screaming into battle is a monster the skaven fear more than any other. Verminlords are the truest incarnation of the Horned Rat, be they ascended champions rewarded for excellence, shards of the Horned Rat given form and function, or the hideous Lord Skreech Verminking, an abomination formed from the essence of the entire original Council of Thirteen. These entities lead the skaven, from the front and from the shadows, and of their number none are fouler than the Verminlord Corruptor. A Nurgle Daemon Unlike Any Other The Verminlord Corruptor is the centrepiece model of a Clan Pestilens army. As the only unit in the book with a command ability, if they're in the list they'll be the general. Before Pestilens recoeved alleigance abilities this guy didn't see much use, he was an awkward out of place model that simply cost too much. Now, with a point reduction and command traits and artifacts that bring him into line with the rest of the army this chittering monstrosity makes for a formidable leader indeed. Disease Strides the Battlefield The Corruptor is best played thematically. He stalks behind a line of plague monks, casting his command ability on them while casting mystic shield to preserve nearby Plague Furnaces and unleashes his unique Plague spell on anything close, or anything close to his nearby expendable and targetable swarm. He only fights in close combat when victory is assured, and given his game changing command ability is willing to expend every last rat to preserve his own well-being. Equipped with the Blistervious, the Living Cyst and bearing the Master of Rot and Ruin trait this potent support general will stay alive on the back field, casting prayers and spells to support his minions and dealing with any enterprising assassins foolish enough to come close. Points to Remember 12 wounds and a 4+ save is not that durable. If the Corruptor tries to trade blows with anything bigger than a support hero, he will lose. The idea of this mighty creature cutting down hated Allariele the Everqueen is pleasant, until her beetle takes him out in literally one round of combat. Prayers used by a Corruptor who has Master of Rot and Ruin or the Liber Bubonicus cannot trigger Great Plagues. Can't fathom why, but rules as written he doesn't. Don't try it. We might be scum skaven players, but we aren't cheats. His unique spell can be chained through your own troops to reach the enemy. Not always smart, but always funny when it goes off and causes the enemy even more casualties. Parting Shots (With a Prehensile Tail) I've begun the hard task of repainting my corruptor, shown here in his original, if somewhat rough glory, and halfway through his new paint job with lovely crystalline horns.
  3. When I first started playing tournaments I would usually finish on a comfortable 4 or 5 Major Defeats. This was happening to me because I wasn't just a new player, I was a bad player. Losing doesn't make you bad, but losing consistently and not taking steps to improve does. My first step to improving was to read my warscrolls. Not just read, but really dig in and memorize them (Clan Pestilens has about 6 warscrolls, so no excuse not to really). From there I constructed a small phase by phase flow chart to remind me of all the small rules that I would sometimes forget that culd have shifted the balance of a game, and as soon as i made this chart i went from an average of 1 Major Victory to 3 Major Victories almost overnight. This can be applied to any army, but I've posted below the flowchart I was following for the NZ Masters tournament last year (Adapted for AoS2) where until Round 4, i was one of the favorites to win the event (Fate is fickle, ****** you Tzeentch). Pestilens Turn Progression Hero Phase · Choose whether to spend command abilities (not advised in the first battle round, save them for turn 2 charges). · Use all prayers of all priests (If first battle round things won’t be in range of Pestilent Breath, however you can still do it targeting nowhere to potentially get The Neverplgaue great plague). · Cast spells with the Verminlord Corruptor. · Choose whether or not to use one-use only effects in the Plague Monk and Plague Priest warscrolls, ideally the Plague Monk tome that deals mortal wounds or the enemy debuffs from the scroll. · Check if any enemies are within range of proximity-based damage (Plague Furnace, Plague Censer Bearers). Movement · Plagueclaw Catapults can move without a penalty to its shooting. · Move Plague Monks and Censer Bearers forward, however if they cannot possibly make a successful charge stay out of enemy charge range or bubblewrap with Plague Monks that have the Rabid Fever prayer active. Shooting · Prioritise infantry blocks with good saves as the Plagueclaw target, or soften up targets about to be charged by your Plague Monks. · Verminlord has a shooting attack, it isn’t awful against low save units. Charge/Combat · Command points can be spent to reroll failed charges, so roll charges before spending the points. · Charge in groups of 2 or 3 units, avoid sending you entire army in in a single phase. Battleshock · Remember that Pestilens allegiance gives you 2 bravery for every 10 monks in a unit, not 1. · If you wish to use Inspiring Presence it has to be done before any battleshock rolls are made. If you play Pestilens, I recommend taking this and adapting it to the list you run. If you don't play Pestilens (Normies leave reeee) I recommend constructing one for your own army regardless of how good a player you are. It only takes one lapse of memory to lose a game.
  4. I've been playing a lot of Skaven lately, and having an absolute blast. I love the diversity of the army, even staying within the keyword SKAVEN. I thought I'd start an index here, gathering thoughts on Skaven Units and overall synergy. So lets hear your feelings and experience. The Clans: Eshin - Ninjas! Moulder - Monstrous Beasts and Dr. Frankenstein tendencies Pestilens - Plagues and Filth and Bathrobes Skryre - A Knack for the Mechanical Verminus - Fighters and Warriors en masse...or at least the Rats in the front to prevent the cool toys from being destroyed Masterclan - Magic, Voodoo, Claw Wigglers Leaders: Skaven Assassin Verminlord Deceiver, Behemoth Packmaster Plague Furnace, Behemoth Plague Priest with Plague Censor Plague Priest with Warpstone-tipped Staff Verminlord Corruptor, Behemoth Arch Warlock Warlock Engineer Skaven Warlord Verminlord Warbringer, Behemoth Grey Seer Lord Skreech Verminkin, Behemoth Screaming Bell, Behemoth Thanquol and Boneripper, Behemoth Verminlord Warpseer, Behemoth Battleline: Clan Rats Artillery: Plagueclaw Warp Lighting Cannon Warplock Jezzails Behemoth: Hellpit Abomination Doomwheel Others Units: Gutter Runners Night Runners, Battleline Eshin Giant Rats, Battleline Moulder Rat Ogors Rat Swarms Plague Censor Bearers Plague Monks Ratling Gun Weapon Team Warp-grinder Weapon Team Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team Doom-flayer Weapon team Skryre Acolytes, Skryre Battleline Stormfiends, Skryre Battleline Stormvermin Battalions: Virulent Procession - Clan Pestilens Foulrain Congregation - Clan Pestilens Plaguesmog Congregation - Clan Pestilens Congregation of Filth - Clan Pestilens Clan Skryre - Skryre Other Synergistic Units: Sayl the Faithless
  5. Hey all! So I know batallions like Gnarlroot, Winterleaf, and Dreadwood used to be very popular but with the increased costs to them are they still worth running? Just starting my Sylvaneth collection and I have 1 of each tree lord, a branch wytch and wraith, and a boat load of dryads. Obviously I'm planning on adding at least 4 squads of Hunters (weapon loadout TBD, most likely will magnetize) but I didn't know if there always a specific wargrove that I should be working on filling out. Thanks!
  6. Hi there, I am currently running a 2k points tzeentch list at my local club and having some trouble getting a win with it. I have only been playing a few months so maybe 5 games played with them and i have lost them all. My opponents are running seraphon and stormcast and have been playing a long time. So far my strat is play defensive, bubble wrap my heros in horrors to keep them out of combat and make sure all casters are within 18" of LoC and scribes for buffs then take 2nd turn if possible and hang back and cast spells at them as they move onto the objective. trying to weaken them up before moving in to try and take an objective. I keep 100 summoning points for either a balewind vortex against sereaphon or to use for splitting from blues to brimstones against stormcast. Deploy in 4 blobs against seraphon to keep bastiladon away from too many units and closer together against stomcast. I also try to focus on heros and ranged first. My list is attached for you to see, If anyone has any help on playing this army or list adjustments please post bellow thanks! 2k list.pdf
  7. So my friend that I am going to play a matched play game with soon uses stormcast eternals (more importantly knight-venator) because he always tries to pick the strongest good guy faction out there. Stormcast Eternals are obviously the single strongest army currently and having a super cheap hero that can attack across the whole map with dead accurate attacks is a huge problem for a nurgle army. What could I possibly play to beat him? Other than Celestant Prime and a few other units, knight-venator is one of the best units in the game and costs next to nothing to play. Any strategy to take out 1-5 of these guys?
  8. Today we're going to talk about the strategies available to the enterprising Clan Pestilens player and the tricks and tools of the disease trade. Some of these aren't exactly unique to Pestilens, but all of them are useful to them. The Prayers of a Righteous Rat Did you know you can cast the damage prayer on the Plague Priest scroll without an actual target? It targets an area, not a unit. Interesting info, but not really useful right? Wrong. Spam this turn 1 with no valid target and go for a great plague, and select the Neverplague. The only excuse to not be spamming plague breath on empty spaces is of there's actual targets available or you already have the Neverplague. Weather the Storm So the enemy is unpacking his Beastclaw/Khorne/Daughters of Khaine. Our rats don't have a chance against such famous combat geared armies right? Wrong, they're as good as dead already. When the enemy is running an all charging minimum shooting list there is but one answer. Lines of single file plague monks across the edge of the deployment. Ideally 2 or 3 groups of 10, 6" gaps between them to stop the enemy squeezing past. Behind this line, 6" back (for safety) is a gigantic blob of plague monks. The first line will gey hit like an avalanche and they will almost certainly die. The enemy is now within range of a fully buffed, fully packed Plague Monk swarm. Chuck on some prayers of Wither on the enemy, move forward into range and charge (taking the Congregation of Filth will prevent double 1 rolls). Doesn't matter what they're running, they're dead. Conga Line of Death Never move your rats around in squares, this isn't fantasy battle. Squeeze as much use out of the rat squads as possible, form a long line and hold an objective while also screening for a priest and keeping an enemy tied up in a dud fight. Form circles around objectives, wrap monks around furnaces to prevent units with 1" range weapons bringing the furnace to battle. It's not dirty, it's alternative tactics. Discretion is the Better Part of Murder Retreat, it's the golden move no one ever uses to their advantage. Charge an enemy, then retreat around the side of them the next turn. Your enemy is likely to know he can't actually beat plague monks in a fight and won't charge them, so if you're already holding an objective don't charge off it. There isn't always a nees to fight. Know when to fight, and when to wait. Below are some pictures of silly rat movements that would win me the game. Doesn't matter if it looks stupid, as long as you win.
  9. Todays post is all about matchups, and how Pestilens fares in them. Now because of the nature of the army, matchups are more important than I would like to be honest, so it helps to know them. These are based primarily off experience, I haven't faced all the armies (popular ones at least) in the game so some of these will be experience and some will be educated comparisons. I'll grade them in advantage, major and minor. Blades of Khorne - Minor Advantage to Blades of Khorne A combat based army, and a good one. Ordinarily Pestilens will blenderize anything that fancies itself a combat favoring army but these guys are a little different. They have a massive range of options, we have 6 models all up. The build paths open to them let them be MORE than a combat army, something Pestilens can't actually do. Essentially it boils down to who hits who first. This is one the few matchups were Plagueclaws are actually good due to the favoribility of Bloodletter Bombs and Bloodreaver Hordes. Overall you want to be the one who gets the first charge off and make sure your units have the Furnace prayer that lets them fight one dead, you'll need it. Disciples of Tzeentch - Major Advantage to Disciples of Tzeentch Lol don't even get me started, the weakness of Clan Pestilens is no ability to deal with long range and movement shenanigans. Run up, charge to get closer to objectives and pray you can last longer than they can throw spells. Skyfires are the devil, Horrors are just annoying and the Gaunt Summoner will quite literally light you on fire and roast marshmellows on the corpse. The best strategy when facing Tzeentch with Pestilens is to either avoid it or whine about balance in chat groups. Take an Arch Warlock with a Balewind and try play them at their own game, but ultimately this one is a little skewed. Sylvaneth - Minor Advantage to Clan Pestilens This one used to feel on par with Disciples of Tzeentch until playing them a bit more, and of course the meta no longer favoring Kurnoth with bows. The trick is to take the field before they take the field, by any means necessary. Run in the first movement phase, charge anything within reach if you went second, do anything you can to get in their face. They put wildwoods in front of you? ****** em, run straight through it. Charge through it ideally. If you think the Dangerous Terrain effect is something to be afraid of, you are a coward or too considerate of your rat's lives, and neither of these traits are found in good Pestilens players. Get on top of 2 or so objectives and refuse to leave like a disenfranchised family member on Christmas, and god willing victory shall be yours. In a perfect world they'll run lots of Revenants over dryads and you drown them in dice, asking your opponent with a smug smile if he'd like to use Martial Memories to reroll one of the failed 30 saves. Kharadron Overlords - Neutral This is a weird one. Kharadron Overlords are dwarves, but only in the sense that they're short. They aren't slow, they aren't sturdy and their beards are a solid source of iron intake. Kharadron are like life, they come at you hard and fast. This is sometimes a good thing, sometimes terrible. So basically, what it comes down to is if the Overlord player invested in weight of shots (good for you) or they invested in high damage weapons like Drill Cannons (You're screwed). With weight of shots they can't actually kill enough rats for it to matter before they're on the recieving end of a plague monk charge, and oddly despite those boats being in the sky we can still smack them back down. Surround the boat and they can't deploy it's contents, which is even better. However with the Drill Cannons and so on we lose our Plague Furnaces on turn 2, Corruptor turn 3, and the game shortly after. Their weakness is the terrible range of pretty much all shooting that isn;t on a Thunderer or Ironclad, ours is they actually have guns. Play the objectives and bait them into range. Flesh Eater Courts - Major Advantage to Clan Pestilens This one is fun. They have no shooting, and they want to be in close combat. Naysayers would say "but Aiden, they can bring back their troops and we can't!". To that i say, ever seen Ghouls put out 40 wounds + several mortal wounds before saves are made? Probably not. Yeah Ghouls can regnerate lost troops, but only when a nearby Courtier does it for them. A wee, little Courtier with a weak save and fewer wounds. Slash him down to size with prayer spam. Flesh Eater Courts are an infantry spam buff army, just like Clan Pestilens, we just happen to be WAY better at it than they are. Butcher what they throw at you and take the field, if their characters get wise deal with them by throwing a Plague Furnace their way. Ironjaws - Minor Advantage to Clan Pestilens Ironjaws are a semi-elite army that don't put out massive damage but make up for it by being relatively tricky to kill. This is the matchup where discretion is the better part of valor for Pestilens. Try and go around them to get to objectives, don't hesitate to retreat if it means snaking behind them to get where you need to go. Multiwound infantry means no half measures, if you engage them engage them with all possible force and sweep them aside. Time spent fighting them is time wasted and that's what they want. Use prayers to make sure your monks can easily wound and trigger dice roll of 6 or more effects, don't waste time trying to d3 mortal wounds them to death it takes way too long. Bonesplitterz - Major Advantage to Bonesplitterz Interestingly this is an easy game really if they don't take Kunnun Rukk. Jokes on you however, they pretty much always do. Theyre surprisinly resilient and tying them up in combat doesn't stop them shooting you. And dear god will they shoot you, again and again and again. It's like facing the easier to batch paint version of Free Peoples. Try and kill the leaders to stop the batallions workind and take a Plaguesmog with Vexlers Shroud on the Furnace so it's -2 to hit. Thats basically all the counterplay there is here. Stormcast Eternals - Minor Advantage to Pestilens The boys in gold, a very diverse force with a lot of options. If we assess Stormcast at their base weaknesses, which is having to deal with weight of numbers and mortal wounds, we have a clear and easy advantage. If they play Vanguard and keep running away and shooting us it's a bit harder. If they play Aetherstrike it's an uphill footslog through the shittiest parts of Chernobyl. Play the game to the objectives, take the table to prevent Borne by the Storm and Lightning Chariot and do your best to retain your high numbers. Fireslayers - Major Advantage to Fireslayers If they're smart and take a bucketload of Vulkites you'll drown in them. If you can get around that or maybe pepper them with Plagueclaws it will be ok and you'll pull an objective victory. Magmadroths are terrible, 20 plague monks will wipe one out easily. They can't get their axes into range (unless under runic effect) without coming into charge range so bear that in mind. They're hard to shift, and they'll outlast you ten times out of ten. Avoid getting bogged down and charge the less defensive stuff like Auric Bezerkers and Hearthguard, and for the love of god stay away from the Grimrath Bezerker. Seraphon - Minor Advantage to Seraphon Our mortal foes, the artist formerly known as Lizardmen. Their strengths are defense against rend, their weakness is mortal wounds, so you might think, where is their advantage. Lords of Space and TIme. They can retreat across the table without it even being a retreat, dump a line of Saurus Guard in our way, and abuse long range magic which we can;t really unbind, as well as unbinding any few attempts we make at casting. Also the Verminlord is a Chaos Daemon which they specifically do well against. Comment what more you'd like to see, fellow Pestilens player.
  10. Alrght up next on my overview of the Skaven Pestilens overview, we're lloking at the Command Traits available as well as Artifacts Skaven Pestilens characters have the option of taking. No need for fanfare, lets get stuck in. Command Traits Malevolent - The general gets to reroll wound rolls of 1. Not great, if you're putting your hopes on a Verminlord Corruptor to face down the enemy army and sweep it aside you're in the wrong army, Clan Verminus has it's dens further down the street. Only ever going to come into effect on a Plague Furnace, and there are better options. NEXT. Diseased - I like the thematic nature of this one. Basically, you roll a dice in the hero phase and on a 5+ someone within 3 inches of the general gets smacked with d3 mortal wounds. Not terrible, just remember to actually do it if you chose it. Master of Rot and Ruin - Hello hello, this is the one you want. If they're a Plague Priest, reroll to prayers. If not, they get to the Pestilent Prayers rule from the Plague Priest scroll. Neat ona Verminlord, and cool on a Plague Furnace too. Hard to go wrong with this one. Fanatical Leader- Add 1 to the attacks characteristic of all the general's melee weapons. Jesus, the Verminlord already hits 10 damn times adding 1 more isn't going to suddenly make him a Warbringer. Funny on a Furnace, useless everywhere else. Verminous Valor - You'd be hard pressed to find a more thematic ability in the entire game. On a dice roll of 4+, the general hands off any normal or mortal wounds suffered onto a hapless group of rats nearby. This is fantastic ona furnace because it's always surrounded by rats anyway. Architect of Death - Pestilens shooting missile units near the general get to reroll their wound rolls of 1. Obviously designed for the Plagueclaw Catapults, unless the Verminlord's tail has finally become a weapon to surpass Metal Gear. Artifacts of Clan Pestilens The Fumigatous - In the combat phase, someone within 6 inches of the bearer takes a mortal wound on a dice roll of 3+. Not bad on the Corruptor, his Plaguemaster ability is triggered by all damage he deals regardless of the source. Not quite an auto take, but not worthless. Brooding Blade - You pick one of the weapons of your general, and any model that took a wound from that weapon but didn't die takes d3 mortal wounds at the end of combat on a dice roll of 6. If you're a clever cookie who splits his attacks between multiple units this isn't half bad. Billious Bell - In your hero phase roll a D6 for all enemies within 12 inches of the holder, on a 4+ they subtract 1 from their bravery. Pretty cool on a Plague Furnace given they're usually in the thick of things. Blistervious, the Living Cyst - Jesus this one is fun. Gives a small buff, reroll 1s to hit and move 2 extra inches, not bad. If you're within 12 inches of a pestilens character in yoursecond or later hero phase however, it jumps to them. Give it to a dud character, then have it jump to the Verminlord who already is running about with his Vexler's Shroud. Godspeed you rabies infested murder monster. The Liber Bubonicus - Well well, the only artifact with massive lore behind it. Plaguemaster Skrolk's old book lets it's bearer be a Plague Priest if they ain't one, and pray twice if they are. This plus Master of Rot and Ruin on a generic Plague Priest makes for a nasty little rat with a chip on his shoulder, and probably the funniest general this army can field in casual or 1k games, The Vexler's Shroud - Enemies subtract 1 from hit rolls when targeting the bearer in the shooting phase. Simple, clean and always useful. That's it for the Pestilens Traits and Artifacts. Next I'll do a unit analysis of the HQ characters, and follow it with the rest.
  11. So, my friend and I split a couple of Spire of Dawn boxes, and both added a couple of things from there. We've gotten 4 games in at this point, and I'm batting a .250 so far and he's quite smug about it. I don't have the complete sets of the Spire of Dawn because I cut some up for conversions (he also hasn't painted a single model whereas I'm done but for highlighting and vanity work so I'm winning the moral victory), but this is the list I've been running. High Warden (General) -Legendary Fighter (Starwood lance) -Obstinate Blade (Starwood lance) 2 Tenebrael Shards 1 Archmage 1 Grimwrath Beserker 2x5 Reavers -Captains 1x20 Swordmasters (Sometimes 2x10, I can't decide which I prefer) -Command 1x5 Hearthguard Beserkers -Lanterny flail things that I don't want to look up I also have 10 Spireguard that I'll get around to painting, but I cut the other 10 up to convert my High Aelven Tenebrael Shard. I also cut up the other High Warden to beef up my Swordmaster champion, make a better scepter for my Archmage, and a better standard topper for my Swordmasters. The 2nd Archmage became the other Shard.... so I don't have alot more to work with at the moment. I'll be getting some KO Skywardens and a Fyreslayers SC with some extra Vulkites after I spend money on my partner and dog for the holiday. He's running 1 Arch-Warlock 2 Warlock Engineers 2 Skaven Warlord 1x40 Clanrats -Hand weapons and shields 1x40 Clanrats -Spears and Shields 1x3 Stormfiends 4x1 Poison Wind Mortars I might be forgetting something that but that puts us both in the 1400 -1500 range I think. Basically, I beat him the first game and then I explained to him that he could just wrap his clanrats around his artillery and it would stop me from dropping Shards behind his lines and tearing them the shreds. It occurs to me that I should have waited for him to figure it out on his own because he's been obliterating me ever since. Fact is, I pretty much just can't kill them fast enough in an objective based game, but I have to engage them in order to get at them mortars so I'm kinda caught. What I've been doing since he started this bubble wrapping thing is using the reavers to create a bottleneck that the Shards can escape on their combat phase retreat until the swordmasters and Fyreslayers can take over and the Reavers can retreat to objectives and provide ranged support. Except it all just dies a slow death to mortars and clanrats. Does anyone have a tip or trick that might help me? Or a suggestion of some (preferably Aelven, KO, or Fyreslayer) model that will help me immensely? Or is the answer just "get better at managing your resources"?
  12. Skirmish launched a while ago so I know I'm late to the party. I finished my warband this weekend and got my first game in, so I figured I'd post my thoughts here. I tried a mixed Order list using a Freeguild General, a Greatsword, a Swordmaster, an Executioner, a Handgunner w/ Long Rifle, and three Dragon Blades. My opponent brought Stormcast with three Liberators, one Retribution, one Lord Relictor, and two Prosecutors. The game was close-fought but my mixed Order came out victorious! Anyway, here's what stood out in the game: High-movement units are a must. Once I had taken out his Prosecutors, my cavalry got some great charges in that his army wasn't able to respond to. Things with 1 attack aren't really worth it... I think. My Long Rifle Handgunner is very accuracte, with a very high change to wound, and -1 Rend and 2 Damage. By all accounts, it should be very effective. However, rolling 1 die for hit, wound, and save (4/9 chance before armor saves) means that you're pretty likely to whiff. Mortal wounds. The stars of the game were the Executioner, the Retributor, and the Lord Relictor. Why? In small games, the more dice the better. If you have good mortal wound output, you're one step closer to winning. Damage over defense. His Liberators were durable units, but they just don't have the attack power they need. No liberator got a kill in this game, even though he brought three. On the flip side, high-damage units like my cavalry and Executioner were great even though they weren't durable. Finally, bring tons of champions/sergeants. So many units in AoS are so similar, you can get good efficiency for your Renown by taking a bunch of different champions and sergeants, and no 'ordinary' models. This is what I did and it worked great- way more attacks across the board! There's not much benefit with charging unless you have a charge bonus. On one turn, I got every model into combat with a bunch of successful charges. But since you alternate model by model, a few models were cut down before they got to attack. Taking multi-wound models could help here, but Order doesn't get many outside of Stormcast. Anyway, these were my impressions! What do you think?
  13. In the last week or so, one of the big talking points has been the Scorched Earth battleplan. There's real concern that certain lists, particularly Khorne armies featuring a Murderhost, can put the game beyond reach on turn one. Because the objectives are at the very edge of each army's deployment, preventing any units being set up in front of them, a particularly eager Murderhost can bound across the table, burn all three of their opponent's objectives, and find themselves up to 12-0 up, before the blood hits the dirt. This has caused such concern that I know of at least one tournament which has already made alterations to the battleplan (by moving the objectives back 3", if I remember correctly). Does Scorched Earth need to be 'Escalationed' and get an FAQ overhaul. I hope not. So TGA, how can a Murderhost be stopped in Scorched Earth? Here's my ideas. Feel free to add yours. Chaos Pink Horrors: Deploying a thin line of Horrors across the edge of the deployment zone would allow you absorb the Bloodletters' charge and then split twice as many Blue horrors into the space vacated by the dead Pinks. Outnumbering the massive regiments of Bloodletters post-splitting would still rely on massed ranks of something like Tzaangors sitting behind the thin pink line, ready to deal out retribution. Ungor Raiders: A unit of forty Ungor Raiders on 25mm bases can be deployed in a thin line the full width of a six foot table, all the way along the edge of your deployment zone. The key: Ungor Raider move before the game begins! They won't simply shield your objectives, the Ungor Raiders could be up to 13" (+1 to run and pile in) preventing any Bloodletters from even entering your half of the table in turn 1! Skaven Night Runners: Like Ungor Raiders, Night Runners get to make a bonus move before the game begins. Take 40 and fan them across the entire board again. Order Seraphon Shadowstrike Starhost: This battalion could the bane of the Murderhost's tournaments. Much like Ungor Raiders and Night Runners, the key here is the move after deployment but before the first turn. The great thing here though is that the whole battalion moves! It's only 2D6, so not as far as UR or NR, but it's potentially two banks of 40 Skinks strung out across the table. If the Murderhost chews through the first one, they'll likely have another Skink safety net to fall into! Better still, the battalion's unit of Terradon Riders or Ripperdactyls can set up 3" from the enemy in the movement phase, effectively giving you a third Murderhost blocker! Those are my thoughts. Any others? Steve.
  14. Yo yo yo Fans! This is the forum for all things HeelanHammer - a long running Age of Sigmar Podcast. We release shows on the 15th and last day of each month. We cover Age of Sigmar only, and chat all topics related to the game (News, Gaming, Hobby, Events, Tournaments etc) http://heelanhammer.com/ How to subscribe to the show How to subscribe to 'SAWC' Contact Us: Dan@heelanhammer.com (email) @HeelanHammer (Twitter) @WayneKemp13 (Twitter) @HeelanHammer (InstaGram) 'HeelanHammerVideo' (youtube.com) /HeelanHammer (Pintrest)
  15. Hi everyone. I posted an episode of my podcast last week that talked about tweaking army lists and thought it would make a good topic for disuccion on here too. From my 10+ Years of tournament gaming I would say that single most important thing when it comes to being a better player is having a good process for evolving an army list. The events that I have won in the past have all come on the back of having a solid list that I have played to death and extensively tuned all the options so not only have I settled on the best combo but I am also intimately familiar with them. So what is this method? What DOES Curry Do? Old podcast listeners will appreciate the title I have a simple method for tweaking my lists. 1. Choose A List. There is no real secret here. It might be that you want to use particular models, or it might be that you want to download the best 'net-list' you can find. It doesn't matter how you start the process is the same. This important part is to have your own guidleines. I waned to include an Iron Daemon in my Legion of Azgorh army. (Prior to the recent updates) It was underpowered but a really cool model, i was determened to find a way to get some mileage out of it, so I had 2 guidelines to follow. Use the Iron Daemon and have it perform at its best, and pick an army to get the most from it. 2. Define Unit Roles. The first thing you are looking out for is what roles in the army each unit is playing. Getting a clear idea of why a unit is in the list and what you expect it to do is key to winning games. If you have a unit in your army that you are playing wrong then its very likely that you will be losing games and not actually know why. Simple game plans that you stick to are easy to put into practice. It can be as simple as, in this game my iron daemon will try use its high speed to rush the enemy. Once I knew that was the plan I could try and pull that off an see if it works. 3. Review Results. The Iron Deamon was terrible at rushing the enemy. It's big base meant it was very easy to kill due to lots of models letting to attack it. Because I had a role, and a plan for that unit I could easily see what was working and what wasn't. When you are doing this across your entire army you can quickly see which units are performing well and which once are failing miserably! Some times you will lose games but be very happy because your unit that had one role was able to pull it off spectacularly. Wen you see this you know that its just a matter of tweeting the list around that unit. 4. Revise Your Roles. At this point I would still not change out any units, instead I would look at the units that you consider to be underperforming and ask yourself if they are suitable to perform that job. In my case I could see that the Iron Daemon was excellent at 2 jobs. Getting in the way of units and attracting attention. I gave it a new job of simply holding up the enemy so I could shoot into them. I played more games and found that this was its superpower. 5. Make Targeted Changes. Now is the time to bring in new units. You have personal guidelines for the list you want to play and roles for each unit in the army. You have tested and amanded your roles and now you can start making informed changes swapping out the units that you can see are not up too the task, and bringing in new units that do a better job and fit your own guidelines. It's important that you don't make too many changes at once or you can easily lose track of wat is making a positive impact. In some cases you will even remove a unit that is doing an excellent job, but you can get that job done more efficiently with a change. Once you have followed these 5 steps you can return to step 3 after each game. You will notice that I don't at any time mention that you are look in at army performance as a whole. Or that you are tracking wins. Both of these are the goal that you are working towards. When all your units are doing the right jobs your army will naturally be performing great together and the wins will follow. Some of the units roles might naturally be to 'make the army work together better' or something similar. Summary. 1. Pick a list 2. Give your units a job 3. Review your results 4. Revise units roles 5. Make small tweaks that's it. 5 steps. Rinse and repeat 3-5 forever. This has worked for me every time I have used this method. Let me know what you are trying out and getting good results with, and also how you could see this method helping your list writing. Thanks for reading, Ben.
  16. With the release of skirmish today it seems many people will be picking this up, myself included. I dunno if there is going to be a skirmish section, so dunno where to post. For those who have the book, What warband have you got in mind ? I was planning on going slaves to darkness to start, knights , chariots etc. Durable mounted units with respectable damage.
  17. Hey folks! I'm starting a new video series on exploring some of the more advanced functions of basic AOS mechanics. In my first video, I look into the "Pile In" mechanic. I'd love to hear any feedback you have on the insights or what other topics you'd love for me to explore in the future. Enjoy!
  18. _____Snaeper's Mini-Blog and Forum_____ For Khorne! Chaos! And the good of the forum! So I think I've made enough threads in this section to warrant me making a mega-thread to keep my stuff contained. For those of you that don't know, I play both mortal and daemon flavors of Khorne, as well as some Slaves to Darkness with a few other generic Chaos Monsters and Daemons mixed in! I have a sizable collection at this point and plan to continue to expand the model count mostly because my friends/game group field other armies and/or have interest in doing so. I also just happen to like Khorne flavored stuff as well as the generic Chaos range. I plan on using this thread to ask questions, play with theoryhammer, mathhammer and practicalhammer, as well as discuss tactics and results of games that I play with my army. I'm also open to those of you who might have more limited ranges to post lists that you're interested in so that I might try them out for you and let you know how they run against a certain army. Mind you, my roommates/friends are not always able or willing to drop everything to play a game! Presently, my model collection includes: Bold = Assembled and Primed, Italics = Unassembled, Color/Bold = Painted or in the process of painting. Khorne Bloodbound: Mighty Lord of Khorne Skullgrinder Aspiring Deathbringer w/Goreaxe and Skullhammer Aspiring Deathbringer w/Blood Axe and Wrathhammer (Not currently assembled, going to convert a Goreaxe/Skullhammer model I have) Exalted Deathbringer w/Impaling Spear Exalted Deathbringer w/Ruinous Axe and Skullgouger Skullgrinder 2x Slaughterpriests w/Bloodbathed Axes Bloodsecrator Bloodstoker Skarr Bloodwrath 3x Mighty Skullcrushers 15x Blood Warriors w/Axes and Gorefist 20x Bloodreavers w/Meatripper Axes 20x Bloodreavers w/Reaver Blades 5x Wrathmongers 5x Skullreapers with Daemonblades 1x Khorgorath Khorne Daemons: Blood Throne Skullcannon 30x Bloodletters 6x Bloodcrushers Bloodmaster, Herald Skulltaker Skarbrand Daemons of Chaos: Daemon Prince Soulgrinder Be'lakor Monsters of Chaos: 10x Warhounds Chimera Slaves to Darkness: Exalted Hero of Chaos Sorcerer Lord 12x Warriors w/Weapons and Shields 5x Knights Gorebeast Chariot Chaos Warshrine Other: Tzeentch Magister I do plan on further expanding the models, and will detail my reasons and plans when I do.
  19. Simple question. Models need to stay within 1" of other models in their unit. With this in mind, can two friendly units "nest" inside each other? Imagine too loose, interlocking grids of troops. A checkerboard, if you will, with alternating models belonging to the two different units. I have no clue if this is a good idea or not, nor if there is any reason someone would want this to happen, but is it legal?
  20. New player here! I started a Freeguild army and got too many sets at my local GW. I know gunlines aren't very competetive in AoS, but I want to try some historical ranged combat tactics in AoS. I feel like Freeguild are at a disadvantage in objective games, since we need to stay stationary to be effective. So, I'm looking at historical tactics to try and solve that problem. What do you think? Pike Box - A dense block of ranged troops stands in the center, surrounded on all sides by a melee screen. The formation would be deployed very aggressively, with a threat range over a large part of the board. It can shoot enemy targets through the melee screen, and charging enemies will activate the Pipers and trigger counter-battery. Platoon Firing - Two melee units back up two ranged units. One "side" of the formation (one melee unit and one ranged unit) could advance while the other side fired from a stationary position. More of an MSU formation since smaller units are needed. Flanks and rear are exposed.
  21. Hey guys. I've picked up a couple SC: DoK boxes due to my desire to model some Bloodletters (and I already had a Skarbrand laying around), so I wanted to talk Khorne Daemons matched play tactics while I build up my army. Since most tacticas are aimed at Bloodbound, or chaos daemons from other gods, it seemed like there's a place for it. Bloodthirsters - What ones give you the most bang for your buck? Bloodletters - What is the optimal unit size? What heroes are worth using? Calvary vs infantry? Blood Throne vs Skull Cannons? Flesh Hounds - When are these worth using? Unit size to consider? Karanak, or no karanak? Khorne Humans - What Bloodbound are worth taking? Are there any Slaves to Darkness that are worth looking into? Daemon Prince of Khorne - Worth using over other options? There are some preliminary questions to get the brain juices percolating. I mainly want to focus on the Daemons of Khorne line, while leaving the option open to use Khorne flavored mortal units when appropriate. And while this is mainly for matched play, please give your thoughts on all other ways to play when applicable! Let's talk some tactics!
  22. So the meta around my area seems to mostly be Beastclaw Raiders and Ironjaws. At least, the guys that I am actually concerned with beating run these two lists primarily. Now, I own BCR myself but just picked up a new Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber worth of the new models. Plan on running the following, Full Justicar Battalion with Longstrike Cross Bows, Angelos battalion with just one unit of paladors and 3x5 units of Hunters, one grpyh hound. Knight Venator, Lord Castellant with strife ender, and lord Aquilor (Shielded by faith, Keen Clawed, and ?). The idea is to set up as many people in pursuit as possible and deep strike the Paladors. Leaving just the Knight, Lord Castellant, Raptors, Aetherwings and Hound to hold down the backfield. Aetherwings intercept any charging units to screen Raptors making a first turn charge impossible. Gryph hounds guard the back end of the raptors with a warning cry if they are flanked, ambushed, ect. Castellant hangs close by to provide counter punch in combat phase and help hold any homefield objectives. Lord Aquilor and Hunters all arrive and shootoff and then head to objectives with Paladors. Lord A then uses his command ability to reposition tarpitted units as needed or rescue units from unfavorable combats. The Raptors will focus on HVTs and heroes. If it is a Thundertusk they will shoot each for 4 damage first before proceeding to the next. If they are facing down a Stonehorn, they will shoot it until it's dead along with the rest of the army and Knight V. Having owned and played BCR, I feel comforable in that matchup. The real question is what to do vs Ironjaws and what units to prioritize killing?
  23. Mod can you please delete this duplicate thread?
  24. Hi! I just finished another article on aos-tactics: Zoning & Area Denial In this post, I discuss the basics of zoning in Age of Sigmar by covering the following topics: The 3" rule Who to zone with Formations Zoning Flying units Zoning Teleportation units Summoning & Area denial Last week I got my first post on Warhammer Community which was totally exciting, you can check it out here. Did I miss anything, do you have any feedback or would do you got any suggestions for my next topic? Let me know here or in a comment on the website! I love input and feedback. If you want to stay tuned for my latest post, you can follow my AOS-Tactics Facebook Page. Have a great day!! Matthijs
  25. Hi All, I have finished the second post for Age of Sigmar Tactics: Getting the most out of the charge! In the article we discuss how and why you should: Decide on a charge plan in the hero phase so you can use abilities and moves accordingly Choose a unit and target that can get you the biggest advantage out of the alpha strike Roll your decision-making charges first Make room for your other units on the charge Prevent accidental enemy pile-ins Minimise the damage on the units you will activate later by: Preventing enemy pile-ins Buffing and debuffing to optimise damage and minimise damage taken Strategically removing slain models Creating an odd number of activations Killing enemy models that have yet to activate I would love feedback on my writing and the visual format, does it work for you? Last week's (and first) post was about optimising and defending for the double turn. I am looking forward to your input and feedback!
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